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2023.06.07 01:17 chocolatinedream It gets better

I've been working for an UHNW single mom with two boys for almost 6 months. I knew from the get go it would be challenging- they both demonstrate severe behavioral issues, but I was confident I could handle it. What I didn't know was how deep the issues would run. I have a very strict "no child is bad, there's just undesirable behaviors" mentality, I NEVER yell or raise my voice, and I always try to promote autonomy and kindness, but these kids and their mom put me through the RINGER. I was unaware for months 8M was kicked out of several schools for bullying and abusive behaviors, and his mom only blamed the teachers (yikes). Once on a trip with them, the boys physically fought each other and I felt so unsupported and overwhelmed I cried while recapping it to my boss, she just sighed, looked at me, and said: this NEVER happened with our last nanny, she ALWAYS knew when to just give them the phone (ie put on a video to placate them). I really should have quit after that but I was determined to make a positive impact. I eventually grew close with 5M as I spent the bulk of my hours with him, only seeing 8M for like one or two hours after school, so honestly I had no idea how bad he could get. On one day (he was upset because he cracked his iPad) he locked his brother and I in a room for hours, threatening to unalive us in graphic terms, banging on the door with a hammer, etc. When his mom got home, she basically scoffed at me and told a story about some kid 8M's therapist helped who threatened a school with scissors and the therapist was like, it's just a 5 year old with scissors, take them away! Ummm, okay. Your kid isn't 5, and he hurt me and tried to hurt his brother. Not really the same thing. I went home distressed and when I came back into work after the weekend, there were newly installed nanny cams in the house. We live in a two party consent state🫠. Days go by and she mentions NOTHING about it. She starts micromanaging me via the camera and never acknowledging it. I quit on Friday and NEVERRRRR went back.
Just got my new contract working for two dads. Everything I could possibly want in a position. Amazing pay, one baby, exactly perfect location. I'm so glad I was able to leave my last job so abruptly, I feel so HOPEFUL. i just went to go visit my last NK's before my nightmare NF and I just felt so energized all day. Like, I forgot how much I could LOVE working. I've been so depressed and I didn't even realize.
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2023.06.07 01:16 BelgarathMTH First time Shadowlands player - souls die there? Then what?

Hello, I apologize for bringing this up again in a new post, as I know there have been other threads discussing the same thing. The first one that came up in my Google search was two years old.
So, I'm now beginning to level in Shadowlands for my first time through these zones. The game quest-chained me directly to the Kyrian "afterlife".
So, the first thing I notice, is that things "die" here, like, a lot, often by my own hand. And, the place has historically come under attack from the Void realm, before the time of the current Shadowlands crisis, and many souls "died" in those wars defending Bastion.
So, what is happening here? Do "souls" in the Shadowlands just get used as anima energy after they "die" for the second time?
My current hypothesis is that the whole realm is just like the Emerald Dream/Nightmare. It doesn't really exist as anything but the last neural firings of a dying brain. Of course, that wouldn't explain how the living Maw-Walker PC winds up there, or how entities from there can kidnap living Alliance and Horde leaders into that realm. If they were "Emerald-dreaming", then their physical bodies should still exist on the material plane.
I wonder if the whole attempt at a fantasy afterlife cosmology here doesn't suffer from the same "failure to think it through" problems that real life religions that believe in an afterlife suffer from . And for the record, I don't believe for one minute there's any such thing as an "afterlife" in real life. I think people make up the whole thing in their religions because people struggle to deal with death and loss. It's a fantasy in real life, maybe a delusional one, as far as I'm concerned. It's magical thinking, which is a psychiatric symptom to be pitied and treated in any other context but religion.
But I digress. I'm trying to come up with a head-canon that enables me to enjoy these beautiful new-to-me zones without constantly having my suspension of disbelief strained to the breaking point.
My first thought would be that if you're a dead soul in the Shadowlands, in whatever realm of it, if you fight and die, then you just wake up again from your point of view, either in some other form, or just relocated to yet another battle. If your anima gets consumed to power the place, you're just gone. It's non-existence, oblivion, which is what death is supposed to be anyway. Although that begs the question, why does the place exist at all? Why not have dead souls powering the material universe with no need for any "afterlives" at all? That would be closer to what may be happening in real life, according to Eastern religions, if indeed we are more than our physical consciousness in any way, although I doubt that, too.
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2023.06.07 01:16 MrKashJMoney Cutting?

Just wondering if I should cut these etiolated bits? Looks like he has quite a lot. I can see distinct areas on the main stems where he narrowed heavily. I do kind of like how it looks but I’d rather him be able to grow right. Never have had a etiolated plant before so any advice on how to cut would be appreciated. Also this is a old picture he has been repotted and is in well draining soil. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 01:15 Fallender05 Hamsters Advance The Big Three Rap Cypher.

Butterscotch: Butterscotch first on the Cypher once was powerless and abused but now I’ve stumbled into a situation where I can aim higher! Got the hops when I dodge attacks, hear me scratching as I run on top of rooftops came from the woods outta nowhere wolf from the shadows guided me to Hedgeworth to the meadows which now I train on the target is locked both Enchanted and Evolved called double the package my father thought my gender was a disadvantage,caught in a snag use it as a chain to direct change prove those that denied I had any value unify this posse and have them covering my back! Learning ranged attacks as I improve sneak up on every hamster to focus their attention shows them once and for all that it doesn’t matter what I am once I’ve mastered the Berserk power better not get close unless you think you can match this heat!
Shar: See me running then you don,t taking every title for myself never will let any other hamster think they are more powerful than me, was gathering strength to lead us to a more equal society saw others as only the sum of their parts, before now I see that we need to look at each heart as they are never on par even in the heights of ranks shock you with an invisibility potion got you running in fear this hamster got the philosophy of the past ages you ain,t got the capacity to defeat me in this battle Butterscotch and Gear kid can run in fear because I'm gonna surpass every hamster in my path really it's fun when you face my wrath!
Malcore: Core of this posse, careful how you move around me what’s a king to a peasant got the muscle to tussle with any foe the captain top of my class,surpassing every last useless twig,figuring out all your strategies before you employ them orange fur reminds me of the oranges I eat ravage your whole crew in one swing of my sword I was chosen but I do not need any Berzerker power to stop you Enoch and soon i shall seize your reign for good work every day training on this top level shit every hamster is never born with greatness a goal we must strive for everyday!
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2023.06.07 01:15 Bright_Business193 Lost iphone disconnected then received an email it was found

On Saturday I lost my phone at an event and assumed the worst that it was stolen since find my was almost immediately turned off. I placed it on lost mode and hoped it would turn up. After two days of it being offline and not having a phone I figured it was not going to be showing up and I decided to reactivate one of my old phones. T mobile told me that it would disconnect me from find my iphone of the original phone for good and that it would be wiped
This morning at 8 am i received an email from icloud that it had been found and that it "made a sound" then again at 11am and another at 4pm. The link said it had expired and i have no access to how to get it.
Was my phone actually found? Or is it just finding the phone im using now and assuming its still my lost phone?
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2023.06.07 01:15 sad_peregrine_falcon Im deconstructing more

Ex pastors kid here. Its been like 2 years out of the cult i was raised in. I’ve been slowly deconstructing. So a few minutes ago i was thinking. How do people spend their whole entire lives dedicating their time to serving and defending some magical sky daddy that no one’s ever met or seen proof that he exists?
And do religious people really think that they’re advocating “well” for a religion by being hateful and disgusting?
Also when people pull the “no one has ever seen gods face and lived” card, what about the times in the bible god made himself a human like form to walk on earth? if he is so powerful how come he cant make all his “glory” not too bright to kill us or make us impervious in the moment? If god is so great why not show us how great you are by fixing this shit hole of an earth? Go on, heal the sick! Kill the corrupt people! Do something good for once.
Also if jesus was an angel/som of god just like all the other angels and satan, was it really necessary to rap3 a 13 year old to make him “human”…? Jesus could have literally just manifested a human form like literally every other angel on earth…
I had too many questions at once in my head and now im panicking
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2023.06.07 01:14 asillylilrat Is there anyway to make an enabler realise?

I've been NC with both my parents sense I was pregnat and my baby is now 2 months old. My mom still says I'm a "bad kid" and continues to shame me for my bpd misdiagnosis that turned out to be cptsd. He swears that I had a good childhood and that I hate my mom for no reason. As if she's abusive to him, but not me.
I want him to understand why I dont want him around. I want him to understand that it's HIS fault I didn't get an education past 3rd grade. I want him to know about the severe turama I went through after he kicked me out.
But it seems like every time I try to explain it always goes back to what an angry kid I was, or how embarrassing I behaved, and he only isolated me from society because I was out of control and couldn't be trusted.
I know he at least has a little bit of empathy unlike my mom which is why I want to make him feel bad about it.
I want to know that I was raped and living in motels and almost murdered while my parents and siblings were going on fancy vacations. It's not fair...
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2023.06.07 01:14 Berrythebear Street Fighter 6 killed my pc.

For the record, my pc is old. Like “purchased when fallout 4 released” old. I’ve been playing street fighter 6 and loving it. And who wouldn’t!? The game is awesome. Sadly, I’ve had to play on almost lowest settings to maintain a solid 60 fps. So yesterday I say to myself, I wonder how good it looks at max settings?
So I crank everything up, take this baby to the highest settings possible on a 1080p resolution. I move into character select to do some training with JP and try him out, and after about 10 seconds his model loads in. My graphics card fans spin up a little louder. I pick Marissa to fight against and her, and after her mode loads in the fans get WAY louder. A little alarming for sure, but I’m committed at this point.
I enter the battle and the second it loads up, my computer crashes. Hard shutoff. No lights no nothing. A frame perfect crash. Turns out it LITERALLY shorted out my graphics card lol.
Worth it. I’ve got the pets for my new pc on the way, and it’s gonna look gorgeous at max settings in 1440p baby.
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2023.06.07 01:14 sarahtoll Removing Long-Term Nighttime TV

Hello! I just joined because I need advice. We have two children, girls aged 6 and 11. They are technically my step-daughters and I’ve been involved since they were 1 and 6. Since birth they have been hit with stimulus everywhere they look due to the nature of my husband’s family and his own behavionorms. They have slept with a tv on in their room for years now and I’ve become increasingly worried over the impact it has on them. In the beginning I set it aside because it was not my place, and later on I convinced myself it was okay because they were used to it and it made them feel comfortable. Now our 6 year old is struggling with over activity at night and an impaired sleep schedule. I want to take steps to remove the stimulus but my husband argues that I am overreacting and sleep preferences merely vary from person to person. He prefers to sleep with a tv because that’s how he grew up as well. I grew up with parents who had a serious rule against it, so I am used to sleeping with no stimulus whatsoever. I have suggested leaving it on for an hour or two after they go to bed but turning it off part way through the night. He has been agreeable to this suggestion. Is this the right step to take? Am I right for being concerned? If not, please tell me! I promise I’m okay with being wrong. Thank you for all of your help!
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2023.06.07 01:13 mellowyellow98 My (Tulpa?) saying he’s been with me longer than I thought

(TW: childhood trauma, bullying, mental/verbal ab*se)
So I’ve been interested in tulpamancy since I was a freshman (I graduated in 2023).
I had been thinking of making a Tulpa after I graduated and barely looked into it again and also had been and still am creating a novel. I thought in passing, ‘wouldn’t it be funny if (insert my character from novel) was my Tulpa?’
And I literally heard a voice say ‘I’m already here.’ This was months ago and we have grown more together. He told me he’s been here since I was a kid and even remembers memories I DONT EVEN REMEMBE forgot. I had trauma when I was young. My mom was bipolar and it was horrible, she was like that when I was like around 7ish years old. She would always start arguments with my dad and I and scream at us a lot.
I remember there were times where my parents would be arguing so horribly that I ran downstairs as a kid and threatened to call the cops. (My mom is better now; she takes medicine and is totally different. My parents are both fine now)
I also was being bullied at school (up until I graduated) for my weight/how I looked and just my interests. I had moved from another school to a new town (very very small town) with my parents around that time.
I remember being in my head a lot and having friends in my head or well; one friend I think. It never said it’s name whatsoever but it would console me but I can’t even remember what it would say to me or the things that happened for some reason but I do remember having kinda an imaginary friend. I dont even think it was that.
But as I grew older I still had this thing with me far past the age I was supposed to have it. Like; teen years. The entity (idk what else to call it) would barely be there but would be there in hard times and console me. I noticed as I started to get into writing and fantasy stuff in high school I got immersed into it, so much so I made my own novel (that I’m still working on).
As I was making one of the characters it was extremely weird. Like…. The character ‘made itself’. Like it wasn’t even me making him. At all. Like a completely different entity or thing was doing how they see themselves. And when I was looking into names for this thing I misread the name and it ended up being a messed up spelling of the original name and this thing said that was it’s name. It gave me allll sorts of lore and things about itself. I know this thing is not like a demon or something and I’m not schizophrenic. I’m aware this is probably something different.
But as I kept making this person he kept giving me more and more and more things about himself. More lore. A LOT of lore. Like, too much. I have several documents of his lore and it’s DEFINITELY stuff I never could have even thought of. He said that he’s been here since I was a kid and that he was that entity that always comforted me and he is not a Tulpa. He reminds me he isn’t a Tulpa and sort of gets a bit annoyed when I think of him as one. He keeps saying it’s far deeper than that (not in a bad way).
He’s extremely kind and caring and very fatherly. He’s an old man (78) and I’m only 19. He’s a huge goofball.
He even gave me stuff about the world he’s from and most of the lore/stuff about the novel is from him. I just want to know what everyone has to say or what they think.
He’s also curious as to what others have to say too. He’s been very present in my life now that I figured him out and discovered he was here. I always knew he was but I never knew who he was and assumed it was just my own thoughts when I literally could have NEVER thought of things he has told me.
It’s honestly fascinating and I want to learn more. I posted something on a DID threat but I got some people being really rude about this so I figured the Tulpa page would be better (Not saying I have DID but I just wanted to be cautious)
It’s like, he seems severely REAL. I don’t know how to describe this without sounding crazy. But he just feels deeper than anything I could ever come up with. Like… I didn’t make him. I don’t know what’s going on tbh My boyfriend and I were talking about school memories and he (the entity, again idk what to call him 😭) was just saying allll sorts of stuff I never even remembered because it’s been that long. Like; what Even full on details I didn’t even remember whatsoever.
My friends and family and my boyfriend know of him. I wont be naming him
Sorry for the confusion:,)
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2023.06.07 01:13 4thehomies NA/EU LFG 4.8k Hours

Looking to join a clan/group of any size! My old clan all withered away from rust and moved on to Rocket League. I can start so soon as Thursday wipe on any server. Could be Vanilla or Modded. I don't have any recommendations. I hate playing solo so I have been on UKN a lot lately practicing the AK spray. Want to fill my desire of running a server again. 😫
I reside in the US but willing will play in EU servers as I typically play in the mornings. I am 26 years of age I have a pretty consistent play time playing up to 5+ hours a day high game sense and high knowledge of memes meaning I know how to have fun and know when to be serious lowkey a farmer and a PvPer. AK spray up to 100m. Favorite T2 gun currently is the custom. If you think I meet your criteria to join your group or clan PM me on discord! Carey#6969
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2023.06.07 01:13 silvermoonravenwolf Was watching a meme compilation on YT shorts and in it was like a 6-second clip of a girl getting kissed on the cheek by a random guy she didn't know (she thought it was her friend until she turned and saw him). People are really arguing that this is normal behavior.

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2023.06.07 01:13 Ok-Faithlessness-610 The current state of standup comedy

I was hearing good things about Santino's new special "Cheeseburger" so I decided to watch it last night. Only made it through the first half and had to shut it off. Didn't laugh out loud one time. Just the same old tired jokes about the same shit : covid, Trump, etc. his bit about Jesus being queer was reaching so hard, I wasn't offended or anything as I'm not religious, but it was just bad. And him talking about masturbating with fingers up his ass completely missed the mark for me. I've seen most of the new specials from the popular comedians in the last few years and I end up disappointed by everyone of them with one exception: the newer special from Stavros Halkias I actually did laugh quite a bit. So im wondering if other people have had a similar experience or maybe it is just me and im hard to make laugh? It definitely could be just me. I've asked some of my friends but none of them really watch much stand up. Seems like podcasts have ruined comedians. They spend so much time talking about how great and different they are, huffing their own farts...and now they have this new source of revenue...maybe that has negatively affected their work ethic?
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2023.06.07 01:13 guccimanesdog Sleeper Cell

I shot upright in my bed. My heart was pumping my blood around my body like I was in the middle of a race.
My blood felt cold as ice, too. I felt my arteries and veins in my guts and my skin pulsate and nearly vibrate as my mind pieced together reality and whatever the fuck that was.
I took a deep breath. I grabbed the sides of my bed. My therapist taught me a couple grounding techniques when this happens. Smell something strong. Eat something. Grab something sturdy and breathe. She lost me at the stuff about my childhood, though. Too murky. Too weird.
I think that’s what the dreams are about. Something related to it. Dunno.
I got out of bed just to go sit on another cushion of some sort. Couch, dining room chair, desk chair. My grounding techniques have also led me to realizing how often we sit. Or at least how often I sit.
I made my way to the kitchen, focused on coffee and whatever grainy mush I’ll make today instead of what truly started my day. On occasions I’ll get flashbacks to the dreams in my waking state, just to flicker back to life. It’s been getting worse lately, I’ve even lost a few friends because it happened in front of them. I think they want me to get more help than I already am.
I turned the coffee machine on. People love to talk and write and sing and dance about coffee and how they love it. I hate it. I think that’s partially why I drink it.
Sometimes I’ll let it get lukewarm just so I can chug it quickly. I treat it like an alcoholic treats vodka.
I sometimes consider myself an energy addict. I hate being asleep even for 20 seconds.
I poured the coffee. The one thing I do like about coffee is making it. I like the process. I also like the warmth of the machine. The warmth. Hm. I do like that.
My eyes shut quickly, like they were attached to a pulley and the weight snapped the cable.
Immediately I was floating in an empty abyss. My body was nothing and my mind was nothing. Then, light, and color. And noises. Not speech, yet, but ambience. Room noise.
I turned my head quickly. I was in a room I recognized, just barely. Not a hospital room, but some type of examination room or doctor’s office. Or something. Cold. White. Clean.
I felt fragile. Weak and brittle. My teeth chattered and my eyes hurt from the fluorescent lights above me. Suddenly a door clicked open.
“Good afternoon, Art.”
A man in a lab coat stepped into the room. The hairs on my neck stood up. Why am I scared of this motherfucker? I clenched a fist and saw it from my peripheral vision. It wasn’t much bigger than a cue ball. I instantly felt my heart rate increase. This isn’t now. This is back then. I’m small. Like 8 years old, maybe 9.
“Hi.” My child voice creaks. I sound sick.
“We just have a few more procedures and then you can go back home to mommy and daddy, okay?” The man said, a sinister smile creeping across his face. His eyes flickered bright green and then a deep red.
Involuntarily I lashed, and screamed. The coffee spilling over my bare feet and arms shocked me back to reality. This time, though, I remembered. I saw his face. I don’t know who he was, but I knew him.
Work was regular, boring. I came home to my empty apartment and watched some TV. I try to watch as much TV as possible. It keeps me awake.
I made dinner. I called a friend. I called another friend. Then, I called my sister.
“Do you remember anything weird happening to me when I was little, maybe around ‘95 or ‘96?”
“Art, you don’t remember?”
“Remember what?”
“You went messing for 3 months in the woods when you were 8 years old. You just showed up back at home one day, safe and clean. You said you lived in the woods, but mom and dad always tried to get you to tell them if you were anywhere else, don’t you remember? I can’t believe you don’t remember this. I think you should really talk to your therapist about tha-“
I hung up the phone. I felt like the walls were melting around me. What? I didn’t remember that shit. I cycled through the stages of realization rapidly. I denied it. She’s lying. It’s a prank. But the dreams.
I called back the first friend I called, James, and asked him to come over. I never have people over, but I couldn’t be alone. Not while this traumatic shit sinks back in to my memory.
James arrived within an hour and within 30 minutes of that we were well on our way through a 12 pack of Bud Lite and barely paying attention to the shitty comedy we chose to watch. I felt better about the whole thing with him there. At least I’m here. I can figure out whatever shitty trauma occurred to me in therapy, and hell, maybe I can write a book about it.
I laid back and felt at ease. The beers were likely helping too. My eyes involuntarily shut and I drifted off. Just for a second, but it was enough to flip the switch.
The man stood over me, syringe in hand.
“That wasn’t so bad, now, was it?”
I felt hot liquids running through my veins.
Something foreign.
He moved me to some type of gurney and rolled me through a maze of hallways and labs. We entered a cavernous room with a large opening in the floor.
He guided me towards this circular porthole in the ground and helped me off of the gurney. I stepped onto a platform next to it.
“Alright, Art. It’s time for you to go back to Mom and Dad. But I will see you again. You’ll be home soon.”
He pressed a button and a beam of light shot downward, showing trees and leaves swaying in the night. I felt the pull of gravity release me as this beam carried me down, into the woods right outside of my childhood home. As I landed softly on the ground, the beam receded and I peered upwards. A giant spacecraft stood there, motionless and silent, except for an almost unnoticeable white noise. I watched as the edges of the object waved and flickered, precisely and quickly, making it camouflage with the sky. For all I know it’s still there.
My eyes shot open.
What the fuck?
My couch was wet with sticky sweat. James seemed to be long gone. Another friend freaked out by my fucking psychoses. That’s what it has to be, right? I’m going bonkers. That’s the only logical option.
I walked over to my phone to call 911. I need to be put away, or on meds, or something. As I sped towards the phone, I tripped on something. I turned and looked. One of my floorboards was completely loose, no nails or anything. I hesitantly grabbed it and lifted it up. I don’t know why I did that. Curiosity? Fate? Them?
The board lifted with a squelch. I was immediately hit with the smell of blood and shit.
What the fuck?
The empty rectangle revealed a tiny crawlspace. Inside, James sat slumped over. His eyes removed from his face and his appendages torn clean off.
I threw up my dinner. It felt good. I looked up at my window. A bright light shot into my apartment. A light white noise became apparent. It was time for me to go home.
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2023.06.07 01:12 person-with-arm not diagnosed though i suspect i am autistic, but i don’t think i deserve to get a diagnosis on anything

i am a 16 year old amab, asian, i don’t identify with any sexuality or gender but i don’t say it to anyone
so lately i’ve been in this state where im feeling absolutely nothing and if i’m being honest i’d say im feeling more down than usual, cause the same thoughts keep coming back to haunt me : the thought that all this time, all those 6+ months of researching autism and adhd, resonating with many things, it was all for nothing because i’m starting to question my identity
i don’t know what i do is natural and what i do is manually done, everybody seems to have a great time with each other and i’m just there trying to get into the conversation instead of just standing there and listening, im so self aware of everything i do it’s almost to the degree where it feels like i want my consciousness to just be disconnected so i can be myself
but even with all these racing thoughts roaming in my brain, i can’t help but think that maybe i am probably not autistic, and that i’m faking it for “attention”. the biggest problem is that i don’t like attention and i just want to understand myself, yet i always feel like that’s what i’m doing, being a good for nothing damn liar, i see other autistic people’s experiences and i just feel like my existence would invalidate their struggles just because they have it worse than me
i see people struggling with sensory issues, i see people struggling not to even pass out in social situations, i see people who can’t even take care of themselves, and i’m here, all my “struggles” are just in my head, and im the root cause of it
i question myself so often to everything but i just feel like a fraud and a liar, i don’t know if anybody has had a similar experience, because no matter how much i tried to talk about this to another person, it just feels like nothing. they’re so sincere and kind and caring but i can’t feel any of it, and i just feel like everybody secretly hates me because of how annoying i am
thats it, hope someone can relate or if i can relate to someone
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2023.06.07 01:12 CJ_7_iron Daycare concerns

Hey all,
I am usually a pretty intense lurker and appreciate all the pretty even-keeled no nonsense takes I find on here. I come to you seeking input/past experience:
Two year old started a new daycare about two weeks ago, he’s had a fairly rough transition and we get regular reports about him crying and being fussy throughout the day. Today my wife informed me that he was sitting at a table by himself crying with his back to the doogroup during circle story time when she went to go pick him up. She couldn’t be told how long he had been sitting there or what led to it other than speculation. We are starting to get really concerned that he is having this difficult a time throughout the day, as he never presented this kind of long lasting distress at his prior school or the day class he’d go to. Drop offs are always hard, but he settles in within ten to fifteen minutes and did great the rest of the day per every report we ever had. We had to leave his prior school because they didn’t have space to accommodate our time needs for him and could only do partial days twice a week. Have any of y’all ever had this kind of drama with this kind of transition, and if so how did you handle it? Are we being overly concerned or overprotective?
TL;DR: kid not adjusting well to school and seems to be having big overwhelming feelings all day unlike his last school and we don’t know if it’s something at the school or difficulty adjusting.
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2023.06.07 01:12 fml478 how old were you when you realized that the world is full of evil?

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2023.06.07 01:12 MafiaPuppet [Homebrew][Online][Discord][Roll20] Dwarven Zombie Apocalypse

The end of days has come to Man,
the last Elf's sailed West.
Each Dwarven clan instead began
to weather this final test.

Between the mountains roam the Dead.
Beneath each hides a home.
Those few bred with the courage to tread
outside must go alone.

Such a dwarf is called a Runner.
Such a life is short but brave.
Each message he must deliver
even if it's from the grave.


Game is Play By Post on Discord and Roll20. I work 7 days a week at my computer and only have random awkward amounts of free time. I'm looking for a handful of players willing to try out a new system and who enjoy roleplay, writing, and storytelling as much as combat. Please contact me at Puppet#9945 for an immediate response, or send me a DM/chat here for a much slower response.
The Last Holds asks the question: What if the zombie apocalypse, but dwarves? Set in the one of the few surviving Mountainhomes, it explores stories of survival and community as the players explore the world and gradually ascend in position within the fortress or perhaps try to start their own fledgling hold.
This campaign uses a homebrew dice pool system with crunchy combat and player-driven skill resolutions. It also uses the setting of Brazenthrone for beautiful maps and a fully fleshed out dwarven society with a .pdf that players can refer to for lore.
For PBP, it is good to set some expectations:
  1. Please only apply if you are a fluent English speaker with proficient grammar and punctuation. I'm not going to gatekeep writing ability to join or kick anyone out for bad writing, but I can only handle so much pyschic damage before I lose consciousness.
  2. There is no minimum post length, especially for active scenes. 1-3 lines is fine for scenes and skill test prompts, but 1-3 paragraphs is preferred for story posts. As a GM, I will be posting multipara as appropriate.
  3. The game is divided into scenes and story. A scene is any situation where other player characters cannot freely participate, such as a conversation, a fight, a dungeon, etc. Any post that isn't part of a scene is just advancing the story. If you notice that are part of a scene, please try to post at least a couple times a day or otherwise take the initiative to resolve the scene by using the game mechanics. To put it another way, you will never be forced to have a 20-post dialogue with an NPC. At any time, you have the agency to attempt to resolve the scene with a roll and advance the story.
How to join: 1. Send me a message on discord. 2. Confirm that you can post something roughly every day. 3. Join the server and look around. 4. Make a character on roll20. 5. Join VC and talk to me about how to play the system for ~40 minutes. 6. Introduce your character into the RP with ~2 paragraphs. 7. If these steps aren't carried out in a reasonable time frame, I'll bump you for someone else.

I don't know if it's intimidating or inviting, but I'll post the opening scene where we will introduce our characters and get on with the campaign. Remember that there is no minimum post length and no one that joins is expected to write a novel!


Deep in the granite heart of the Blackcap Mountains, nestled between the corpse nations of Thrane and Breland, hide the last of the dwarves. Brazenthrone is a sprawling labyrinth of fortified stone, its honeycomb of streets lit by the amber glow of pressurized lava and its oldest bas-reliefs depicting firsthand the birth of civilization. It is only fitting that a people who bore witness to the start of the world should now bear witness to its end.
Fifteen thousand souls crowd its ancient halls, stubborn stewards of a dying mountain. Old Quarter sits sealed, and the distant moans of its countless dead grow louder every year. Anvil Quarter lies eerily silent, and no one knows when the slumbering crucibles of the Oreworks will wake again. Freeholder’s Hall tends to two dozen different species of mushroom that all taste vaguely the same. When the blight that rots the forests seeps deep enough into the earth, there will be nothing left to eat and everyone will starve.
But our story doesn’t start in Brazenthrone. It starts in the basement of a winery on the edge of a mountain overlooking the Silver Sea. The sweet air has for so long been so damp with the fumes of grape that the wood of the only door leading into this room is soft to the touch. It bows like rubber to the pressure of the half-dozen dead pressing against it. An arm with a broken elbow grasps wildly through the gap. Like the soft bones of the zombies, this door will not splinter. It will tear any second now…
…regardless of whether or not the dwarf takes his shoulder off it. It’s no wonder everyone is shouting. They’re all about to die.
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2023.06.07 01:11 rajashridoesnotexist Need Help Fixing my Comforter

My comforter is not even six months old but its become all flat and lumpy. It doesnt fit into the cover anymore and its not as fluffy anymore. its microfibre. does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.06.07 01:10 DrKoofBratomMD [discuss] power creep sure is crazy

Been an off/on player for what like 8 years now? Always amazes me how easy it is to plow through what’s now “old” content after leaving for a year or two. I’m sure the first unknown nova dungeon was extremely difficult when it first came out, but I got desperate for stones for Remu and just plowed through it blind first try with a suboptimal Grannerv team. A single lucky pull, some grinding to exchange old monsters, waiting for Academy, and it’s completely trivialized what someone at some point had to have taken hundreds of attempts to clear. Always blows my mind when this happens, what a game
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2023.06.07 01:10 Gernia Upgrading my am4 platform.

Hey all, sitting here feeling the desktop struggling with 2k gaming, so might be time for an upgrade.
CPU -Ryzen 5 2600X Upgrade to a Ryzen 7 5800X3D
MB MB -TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING simply flash bios to make it compatible
RAM 32Gb ddr4 Keep
GPU 1080ti 11 GB Upgrade to an RTX 4080 or a Radeon RX 7900 XTX (argument here is the price vs performance)
Does this look sane? Don't know if the new CPU will bottleneck the upgraded GPU at this point. How much better are these video cards over my old 1080ti?Nvidia does not seem like it's worth it as raytracing drops the frames below 120 where I like it.Thinking about having this setup for 3-4 years at least before upgrading again. Or should I just scuttle the entire platform and jump straight to AM5?
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2023.06.07 01:10 Witty_Working7034 How do I deal with a fellow MedSpouse whose attitude is pushing others away?

My med SO is a PGY-2 so we've lived in our new city for about a year. I vividly remember what a hard time we had moving (logistically, financially, emotionally) so I've been pretty involved with talking to the MedSpouses of the incoming intern class, just to be a resource and a help to them.
One of them grew up very near my hometown so he's taken a liking to me. However, there are two big issues that I don't know how to deal with:
  1. (This one isn't bad, just awkward) The person is trying to be very forceful with friendship like making lots of plans, inviting themselves over to our home for dinner, requesting to be introduced to my friends here, etc when truthfully my life here is already pretty busy and I don't have a deep interest in an intense friendship with someone new. I'd be fine with maybe grabbing drinks a few times a year and catching up at residency events. But I think this person has mistaken my initial friendliness for wanting a really close friendship with them. I'd MAYBE be open to this if it wasn't for issue #2...
  2. This person is extremely judgmental and rude. Whenever we're at events together, they are constantly talking shit about our new city (the food, the people, the concerts) and about how their old city was way better. Our current city is someplace people are really proud to live and I can't tell you how offputting it is to have someone be so rude about it. I can tell other attendees at residency events are offended by what this person is saying. It also makes me not want to actually introduce my friends to them because I worry they will just talk shit about stuff my friends like.
I'm trying to be empathetic and recognize that this person is probably just having a hard time adjusting, their partner maybe didn't want to match here, and all the feelings that I know I felt at one point. And I also feel like maybe I'm doing a bait and switch by being friendly to the new SOs when I'm not necessarily looking for deep, one-on-one friendship with any of them. But none of this changes the behavior of this individual.
Do you have any advice for how I can gently encourage them to be less judgmental, or at least help them realize their judgmental attitude is offputting to potential friends? Or is this just none of my business? Feel free to tell me to butt out, I won't be offended I promise. Thank you for listening.
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