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2023.06.07 01:24 kali_ma_ta Healing + communication

I have dated my boyfriend three times over the last 10 years. The first time was 4 years, the second time was for 6 months after a 2 year break, and this last time has been for maybe 6 months, again after a two year break. My math might not be accurate, but this is approximate.
We both struggle with substance use disorder, but I have a child and a business and I've built a life that's more important than my substance use. I am also in medication assisted treatment + therapy for alcohol use disorder, and that has been transformative.
He has used substances pretty much non-stop for 20 plus years and has put that before everything. He currently doesn't have a home or a driver's license or a job. He's living with a friend and is on government aid.
Thankfully, we now live a couple hours away, so I can focus on my life, because otherwise I would be his full-time mom.
Neither one of us actually want that, but we fall into those roles. I have resources and drive, and he has pain and insecurity and so I lean in as his mom and it is really toxic for us.
I am not the most emotionally communicative person, and so as I have burnt out on momming him, I have started to ghost him and he is feeling it. I also feel a lot of resentment that dudes like this can just be hot and needy and women will take care of them and I don't have that advantage. I would love somebody to financially and emotionally support me but that's never been an option because I pick man-children.
I am deep in my own healing and recognizing that I'm no longer interested in these kinds of men. But I also feel unworthy of men who have their shit together.
I would love some support on what in the world I am supposed to do-- with this one dude in particular and in shifting the health of my picker.
I was active in Al-Anon for many years, but there is some poor health in my local Al-Anon scene and I thought so I thought I would reach out to the broader internet Al-Anon community.
TIA for any guidance or support!
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2023.06.07 01:19 MaximumMortgage1099 Do you random strangers think you can get away by being rude to me

How do I stop caring about such selfish people anyways
they called me ugly because I was not a "typical" white girl on ramiugly and that I dont have the right type of photo on true rate me and that I am not pretty like other girls.
Honestly I know I am the prettiest girl on truerateme
funny thing is that they told me I cannot pursue my dreams. Like bruh who do you think you are lmao
They also said likes dont matter and I shouldnt get them on tiktok
The northwell health system... literally declared me paranoid in college for a group of people laughing at me on campus.
and also what is funny that people keep on laughing at me on dating apps, like I am no one. That makes me chuckle. Get a life will you, uh please
You tell me is the mental health system working well or are they just not respectful to their patients.
The people literally told me I am beautiful in my own way on this "non judgmental" app- 7 cups. Some guys laughed at me for doing camera sex with these two lookalikes on 7 cups. I am laughing at them, for going on with the whole camera thing. those guys are unfortunate anyways. they probably arent happy with themselves and like to bring people down
People at college and high school laughed at me. Isnt that so funny
Who are these people to me anyways
People are jacked and they think they are better, but they are really not.
Listen, I may have been seeking attention on ramihot, ramiugly,rfreecompliments, rsfwnextdoorgirls. You could say I am definitely an attention seeking whore, but it doesnt matter what others think of me, because they only wanted to bring me down for a picture that was not clear. its not fair but I am actually laughing at their plight and their judgment. life is not always about judgment and sex, its about being the best you can be
I am sorry they are hurting. I feel bad for their upbringing and their status. Game over, negative folks. You will never get far in life by bringing other people down :)

Laugh all you want, but you will live a horrible life
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2023.06.07 01:17 Cold_Tradition_3638 (venting/rant) My country is trying to privatize its health care and i don't know what to do

I have been hoping from job to job over the pat 2 years since i could not find something i enjoyed doing, plus couple of health and mental health issues that have been delaying with. The only silver lining from all of it, was the fact that i didn't have to pay for my medical treatment and now that I'm currently just studying instead of working, i still get health coverage.
But recently there has been a big push for privatization, while they started asking for something small, the language they are using and the discourse that I'm hearing is eerily familiar to Ronald Regan's talking points about privatization and hatred for the public worker and the people that rely on the system to survive.
I hate it, while we are staging a protest tomorrow, the sentiment seems to be so divided that i feel like my country is finally falling apart and i have no idea were to go.
I'm so exhausted of going to meetings and protests, just to see how the media and biggest investors change the narrative and everyone just accepts it at face value, no matter how horrible the ideas are, no matter how much we fight for change, everyone votes for the same 3 parties over an over.
I am fucking loosing it, sorry for the rant.
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2023.06.07 01:16 gosiph The day my son was born.

My wife had postpartum hemorrhaging from a piece of the placenta that was holding on. She told me early in our relationship that a doctor told her that she would die if she were to have a baby. That was always in the back of my mind. She used to live in a second world country that doesn’t have as good of medical care. We got into huge fights about how and where our son would be born. She wanted to go back to her home country which I easily convinced her otherwise. Her only other thing was having a home birth. I reminded her about what she told me when we were still a new couple, and she agreed due to my heavy concerns. The moments after delivery were short but intense, because my instincts were telling me something wasn’t right. I kept my cool in the moment whilst trying to get as much information, without alarming my wife of the situation. I looked at the doctor, looked back, and my wife had turned pale. We are a black couple so the level of distress in that moment, was nearly unbearable. After the doctors/ nurses did what they needed to do for my son, I held him for the first time. My mom walked into the room, I watched her face as she saw my son for the first time. I looked up, and they were rushing my wife out of the door. All I could think about was I didn’t get a chance to tell her how much I loved her one more time. As optimistic as I can be, I didn’t have anything left in me. I felt empty,lost, and alone. I nearly forgot that I had my son in my arms, when I looked down at him. He filled me up with love and hope. I remembered everything my wife had told me throughout her pregnancy. I still had such pain, but I had to be strong for the both of them. I was with him though everything, didn’t miss a thing. I fed him his first bottle. I changed his first diaper. Every second with him felt like the happiest dream but I couldn’t escape the nightmare. After the OR, they took my wife to the IR; which led my wife to cardiac, since the nurses are always on steady watch. Once she finally made it to postpartum, I met her in there. I she looked exactly like I saw her in the delivery room. Pale, frail, and moments from death. She looked like my wife but… empty. I rushed down to the nursery to get my son. I, for some reason, was uncertain if they would let me take him to the room by myself (a big black man). They reminded me that I was his father, and had no reason to be asking them. I was happy to hear that, but also embarrassed for questioning myself. I took my son into the room, and life jumped back into my wife. she sat up and began to speak. There was a struggle in her voice, but also a strength. She ended up pulling through, and we are able to share the experience of raising our son together. I am happy that I convinced my wife to go the hospital route. When things turn critical everything happens so fast, and every second counts. I 100% believe if we went the home birth route like she wanted, I would have been a single father and that still haunts me. I’m not saying anything against home births, because that was something that I wanted to do as well. I just advise that you make sure that you take your woman’s health and safety into consideration. Thank you for reading my story.
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2023.06.07 01:14 Tigerlily535 36 F Looking to meet new people and who doesn’t love mail from a friend.

I am hoping to connect with new people around my age. I have always loved anything to do with animals and nature. I have a plant collection and garden that give me lots of joy. I also have many pets who I am happy to talk about. I mean seriously so many shenanigans to share as they are always up to something and the possibilities for cute pet photos is endless. I also enjoy reading mostly fantasy, sci-fi and romance (cliché I know, but I don’t care I love it 🥰 ) but open to a lot of different things. I also enjoy crafty things and have many different craft supplies. I always love an excuse to buy cute paper and stickers. I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Open to a penpal from anywhere in the world but some ability to speak English preferred. That said I love learning about new languages and cultures and would put effort into learning as well. I’m hoping to find meaningful connections and love deep conversations. If you have made it this far congratulations 😂 I don’t think I’ve talked about myself this much ever. I am a funny and unique individual once you get to know me. I have a flair for the dramatic and have been told I’m a great storyteller. I’m in the process of writing a book called Chronically Healing: Learning to Live after Diagnosis which documents my health journey over the course of my life and what I’ve learned along the in hopes that one day it will help encourage and inspire others along their journey as well. I will write the odd poem or craft the odd song as well. Music has been and still is a huge part of my life. I enjoy many different types of music and always love learning about new bands/ artists. So please give me all the suggestions. I don’t have a preference for gender and am a safe space and ally for anyone in the LGBTQIA community. I believe we are all connected and that we all must come together instead of fighting with one another. I am looking for someone to share the mundane day to day happenings and making my trips to the mailbox more fun and interesting. With everything happening today it would be nice to spread some joy and kindness. I’m confident this will find who it was meant to. Can’t wait to get to know you.
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2023.06.07 01:12 science_jedi How can I encourage my mom to prioritize self-care?

She rarely goes out and does household chores for most of the day, despite having someone hired to do the dishes, sweep and mop. I encourage her to go out, do yoga, socialize with other women in the neighborhood, but she says she doesn't get the time to do any of that.
Unfortunately, I don't live in India, so I can't help her out with any of the chores, my dad is a sweet person but he doesn't do these household chores to perfection so my mom ends up doing all of it. How can I motivate my mom to take care of herself? What can I do to help her?
To give you more context, she has been gaining a lot of weight recently because of the lack of exercise, I am worried it might cause her health problems down the line, so I also want to motivate her to work-out.
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2023.06.07 01:09 Killchrono I feel a lot of conflict about 2e's design is from people not realizing or liking its focus as a strategy game

Ever since the 5e influx, a lot of conversations have been…frustrating me, to put it lightly. There’s a feeling that while people are willing to engage with the game and generally like a lot of the concepts, there are people who get frustrated with Paizo's overarching design decisions to the point they demand change or call certain core philosophies objectively bad design.
As someone who very much likes most of the game's core philosophies, it's taken me a while to wrap my head around it, but I feel there was a crystallizing moment for me the other day when there was a thread discussing balance vs fun. Essentially, it purported that balance often came at the expense of fun, and that a lot of games end up becoming homogenized or having the soul sucked out of them for the sake of making every option viable.
Now of course, this is a false dichotomy. You can still have a game that is balanced between options that is also fun. A lot of imbalanced games are also not fun as well, even for the people they’re imbalanced in favor of. But it seems to be a major perception that when you play a game, you’re either here for a fun time or you’re here to play for keep and there’s no middle ground.
2e is no different. A lot of people treat the game's design as if it is trying to ruin their fun for the same if balance. Phrases like 'I know the game is balanced, it's just not fun' or 'they've overcorrected because they're too scared of breaking the game' get thrown around a lot.
Now I've seen this a lot over all of 2e's lifespan, but something became apparent as I was reading the thread; something that I’d sort of always realized, but for some reason I can’t figure out, it finally clicked to me how deep and intrinsic it is to the core discussions surrounding 2e.
The simple fact is: there are a lot of people who don’t seem to accept or even realise that PF2e is designed primarily as a strategy game before anything else.
(Just for reference, I made a Twitter thread about this, so I'm going to copy a lot of almost verbatim, but past that I’m going to elaborate in much more detail on thoughts and specific examples of what I’m talking about)
One of the big disconnects for me when I started playing DnD back in 3.5 (and eventually moved to PF1e) is that when I found out it was grid-based strategy, I was super excited. I loved games like FFT and Advance Wars back in the day, and had only just started playing FE:A, so I was down to clown.
The problem I eventually realized was the game isn't actually built for nuanced tactical play, despite being turn-based and having a grid and rules for interacting with it. It rewards expedient powergamed options and eclipses any concept of power cap.
5e was very similar. I went in seeing it was toned down and expected it to appeal more to that more nuanced gameplay. It certainly held the aesthetic of it, with mechanics like concentration to stop rampant buff stacking and streamline spellcasting, and to its credit it's skill floor was much more stable, making it easier to get on the ground floor with a playable character without needing an obtuse level of upfront system mastery.
But in the long term, I found it was just as bad an offender as 3.5/1e, between more extremely powerful expedient options, poorly tuned inter-class balance, monsters being quickly outscaled by player stats, and advantage being a very swingy buff state.
(sadly I missed 4e, which in hindsight I think would have absolutely been my bag)
So when 2e came out, I was cautious. I had been burnt before, and I was skeptical Paizo could actually stand on their own with a truly unique system apropos of DnD’s existing influence. But when I started my initial foray into the system, gingerly running small one shots and module length adventures with my players, I began to realize…this is it. This is the tactical d20 game I've been waiting over seven years for. Classes are much better balanced, the encounter building rules actually work, and my players are engaging in nuanced tactics beyond just trying to go for the biggest hits every turn. This is great!
I was super excited to have 2e finally meet that goal for being a d20 system that placed tactics at the heart of the gameplay.
...only to find people were bouncing off it while espousing the game's focus on strategy and the balance that came with it too stifling.
I've seen phrases akin to, ‘I get AOEs are effective, but I don't care if they're mathematically balanced compared to single target actions. I want the fantasy of blowing up all the enemies in the room with my fireball, not chipping them down half of their health and letting the martials mop up.’ Literally just the other day, I saw someone complain that they liked save or suck spells and that they were upset 2e did away with it. 'What if I WANT to turn the lich to stone with one spell and win the fight before it even starts?'
Obviously spellcasters are a low-hanging fruit that have been discussed ad-infinitum, but I see the same thing with martials more often than most people would realize. You have comments complaining that the base hit rates being closer to 50% than 70-80% is objectively bad design. People don’t want to engage in buff-based gameplay or teamwork that improves the odds in their favor; they want to have that high base chance as a standard and go to town with minimal windup or strategic investment.
Even from a mechanical standpoint, there's a common disdain towards a lot of the system's more nuanced mechanics that people feel are done more out of anti-fun pedantry than to create meaningful choices. I've seen people go on tirades about hand economy and how they hate needing to weigh up what you're holding at any given moment, all the way up to level 20 with no way around it. Plenty of people hate the shield mechanics for being finicky and seemingly existing for their own sake, while I love them because I get to see exactly when raising it stops my shield ally champion from getting hit and how much damage I chunk off when I block.
A lot of people talk about disconnect of expectations with the designers, but I'm starting to believe the source of this disconnect is rarely what they actually think it is, which is that strategy focus. 2e’s foundation is very clearly focused on trying to create strategy and meaningful gameplay loops via balance and tactical decision making, rather than the intense power curves of previous systems. So why are people engaging in a game like that when they want more freeform expression or have the fantasy be a pure power fantasy?
Well, the answer is, because they never wanted to engage in strategy in the first place, at least as far as the design tenets and expected player input of the strategy genre goes. They're coming in with a different expectation of what genre they want these games to be. I may come into it expecting XCOM and FFT, or even more tactics-focused board games (I mean in the end, what is an RPG with minis but a board game with more steps?). People like me want their character fantasies in a nuanced environment where I still get to have that feeling of being fantastical, but have to play smart to win. I don't have any expedient I-win buttons, and the victory is earnt, not given.
But others may come in expecting Diablo or Dynasty Warriors, where the power fantasy of being a one-man army is the appeal. They want to mow effortlessly through hordes of monsters and soldiers to feel unstoppable, where every attack is merely a scratch. Even bosses are just bigger roadblocks in the way to glory - they may stand a chance at putting you down, but ultimately you're a powerhouse. You're destined for greatness by virtue of the game glorifying you at every turn, narratively and mechanically.
Others still want that epic set piece experience - your Soulsborne/DMC/MGR style boss rushes, or Monster Hunter-esque scenarios against huge monsters, where smaller, less important adversaries are but window dressing to the main event. The game is more or less balanced around your capacity to stand toe to toe with Goliath beasts and master warriors. There is challenge and strategy, but it is focused around this particular format, where the game is about that pinpoint adrenaline, almost reaction-based combat against single major foes. This makes wide swathes of the available options and design decisions in a game like 2e redundant because everything gets consolidated into that focus on boss battles.
(I will say, there are elements of both the above that can exist in 2e, and with enough kerjiggering you can probably create an experience much closer to them than the intended game. But as far as official design goes, they are not the sole focus nor what the game is clearly designed around. There is a holistic experience at play here that incorporates a wider variety of combat scenarios)
And then there are the people who come in with…almost no gaming litmus to compare it to whatsoever. Combat in TTRPGs is the only true experience they've ever had of it being encapsulated in a mechanical experience. They may see it as a draw card. They may see it as an opportunity to just roleplay. Others still may see it as an impediment to their fun.
Obviously no one system is ever going to appeal to everyone, but I feel like a lot of people are coming into 2e either not understanding the fact the game is designed around this heavily tactical experience, or understanding it but not liking this and wanting it to shift design focus.
To be fair, this could be a good wake-up call for the rest of the community. One of the sentiments that often gets touted a lot is that people feel they’ve been misled by the advertising of 2e as a system; particularly coming from 5e, a lot of people feel a lot of the discussion has been about 2e ‘fixing’ its problems, creating a better holistic experience of the same game.
I’m beginning to believe the issue in hindsight is that the people saying that - myself included - have been coming at this from the assumption that the players who are complaining about 5e are doing so from the angle of a strategy game, when in fact, they haven’t.
But in our defense, I can absolutely see why we would have thought that. A lot of complaints relate to topics such as class imbalance, build disparity, poor encounter tuning, lack of coherent rules for character abilities, etc. Essentially, all stuff that reads ‘we care a lot about the mechanics of this game. We want it to be fairer and have more robust systems, more options in combat, etc.’
Essentially, stuff that is inherently linked to this strategy focus.
Clearly this hasn't been the case though, for whatever reason. Maybe it's about time that the people who like PF2e and are trying to sell it to others, and when discussing topics in places like this subreddit, acknowledge that 2e isn't actually an unmitigated power fantasy d20 system, but a version that is aimed at that sort of strategy aficionado who want a game that's about tactical engagement and builds mattering for the sake of how they engage with those strategy elements, rather than just being an expression of how they will inevitably win and treating the mechanics that keep those design goals in check as pedantic and anti-fun.
This will make PF2e a much less universally appealing switch. It might even lose players who'd otherwise not try it. But it's more honest and will probably do more good for bringing and guiding new players without breeding long-term resentment and feeling misled. At the very least, it will frame expectations better.
At the same time, I think a lot more people need to in turn understand that the people like me who really like this game do so specifically because of its focus on the strategy elements; that we understand things like the tight balance and nuanced mechanics are in place to enable that. I feel too much of the conversation can devolve into accusing these design decisions of being anti-fun, almost malicious, and that people who prefer it are being overly pedantic, often to the point of paranoia about imbalances.
Obviously there needs to be nuance. Some people do legitimately want that mechanical element but just disagree with certain points on the way Paizo does it. If people feel certain fiddly elements can be removed or underpowered mechanics can be buffed without breaking the balance or adding even more strategy, then sure, that's great. Let's have those discussions. But once there's a sort of 'I don't care about balance I care about fun' sentiment being thrown around, I feel that's when discussion begins to break down because it's fundamentally asking Paizo to change the direction of their design; one that a lot of people have come to this game specifically for, and pay the designers to make for our tastes.
As I said, no one game is going to make everyone happy, but some games are more focused on what they're aiming for than others. 2e is one of those games. I think the core conflict at the heart of 2e's direction is not that it's designed around a strategy focus, nor that others don't always like that. It's that there's a core assumption everyone playing d20 games is doing so because strategy is the main investment.
There's probably meaningful discussion to be had as to whether there is virtue in this as a core focus. Maybe people like myself are in fact just stickler pedants who are too focused on things being fair and balanced for our own good. Maybe no-one else cares about that nuanced strategy focus and it's too niche a market to bother with past indulging people like me through single player experiences. But either way, understanding that focus and where the differences of want from that will help discussion more than anything else
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2023.06.07 01:08 Ok_Trickyy2555 How Do You Deal With Severe Depression Caused by This?

Honestly I don't know how to keep fighting. I really think the pandemic will never go away and there is no going back to people masking even if I wish it would. I will try to watch my words to not think I will hurt myself. But I really think I am severely depressed. I barely get up most days to eat or go to the bathroom. Its really difficult to do so much as basic things. I don't see a future for me if my health will be taken away because people stopped caring. I don't know how to live on and live a life honestly. This ruined my life and I cant take it anymore with contamination ocd caused by the pandemic too. I feel no one not even my parents I get emotional support from. I feel very disconnect from every single person. I am speaking to a therapist but im sure she doesnt take precautions either even if she comes from the covid cautious therapist site. I don't want to fight I just wanted a peaceful life where I felt safe but it feels impossible.
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2023.06.07 01:07 Stunning_Event_2435 My partner is a functional addict, and I'm afraid it might get worse

So, we've been dating been 2 years, we've met online (we live, literally, 2 oceans away from each other) and last year I went there to visit him for the first time. I've spent 6 months living with him and his family, we had an amazing time. I had to come back to my country, but we are planning for me to get back there and get married, so we can live together. I couldn't help but notice, though, that he and his social circle, are really into drinking, in a way that they cannot stay one weekend without drinking and even during the week sometimes they would find an "excuse" to drink. I knew he was addicted to it, but when I got there I saw it was much more than what I thought.
We have an amazing relationship, he's really thoughtful, intelligent, loving. He has an amazing job and works really well, he's really supportive. When he drinks, there's no abusive behavior. Except two nights that he freaked out and started saying things that really hurt me. He wasn't being aggressive, but he was saying mean things, which I can't recall now, but it was stuff that people say as self sabotage when they are depressive as fuck, like, for example, "if I am afraid that this person will leave me, I'll act or say things in a way that proves it." In the first night, we were at his friend's place, he had to drive us back home and I kept telling him to stop drinking, giving him water, wait to sober up to go back home. But it got too late, he was drunk and sleepy, I was even suggesting staying at his friend's place and go back home the day after, but the friend said there was no place for us, the house was full. He wasn't quite helpful. I was so worried and so angry, that I think it triggered something in him and when we reached home (we waited a few minutes, but he was clearly wasted. At least the place was 5 min from home), he simply started saying a bunch of things, started arguing with me, a lot of nonsense stuff and things like "If you want to go back home, just go, just go". In both nights, he wouldn't stop talking until he lay down to sleep, and he wouldn't let me sleep. I was stressed, angry, sad and deprived of sleep. In both times, I started recording an audio and sent it to him. The next day, he listened to it, and we talked about it, he apologized and told me he didn't mean any of that. But he didn't seem really concerned about it as I was. We've always talked about alcohol, I told him that he clearly has an addiction (he also smokes cigarette a lot, since teenage), that it's something serious, and he agrees with me. He says that he wants to change that, he wants to stop with both addictions. But I don't think he is really certain about it or knows the severity of his addictions.
Not only his, but the family's and friend's addiction as well. He is inserted in a social circle where it is so naturalized, no one really sees it. He almost always drives and when I was there, every time we went out, to the beach, to eat something or visit a place, party, etc., he would always have a beer next to him, and he would drink and drive. I told him several times that I don't agree with that, and he always says he knows it's bad, but it's only "a little bit" and he knows what he's doing. That he can control himself, he doesn't even seem drunk even when he is. That is so wrong, so irresponsible, and I never knew what to do. When I was there and this would happen, I was even thinking about denying going anywhere, even if it's 2 min away from home, if he pours even one drop of beer in his mouth. But it was difficult, because every time we went out with his family, he would do it anyway, and even his mom!!! His mom, would hand him the beer while he was driving. So he always had the reinforcement from people around him.
I care deeply about him and his mental/physical health as mine and everyone around him. I know that deep down, he really wants to change, but at the same time it doesn't feel like it. I also know that the change has to come from him, but as addiction is a disorder, how does one help the addict, which is someone they love and really care about? It's really hard to just sit and wait for them to change when you are seeing it from outside, in a much clearer way, how much that drug is harmful, not only for him, but for everyone around him. Specially when he is immersed in a culture/circle of people who are totally influencing his choices and triggering him.
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2023.06.07 01:04 SmallCapsDaily After-Hours Market Movers: 6/6/2023

Franchise Group Inc (FRZA) made impressive gains in after-hours trading, achieving a 12.9% increase. With a strong trading volume of 1,436,000 shares, it's clear that there's significant investor interest in the company.
Biocept, Inc. (BIOC) saw a strong performance in the after-market session, with shares climbing by 12.0%. The trading volume stood at 68,368, demonstrating considerable trading activity for this health-care company.
Babylon Holdings Limited (BBLG) experienced an 11.2% rise in the after-hours trading. Its trading volume totaled at about 712,679, indicating a good amount of investor participation in the stock during this trading period.
The after-hours session was robust for Avrobio Inc (AVRO), as the biotechnology company's stock increased by 11.0%. The trading volume during this session amounted to approximately 1,158,000 shares.
Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. (CLDX) showed a solid after-hours performance with a 10.8% rise. The company observed a trading volume of 166,057 during the period.
TransCode Therapeutics, Inc. (RNAZ) surged 10.0% in the after-hours. With a large trading volume of about 3,585,000.
Yext, Inc. (YEXT), a Search-as-a-Service platform, saw a positive trend in after-hours trading with a 9.7% rise. The trading volume for the company reached approximately 684,706 shares.
Grid Dynamics Holdings, Inc. (GDYN) ended the after-hours trading session with an 8.9% increase. This tech company had a trading volume of around 156,080, reflecting a moderate level of investor activity.
The shares of China SXT Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SXTC) rose 8.7% in after-hours trading. The trading volume was about 556,993, indicating a steady level of trading activity for this pharmaceutical company.
Jupiter Wellness, Inc. (JUPW) had a good after-hours trading performance, with an increase of 8.1%. This wellness company had a trading volume of around 1,301, signifying a relatively low level of trading activity in comparison to the other companies.
Purple Innovation, Inc. (PRPL), a comfort technology company, ended the after-hours trading session with a 7.9% rise. The trading volume was about 114,033, signifying a modest level of trading activity.
Finally, VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (VTGN) saw a 7.0% gain in its stock during the after-hours trading. The trading volume of about 1,358,000 indicated a substantial level of investor activity.
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2023.06.07 01:01 UrAnimalDoctor 26 [M4F] Toronto/Anywhere let’s see if we match … ⬇️

Hey, tbh I know the chance of finding a person to match with is low here. I'm an extrovert so I can be friends most of the people. I'm looking for like minded people to talk too daily about anything. A little about me: - my field of work involves in animal health and medicine. - I’m funny, sarcastic, open minded, reasonable, calm, chill, 90% of the time happy, extrovert (can connect and be in the same vibe of different people with different characteristics), and usually never run out of ideas for a conversation. - my hobbies include working (who doesn't love to work with animals), gaming (been playing less in the couple of years), music, movies (tell me your top 3), and also traveling (I visited a lot of countries, maybe even yours 😁) - I'm Capricorn ♑ (if it matters) - people I'm intrested in (it matters): confident, knows what they want, take care of themselves and have goals.
So if you are interested hmu 🤙 it doesn’t matter where you’re from. Don’t text “hi” “hey” and if you don’t know a good conversation starter here are some tips: - send me a meme your ashamed to show anyone else. - tell me 1 lie and 1 truth. - Ask me a random question and I'll ask you one.
And if your still here and isn’t interested I still appreciate the time you put for reading this. Also I'm down to send a selfie of myself if you are too. Hope to hear from you 🤗
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2023.06.07 00:59 contentcreat Exploring Alternative Pain Management: Reducing Reliance on Opioids

In recent years, the opioid crisis has become a major public health concern, with devastating consequences for individuals, families, and communities. Opioids, while effective in relieving pain, carry a high risk of addiction and overdose. As a result, there is a growing need to explore alternative pain management approaches that can reduce reliance on opioids.
One promising avenue for addressing pain without opioids is the use of non-pharmacological interventions. These interventions encompass a wide range of techniques and therapies that can help manage pain effectively. Physical therapy, for example, focuses on strengthening muscles, improving flexibility, and enhancing overall physical function. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis or back pain.
Another alternative is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps individuals develop coping strategies and change negative thought patterns associated with pain. By identifying and modifying unhealthy beliefs and behaviors, CBT can empower patients to better manage their pain and improve their overall quality of life.
Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices have also gained recognition for their potential in pain management. Techniques such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and massage therapy have shown promising results in alleviating pain and reducing the need for opioids. These approaches often focus on the mind-body connection, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and improved emotional well-being.
Furthermore, technological advancements have paved the way for innovative solutions in pain management. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices, for instance, deliver electrical impulses to nerve endings, offering pain relief without the need for medication. Virtual reality (VR) technology has also shown promise, providing immersive experiences that distract patients from their pain and reduce the perception of discomfort.
It is crucial to acknowledge that alternative pain management approaches may not completely eliminate the need for opioids in all cases. In some instances, opioids may still be necessary, especially for acute and severe pain or end-of-life care. However, by incorporating non-pharmacological interventions alongside opioids and using them as part of a comprehensive pain management plan, the reliance on opioids can be significantly reduced.
In conclusion, exploring alternative pain management methods is essential for reducing the reliance on opioids and addressing the opioid crisis. Non-pharmacological interventions, such as physical therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and complementary and alternative medicine practices, offer viable alternatives for pain relief. Additionally, advancements in technology present new opportunities for innovative pain management solutions. By embracing these alternative approaches, healthcare providers can help mitigate the risks associated with opioid use while still providing effective pain management for patients.
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2023.06.07 00:55 Artistic_Pie216 How to approach boss about added responsibilities??

So I’ve been at my new job now going on four weeks. It is a new clinic offering an array of services like primary care, weight loss program, IV nutrition therapy, hormone therapy and integrative medicine. The CEO my boss has successful clinics in other e locations and is part time. He has two other physicians one in charge or primary care and another doing the hormone replacement therapy and integrative medicine but they are also part time and more like consultants than clinicians. He has the integrative medicine and IV nutrition therapy experience which he expects me to learn all of these including aesthetics and helping out the plastic surgeons when he starts in a few months. He expects me to have weekly meetings with each doctor and the staff and basically put the foundation for all the programs including the financial side of things. I don’t have e experience in this but I am for the task and willing to learn. Right now my salary is decent for primary care and there is plans in plans to make more money such as 6% salary increase each year for 3 years and 6% of profit. He basically told me I have right to make all decisions without getting permission from anyone basically I’m in charge since I am the only full time provider. Yet he didn’t give me any official title or discuss compensation. I don’t even know if staff has been made aware of my new role which is a bit confusing. I want to meet with them and clarify what my titile should be the job duties and fair compensation since none of this was in my contract and really caught me off guard. Thanks for your responses. I’m a PA with 8 years experience in primary care urgent care and occupational health by the way.
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2023.06.07 00:52 KrakJesus A little rant about the state of the game

I've been playing league since around the start of season 10, and i've grown to both love and hate the game, but i'm trying to enjoy playing it as i genuinely think it can be a good game, but i feel like right now it's not in the best state it can be in.
I know that since i've been playing the game for only 3 years i'm not really in the best position to say how the game should be fixed and what changes must be made, not taking into consideration that i'm not a game dev and that those opinions are purely subjective, but i do want to take the time to give my opinion on how i think things can be fixed, or at least improved.
I don't know how this post'll be recieved or if it'll even get any traction but here i go

General state of the game: First of all, toxicity
We all know league has possibly the absolute worst community of all time without a shadow of a doubt. It can be fixed, but i feel like not much is being done to insentivise players to not be the biggest toxic wasteland of the galaxy. Sure we have the honor system that gives us some little goodies, but blue essences and some key fragments don't feel like a good enough reason to not unleash your frustration on others. Maybe some more "straight forward" rewards could make players think twice on if they want to lose honor or not. Maybe a random skin shard at honor 5 or even just a couple of hextech gems? maybe some orange essence every honor level? I honestly don't think there's much you could give out without just handing out "free stuff" to players but i do think that it can be greatly improved.

Dodging in ranked: Everybody hates dodging
I get that sometimes you're in champ select and you suddenly remember you have something important to do and whatnot, and so you get a little penality for it, but it's just not enough. Dodging is no longer just "leaving because you can't play anymore", it's a tactic used to avoid games lost in champ select or to just coward out of a game you think will go badly. I understand knowing that the enemy team's comp is superior to yours does not make one feel motivated to play out a game, but anything can happen in a game, and who knows, maybe the player itself will make that one bad click or a sneeze that'll eventually have a domino effect, or try to change and adapt your tactics. Bnd games aside it's just frustrating for everyone involved to have to wait again to queue up, especially in high elo where queues tend to get longer and longer. I'm not one to say what must be done on this matter, but a simple idea i had was to just give straight up a 30 minute timeout before being able to play again. You have something important? 30 minutes is more than enough to take care of it. Had an internet outage? Take the time to fix it, and who knows, it may happen again, you don't want to get a second penality.

Now a bit about the game itself
Damage: Let's talk about how much damage is in the game.

Riot has openly admitted in season 12 that the game had too much damage and that a reduction in damage would be necessary. I'm personally happy with less damage being in the game as i love long fights and feeling tanky, but i do know that a lot of people also like oneshotting everything on sight. But let's take Riot's side as they're the one making decisions.
The first issue i have is that, they want less damage in the game, but say that they don't think items are ultimately the problem. I don't understand this point as, ultimately, items are literally the main source of getting damage in the game. If you give an item a ton of damage it will deal a ton of damage, and resistances will naturally be less effective the more damage an item gives you.
There are items that give you flat and percentage armor penetration, (Serylda, Letha) max health damage, (LDR, Demonic, Liandry) current health damage and mixed damage in the form of additional magic/true damage for AD items and true for AP.
With so many different sources of damage, adding up with some characters' damage output from their kits (which i'll talk about in a bit), i think it's safe to say that items are the issue with high damage in the game.
The most straight forward solution to this problem i'd give would be to just, reduce numbers on items and passives and/or remove or change the damage types or items.
The alternative solution would be to reduce some champs' ratios for more individual nerfs, but we're talking overall damage in the game so reducing every champs' ratios would take way too long.
Now with champion kits.
Recently i've seen that there has been a bunch of champions released with varying damage types other than just "pure" damage. (Just flat AD or AP, no true or "based on" type damage) (EG: Lillia Q true damage, Yone E true damage, K'sante Passive bonus true damage w/ult, Zeri's AP damage, nilah's entire Q passive etc...)
I feel like giving all of these damage variants for seemingly no reason is just toxic, as it's just there to be there. There's no special requirement other than "hit this spell" or "deal damage". (PS; it also in a way applies to old champs, but i feel like they're more controlled and less present overall than newer champs)
I would gladly want to see Riot go out of their way to get more control over those damage types as i'm sure it'll feel better to know that now you won't get metlted by a champ because all it did was hit an ability.

A little something i wanna add is about ratios and numbers
I just wanna say that i'd like to see Riot try to balance numbers and ratios with other numbers than just the straight forward "25%" "35%" "10/12/14". there's nothing preventing a champ from having a 38% ap ratio on an ability or a 17.3% health ratio. Sometimes the little numbers can change a lot.
Heck you could even do some non-linear scaling. For exemple make Gangplank's E scale poorly with the first 3 levels then level 4/5 it gets a big spike in damage or Talon's passive, give him a lot of numbers early and then slowly give him less and less.

AND Types of scaling: I think it would be interesting to see wacky ratios on some champs, like some tanks like k'sante having resistance ratios on abilities to deal more damage, so they have an incentive to buy tanky items if they want to be relevent, or just differing interactions like the more movespeed you have the more crit chance you get, the more health you have the more AH you get. Stuff like that

I'm sure i missed some thoughts i wanted to talk about but those are pretty much the main concerns i had with the game.
I hope i managed to get my points across and was clear on what i tried to tell.
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2023.06.07 00:51 oddnded 26 [M4F] US / Anywhere - Chronically sleep deprived seeks fellow night time enthusiast to imitate owls with lol

TL;DR: Just some tired dude trying to find a half decent connection at best. If you have a disdain for games, movies, banter, cars, or humor as a whole just pass me up. Also, if you're keen on one sided conversations too
I'm attempting to find an actual relationship, if it happens. The people I have spoke to over the last several years of my life are either too busy or are different people now. I miss having someone to talk and complain to everyday about whatever + that seemingly care, y'know? The idea of having a partner that fills that role sounds ideal
I will say it would probably be ideal if you could relate to like the older online era. I mean, we're talking like peak CoD lobbies, Habbo, and similar shit. Idk, it seemed like back then people were more fun. Lol I've found they're usually less sensitive too
Honestly, I could care less if it's SFW, NSFW, or a mix when it comes to conversations. I'm relatively open minded in general and don't take to getting offended easily for the most part. The only things I ask are for you to be somewhat close to my age, honest, and relatively blunt. I mean, bonus if you can relate to the tired feeling. Well, that or if you can tolerate it at the very least. I don't want to list an absurd amount about myself, because I feel that ruins actual back and forth to a degree, personally
About You: • Non-sensitive and can handle banter, jokes, and memes while also returning
• Somewhat available and able to reply in a decent amount of time
• Has an ability to express interest or converse about hobbies that aren't your own (on average used to people just passing by half of what I say)
• You can be equally boring as myself or worse tbh, as long as there's back and forth. If you're some mass extrovert then I can live vicariously through you in contrast lmao
• It would be cool if you enjoyed sharing music. I'm always looking for new stuff for my playlist
• You enjoy movies
I will say none of these are requirements. They're extremely preferred though tbh
About Me: • I turned twenty-six early this year, and feel awful. Regardless, quarter life crisis is still persisting lol
• I have relatively awful internet. So, games take forever to update, think a day or two depending. Also, at some point I want a sim rig (not at over the top one lmao)
• Tends to enjoy most forms of comedy, wether dark / offensive / dry etc + I agree with the stance of jokes being jokes
• Meme Archivarius and Aficionado
• I've been learning Norwegian for a few months now
• Cold weather / temps wins over hot weather / temps every time
• I have an absurd amount of hobbies; but, obviously frequent some more than others. So, the likelihood we at least share one in common is very high
• May as wells be a bottle of mental health issues, namely severe depression and general anxiety. So, if you struggle with mental health it's no issue. Honestly, would probably be nice if you can either relate or understand
• Sleeping is a struggle + my general sleep schedule is subpar
• Believes Elon Musk will end up creating catgirls, sooner or later
Replies as quick as I nut
So, aside from all of that, feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know about me. I'm a relatively open book. If you're out to try and steal my identity you'll probably just end up disappointed lmao. Hopefully this finds you well, my dudes. Feel free to send me a chat (´• `")ゝ
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2023.06.07 00:49 kayenano The Villainess Is An SS+ Rank Adventurer: Chapter 91

[<< First] [< Previous] [Next >] [Patreon] [Discord]

Juliette Contzen is a lazy, good-for-nothing princess. Overshadowed by her siblings, she's left with little to do but nap, read … and occasionally cut the falling raindrops with her sword. Spotted one day by an astonished adventurer, he insists on grading Juliette's swordsmanship, then promptly has a mental breakdown at the result.
Soon after, Juliette is given the news that her kingdom is on the brink of bankruptcy. At threat of being married off, the lazy princess vows to do whatever it takes to maintain her current lifestyle, and taking matters into her own hands, escapes in the middle of the night in order to restore her kingdom's finances.
Tags: Comedy, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Copious Ohohohohos.

Chapter 91: Matters Of Etiquette
The Duchy of Aquina's treasury was as scandalous as I imagined.
It was less a treasury room and more a dragon's cavern.
Ornate chests vomited gold and silver crowns, unlocked strongboxes proudly revealed glittering gemstones and breathtaking jewellery, and open armoires boasted suits of armour decorated with gilded crystals and weapons which shimmered with the opulence of the finest pearls.
Everywhere I looked, illegally undeclared taxable income spilled from every orifice as the accumulated wealth of Aquina filled my vision.
Piles of coins lay scattered with little attention to detail or proper bookkeeping, ensuring that no tax inspector would be seeing the light of day for many weeks once this veritable hoard was presented to the Royal Treasury for counting.
And yet it all paled in comparison to the wealth exhibited by the second most beautiful being in this room.
Sitting on her makeshift throne of snow and coins, a woman whose likeness was that of a young elven maiden wore a dress of purest snow as she basked in moonlight streaming from corners where no window to the sky existed. Her dress was unembellished and unadorned, and yet the overwhelming delicateness of its material put the richest velvet to shame.
She was the Winter Queen. And when she moved, her garment didn't simply move with her. It fluttered like a silken curtain. As did her wings.
Hers possessed no colour. It was a shimmering mirror, a waterfall of images and lights reflecting all the treasures around her. Within those butterfly-like wings, I saw all the crowns and treasures of Aquina glimmering back at me, waiting to be retrieved.
And I would.
But like all things, there was an order to things. And I was no Snow Dancer. Etiquette had to be entertained.
Thus, I walked up to the Winter Queen–and then began to sweep snow and coins onto the spot just opposite her.
“Coppelia, help me make a chair.”
“Got it!~”
Before the raised eyebrow of the Winter Queen, my future handmaiden and I wasted no time. Rolling up our sleeves, we piled snow and coins onto the point I designated with professional workmanship.
A few moments later, an extremely unfashionable chair was now raised before the Winter Queen.
It was something which couldn't even be exhibited in a contemporary art museum, the graveyard where all talentless hacks sent their works to die these days. But appearance was secondary.
Height was all that mattered.
I hopped before clutching the edge of the seat. My foot failed to find purchase in the chair's uneven slope as coins rained down. Coppelia skipped up and offered her hand. I accepted, allowing her to pull me atop the freshly made chair.
I carefully turned and sat, crossing one leg over the other as I officially bested my opponent in inches from the ground.
Then, I offered a frown to the fae whose appearance belied the years swirling in her arctic eyes.
“Winter Queen,” I said, now able to converse appropriately. “It's unseemly for me to present myself to a monarch sat on a throne within the lands of my own kingdom.”
She sipped at her teacup. A liquid so clear shimmied that for a moment, I'd believed it to be empty.
“Princess of Tirea. It's also unseemly to kidnap the monarchs of other kingdoms.”
I considered her argument. Then nodded. As did she.
“How is the chair?” she asked, placing her teacup atop her head.
“Extremely comfortable,” I replied, as my derrière burned from the cold. “My future handmaiden's skill in carpentry is as famed as her tact and discretion.”
Coppelia was stood right beside the Winter Queen, leaning in while taking in everything from the fae's tall figure to the mirror wings and the teapot atop her head.
She waved at her reflection in the Winter Queen's wings as her eyes brimmed with curiosity. Then, she breathed a puff of warm air at the mirror sheen, watching as the condensation slowly evaporated.
But not before drawing a smiley face first.
“That's … That's so cool!” she said, her own expression matching the one she'd just drawn. “You have mirrors on your back! That's … well, it's totally useless! Unless you want to accidentally blind someone when the sun catches you! You're literally a walking health hazard! Amazing!”
The Winter Queen glanced at Coppelia.
“My wings do not simply reflect light, clockwork doll. They amplify it. When I soar beneath the mortal sun, every eye to bear witness to my splendour winces in uncontrollable discomfort as colour spots plague their vision for months.”
Already, Coppelia's eyes were lit up with sparkles. She was already affected. The poor thing.
“That's soooooo pointless! I wish I had wings like that!”
“That wish cannot be made reality, even were you created in the land of the duskless dawn. I regret to say that the wings you see are mine alone. They are unique amongst the fae. Even my sisters who–”
“Also, why do you have a teacup on your head?”
The Winter Queen pursed her lips.
Clearly, she wasn't used to being interrupted while speaking. A terrible bout of impoliteness by Coppelia. And wonderfully, immaculately timed.
That's right! Do not allow this queen who wishes to appear stately any opportunity to control the flow of this conversation!
“I wear a teacup because I wish to,” she explained simply. “As Winter Queen, whether I choose to wear a teacup or a cat atop my head is my royal prerogative.”
Coppelia hummed as she peered this way and that as she took in the new headpiece.
“Want me to make you a hat? Because I can make you a hat.”
The Winter Queen paused.
“What kind of hat?”
“How about a beret?” Coppelia clapped her hands together, the force causing several coins to shimmy in movement. “They're always fashionable!”
“... Then that will do, thank you.”
“A tapestry of the 1172 Battle of Remansille, featuring the fall of King Reorick the Wolfenheart as he is betrayed by the lance of Sir Jorund the Gladiator, and his subsequent avengement by the first Reisenritter of Sophista.”
I nodded.
A fine choice. The Royal Villa had a copy of the very same 104 metre long tapestry. It'd spawned more narrative poems and epic ballads than any other cultural work of the 12th century. And uniquely, also didn't include any tasteless nudity.
Coppelia blinked.
In that moment, I could hear a thousand cogs and gears whirring away as she put every morsel of thinking power into dreaming the Winter Queen's request into reality.
Eventually, she nodded, raising her fists in a vow of commitment before she went to work. The sound of snow being padded together soon filled the air.
“An excellent handmaiden,” said the Winter Queen, balancing the teacup atop her head with practised precision. “Alas, my own handmaidens are more keen to frolic in the snow than rush to my aid.”
I smiled as the first compliment concerning my hiring processes reached me. Many more would come.
“Coppelia has much to learn, particularly concerning the ability to throw herself in harm's way for me. However, nothing concerning her spirit or loyalty can be faulted.”
“Then I'm free to offer my envy. It's been some days now since I was cruelly snatched away from my abode, and yet the only ones steadfast enough to reach me are my own snow ducks.”
She pointed at the fluffy white duck by the foot of her chair, its crystalline beak pecking at the only copper crown in the treasury.
A worthy pet. Should a copper crown fall before me, I'd also expect Coppelia to do away with it. Preferably by paying it towards the cost of an apple.
Even so, a protest needed to be lodged.
“Do your minions have the authority to trespass upon the Kingdom of Tirea, Winter Queen?”
She shrugged.
“No more than yours have the authority to kidnap the ruler of the Winter Court, befouling the Frozen Palace and slaying dozens of my subjects in the process.”
I considered her point. Again, I nodded. As did she.
“It's been, my, at least two centuries?” she mused, taking down her teacup to enjoy a sip of the clear liquid. “How nostalgic. I've almost missed being stolen for use in some predictably unimaginative scheme. I suppose I was long overdue.”
The Winter Queen looked around at the sight of a cavern filled with wealth. Not a single item impressed her by the size of her yawn. She sat back in her chair, her wings fluttering as her arctic eyes took in my poise. Just as I did hers.
“So you say. But perhaps you'd be harder to steal if you didn't take the guise of a crown. Quite the ruse. I take it that being placed on the head of fair maidens is related to your lack of blemishes?”
The Winter Queen made no denial. She lifted her hand to her lips, mouthing a silent giggle.
“A worthwhile exchange. I bequeath unimaginable power onto those of great will and a highly unattainable standard of youth and beauty, then allow them to build wrinkles in my place. Wonderful, no?”
I nodded my head.
If I were in her place, I'd do the same. Especially after seeing how her skin remained smoother than the snow despite the untold years she had lived.
“And how often do you permit yourself to be stolen, say, by an elven sword saint whose appearance is wasted on her rather bizarre personality?”
The Winter Queen smiled.
“Less than I'd like. It's been far too long since my last host found itself wanting against the Summer Queen's flames. And there's only so long one can remain a crown without the need to stretch their wings.”
I glanced tellingly at the dark ceiling.
“And yet I see that the sky remains closed to you.”
“Not all things go to plan.” The Winter Queen took another sip from her teacup before raising it atop her head. “The Snow Dancer's lack of ambition being one of them. The way she tossed me between her hands was particularly inglorious. But even that paled in comparison to the way she punted me away without a second thought. The humiliation will take another century to recover from.”
“I imagine it could be worse. What if someone puts you on whose wrinkled appearance you have no wish to take? An old hag in a hut? A peasant in a field? Or any man, for that matter?”
“Oh, then I just consume their soul.”
The Winter Queen adjusted her teacup, then crossed one leg over the other.
“Now, to the drudgery of business?”
I offered her my most stately frown. Her response would determine whether it became a scowl.
“To recompense, actually. You permitted yourself to be stolen. And now your Winter Court sits in the Wovencoille, sealing off our rightful ability to cut down the ancient trees you planted for use in our bed frames. This is unacceptable.”
“Whether I permitted it is irrelevant. Crime is a crime and to steal a sovereign is quite the mark of disrespect. But you needn't fear. It is simple theatrics. Or was. I expect that your kingdom will be razed in ice should I not return in good time. And yet here I am, neither used nor worn. And so I ask you, what is the shallow boon that is pleaded of me? The witless wish for which I was stolen? The bargain for which I will never acquiesce? Is it the gleam of treasures greater than a dragon's heart that is desired? A weapon to break all shields? A vial to twist love and hatred?”
I opted to maintain my frown. For now.
“I cannot answer that, Winter Queen. I was not the one who stole you.”
“I know. Which is why I'm asking him.”
The Winter Queen indicated with her chin behind me.
I leaned out from my chair, peering back towards the treasury entrance.
There, standing alone in the arched doorway, was the treasonous ruler of the Duchy of Aquina.
Greying, and yet boasting more colour on his clothing than all the banners in his castle combined, Duke Valence wore a flowing cloak upon a wide suit of armour fit to carry both the size of his waistline and his ambitions.
My, such regal attire.
Were anyone to witness him in such fine uniform, they would be mistaken in their belief that he was someone of importance. Someone of royalty.
A wish, I knew, which would never be realised. Not least by the hands of the fae.
No matter how he begged or threatened, the Winter Queen would not grant whatever request this bumbling oaf wished to see fulfilled. Just as this man held no power over the Kingdom of Tirea, he held no power over the Winter Court.
Because the Winter Queen, now here in her true form, saw no interest in him.
She did not even bother to assume the guise she used to invite those foolish enough to test her unbreakable willpower. And so she merely looked on as I did, bored and unconcerned as the errant Duke of Aquina strode forwards.
He stopped before the Winter Queen's throne, without once pausing to look at the princess he served. Of all his crimes, that was the greatest.
At the end of his tenure, pettiness was all this man could achieve … even as he drew a glimmering sword from the sheath by his side.
It was no practised manoeuvre. No unfurling of a weapon by a knight.
Even so, both I and the Winter Queen eyed it, waiting to see how this man would choose to meet his end.
Lifting it–he slammed the tip down into the treasury floor, bending a knee as a crack appeared in the ground.
“Winter Queen,” said the Duke, not yet daring to look up at the face of the bemused fae. “The shallow boon I ask is your rule. The witless wish your protection. And the bargain I offer is Aquina. I swear to the Winter Court the fealty, devotion and vassalage of all my subjects and myself, and ask for nothing but your grace in return.”
The Duke lifted his head.
And to this–
The Winter Queen smiled.

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2023.06.07 00:43 Pretty-Engine-3332 Health Care Redux Mod no link

So I am trying to get the HCR mod back but I cannot find the mod link anywhere. The pie menu package is on Patreon but not the mod itself
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2023.06.07 00:42 wilderness_peace123 Toxic workplace situation and bitter/rude supervisor

I'm currently facing a toxic situation in my workplace and could use some guidance. I'm pursuing a 4-year computational PhD course in the UK and initially worked on campus for the first 2 years, although my workspace wasn't in an actual lab. I had a small desk at the end of an empty bio lab, devoid of any interaction with others. My supervisor has been really unhelpful and unsupportive throughout this period. Due to personal reasons and bad mental health, I decided to work remotely from home. While my supervisors didn't object, I can't shake off the guilt of working from home, despite maintaining the same level of productivity as when I was on campus. Every meeting is conducted virtually, and I only visit campus for events. Interestingly, most of my cohort also works from home.
One of my family members has been ill, and my supervisor is unaware of the full extent of the situation, which is why I relocated home for my third year and will also be home in the fourth. All of my work I can carry out remotely, but despite having to deal with afamily situation in which my supervisor knew a little about, not the total ins and out but despite this, my supervisor didn't say I should take any time off or support during this difficult time. I am not asking for a therapist but he could have at least suggested for me to take time off. I managed to keep working diligently throughout the period although I felt overwhelmed and guilty if I took time off although I really needed it . Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the first 2 years of my PhD, I haven't utilised the research budget allocated for my PhD, resulting in surplus funds for attending conferences. I have attended modest local conferences within the country, but whenever I go with my supervisors, they make sarcastic remarks about my accommodation or available funds. I want to clarify that I stay at reasonably nice hotels (3-4 stars) because it fits within my budget, and my supervisors themselves opt for better accommodations. It feels as though they expect me to settle for less like a 1 star hotel with no toilet in a rough place , perhaps based on their own experiences during their PhD. Like they make bitter remarks about my available funds, hotel choices and conference visits etc..
Currently, I've attended two consecutive conferences in the same city, spanning just over a week. Strangely, my supervisor seemed uncomfortable with this arrangement, implying that I'll be staying in the city for a whole month. I didn't to see the issue since I worked alongside attending the conferences, kept up with emails etc... During the first conference, my supervisor approached me while I was chatting with a fellow PhD student and referred to my results as "rubbish." Initially, I didn't catch what he said and brushed it off, but later the student informed me of his comment. This student who I have never met before and was chatting for the first time. I tried to rationalise it as a joke, but even if that were the case, it was inappropriate, considering our professional relationship.
I appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to handle this toxic work environment and navigate these challenging interactions. Since it's my third year, I plan to just to the bare minimum of what's expected of me and gtfo. I don't want to push and do more than I have to - as I don't even care for thriving for perfection because I just want my PhD and leave academia for good. I have not had a great experience with it.
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2023.06.07 00:42 ichibanjim Verbal dismissal + data breach + deliberate attempt to hide data breach

Employer fires me verbally without giving written notice of my last day of employment, in breach of the Fair Work Act. Totally screws me over as I cannot work for any employer for at least a month due to being on a sponsored visa with them.
Employer mistakenly breaches highly confidential information by finally sending my written notice to my emergency contact instead of me (my mother), which has seriously affected relationship between my mother and I.
Employer then doctors and falsifies the To: field when forwarding me the exact copy of the email he sent to my mother, in order to try and attempt to cover up the fact he breached my confidentiality to her. My mother who is old and unwell now feels I lied to her and is upset and mad at me.
The story….
I have worked for a medium sized company with c. 50 staff for the last 3 months, on a full-time permanent basis. Let’s call them X.
The company is highly profitable and stable, been going for over 25 years. I am a very experienced and successful salesperson, was exceeding targets and already generating the business more profit than it was costing to employ me.
X verbally dismissed me on 18/05 out of the blue without any warning. X did not give me written notice just verbally told me they won’t continue with my employment and sent me home.
After realising X never gave me written notice, which is required by law under the Fair Work Act 2009 (FWA), I phone the MD the same day and ask them for written notice confirming when my last day of employment was and details of my final pay, accrued leave etc. as per FWA. The MD says the written notice will be sent to me the following day but still doesn’t send it.
I contact the MD on 3 more occasions asking for my written notice and only after sending a very stern email on 06/06 highlighting their breach of the FWA and then following up later that day, they finally send me an email giving me notice that my employment ended on 18/05, and informing me that they will make a payment the same day on 06/06 for my salary up until 18/05 (the day they expressed intention to dismiss me and sent me home) plus my weeks’ payment in lieu of notice (PILON) and any unpaid leave I accrued.
Section 117 of the Fair Work Act
According to Section 117 of the FWA an employer cannot terminate an employee’s employment without giving written notice of the day of termination, and cannot provide a termination date which is before the day the notice is given.
Am I right in thinking that them only verbally expressing they wish to terminate my employment on 18/05 is therefore invalid and the earliest possible date their written notice could be is 06/06 (this was the date they issued written notice to terminate my employment, although with a termination date which was prior – which is in contravention of the FWA, so the earliest termination date should be 06/06.
I believe I should be entitled to be paid my salary up until 06/06 plus the weeks’ PILON, instead of salary up to 18/05 plus the weeks’ PILON.
Why do I care/Why bother? Why don’t I just let it go and go and get a new job, why waste my energy?
This is because X SCREWED me over, BIG TIME. I already found a new job right away – but I won’t be able to start there until July because of the Visa arrangement which I have directly with X.
X has sponsored me on a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS 482) visa. This means that I can only work for X and only them no other employer. I legally cannot work for any other employer until they take over my TSS 482 visa from X, the process takes minimum 1 month due to labour market testing requirements but in fact more like 5-6 weeks is the real length of time I will be out of work.
I now realise since speaking with 3 more companies that almost all decent companies that employ people on such sponsored visas, voluntarily offer 4 weeks’ notice periods to 482 visa holders.
In addition, my termination was literally out of the blue. The company were singing my praises every week, I was exceeding all targets and generating more profit than I was costing already. Their unexpected and abrupt decision has left me in an incredibly difficult position financially.
The MD who is the sole shareholder of X who make around $300k PROFIT (actual net profit after all employees, taxes, expenses, lease, lights etc paid) each month does not give a sh*t and isn’t even willing to give me 4 weeks’ notice ex gratia.
Whilst I accept that firing me for no reason and only giving a weeks' notice is not illegal, I give this context purely to depict how they operate from a moral standpoint, and demonstrate how they have screwed me over and hence why I am now looking to take action against them for their breach of the FWA 2009.
As if it wasn’t already bad enough, X has now caused me even more issues.
The MD of X accidently emailed my written notice detailing my termination of employment, with my final payslip and all my personal details including my salary, my home address, etc. to my emergency contact who was on my HR record, instead of to me. This happened to be my mother who is back in the UK and is currently very old and sick.
This has now caused me serious distress as it has affected my relationship with my mother. My mother constantly worries about me being in a different country and I did not want to cause her any alarm by telling her about my dismissal, so when she recently asked me how my work was going I said it was totally fine. I also had to ask her to borrow some money for rent because of this (I used a different excuse).
Now, she has seen that my employment was terminated 3 weeks ago even though I recently told her work was fine, and she also saw my payslip and wondered why I asked her to lend me money. My mum is old and unwell. I hold X to blame for breaching my confidentiality, revealing to her details that my employment had been terminated, my salary etc.
It gets worse…. Blatantly doctored and falsified email in an amateurish attempt to cover up data breach?
X keeps on digging themselves a bigger hole. I found out that they emailed everything to my mother when I chased the again at the end of 06/06 about getting the written notice and they came back to me and said they sent it to the wrong email.
Instead of holding their hands up and apologising that they sent it to my mother by mistake, the MD of X forwarded the exact email sent at exact time to my mother but doctored the email address to change it to one very similar to my mother’s.
He has even forwarded the copy of the email which corresponds to the exact time my Mum received the email from him, but he has doctored the bit where it says To: janetbloggs20@ to To: jbloggs20@.
This demonstrates that he knows he screwed up by breaching my confidentiality, but is doing his best to cover his tracks rather than holding his hands up and apologising.
Actions to take – Termination Date
Given their clear breach of the FWA 2009 I want to ask them to pay me up until 06/06 plus the week PILON. But if they reject this, can I likely do anything about this? Would I have a case against them seeing as in accordance with FWA 2009 they did not technically terminate my employment until 06/06.
Actions to take – Confidential Data Breach
I want to pursue damages regarding the confidentiality breach, the stress that has been caused and how it has affected the relationship between my Mother and I.
In my eyes its so much worse that X didn’t just admit it and apologise but falsified the email to make it look like it was sent somewhere else, and it made things with my mum worse as once she saw that email (which I had absolutely no idea she had received) she asked me again how work was and I told her its fine.
The fact the MD went out of his way to doctor the forwarded email only made the issues with my mother worse, and also shows he knows he was in the wrong for emailing her, whether intentionally or not, and he has made efforts to try and cover his tracks.
TLDR - My Questions
  1. Is their verbal termination of employment on 18/05 invalid as they did not give it in writing?
  2. Can I demand them to pay me up until 06/06 when I finally got written notice? i.e. if it went to court would I stand any chance of getting this?
  3. What damages could I seek to be compensated for, for the problems their breach of my data has caused me?
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2023.06.07 00:40 PDCthaBarber Idk how much longer I can do this tbh

More of a venting post and to see if i’m alone on this. I’ve been doing country jails for over a year now and I know that might sound like nothing to y’all. I’ve worked two so far and it’s just getting to be too much. I don’t mind working indirect supervision in fact I quite like it but i’ve been assigned direct supervision my entire corrections career and it’s taking such a toll on my mental health. I’m stuck in a pod with 72 inmates everyday for 12-16 hours a day and it’s just been brutal. I hate having to be stuck with nothing but inmates who want to do nothing but fuck me over with supervision who also want to do nothing but fuck me over. I was supposed to start the deputy academy this August but now it seems like they’ll delay it til October and who knows maybe even more after that. I’m getting close to my breaking point in this. I hate that the people I interact with most of my days, everyday, is all inmates who want to do nothing but to screw me. Then the supervision doesn’t care. I don’t want to get on any meds or say i’m depressed or anything because that could fuck with any deputy opportunities I have. My work feels so pointless. I’m literally keeping murderers and child molesters alive and even though no matter how good of a job I do, nobody appreciates me. I’m not asking for the public to appreciate me, but at least the supervision every now and then. It’s like I get told i’m a fuck up everyday then they still wanna mandate me everyday then we they need me “OH (my name) WE NEED YOU YOURE ONE OF THE HARDEST WORKERS WE HAVE.” I know I’m one of the hardest workers and instead of getting love for it, all I get is fucked over more. All the supervisors play favourites and show like inmate behaviour with their cliques and whatnot. I’m just so tired of this. The only thing I’m looking forward to is the deputy academy at this point. I can’t keep sitting in jail. At least as a deputy I can feel like I’m actually doing something to stop crime or something with purpose. I have had moments of purpose in jail but it usually involves me kind of being a counsellor in a young kids life and trying to change it for the better. I’m just tired y’all. Tired of getting my paychecks messed up and still getting mandated everyday. Tired of being under appreciated by my supervision. Tired of everything y’all. Sorry for the rant but idk who else to go to. I don’t even have time for therapy or anything and maybe it would help but my days off i’m just too exhausted to do anything. I used to do mma, boxing, and have actual hobbies and a thriving social life. Now it feels like I don’t have the time nor energy for anything positive. Everything is negative. If I can’t make deputy idk what i’m gonna do anymore. I didn’t go to college or anything and I’m not really all that bright and idk any other opportunities for me. I’m just so done with it all. Like yeah I make good money but at what cost at this point. I’m just depressed almost everyday because of work and it’s been impacting every aspect of my life. I’m practically working myself to death for a department that couldn’t give two shits. (Two officers died last year, Sheriff didn’t even come to the funeral.) Im just so tired of all this y’all. Being in pods 60-80 hours a week is literally the most mentally draining experience I’ve ever had. I just want out. Idk what imma do if I don’t make deputy and get that peace officer license. I have nothing else. I hope all of you have successful careers in this but I just can’t do it anymore. Y’all who stay in pods all day like i’ve been having to do are stronger than me and I salute y’all. Good luck to all of you. If you made it this far, thank you for listening. Just needed to get it off my chest.
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2023.06.07 00:27 Crimzonlogic I'm worried about the neighbors' chicken. Advice needed.

Hi, I am a mess but doing my best. I am not experienced with chickens outside of my interactions with this one, and I don't have a lot to work with regarding my mental health and money. But the neighbors found a little red hen in the alley not long ago and decided to keep her.
She has no coop and sleeps in the bushes, and wanders the complex's backyard area nibbling grass and bugs during the day. They seem to just feed her table scraps like leftover potatoes and rice, and sometimes tomatoes. I never see them interact with her besides that, they don't even clean up after her. I got some chicken lay pellets from a local feed store and whole wheat and barley kernels from winco and give her some every day to make sure she has decent nutrition.
She seemed to be doing well for a couple weeks, she was laying eggs every other day and following me around while I moved my plant pots around to grab the bugs underneath them. She tries to follow me into my room a lot (I feel bad for shooing her away but I don't want bird poops in here). She has decided she is above my kitten in the pecking order and tries to chase her off when the kitten gets close to her food. She tore up my plants scratching for bugs and taking dust baths, but I can't be mad. She's super cute and now I am sure I really really want a few chickens of my own eventually. I never knew they were so funny and full of personality. I've been reading up a bunch about their care.
Last week I heard her clucking at night and she dropped a bunch of feathers, so I think something attacked her. Maybe a stray cat or raccoon. She didn't seem injured, just ruffled. A few days ago some loose dogs got into the backyard and chased her a bit. They luckily just seemed curious and not aggressive, and they ran off when I yelled at them. She stood with her face in a corner clucking for a few minutes until I gave her some treats. She was super scared. I got a chicken electrolyte water mix to hopefully help her recover from stress.
Last night she was clucking a lot all night, I went out to see what was up several times but I didn't see any animal. She may or may not have slept. Today the gardeners came with the loud lawnmowers. I can imagine she was terrified and hiding until they left. When I went out today she was gaspy and raspy and can't cluck. I read up on chicken symptoms and it seems maybe she has a respiratory infection, or maybe gapeworms. Or maybe she just has a lost voice/sore throat from stress? Can that happen? From what I have read, her poops seem normal. She poops in front of my door a lot so I don't even have to go out of my way to check that. (It's really gross lmao)
It's frustrating knowing there's stuff that can be done for her condition but I can't do anything myself, I have been crying about it. Communication with the neighbors is hard because we speak different languages and I also have intense anxiety and fear of people, and I can barely even communicate well with English speakers because of it. I am not sure they really care given how she is kept? Is this a dumb take? I feel like the situation is urgent enough now to maybe call animal control to come get her, but I am really afraid the neighbors will get pissed at me, and also they might just put the bird down rather than treat her. Or maybe she'll recover with electrolyte water and food and I am just worrying about nothing? I lost pets earlier this year already and it destroyed me, and I know this isn't my bird and I shouldn't feel responsible but seeing her in bad shape is making me feel like it's happening all over again. I can't take it.
I'm scared of posting this, I am afraid I am going to be burned alive for not knowing how to handle this.
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2023.06.07 00:27 Pony13 How would you describe OCD?

I'm writing an article about my experience with OCD, and I wanted to make sure this description was accurate to more than just my personal experience.
"But that’s what OCD does; it makes the amygdala (the part of our brains that sounds the alarm in response to danger) throw up tons of false alarms. It tells you the story “You know this thing you care about (health/sin/morality, etc.)? Yeah, you’re (at risk of getting yourself or your loved ones sick/bound straight for Hell/the worst kind of bigot imaginable). Doing this one little ritual will relieve your anxiety…for now.” And whenever you encounter something that brings the thing you care about to mind (touching something “germy”, in my case), OCD repeats the same line. It gaslights you into seeing innocuous things as dangerous and into questioning your actions (whether that’s “did I wash enough?”, “did I accidentally offend God/this person I’m talking to?”, or even “I keep having intrusive thoughts of harming people! Am I a violent psychopath?!”). It’s a bully that weaves a convincing, but false, story of danger lurking around every corner, saying, “This and that and the other thing are dangerous! But don’t worry, I’ll protect you. I’ll wake you up to all the dangers that lurk around you, and also provide the solution. Pay no mind to how manipulative that is.” "
I'll also open the article with "What do you picture when someone says “I’m so OCD”?
Someone organizing pens or tidying because they like things to be neat?
Monica from Friends or Sheldon from The Big Bang, whose “quirky” behavior is accompanied by a laugh track?
Washing their hands so much they turn red, crack, or even bleed?
Counting things?
Checking if they left the oven on or the door locked…47 times in one night?"
What would you add to that? I'm trying to mix stereotypes with actual compulsions.
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