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2023.06.07 01:48 oronder Looking for local maps

Hi everyone,
Anyone have a lead on where I can find high-quality physical maps of counties or townships in VT? For reference, I’m in Windsor County.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 01:45 capnsven Looking for good Senior Community

So my parents are both 80 and stairs have become a problem for my mom so she’s wanting to move.
I feel like they’re too young to head into an “independent living” type place but I think it would be great if I could find someplace that is like an apartment or a condo that has a community center. My mom really needs to be able to make some friends wherever she is living.
I know these type of places are everywhere in Florida, but is there anything like that in this area? Preferably west side up to Tri-County area.
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2023.06.07 01:45 bryanjameslentz Utah Child Custody

I have never posted on Reddit before so bare with me please. I am at a loss for what to do. A little bit of back story.
I live in Salt Lake County and have an 8 year old son. It is with someone whom I have never married. We tried to make it work but I just didn't love this woman, LOVE my son to pieces. When I told her this was t going to work we went to mediation and 8 got a lawyer (which I was told was great). Come to find out I am now missing on a lot of rights I could have had as a father and have the absolute bare minimum a father can have in the state of Utah. Which is horrible for me as I wish I could spend more time with my son, and he says the same thing everytime we have him. I have married, to the most wonderful woman, have a step daughter and a 1 year old daughter. Recently I went to the courts to try and get more time withy son, but unfortunately the view point of the state of Utah is, if it's not broken, don't fix it. Regardless of the desire of the child.
Anyways... We follow the state statute for child custody (30-3-35). There have been some recent adjustments to the statute and in so I was allowed to pick my summer vacation dates first. I am the non custodial parent, so in turn I get 2-2 week periods. One where we exchange days of the week, the other where I have a 2 week uninterrupted time. The dates I chose were June 12-26th and June 29th-July 13th(which is the uninterrupted portion).
We get along for the most part, but we have our moments. However she is not happy with the dates I chose for some reason. She claims that I MUST start my vacation on Fridays of my weekend (we alternate weekends). I have searched the statute and can't find anywhere, where this is stated or even implied. I responded that if she can provide proof that if it is in the statute I would change my dates to be in compliance. Her response was that that's just the way it's done, she has friends in a similar situation and that's the way they do it. I responded saying that just because others do it that way doesn't mean I am bound by their choices. I am following the state statute and that there is no mention of me (the noncustodial parent) to start it on my Fridays. I again replied that if she could show me in the statute, even case law, I would change but she just responded by belittling me and saying I am unreasonable.
Another part is that she was complaining of the short break inbetween my vacation times. Granted it is just a couple days it works better for the plans we have made for the summer. Again I don't see anything in the statute saying that there is a minimum or maximum time in between vacations. The only thing it says is that they MAY, be continuous.
I am representing myself because I can not afford an attorney. I tried calling her attorney to get clarification since she is refusing to provide any evidence of her claims and of course they didn't answer or respond. I will try again, but am not hopeful.
I feel that if I show up on the 12rh to pick up my son for or vacation time that she will refuse to let me take son. Being in the state of Utah, the police will show up for "keep the peace" but they will not enforce the parent time as that is up to interpretation, and many people have different stipulations to their parenting agreement, so I get that. But because she is the custodial parent whatever she says goes, unless I take her to court and I can't afford to take her over and over again.
Should I show up and hope she is reasonable. Or should I try and ask for a keep the peace officer to see if police presence persuades her. I don't want to intimidate, but I feel as though I am going to loose out on my summer time with my son.
Thank you for your patience. I will answer questions the best I can and I apologize for any typos.
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2023.06.07 01:43 denso1982 Concerns about your fight for privacy.

I would need someone from the mozilla team to explain how is this "protecting my privacy"
Taken from: https://accounts.firefox.com/en/legal/privacy
In this Privacy Notice, we explain what data Firefox shares and point you to settings to share even less. We also adhere to the practices outlined in the Mozilla privacy policy for how we receive, handle and share information we collect from Firefox. Firefox by default shares data to: Improve performance and stability for users everywhere {: #health-report }
Interaction data: Firefox sends data about your interactions with Firefox to us (such as number of open tabs and windows; number of webpages visited; number and type of installed Firefox Add-ons; and session length) and Firefox features offered by Mozilla or our partners (such as interaction with Firefox search features and search partner referrals).
Technical data: Firefox sends data about your Firefox version and language; device operating system and hardware configuration; memory, basic information about crashes and errors; outcome of automated processes like updates, safebrowsing, and activation to us. When Firefox sends data to us, your IP address is temporarily collected as part of our server logs.
You can perform searches directly from several places in Firefox, including the Awesome Bar, Search Bar, or on a New Tab. We receive data about how you engage with search in Firefox and the number of searches you request from our search partners.
Location data: When you first use Firefox, it uses your IP address to set your default search provider based on your country. Learn more.
Search queries: Firefox by default sends search queries to your search provider to help you discover common phrases other people have searched for and improve your search experience if your selected search provider supports search suggestions. Learn more, including how to disable this feature. Links to our default search providers are: Google Microsoft (Bing)
If you enable "Improve the Firefox Suggest Experience," we and our partners may also receive your search queries. Learn more below.
Location data: Firefox uses your IP address to suggest relevant content based on your country and state.
Technical & Interaction data: Firefox sends us data such as the position, size and placement of content we suggest, as well as basic data about your interactions with content. This includes the number of times content is displayed or clicked.
Pocket Recommendations: We recommend content to you based on your browsing history, language, and country location. The process of deciding which stories you should see based on your browsing history happens locally in your copy of Firefox, and neither Mozilla nor Pocket receives a copy of your browsing history. To help you see relevant Pocket Recommendations based on your location, Firefox shares your language and country location with Pocket.
Mozilla and Pocket receive aggregated data about the recommendations you see and click. We also share aggregated data about the sponsored content you see and click with our third-party ad platform Adzerk so advertisers can see how many people click on their articles. This aggregated data does not identify you personally. (*yes, sure.. I add*)
Top Sites: When you click on a Sponsored Top Sites tile on New Tab, we share your country, region, county (if you're in the US), the tile you clicked, and the time you clicked with AdMarketplace (a third-party referral platform) to verify you navigated to the website. Firefox does not share your IP address or any other information that could be used to identify you.
Add-on and Feature Recommendations: We recommend Add-ons in two places: the Manage Your Extensions Page (about:addons) and the Awesome Bar, where you search or type in URLs. We may also recommend Firefox Features in the Awesome Bar. We base the recommendations in about:addons on a cookie. We base the recommendations in the Awesome Bar on your interaction with Firefox. Mozilla does not receive your browser history. The process happens locally in your own computer’s copy of Firefox. Learn More about Awesome Bar recommendations or Extensions Page recommendations.
This is all by default when a user installs this VERY popular browser, being it popular mostly because its "privacy" claims. Can anyone from mozilla come here and explain how is that mozilla claims "we believe that privacy is fundamental to a healthy internet." ? and then proceed to tell me that I can "share even less" ?
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2023.06.07 01:43 RainCloudz973 We should wage war against Canada

As revenge for this smoke debacle, I think the tri state should ban together to attack Canada. I truly believe that NJ, PA, and NY would beat the whole of Canada in a fight. Who with me ??
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2023.06.07 01:43 ThrowRA_Drowningg What to do legally when spouse locks you out of house? (california)

When my husband gets angry, he locks me out of our house for hours. I've called the police before and they just told me they'd be out later and to call a locksmith. They never showed up, so I was outside for 6 hours. They told me I wasn't allowed to break the windows to get in my home.
Locksmiths are expensive and I don't have money. Am I really not allowed to break the windows or doors? Will I go to jail if I do that? My husband said he will press DV charges if I do that and we'll lose our son to CPS if I start breaking property. Is that true too?
We are in riverside county CA if that matters
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2023.06.07 01:42 Psky25 Permaban into Final Warning for "Playing with cheaters"

Context, I've played OW since 2016 and got like 90% of the legendary skins from the first game because I played so much and so often. Came back to OW2 a couple months ago and started playing again with friends occasionally but mostly by myself. Come a month or so in, I get a suspension for gameplay/behavioral offense which then turned into a 3 day suspension 2 weeks ago, and then finally an account closure last week. Talked to support multiple times over the course of all these suspensions and they never gave me information as to why I got my account suspended and then eventually banned. Come today, I get my account unbanned and was given a final warning. Obviously worried over getting my account banned again with this time having no way to appeal, I ask why exactly this happened once again. Was finally met with a statement saying the first 2 times were for playing an account that was cheating- and the last one that caused me to get banned was with the same reason but that the account was compromised and that I had played at least 90 games with them. This initially made me suspect two of my friends that i've played with but...it's not like they're the best players in the world either. Our highest ranks are around plat for me and one other and then just gold and below for the other. Furthermore, neither of them have gotten suspended or banned multiple times unlike I have which just leads me to have no idea on what truly is going on.
If I got to a point where my account was straight up banned and then later brought back down to unbanned but given a final warning...what about my friends? why haven't they gotten suspended? why hasn't anything happened to them? Why am I the one getting in trouble for this situation? I was told "To stop queueing in large amounts of games with people who are clearly cheating" When...my win rate is around 50 (only a 75 game win/lose difference in my favor) and it doesn't feel like any of my friends or teammates are clearly overperforming or have some sort of advantage?? If the overwatch 2 team is so sure that I played over 90 games with this account, why haven't I seen any action taken on this so called account? I can't recall anyone outside of my close friends that I've played over 90 games with and their accounts are fine. The kicker? I was finally hit with "any further tickets can be considered offense" so I can't even further discuss the situation or know which account is causing the issue. My friends have only ever played on those accounts to my knowledge and I've played with them during OW1 and have had no issue so why is this suddenly an issue now?? And why am I the one getting penalized and no one else is??? No matter the case IF by some chance I'm being lied to by my close friends (Devil's Advocate) Why are their accounts still fine if overwatch knows they're cheating but I almost had my account perma-banned????
Any advice or even questions would be insanely appreciated, I don't wanna walk on eggshells and risk getting permabanned for just playing with my friends for the rest of overwatch's lifetime.
Image here for what the support team sent me- https://i.imgur.com/s9tzoPA.png
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2023.06.07 01:41 chocochiiip ABYG if hindi ko pa swipe-in sa cc ko yung kapatid ko?

My sister (25) asked me if pwede sya maki swipe sa cc ko for a globe plan (ip14pro ata trip) na ang alam ko ay 2 years ang contract. I told her na papayag ako only if she'll pay the 'cash out' portion of the unit and di na nya i-spread yung payments nun as additional sa monthly installments. Pero kaya pala nya ako in-ask to swipe is para hindi na sya mag cash out pa.
My sister has a job sa isang construction firm and I believe wala pa sa 20k ang salary nya monthly - this is based from what I learned from our parents, kasi binibigyan pa nila ng allowance ang sister ko. Pinagsabihan ko na, na bad debt ang magswipe ng gadgets since nagdedepreciate agad tapos 2 years pa nya babayaran. Nabanggit ko rin na she's of age narin to apply for a cc so she could somehow learn to manage her finances. Idk, pero parang sumama pa loob nya sakin ngayon. 🥺
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2023.06.07 01:39 Topaz_Scarab29 7:43 am this morning in Jefferson county New York. Air quality reached 190 around 12:20 pm.

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2023.06.07 01:37 alittlemouth Which package do you choose if money isn't an issue?

Curious to see what others would choose if cost wasn't a constraint.
I've seen Tool 6 or 7 times, in different spots, in different spaces, and it's been incredible every time. I'm treating a friend who's never seen the band, and I can't decide between the Fear Inoculum and the 7empest packages (IMO, the first 5 rows are sub-optimal for a Tool show, but convince me otherwise if you feel differently).
Problem is that I don't give a shit about merch, soundcheck, a pic with whichever schmuck in the band pulls the short straw that day, or a buffet of mini corn dogs or whatever other stuff they'll offer. All I care about is the concert experience and showing my friend an amazing time.
What would you do if $$ didn't matter and neither did the extra shit that the $$ buys you?
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2023.06.07 01:37 Schmax_Schmallegri Finally sorting out my stereo fx loop, what other pedals would be best to take advantage of a stereo field?

Finally sorting out my stereo fx loop, what other pedals would be best to take advantage of a stereo field?
(Already looking at the Dream Sequence and the SA C4 but would love any suggestions for the most stereo-ness)
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2023.06.07 01:37 RAWRREPTAR Contra Costa County EV charger install costs

I’m looking to have an EV wall charger installed professionally in my townhouse garage. I’ve gotten some pretty wild quotes ($2200+), so I wanted to see on here what other people have been getting.
My breaker box (with 4 empty spaces) is also in the garage, and I’d be looking to install the charger (which I’m supplying myself) either on the same wall about 1-2ft from the box, or on the adjacent wall, about 15ft away. I also wanted to do this correctly with licensed electricians and required permits from the county.
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2023.06.07 01:37 KeyTrouble I’m desperate please save my bees!

I’m desperate please save my bees!
I’m a beekeeper and I keep finding these weird beetles in my hives. Please help me identify them so I know if I should worry/ come up with something to do about them. They aren’t small hive beetle and the county bee inspector wasn’t sure what they were. They’re crawling on the top and are on the bottom board as well.
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2023.06.07 01:36 ProfessionalSpeed417 Traffic ticket still not in court's system after a month

Traffic ticket still not in court's system after a month
I got a traffic ticket (Minimum Speed, Impeding) in Garden Grove 33 days ago. I have been checking the Orange County Superior Court's website for the fine, but there is still no case associates with my ticket. I use the citation number (GGE0009****) located on the top right corner of the ticket for the search, and got a message that the citation number does not match Court records. Am I doing that wrong?
I also called the West Justice Center court at 657-622-8459 but only get a recording, with no option to talk to a person. The pay by phone option on the ticket (877-872-2122) is not helpful; it's just a recording of unrelated information (ie Spirit Airlines, health care, etc.) which is weird.
I must be missing something, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to find out the amount of the fine before my court date next week.
Would you please share with me your experience of how you found the amount of your traffic ticket. Many thanks in advance for saving whatever little hair I still have left on my head .
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2023.06.07 01:34 zanzaKlausX Other Carries Like PA?

Hey! I'm new and I've been loving Phantom Assassin. I've seen recommendations to learn a handful of characters in your role when starting out, so that you have characters to play depending on bans or enemy picks. Are there any other carries like PA I should look at? I love her mobility and late game burst potential.
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2023.06.07 01:34 fnook1331 Group home organization refusing needs. No one seems to want to help.

I (27M lvl 3) am both autistic and physically disabled and my physical disability requires a lot of help. I live in the U.S. My Autism can also gravely endanger me via my physical disability (a connective tissue disorder). My doc has prescribed several mitigations (A safety bed, a medical car seat, and a tether) all of which is being either refused or I am being denied help with by my group home organization. I am fearing for my life and no one cares to help me. I have reported this multiple times to Adult protective services, Kansas Department of Aging and disability services hotline, my county district attorney’s office, kansas attorney general’s office, Kansas legal services, the county DDO, KBI, Kansas crime hotline, Kansas medicaid ombudsman, and kansas LTC ombudsman and local law enforcement. No one wants to help me. I am begging for help from any agency that will hear my cry for help.
I don’t know who to talk to; but, I am fearful for my life and I need help badly.
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2023.06.07 01:32 BitCypher84 This is the way.

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2023.06.07 01:32 Tale_Chaser The cannula goes into the carotid artery through the back of the throat, then we run a surgical tube to a tap at the mouth and seal the lips closed around it.

They call ‘em blood bags and we prep six fresh subjects daily for installation in the vampires’ breakfast buffet.
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2023.06.07 01:31 AutoNewsAdmin [Politics] - Lawsuits against state can be filed in only two counties under measure signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker

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2023.06.07 01:30 Mojozy San Diego, California Snapshot: Finding Internship, Practicum, and Clinical Supervision in Mental Health and Counseling in San Diego

San Diego, California is a great place for mental health and counseling trainees, interns, practicum students, and clinical supervisees to find internship, practicum, and clinical supervision placements. According to the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, the county has over 1,000 mental health providers, including psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, and licensed clinical social workers. In addition, San Diego County's Behavioral Health Services offer a variety of internship and clinical supervision placements in both agency and community settings.\n\nSan Diego County's Behavioral Health Services also provide a variety of training and certification programs to help mental health and counseling trainees, interns, practicum students, and clinical supervisees gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful mental health and counseling professionals. The training and certification opportunities include: clinical supervision training, mental health and addiction treatment, and program management. Additionally, the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency offers a variety of online courses and workshops, which provide mental health and counseling interns, practicum students, and clinical supervisees with the knowledge and skills to work effectively with clients.\n\nMojozy is a great resource to help mental health and counseling intern, practicum student, and clinical supervisee candidates search for internships, clinical supervision, and practicum opportunities in San Diego, California. Mojozy provides a comprehensive list of mental health and counseling internship, practicum, and clinical supervision placement sites and programs in San Diego, California. Additionally, Mojozy provides statistics on mental health and counseling training, internship, practicum, and clinical supervision placement prospects and sites in San Diego, California. \n\nOther resources to help mental health and counseling intern, practicum student, and clinical supervisee candidates search for internships, clinical supervision, and practicum opportunities in San Diego, California include the San Diego County Department of Mental Health Services and the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency. Both of these organizations provide information about mental health and counseling internship, practicum, and clinical supervision placements in San Diego County. --- VISIT WWW.MOJOZY.ORG FOR MORE DETAILS AND INFORMATION
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2023.06.07 01:29 After-Advantage-7983 Is eFoodCard ok to get a food handlers card?

I recently got hired and was told to bring in a food handlers' card on my first day (Already had my onboarding). I was told to just look up a card for my county (Maricopa County, AZ) on google and take the test then print it out. I did the eFoodCard one as it was the first that popped up, but I remember it not being one of the links provided on the onboarding forms. Just wondering if anyone has used eFoodCard before and if it has been ok.
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2023.06.07 01:29 Mjr798 I messed up....

So, today I brought down our entire company network for about half an hour.
Earlier on in the day I mentioned to my boss that I was going to shut down and use a public ip on a deprecated ASA VPN firewall we had and put it on our new Palo Alto firewall pair. So I shut down the interface, took the ip off and put it onto the interface on the PA with the right subnet mask etc... (/28) and put the link into an auto state to bring it up. Turns out I didn't commit the change until much later on 🙄, anyway, after it was done and committed, I also left a NAT rule on for a test zone that I was going to be using on the firewall, I had it to PAT to the interface address itself (the public ip I took off the old VPN fw earlier in the day). Turns out that the NAT rule I put on had the interface address set to the subnet mask of /28 and not a /32, to which I can now guess it was proxy arping out for that entire range and it ended up killing our live firewall pair that I'm wanting to migrate off of! It was simply a mistake that tripped me up because I'm not use to Palo Altos way of setting it to PAT on the interface address.
That's not the main thing though, while me and 2 other engineers where troubleshooting it, i said that the NAT rules where all off, and I stuck to that whilst realising half way through that was the issue. I'm guessing they'll check the logs eventually and see that I turned the NAT rules off during the troubleshooting call but didn't say anything because I just froze! 🙄
Anyone any advice for me talking my way diplomatically out of this without looking bad! 🙄😒
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