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I missed 4 final exams this past week and I don't know how I can make my case for being allowed to repeat the exams to my University. What should I do to support my case and ensure I can make them up?

2023.06.07 01:41 _stayfoolish_ I missed 4 final exams this past week and I don't know how I can make my case for being allowed to repeat the exams to my University. What should I do to support my case and ensure I can make them up?

I've been having extremely bad sinus issues since December 2022 and while I do experience sypmtoms on the daily, they are usually manageable. However, every month there's that 1-2 week period where it is so extreme I'm literally bed ridden and unfortunately the thing that even spurred me to go see an ENT is the fact that no amount or kind of pain killers works (which I found out from my ENT is a common thing with chronic sinusitis). My chronic sinusitis is due to an extremely deviated septum and nasal polyps (infections too). I went to my doctor on May 10th specifically to see what he can do to help me manage my symptoms before my final exams as I had gone through a full week of torture from May 1st-May 8th due to my sinuses and I didn't want issues (it's like I knew). He ended up prescribing a few meds and a nasal spray which helped for like a week and then my symptoms went back as usual. Keep in mind my doctor said that the only real solution is a septoplasty and sinus surgery which I have scheduled for the summer. On May 23rd I had my first final exam and I should've listened to my body that morning and just not went to the exam because I had a light headache in morning which turned into a full on migraine during the exam and I could only answer 20/40 questions.

My uni has a policy that if you missed or had any issues with an exam you are to write up an email with proper documentation within 3 days. I went to see them physically the next day to submit my letter and the lady in charge of the examinations told me that the moment I wrote my name on the exam I lost my right to have an excuse/make an appeal. The following days it only got worse and I couldn't even study for my exams. I was totally bed ridden. I wasn't able to go to the exams I had on 28/5, 31/5, 4/6, and 6/6. The last two were Anatomy and Behavioural Science exams and I couldn't go because I wasn't able to study properly. I had only gotten a bit better on 3/6 and as you can imagine there just wasn't enough time and I would have failed both exams. My peers had spent at least a week reviewing the material for each course.

Now my uni expects to have the letter regarding why I didn't take the exams within 72 hours and I am obviously going to go to my primary ENT and request that he writes a thorough letter for me. The thing is that my uni is incredibly strict when it comes to these things and to ensure that they accept my appeal to take the exams in August to make them up, the letter I submit must be thorough and convincing. It can't be the ordinary doctors note that doctors typically write. What should I ask and tell my doctor in order to ensure that he writes something strong to help make my case? A whole committee meets to discuss and accept/reject these letters so it must be strong. Keep in mind that because my doctor only comes to his office in my area on Saturdays and Mondays from 6:30pm-8pm I was forced to see another doctor in my family to get meds prescribed (he's a family doctor not an ENT) and he couldn't write anything for me because he was at home so there was nothing to stamp the letter with and he even suggested my primary ENT as a better option. I need all the tips I can get to ensure my doctor writes the letter that's needed to explain why I missed 4 exams :(
TLDR: I missed 4 final exams due to extremely bad chronic sinusitis and I need a strong letter from my ENT to ensure my uni's committee accepts my appeal to retake the exams during the make up period in August. What should I tell and ask my doctor to do in order to ensure that the committee accepts my appeal? It must be thorough and strong.
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2023.06.07 01:35 GeorgeYDesign Snot comes in many colours depending on what's happening up your nose. But be careful with how you use nasal spray

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2023.06.07 01:28 boopbeepblu Taste comes and go's

Female, 25, don't smoke.
So I seem to have an issue with my sense of taste, which is getting very annoying now. It really seems to come and go, and I have difficulty really tasting a lot of my food. Sometimes some flavours just don't taste as strong as they usually do, or sometimes I'll take a couple of bites of something and my taste seems to be working fine, but then I won't be really be able to taste it properly while I eat the rest. It happens very regularly and has been going on for a few years now, before covid-19 so not related to that.
I don't seem to have a problem with my sense of smell that I'm aware of, and it doesn't coincide with having a cold or anything. I do sometimes get a blocked nose due to hay-fever, but that's not year round, and the taste thing happens when my nose doesn't feel blocked at all. Using nasal sprays and antihistamines doesn't seem to make a difference with my taste. It also seems to be with any type of food, e.g. sweet, salty, savoury, spicy, hot, cold, etc.
I also brush my teeth and tongue regularly, and even bought a tongue scraper to see if that helped at all, but no luck.
It's just so annoying when I take a bite or two of something and then I seem to just suddenly not be able to taste what I'm eating. Any ideas what could be causing this?
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2023.06.07 00:45 ProposalRetard69 Questions about FXE or 2f-DCK nasal spray administration!

So I got my order of 1g fxe and 1g 2fdck from a vendor..
And im interested in making a volumetric nasal spray solution for easy/stealthy dosing, but im not sure what solvent to use??
Do i just use normal water? distilled water? propylene glycol/water mix? and just crush down the fxe/dck crystal and add that to the measured solvent of choice??
Please let me know about your experience with this and any other comments you may have about this topic..
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2023.06.06 23:52 brightandsunnyskies Nasal Spray rack and stack

Thank you for this amazing community!!
For debate's sake, if you had the nasal sprays often discussed here (s.a. Enovid, Betadine, Viraleze, XClear, CofixRx, etc.) in any amount needed, how would you use these for prevention in a scenario where you cannot be masked.
Would you layer the sprays? Use one before, a different one after? What would your protocol be?
Thank you for any input, especially if there's some science backing the protocol.
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2023.06.06 23:38 stayathomeplantfam Today it’s nail clippers that are superior to all toys

I posted last week about my 9 month old playing with his nasal spray all day. This week it’s his nail clippers. At least they match his outfit 🤣
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2023.06.06 22:46 blebaford 6 months of PND triggered by 5 minutes of cardio 2 weeks after recovery

I had a mild case of COVID-19 for most of December, then felt better for about 2 weeks, then tried a light day at the gym including 5 minutes of moderate to intense stationary bike, then the next day the cough I had toward the end of my COVID recovery came back.
The cough improved to a mild post-nasal drip over the course of a week or so (same as my COVID recovery in December), but it has not gotten better and with some fluctuations I have had this PND ever since. I haven't been exercising for fear of making it permanent, not knowing whether or not it already is permanent.
I've seen a doctor a couple times, and she is not convinced I have long COVID. At my last visit I tested positive for dust mite allergies and my doctor thinks that's the problem (and did not acknowledge that the allergies could have been triggered by COVID). So I have been taking measures against dust mites for a couple weeks and they haven't helped (vacuuming, bedding covers, fluticasone nasal spray). Apparently the next step is an allergy pill called Singulair, or to see an ENT.
Between February and April I followed the long COVID antihistamine treatment (double dose of H1 and H2 agonists daily) for about 70 days and didn't notice any improvement. Maybe I should have stuck with it but I stopped when my doctor cast doubt on the idea that my symptoms are long COVID.
I also went through a jar of manuka honey (UMF 20) and recently starting putting a few drops of oregano oil under my tongue every day because a few people online said it cured their PND. No improvement yet.
I will be following up with my doctor, but here I wanted to ask if you think I should start exercising again. My plan was not to exercise until I am better, but it's been 6 months, and 6 months of no exercise combined with being older than I have ever been (29) has me feeling really out of shape. No exercise is also making it harder to get good sleep, which was one thing that seemed to help early on.
When I told my doctor I haven't been exercising all this time she looked at me quizzically and said I was being "so cautious" without any suggestion that it was worthwhile or a good idea (similar to the lack of support with the antihistamine treatment). Not knowing whether it's OK to go back to exercise has been arguably more upsetting than the PND itself, which is pretty mild and doesn't disrupt my day to day (something I am very thankful for).
So do you think I should start exercising again and see how it goes? Or better to wait longer? Any other advice?
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2023.06.06 22:43 zabydunn Waited weeks to see an ENT and didn't expect them to be so dismissive? Everyone's ENT sounds so helpful on here! (included forehead photo lol)

Waited weeks to see an ENT and didn't expect them to be so dismissive? Everyone's ENT sounds so helpful on here! (included forehead photo lol)
Had my first ENT appointment at the hospital today. I was referred by the same hospital's ER.
-Feel free to skip to the ENT visit if if you don't feel like reading the backround info-
My symptoms : congestion (no runny nose), swollen eyebrows/forehead even worse after a sinus rinse, sinus rinse coming out of my left eye, eye and eyebrow twitches, ear pain, tinnitus, hearing myself talk in my ears, uncomfortable moving sensation between my eyebrows, constant post-nasal drip, headache at base of neck.
The ER had also referred me to an ophtalmologist : optic nerve looks swollen, they think it could be idiopatic intracranial hypertension even though scans look fine. Referred to a neuro-ophtalmologist later this week for another exam & angioscan. They want to do a spinal tap maybe after to officially check my cerebral fluid pressure.
Now, I also have been having more "neurological symptoms" like pain in 2-3 vertebraes, tingling and spasms (not painful) in my hands and feet and general muscle soreness. Some weakness in my arms. Half my left hand also went numb for 5 mins twice this week. Also my teeth don't close properly anymore but no jaw pain and I consulted with 2 dentists who said it was maybe muscular but everything looks fine. Saw physiotherapist & myofascial release therapist as well. Also have been less active with all of this so maybe my couch time & bad posture is to blame a bit.
ALL of my symptoms happen daily but never all day.
I tried : decongestants (Sudafed), spray (Flonase), antihistamines, antihistamine eye drops, regular sinus rinse (neilmed solution, distilled water).
-ENT visit-
I explained everything above. I acknowledged that it seems like I'm having a lot of unrelated symptoms but a lot of them seem obviously ENT related and that even the ophtalmologist wants to rule out ENT causes. The problem is, as soon as I mentionned the neurological symptoms she immediately dismissed everything else and told me I had to get an MRI and go see a neurologist. She wrote me the referral and sent it over.
For exams she looked up my nose with a camera quickly, did the usual looking in the ears with a light and in my throat with a light ("say aaaah"). That's it. She also said "keep doing sinus rinses if you want" and I repeated "as I said, it comes out of my eye and makes my forehead swell and makes me more congested". Nothing.
I feel devastated and dismissed. It can take more than a year to get an MRI & see a neurologist. Just to get the call for the MRI appointment the wait is 3+ months...
My questions to you
  1. Did you ever have a similar experience? Do you have any tips to avoid getting dismissed?
  2. Did you ever see an ophtalmologist while you had sinus symptoms?
  3. Did you ever have an ENT/ophtalmo/neuro combo of symptoms like me?
I also take any words of encouragement, tips & similar stories and I hope you are all well and holding on ♥️
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2023.06.06 21:35 Professional_Ad6002 Has anyone purchased from Canada.direct-peptides.com?

I’m thinking about ordering their MT1 nasal spray and wanted to know if anyone has ordered from them and if they’re legit. Thanks.
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2023.06.06 21:34 Pcbc430 Recently started taking Flonase, when I take it I feel stuff draining down the back of my throat, does that means its working?

My doctor wanted me to take it to help alleviate sinus issues that could be causing vertigo. It almost feels like mucus or something drains down my throat after taking it a few minutes later. Its not the medicine as it has no taste. I’ve never taken a nasal spray before so I am wondering if this is whats suppose to happen.
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2023.06.06 20:52 mellowlex My right ear can't hear as good as my left ear

Since I (18) can remember, I always had very sensitive ears. I can't clean the dishwasher without my ears painfully hurting from the noises the plates make when clashing together and the volume at which my sister (two years older) listens to music would kill me.
But now (actually since two years; at least as far as I can tell) my right ear simply can't hear as good as my left one. I don't notice it that much during day to day things, but as soon as I put in/on earphones/headphones (or an ambulance passes by; or something other that produces a very loud noise), the difference in volume is so distracting, that I had to start using the accessibility features on all my devices (thankfully something like this exists).
I already went to an ear doctor with it this year and he at first said that it might be because of allergies. I took nasal spray for a few weeks, but it didn't really made a difference. I then made a hearing and an allergy test at the same doctor. The result of the allergy test was that I am allergic to grass (don't know if that is the correct English term for this) and the result of the hearing test was that my hearing is completely fine (above average he said) and about the same on both ears. Because it was not the time for grass allergies, the doctor said that my hearing is fine on both ears, but that the hearing on my left ear is just a bit better and that this shouldn't make a big difference.
"The difference is too small to be noticable in any way on the hearing test, so it can't be that bad. And besides that, this doesn't restrict you in any way in your normal life, right? So everything is fine." was about what he said.
To give you an idea of how big the difference I experience is: Put on some headphones, go into the accessibility settings of your device and put the slider to about 1/5 to the left while playing music in the background. This is how I hear music/audio by default. I have to put it the same amount in the other direction to even out the volume of what I hear.
Extra notes: my headphones are not broken, I hear the difference with multiple headphones and different audio tracks, all across every device; I asked my family and friends if they hear it the way I do: they don't; my ears clog up pretty fast with ear wax, so I have to go to the ear doctor every 6 moths to get it removed, after the removing, I hear a bit better overall, but the difference stays the same; I have high pitch noises coming out of nowhere pretty often (a lot more than other people I asked in my age) on both of my ears (though it happens more on my left one); I am scared that I damage my right ear, because on its side the music/audio is still at 100% while it is just at 80% on the left one, so I have to turn up the volume in general to get the 100% on my left ear I would normally get, this makes the music on the right ear louder than default
TL;DR: The title. I went to a doctor. The result was not was I was expecting based on my experiences. What should I do next?
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2023.06.06 20:51 Pure-Smoke8452 Is it a sinus infection?

I am a 28 year old female that weighs 145 pounds and is 5 foot and 1 inch tall. I have asthma and allergies. I take Claritin, Singulair, rescue inhaler, advair, and Nasal spray daily.
I know it's allergy season and I do have raging allergies but lately I've had a constant headache and my nose is so plugged up. When I lay down or move my head I can feel all the mucus shift in my head and then I'm able to blow it out. And boy is it alot. Very green/yellowish.
I've recently been feeling like I am developing a deep cough and mucus in my chest too but that's too soon to tell.
And this morning I had the "sick sweats" if you know what I mean. That sweaty nasty feeling you get when you are coming down with something.
Do you think it's a sinus infection? When should I go in to my doctor?I have been dealing with this only about 3 or 4 days, it's early I know, but what can I say. I know my body.
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2023.06.06 20:35 oversimplicatedman Semax nasal spray shipping in EU

Hi guys i wanna try semax nasal spray for the first time after searching about it and reading about its benefits and im wondering where can i get in EU (Croatia) or some vendor that ships to EU (perhaps relatively cheap shipping and waiting time) also i want some reliable vendor that you guys ordered from and have review about and lastly is semax better preprepared nasal spray or better to buy in vial so i can maybe reconstitute it? Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.06 20:32 Rielo Nicotine gum vasoconstriction?

I read that nicotine is vasoconstrictant and so using nicotine gum can damage your gums tissue. Anyone using nicotine gum can confirm? Is it avoidable? There is also a nasal spray but will it damage nose mucosa too?
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2023.06.06 20:07 random12345678123456 Every time I use any steroid base nasal spray, my nose immediately swells up and I’m left worse off than before application. What causes this?

Is this indicative of what’s going on in my nose in terms of polyps, turbinates etc., or is this a normal experience?
It has left me dreading/avoiding using the spray because I know I’ll be worse off for the next few hours!
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2023.06.06 17:36 AdministrativeFuel48 Help with MP22K build

Help with MP22K build
Working on my mp22 build, I see it says I can purchase parts from SCS but I can’t find the site and there are no links in the readme, any help is appreciated
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2023.06.06 16:57 Mysterymachine72 Annual roo reminders from a nurse :)

‘Tis the season for my annual roo post. I hope you all find these tips helpful and please feel free to add some helpful tips and tricks for how to enjoy roo and still feel good.
Pre-Roo Prep**
*Get out and ~walk~ This is SUPER important, at Roo you will be walking a ton. Wayy over your usual steps a day. If your body isn't ready for that you are going to be exhausted, sore, and kind of miserable. My advice would be to take a daily walk outside preferably in the shoes you plan on wearing at the festival, and then try to do some sort of cardio a few a week. If you start now you will most likely be able to enjoy yourself more and dance into the night. Also, pro-tip build your back muscles, those bad boys are supporting you all day and back pain is not fun at all. Building those muscles will not only improve your posture but also keep you on your feet for longer. And pack a little Advil just in case :)
*if you don’t already start taking a multivitamin, and be generally mindful of ways to support your immune system :) I like to bring q tips and nasal spray to clean out my nose every night since that is where viruses love to set up camp. Roo flu is real and definitely a bummer post festival.
At Roo
*wear sunscreen and reapply often, like every two hours… the way I keep up with it is between every set get your hot spots like face, shoulders, back, and chest. Then during meals do a really good thorough sunscreen.
If you suspect you or one of your buddies are at risk for a heat stroke get them to the medical tent *immediately**. Heat strokes can be dangerous so it is super important they get medical attention ASAP. On your way to the med tent get them to drink some water, and put something cool or cold against the back of their neck. Signs and Symptoms of Heath Stroke - Headache. - Dizziness and light-headedness - They stop sweating - Red, hot, and dry skin (like a fever) - Nausea and vomiting
*Sleep when you can where you can. This is pretty self-explanatory. I always feel like a new woman when I take a quick afternoon nap. Being well rested also makes you less of a susceptible host for viruses and or bacteria. But don't let this stop you from dancing until sunrise, Bonnaroo is 4 days just be sure to pace yourself
*Alcohol is fun but also dangerous. It can cause severe dehydration which can ruin a whole day because if you pass out you go to the medical tent and they might have to stick an IV in your arm. That's not how I like to enjoy roo I don't know about you guys. Again, know yourself, June in Tennessee is hot and humid making it the perfect storm to either blackout or get crazy dehydrated. It is ultimately your choice, maybe save your heavy drinking until the sun goes down, and chug a bottle of water before you go to sleep. Hangovers are lame but can be lessened by fatty carby food and good hydration
Sorry this is insanely long, can’t wait to see you all next week!
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2023.06.06 15:12 Live_GetBibo Six myths about snoring

Do you think you know everything there is to know about snoring? Is snoring just an annoying noise, or is it a sign of something more? Are you tired of being kept awake by snoring? Let’s bust some myths and discover the real causes and solutions for those nightly snores!
Myth 1: Snoring is harmless and just a normal part of sleep.
While snoring is common, it can be a symptom of an underlying condition like obstructive sleep apnea. OSA is characterized by repeated episodes of partial or complete airway blockage during sleep, leading to disrupted breathing and oxygen deprivation. Untreated OSA can have serious health implications, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and daytime fatigue.
Myth 2: Only overweight or elderly individuals snore.
Snoring can affect individuals of all ages and body types. Excess weight and age can be the main factors, but other conditions like nasal congestion, alcohol consumption, smoking, and sleep position can also play a role. It is important to address the underlying causes of snoring to find appropriate treatment options.
Myth 3: Mouth taping is dangerous and can cause suffocation.
Mouth taping is a technique where individuals use tape or specially designed adhesive strips to keep their mouths closed during sleep. When done correctly, mouth taping is generally safe and well-tolerated by individuals who usually breathe through the nose. However, it is essential to ensure proper breathing through the nose. It should be discontinued if any discomfort or breathing difficulties are experienced.
Myth 4: Mouth taping is a cure for snoring or sleep apnea.
No! Mouth taping is not the only treatment for snoring or sleep apnea. Mouth taping can potentially help individuals who predominantly breathe through their mouths during sleep. It encourages nasal breathing and may reduce snoring in such cases. However, proper evaluation by a healthcare professional is necessary to identify the underlying causes of snoring or sleep apnea and determine appropriate treatment options.
Myth 5: Snoring can be stopped by using over-the-counter devices or home remedies.
If you are taking a lot of OTC medicines like nasal dilators or anti-snoring mouthpieces, etc, you may want to rethink it! While some over-the-counter devices may offer temporary relief for certain individuals, they may not address the root causes of snoring. Home remedies like herbal supplements or throat sprays also lack scientific evidence to support their effectiveness. Instead of trying out random remedies on your own, consult with a healthcare professional and identify the underlying cause of snoring to get treated appropriately.
Myth 6: Snoring cannot be treated.
If you think snoring can’t be treated, you might be wrong! It can be effectively managed or reduced through lifestyle modifications, like maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol and sedatives before bed, and sleeping in a side position. There are also treatments like continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, oral appliances, surgical procedures, etc for individuals with more severe cases or underlying sleep apnea.
It is always important to consult with a healthcare professional to properly evaluate and diagnose snoring or sleep-related disorders and determine the most suitable treatment options based on individual needs.
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2023.06.06 14:40 Individual-Camp-9590 Hayfever remedies? Please help

Tried tablets, nasal sprays, local honey, stinging nettle drops..
Piriton tablets seem to sometimes help but not always.. I’ve been told about Reishi mushroom a few times recently so ive just bought some reishi powder from infinity foods. If anyone has any tips please share..
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2023.06.06 14:35 ComplaintNo3643 Honey for hay fever

I think I’m about to consciously choose to break by veganism for the first time 😱
I suffer with bad hay fever every year, but this year is on a different level for me, I haven’t been able to breathe normally for weeks and look like Rudolph from all the nose blowing.
I’ve tried so many different tablets, over the counter and prescription with no relief. Currently taking tablets, eye mist, eye drops, nasal spray and nasal irrigation but nothing touches it!
Everyone I know swears by local honey, I’m really considering giving it a go, despite the obvious clash with my beliefs and principles. I hated the taste of honey pre veganism, so this will purely be for medicinal purposes.
So I suppose I’m asking if anyone has any alternative ideas I could try or if anyone has broken their veganism for this reason? Anyone have any words of wisdom to help me deal with this inner conflict and feel a bit better about it?
I am taking fexofenadine 120mg. I have a pack of Treathay and Allevia (I buy whichever is cheaper at the time, same active ingredient). I have also tried taking 2 of them and that offers no help either!
Also Becodefence Plus nasal spray, a neilmed nasal irrigation set, Superdrug hay fever eye drops & mist
But glad to know the honey thing is a myth! Save the £ & 🐝. Need to find a new silver bullet
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2023.06.06 14:16 Several-Valuable-211 Partner snoring has destroyed my mental health

We have only been together 4 years. He refuses for us to sleep separately. He’s been for a sleep study he doesn’t have sleep apnea. He’s not over weight. He’s tried steroids, medication and nasal sprays nothing works. He doesn’t let me touch him or move him when he sleeps and if I do he screams at me.
I haven’t slept properly in 4 years. Recently he went on holiday for 5 days and they were the most mentally sane I’ve felt in 4 years. It was the best 5 days of my whole life, I actually woke up happy.
I can’t believe I will spend the rest of my life in misery and exhaustion. I know it’s easy for people to give me different sleeping options, but people don’t understand how or why they’re not available to me. Please believe me if I could sleep elsewhere then I would.
I’ve had anxiety and depression for 7 years but it’s gotten a lot worse without sleep. I’m also constantly nauseous at work because my eyes are fighting to stay awake. I’m so sad. I’m so sad that it doesn’t matter to him too. I’m so sad that’s it’s okay for him to wake me up every single hour of the night, but if I nudged him whilst going to the toilet I would be screamed at. I’m so sad that only his sleep matters.
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2023.06.06 14:13 novacosma Eustachian Tube Dysfunction vs Sudden Hearing Loss - 2 different doctors - 2 different opinions

29M, 76 kg weight, 176 cm height. No history of diseases or allergies.
Last week Wednesday evening I felt my ear was getting blocked so I did the Valsalva maneuver and my left ear just wasn't "deflating" after the "inflation" from the Valsalva maneuver.
I immediately went to the ENT doctor that night, he looked in my ears and asked me to repeat the maneuver. He saw no movement on my left ear which, he said, is a sign of eustachian tube dysfunction. Did a pressure test and the left side was "flat" (i.e. the eardrum wasn't pushing back as it normally would). He said this is the start of an infection which has led to eustachian tube dysfunction.
He prescribed antihistamines, antibiotics and nasal spray.
Next morning (let's call this the first day) I woke up with severe diziness/peripheral vertigo (puking even if I tried to move my eyes, couldn't get out of bed) and the doctor said this is part of eustachian tube dysfunction (after a google search he seemed to be correct so I had no reason to doubt him) and if it doesn't improve we will change the medication.
The second day I was still very dizzy so he changed the medication - gave me a stronger antibiotic, removed the antihistamine. He also repeated the pressure test, still flat on the left side. I asked if we should do an MRI, he said no no, this is standard infection & Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.
The third day my dizziness had subsided quite a bit, I could actually move my eyes/head without vomiting, could slowly get out of bed etc.
I am now on my 6th day and my left ear is still stuffed, I feel a little dizzy (sort of like a tipsy after 2 long island ice teas). Decided to get a 2nd opinion from a very famous ENT specialist.
This ENT specialist forced me to do a hearing test (despite me telling him that I can't hear shit from my left ear, why waste money on a hearing test) - it said the obvious, I can't hear shit from my left ear.
The pressure test however showed a slight improvement - what used to be flat now had a peak that just barely made it into the rectangle.
This ENT specialist said the previous doctor is totally wrong, there is zero chance of this being Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, it’s sudden hearing loss. Immediately prescribed steroids (prednisone) and signed me up for an MRI. He said this is very very serious and it’s unfortunate that I might be losing my hearing at this age and there’s a good chance it might be permanent.
So now I took my first handful of prednisone, waiting for the MRI.
Called the first doctor and told him and he said, yeah the eustachian tube dysfunction/infection can lead to sudden hearing loss, it’s okay to go ahead with the steroids but insists the first diagnosis was correct since we had those two pressure tests. He says hopefully it’ll be fine.
I am conflicted.
The first doctor is younger and his reasoning made sense. He is telling me to remain calm, this happens, takes time but you will be fine.
The second doctor is older, more experienced, more famous, has his own clinic, etc. but is saying this is very severe and the previous doctor shouldn’t have never diagnosed this as Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.
Wtf to do now with such differing opinions?
Have a third doctor’s consultation tomorrow, worried that he will say even more different things, confusing the hell out of me.
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