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2009.07.07 06:19 takali Spiders

All things Arachnid: articles, photos, videos, and ID requests are welcome. PLEASE INCLUDE A GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION WITH ID REQUESTS

2013.06.10 10:04 Rhavo Skem

What do you love about Skem or what do you hate? What are your fondest memories growing up? Where did you go as a kid and what did you do? This is a relaxed and socially responsible community. Come on in if you have something to say.

2010.09.01 00:21 soxfanpdx Bug identification! All insects, spiders, crustaceans, etc. welcome!

Bug identification! All insects, spiders, crustaceans, etc. welcome!

2023.06.07 00:05 wolflord4 Why are Pro-life politicians and Pro-life groups so hell-bent on making sure voters don't get a say in abortion policy?
Ever since the referendum in Kansas ballot initiatives have been popping up all over the country the most prominent being in Michigan, California and Vermont and many other states are following suite in this trend but I specifically want to bring up two examples in Ohio and Missouri.
Republican politicians in both states are fighting tooth and nail to make sure abortion does not get on the ballot. Ohio is having and entire August special election (which was recently outlawed mind you) to raise the threshold from 50% plus one to 60%. Ohio Republicans deny this about abortion but through a series of leaked audio and emails it is revealing that this move is most definitely about abortion. Even more damning, Pro life groups across the state are backing the move but not being explicate about it. Even the Ohio secretary of state admitted that this vote was stop abortion from getting on the ballot.
In Missouri, the Republicans there attempted a similar move buy failed and like in Ohio they tried to deny but the Missouri speaker of the House said that it would be the fault of the State Senate for the return of abortion to Missouri. Recently the Missouri Attorney General is refusing to sign off on the state Auditors signing of the cost estimate of the measure. The Attorney General is asked the Auditor to lie about the cost to make it less appealing fortunately, the Auditor is standing his ground and refusing to lie. The Attorney General's actions are currently being challenged in court.
From all these actions taken in Missouri and Ohio and a general hostility to the voters getting a say on abortion in other states, it seems like pro-lifers know their views are unpopular and that their views lose in big numbers whenever it's put in front of the voters. So instead they try to restrict the democratic process through authoritarian means in order to make sure the people never get a say.
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2023.06.07 00:04 Zealousideal_Cloud40 [Sell] US/CAN Asia Lulu Sale

All items are in the US sizing unless marked “Asia Fit”.
All items are brand new with tags, purchased from Japan or Australia Lululemon with international shipping/taxes/duties paid.
All items are either not released or out of stock in North America.
Expressions of interests in other sizes/colors/styles are welcome.
Prices (USD) include shipping and PayPal fees. Bundle discount available!
Details will be posted in comments.
Might be xposted.
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2023.06.07 00:03 Cynophilis France and 15 other EU countries, as well as the UK, are calling for nuclear power to be recognized as a crucial part of the EU's plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The countries argue that nuclear power is a reliable, carbon-free source of energy that can help to meet the EU's climate goals. They also call for the EU to reduce its reliance on Russian nuclear fuel.
Azincourt Energy completed a 2023 drill program at their East Preston uranium project in the Athabasca Basin. The program intersected extensive hydrothermal alteration and evidence of elevated uranium. The company is pleased with the results and plans to conduct additional drilling in the summer. This is good news for North American uranium producers, who could fill the gap in supply left by Russia.
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2023.06.07 00:03 TropicalExplorer21 Housing

Hi all! New to Reddit.. does anyone know of a way I can connect with people (hoping nurses, hospital staff, etc) who may need short term housing? I have a room opening up in my apartment and I’m hoping to find short term renters instead of someone to commit for the full year with me as I value my independence and space but also need to split the rent when I can due to the insane rising rental costs in the area. I’m familiar with Facebook Burlington rental pages but wondering if there’s any other resources out there! Thanks all!
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2023.06.07 00:03 ColossusOfChoads How do horse people in the UK regard North American 'Western' riding?

In the US, there's English Riding and then there's Western Riding. (Apologies to you non-English.) It's like cricket and baseball, basically. Western riding is more common the further west you go (surprise surprise). English riding is more common over on the east coast. Or at least I think it is. I'm not a horse person, so I'm just going off of what I've gleaned over the years. Perhaps a fellow American who knows about this stuff could elaborate.
The gear (tack?) and technique are different. The differences between the two styles aren't just aesthetic, in other words. Another difference I've been told about is that in Western riding you're expected to 'break' your own horse, whereas in English riding that's outsourced to a specialist. So I've been told.
If we're talking about recreation (as opposed to working cowboys who do it for their jobs), I don't know that western riding is viewed as any less 'posh.' At least not by us westerners. Maybe it's different over on the East Coast. After all, horses cost a whole lot of money.
So anyways, how do horse people in the UK regard North American 'western' riding (if they regard it at all)?
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2023.06.07 00:03 BeverlyToegoldIV Would you stick with my realtor or find someone new?

My wife and I bought our first house, which we don't really like, a few years ago. We're gearing up for the search for our next and are contemplating going with a new realtor. I'm not sure how rude it would be to go with someone else. My wife reasons that we wound up with a house we didn't like so it would be stupid to go with the same realtor again. I think I mostly agree but feel bad since he was a nice guy, and he did have some good qualities.
In the pros column, my last realtor:
In the minus column:
So what would you do? Stick with the proven quantity or risk it with someone new?
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Special Sponsor: Government of Québec Premier Sponsor: Laurentian Bank Securities Critical Metals Day Platinum Sponsor: National Bank Financial Markets Gold Sponsors: BMO, IBK Capital, O3 Mining, Troilus Gold, Maple Gold Mines, JDS Group of Companies Silver Sponsors: PearTree Financial, Stifel GMP, TMX Group, Invest Yukon, Mi3 Financial ESG Sponsor: Socialsuite Copper Sponsors: Cassels, Crux Investor, CDPQ, Amex Exploration, Out of the Box Capital, Amvest Capital, INFOR Financial, Global Business Reports, Generation IACP, Brooks & Nelson, Alliance Advisors, VRIFY Technology Partners: BTV, Kitco, Mining Network, The Northern Miner, Newsfile, Resource World, LFG Equities Simply Better Marketing, Quebec City Business Destination, EBL Consultants, The Prospector
Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - June 6, 2023) - THE Mining Investment Event of the North ("THE Event"), Québec City, June 19-21, 2023 is pleased to announce the launch of THE Global Private Streaming Platform dedicated to virtual attendance – limited availability through registration only.
Once you have registered you will be able to log on daily with your unique code to THE Event as a virtual global audience member and view live presentations from C-suite members of participating companies, and the world's foremost thought leaders, panelists and keynotes delivered at THE Event from 8:00 am ET to 5:00 pm ET, Monday June 19-Wednesday June 21, 2023.
If you wish to view THE Event in real time as a virtual global audience member, please register here:
Note: your unique/dedicated registration link will be sent to you – this code is un-shareable and is unique to you as a registered THE Event virtual global audience member.
Information regarding registration, agendas, sponsors, initiatives and speakers for THE Event can be found here:

THE Mining Investment Event of the North is Canada's only Tier I Global Mining Investment Conference, hosted annually in Quebec City, Canada. THE Event is invitation only and is independently sponsored by the Government of Quebec, and financial and mining communities at large. It is designed to specifically facilitate privately arranged meetings between mining companies, international investors, and various mining government authorities. THE Event is committed to promoting sustainability in the mining industry through education and innovation through unique Student Sponsorships, She-Co Initiatives, highlighting ESG and equality issues and by providing a platform for some of most influential thought leaders in the sector. The agenda, brochure, participating companies, speakers & panelists, initiatives and registration applications for issuers and investors may be found here:
Interested parties please contact Jennifer Choi, [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Joanne Jobin Principal & FounderIR.INC & VID Media Incorporated [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Jennifer Choi Vice President, OperationsIR.INC & VID Media Incorporated [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Brhett Booker AssociateIR.INC & VID Media Incorporated [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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To view the source version of this press release, please visit
Universal Site Links
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2023.06.07 00:03 betchwtfff I 18F am in a situationship with my coworker 45M and my mom 50F just found out through the grapevine... What should I do?

Wow okay so let me start with some context, I live in a pretty small town where if you are out and about and socialable even just a little bit you get to know a lot of people. Ive also lived here my entire life so id consider myself somewhat rooted in this community. Im going to call him Josh, Josh has lived here off and on since he was a 18 so hes also pretty deeply rooted in the community. His mom is from the states and his dad is from here.
For example, while I was growing up (elementary school-middle school) there was a ice cream shop up from my house which one of his friends ran, he would be in there sometimes. I dont particuarly remember if he was ever in when me and my family would come in and get ice cream but im just going to say hes known me for a while, and definitly since I was a minor.
We never really had conversations until i was in highschool around 15-16yo and he worked in a jewlery and thing shop that me and my friends liked going in. From there we actually began knowing of eachothers existence but it was never in any way. Just having friendly conversation with a familiar face.
Then last summer i went away on a trip for a month and my job had to hire new people and he was hired as he was also a friend of my boss and her family so it was an easy quick fix to me being gone for a month. Once i got back from my trip i wasnt working any of the same shifts with him unless I was covering, so i didnt see him all too much and didnt really put too much effort into having conversation when we were working together.
Up until Jan 2023 we began working together more and so i began talking to him more and over the course of that month (im 18 and1/4 at the time) and we began hanging out outside of work but always just after work, never going out of our way to hang out on off days. We'd go to the beach after work and have a couple beers and just talk, for hours. I love the types of conversations we have, they range in topic and level of depth but we consistintly get the whole spectrum. Ive always felt a little bit awkward speaking, in the sense of not feeling like things come out right and always being misunderstood. But for some reason with him ive never felt more present and actually capable of talking, processing, and understanding all at once. He's healed things in me from previous relationships and ive done the same for him. I wasnt planning/plotting to sleep with him we never really talked about it and it was kinda a 'if it happens it happens' type of thing for me. Working with him I had a little crush on him but im not the type of person to do stuff with coworkers but after actually getting to know him, my little coworker crush developed into an actual crush.
One day me, him and our other coworker (26F) did our usual sunset beach beer hangout and we all felt hungry and josh offered to make us some food up at his place, and we agreed. I had a bottle of nice whiskey at my house so i dropped by and picked it up before heading up. we all ate and got a bit drunk, him and our other coworker more than myself since i had to drive 15-20 min to get home and she lived just down the street. She ended up deciding to leave around 11pm and i chose to stay and hang out longer, soon enough it was 3am and we both felt like it would be best if i dont drive home (i had drank more and was getting tired). He has a small one bedroom place and doesnt have room for a couch so he was going to sleep on the floor while i took his bed but i told him that i feel comfortable with him sleeping next to me. We ended up sleeping together and have been seeing eachother since then.
We've been keeping "us" pretty down low because I know that both of my parents (mom 50F and dad 57M) would have a pretty big issue with it. My mom was aware that i'd hang out with him after work/outside of work and that we were friends, I was just hiding that ive been sleeping with him. I'd hang out with him and his friends, be invited to BBQ's and camping out, they didnt know at first but as of more recent times they have been made aware of our dynamic and are completely supportive. Now majority of his friends that he sees on the weekly basis knows and the word has spread.
Im on a trip visiting family on the mainland and before i left i mentioned to him that ive been thinking of having our relationship be just platonic again. We've taken a break before (he expressed a need for it the first time) and now i felt like it would be best if we'd stop sleeping together as i felt like things were progrssing too fast and too many people were getting involved (aka i was getting overwhelmed and anxious on how this was all going to go/end). Ive been gone for a week and we havent been texting as much, he knows im with family and want space. And then I get a text from my mom saying she heard that josh has a 18 year old girlfriend and that she'd like some explaining. ive texted him and updated him, i want us to stay on the same page. I really dont want to tell my mom the full truth but I also dont want to lie, and i know he wont support me lying as well. Hes currently at work and will be there for the next 4-5 hours so im just playing the waiting game to see how he feels about the whole situation.
Should I tell the whole truth since shes already been told by someone in the community and just come clean even though my body is screaming run? I know that I should i just know that it would cause so much tension in the house and im already planning on moving to a different stare in november of this year and i dont want our last months to be full of fighting. not to mention the rest of my life this being held over my head. im not ashamed of him, i just wish that i could do things and not have it be everyones business, especially since its not a serious relationship and never was going to be one.

sorry if this is all over the place im currently an nervous mess. i have therapy before i head home and have to deal with this in the flesh. wish me luck xoxo
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2023.06.07 00:03 Cynophilis France and 15 other EU countries, as well as the UK, are calling for nuclear power to be recognized as a crucial part of the EU's plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The countries argue that nuclear power is a reliable, carbon-free source of energy that can help to meet the EU's climate goals. They also call for the EU to reduce its reliance on Russian nuclear fuel.
Azincourt Energy completed a 2023 drill program at their East Preston uranium project in the Athabasca Basin. The program intersected extensive hydrothermal alteration and evidence of elevated uranium. The company is pleased with the results and plans to conduct additional drilling in the summer. This is good news for North American uranium producers, who could fill the gap in supply left by Russia.
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2023.06.07 00:03 HereForTheNach0s Thoughts on JD post-PhD

Considering switching from business development into intellectual property law — am I losing my mind?
Current situation: PhD in STEM subject from a well-renowned program. Working for a pharmaceutical company in business development and netting $155K base, 15-20% bonus, and $125K equity (4 year vesting, just now granted).
A Big Law firm has offered me $130K base, 10% bonus, $30K signing bonus, and will pay for my law program entirely. They have a lock-step program so my base would go from $130K starting to $215K in my final year of law school 3-4 years later. Would then enter the firm post-JD as a 3rd year associate in terms of pay ($250K base +$50K-ish bonus).
Two biggest concerns for me are compensation and locational freedom. Right now I am entirely remote, but this job is feeling a little dead-end and I worry that I'll have to move to one of the biotech hubs (SF, Boston, etc.) if I want to progress my career. Should I just ride it out since my compensation is currently pretty decent (for the amount of work that I do), or is now the time to make the hop? Do JD/PhDs in-house make that much more than, say, a director of business development?
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2023.06.07 00:02 ballchamois Standing up shed walls in 4ft pre-sided sections - any reason this is a bad idea?

Bottom line: Other than using a few more studs, is there any reason not to stand up a 20ft long (9ft tall) shed wall in 4ft long sections and fasten them together? I would glue and screw all of the double studs together where the individual 4ft sections join, and I have 20ft lumber available to use as top caps to tie everything together.
The longer story: I am building a 20ft long by 8ft wide lean-to shed/workshop in a side yard that is between my house and a property line fence (6ft wood.) There are 9 feet actual between the side of the house and the fence. The back wall of the shed will butt up against a brick wall dividing the front yard from the back yard. In total there is no access to 3 of the 4 wall faces to attach siding once the wall is stood up. I am mostly (or completely) doing this project solo.
Standing up the pre-sided walls poses a problem both due to the weight of a pre-sided wall, and the over all dimensions, the tallest wall needing to be 9ft. I could stand up a shorter wall, ~8ft and then add a spacer (I don't know the technical term) to give it another ~1ft or so of height, but if I can build the complete 9ft walls in 4ft wide sections and then stand them up one by one I think that will be easier on me.
I will be using LP Smart Side panels that are 48.5" actual and have a 1/2" vertical shiplap/overlap built in. My plan will be to lay a bead of construction adhesive or maybe just silicone on the shiplap joint before snugging up adjoining 4ft sections since there will be no other fastening of the overlap, as their ideally would be.
Other details: Floor and roof will be framed with 2x6, 16" on center. Walls will be framed with 2x4, 16" on center. I am in Arizona, USA, desert climate with little rain (~10 good rains per year.)
Please let me know if raising the wall in 4ft sections and screwing everything together sounds like a bad idea for some reason.
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2023.06.07 00:02 broynan after 2.5 years i’m being painted as emotionally manipulative.

I (f19) have been best friends with my ex (m19) for 2.5 years.
In the beginning of our friendship, it was clear we had feelings for each other, but I was not in the headspace to be in a relationship. A little more than 6 months into our friendship, we decided to be together. We dated from Oct21 to July22. During that time, we ended up moving in together because we would hang out every day anyways, and I didn't have a vehicle. So we did everything together. We also worked the same job.
When we broke up, he told me we were fine that day. I was at work, he went out and talked about breaking up with me, and did. Since we lived together, i got kicked out at 1 am. We still worked together, so we still saw each other. I really loved and missed him, so I approached him about being fwb w/o feelings but exclusive. We carried on acting like we were dating from July 22 to early May 23. During this, I explained to him multiple times how I wasn't over him and wanted to be his gf but he always said he didn’t know ab being with me. I also found out about him texting multiple girls who had feelings for him in the past while we were supposed to be exclusive.
In early May, he randomly woke up one day and decided he didn't want to be fwb (which is perfectly fine) and then told me that we were never getting back together. After that, he decided he wanted to move on but wouldn't tell me about it because he said he felt like he couldn't due to fear that I would get upset (I wouldn't have been upset that he was moving on, only that he acted like we were dating for months, even close ppl thought we were dating.)
I will admit that he would hang out with other people, and I would get upset because he often just would not tell me anything and ignore me or just ignore me. The issue was never him having friends, but more so how he would treat me when they were around. last week, he invited me to hang out, and I told him I didn't have the money to go out and do anything, but we could chill. He ignored me and made plans with someone else. The same day, he sent me a video of himself jerking off that was meant for someone else. I obviously got upset and felt hurt because he was acting like my boyfriend not even 3 weeks prior, even paying and going to the eras tour with me. But I didn't say anything for two days. When I brought it up, it caused a fight, and we didn’t talk for two days. When we did talk, I told him how it hurt me, and I was tired of him changing his mind on whether he wanted me or not. He told me he wasn't sorry for moving on and blocked me.
The next day, I went to his house to talk to him, and he told me he had talked to his friends. They say I'm emotionally manipulating him, but he admitted he didn't tell all of them about the video, which was the cause of the argument and why they said I don't want him to move on. We agreed to leave each other alone for a month, but am i emotionally manipulative? or is it fair i’m upset?
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2023.06.07 00:02 Doomjas Are houses/yards really like this in OC? I tried my best on this screenshot and maybe it’s just the angle, but this view of that STEEP hill that leads to the ocean is wild.

Are houses/yards really like this in OC? I tried my best on this screenshot and maybe it’s just the angle, but this view of that STEEP hill that leads to the ocean is wild. submitted by Doomjas to TheOC [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 00:02 Klutzy-Candidate2175 Paint wood siding or replace with vinyl siding?

We moved into a cedarwood house built in 1985. The wood has not been retreated or sealed in over 15 years. We don’t like the color, so we decided to get it sealed and painted. As the worker was getting started, they pointed out how some wood had split and rotted. Out of curiosity, I asked how much it would be to remove the wood siding and replace it with vinyl; he said 10k, which is about a 7k more. We plan to stay in the house next 12 years. Which would be the wisest move?
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2023.06.07 00:02 Original-Color-8891 Why is the Indigenous/Native American population in Canada and the United States so low, while in Mexico and Central America they make up the majority of the people? Were there more people there from the start? Or did it have to do with the way they were treated?

If there's a better sub to ask this on, I would love to know. But I haven't been able to find any specific sub that's related to a relevant topic.
Were there more people there to begin with? Because there's a lot more room north of the border. Mexico about 1/5 the size of the United States or Canada (1/4 of the USA excluding Alaska), and Central America is about 2/3 the size of Mexico.
And it's not like the United States and Canada killed more of them, because they treated them much better than Spain did. Canada's treatment was hardly admirable to say the least, but they weren't anything like Cortez and Columbus. Even the United States, with its Indian Wars and the Trail of Tears and the countless broken treaties, never specifically set out to kill the native people, although they obviously weren't particularly averse to doing so whenever they got in the way of expansion.
But what happened in Mexico and Central America (as well as Brasil and the Caribbean and most of Spanish South America) was practically a genocide. Not to mention the frequent enslavement which killed even more (another thing that the United States didn't do, at least not to the First Nations). The Spanish killed countless people, while the United States likely "only" killed 45,000 over the course of a century. Keep in mind this number only includes the people who were either killed deliberately through wars and massacres, or indirectly as a result of poor treatment. It doesn't include those who died of diseases, which affected all regions of the Americas.
But despite all of this, the population south of the border who can trace their ancestry to the North American continent is well over half, while in the United States and Canada it's about 3 to 5% respectively. My only guess is that Mexico had more people from the start, although I can't find any conclusive evidence of this.
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2023.06.07 00:02 downbeat210 Porch Foundation - FUBAR or just go with it?

Pictures here:
I bought a house in November. I have found many of the shortcuts the previous owners took to getting the house to market. Most recently I took out two box hedges in the front that had outgrown their spots and looked pretty gnarly. After that work, I found that (of course) the previous owners had not done anything to maintain the porch foundation behind the bushes. There were sizeable cracks and holes. They also had the rest of the foundation around the house painted, but not behind the bushes, and now the porch is an eyesore.
With limited knowledge and only a little research, I decided I could chip the crap away and re-apply a skim coat of concrete. After talking to a guy at Ace, I got some DAP Concrete Patch and Resurfacer and took a shot at patching it and covering it up.
It did not work at all like I thought it would. Some of the best results I got were mixing it runny and using it more like paint, but there was no way I was ever going to get this stuff to go on like I had hoped.
The way I see it, I have two options going forward: 1) call someone to come and fix it or 2) paint it with some exterior paint to try and match the rest of the foundation, and continue with the landscaping.
What would you do?
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2023.06.07 00:02 TheTorontoExplorer For those near or further away from the wildfires, how are y'all doing and how are y'all staying prepared?

Even though I'm in the GTA, I've definitely been keeping in touch with family, seeing the maps in terms of spreading fires, appreciating all the first responders but also been packing a Go Bag, some other items as well.
This all due to the air quality and possibly the need to go in an emergency to check and meet with family. How are y'all staying prepared? Go Bags? Air filters in the house? Less time outdoors? Hope y'all are also taking some steps to be prepared. For those closer to the fires, I hope y'all stay safe!
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2023.06.07 00:01 Cynophilis France and 15 other EU countries, as well as the UK, are calling for nuclear power to be recognized as a crucial part of the EU's plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The countries argue that nuclear power is a reliable, carbon-free source of energy that can help to meet the EU's climate goals. They also call for the EU to reduce its reliance on Russian nuclear fuel.
Azincourt Energy completed a 2023 drill program at their East Preston uranium project in the Athabasca Basin. The program intersected extensive hydrothermal alteration and evidence of elevated uranium. The company is pleased with the results and plans to conduct additional drilling in the summer. This is good news for North American uranium producers, who could fill the gap in supply left by Russia.
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2023.06.07 00:01 -AmTeC- Advice needed on replacing concrete embedded refrigerant lines! Hey everyone. So a bit of a predicament here. The c**** who laid this concrete did so around the condenser without asking or even thinking for a second. F*** I hate those B*************************. The A/C is now leaking due to either the concrete or the way they manuvered the condenser around without disconnecting it. So I gotta replace it much to my fury. This location is the most ideal, while it CAN be relocated, the few techs I called in said that it would be better to break the concrete and run new lines to the original location. So I was wondering, how much room do I need to leave for the lines? The red marks I put on the photo appears to be the route of the existing lines, can I cut a channel along here for the new lines to run? I figured it would be best to cut all the way across to that gravel drainage channel to the left, but am still worried about water getting into the house, as long as it's sealed up well enough, do I have anything to worry about? And after the new lines are sleeved and run by the HVAC tech, would filling the channel with gravel be a concern? Obviously I'm not going to fill it with concrete because that's what got us into this fucking mess in the first place and cost me my precious magnificent green box in the first f**** place. Unless there is a way to safely fill it with concrete without causing another calamity. Also there's a gas meter there, am I even allowed to cut near a gas meter? I do know exactly where the gas line is routed and I know I won't hit it (famous last words).
And if all of this is the wrong way to do it, please let me know so I can do this correctly! Much appreciated 👍
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2023.06.07 00:01 bagelcoffeepoop Help me figure out what house(s) I can afford with my new salary

Hey all. I am a recently graduated resident in oncology. Took my first job and will be grossing around 540K/yr. This is in New York. My fiance and I are looking to buy a house in a few years after we've accrued some money from our salaries (she makes 106K/year). The house we really like is 2.9M, and the other house we like is 1.6M a year. We honestly don't know how to finance these. We will be hiring an accountant and a finance consultant very soon. Can anyone do a preliminary breakdown of how these might be financed gives our incomes?

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2023.06.07 00:00 anonasshole56435788 Kidney failure & forced recovery is hard (vent)

Disclaimer: since ik some of you saw my post about the kiddo who was staying with me, I wanted to let you all know he’s safely housed with extended family while mom is in detox! :) I’ve just had no energy to post.
I’m still using my walker and my physical therapist says that, to get rid of it, we need to both get rid of the electrolyte imbalance and get stronger, which means gaining mass. I have to think of weight differently now since sometimes I retain water, often without knowing for a bit until my foot swells up to the size of my thigh, due to the kidney failure. I am far from healthy and not gaining what I should be due to the stress of the disclaimer situation in part, but also bc I’m in extreme hunger and my metabolism is increased according to my dietician. I can’t use my feeding tube until I get rid of c diff, so sometimes I’m eating ridiculous amounts of food just so I don’t pass out and I feel bad that I’m not gaining much.
I did make some small progress, and I’m struggling so much with feelings of “too soft” & “too much” & my tummy feels round to me, but guess what? Literally several people have told me they’re “worried I haven’t gained any weight yet.”
This disease sucks. I had a rough morning and last night w purging (slipped up majorly and had to tell my doctor and get bloodwork done, and somehow all is ok! I still had a bagel for lunch. I’m drinking a chai latte and it’s really great and I wanna get normal milk next time. I do feel better slightly heavier, even if people aren’t noticing and I feel like I wanna scream. Even physical therapy is dependent on my weight.
It’s crazy how I was fine three weeks ago. Well, “fine.” I still can’t believe I lost my dream job and didn’t walk in my college graduation bc I almost died & am palliative from sepsis, c diff, malnutrition, dehydration, and kidney failure. Be safe. Let this be cautionary.
But also I wanna cry. My friend told me he wanted to hold me at a higher weight, whatever weight, & he told me wouldn’t care as long as I weren’t in a casket. I wish my friends would notice my progress and how much more I’m eating. My doctors and boyfriend do, and yeah they admit I have a long way to go, but at least my doctors say my bloodwork is better and my boyfriend says I feel a little softer & kinda does make me feel better about it. He calls calories “happy points.” He tries to get me to feel as beautiful as he sees me but I feel like if I don’t start gaining more, and a good amount more soon, he’s going to be really worried again, too.
Ok, rant over. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk if you’ve made it this far. Sorry for rambling. I also had an edible - it helps ease the pain.
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2023.06.07 00:00 PixulatedFuture I looked for the gun today

I looked in the safe. But it was gone. Husband takes it with him to work cause it’s dangerous sometimes. Today was the day I would have. Would have locked myself in the garage…called the cops to let them know my two little kids were alone in the house…would have called my ex next door to ask him to hold onto our daughter for a little while. And then I would have done it. And I wouldn’t be curled up on the couch crying my eyes out and feeling rageful and sad and guilty all in on huge mess. My toddler hasn’t had an ounce of fun time today. My 2 month old has just had the basics. I haven’t smiled or laughed or done anything with them. My 10 year old has been at her dads all day. I’m useless to my littles. They deserve better. I hate myself. Hitting myself in the head and slapping myself till my face is bruised just trying to ground myself. I can’t breathe. Suffocating. I just want to sink into a hole. I just want it all to be gone. Happy birthday to me.
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