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2023.06.07 00:51 tthrowyawa Should I give up on him, or give him a chance?

In March, I slept with a guy 2 times. He pursued me quite heavily, and we both seemed interested; however, we never said we were serious. I also gave a lot of mixed signals, and at one point when he tried to approach me, I looked at him and then away, basically ignoring him. That's when he stopped chasing me. After that, we didn't talk for a month, because I couldn't find a good opportunity.
Anyway, after a month, I got my chance. A friend of mine was sitting with him, and I went up and talked to him. I said something like "didn't you have a cabin at [location]?", and he looked at me for a little too long, and then winked at me. Then, he went to buy a drink, and I asked him to buy one for me and I'll pay him back. He bought it, and when I offered to pay, he said it was fine.
Anyway, the next time I saw him, he was with a blonde woman. Nothing happened between them. But she left. And he went to stand where I was, and he looked down at me and then away (basically pretending he didn't see me). I grabbed his shirt and pulled him to me, and he pretended to see me, smiling and making eye contact. We talked and then he left.
Then the next time I saw him, I went to sit beside him at the student bar. We talked, and he said "We should talk later. We seriously needed to catch up later. We should talk later for sure." He said this while holding my arm, and staring at me. But he didn't ask for my contact information, hen I said I wouldn't be at university till after summer. He only said have a good summer then.
Later, I went to a concert where he was. And there I saw him with the blonde girl hooking up. But I wasn't sure, because I couldn't see them clearly in the crowd. Anyway, afterwards we went to the bar, and there he and I talked.
He introduced me to a friend of his, and we talked. I asked his friend what type of guy he was. And the guy said "he used to be crazy, but that he had calmed down after getting a girl." I acted normal, and then the guy excused himself, leaving his friend and me alone.
He later came out, and went to stand beside the blonde women. He didn't do anything, but she grabbed his face, and was all over him. That would have been the last I saw of him if I didn't confront him.
I went up to him, and dragged him away. I asked him "if he had a girlfriend?", and he said "no, that they were technically only exclusive, and that it only happened recently. Like the last month."
I told him he had lead me on and that he should have told me he was with another women, and he said he was only trying to have a friendly conversation with me, and that he didn't know how to politely reject me.
He made it clear he was exclusive with her (extremely clear), and that if I had made my interest clear in March it would be different, but now he's with her. I asked him if they were serious, and he said he wanted to be with her now, but that she was an exchange student, and that she would leave by the end of the summer. He wasn't thinking of the future. To me, it obviously sounded unserious, and very unlikely to last.
I said that it seemed to me like he was keeping me around, and then he was planning to be with her in the summer, and then come back to me after the summer. He refused this.
I asked him if he was even interested in me, and he said if it wasn't her it would be me. But now he was with her. We promised each other to talk after the summer, and then I left.
So, basically: What should I do? I know I should probably drop him. I thought he had grown distant because he wanted me to make my interest clearer, but that he was still open to being approached, because he still kept flirting with me, and since it was obvious I was still interested. It had only been a month since we had talked, so it wouldn't be that weird of me to think he was still interested. However, it turned out he was with another girl, and he was only keeping me warm.
On one hand, I feel hurt that he mislead me and that everyone else knew he was with another girl. Furthermore, he shouldn't have flirted with me, while he was with another girl. What's the point of being exclusive if you're going to flirt with someone else? I also feel like he made it very clear he chose her, when he went up to her, and let her grab him all over to show me they were together. And the afterwards, he made it clear he wanted to be with her.
However, since she's going back during summer, I feel like it's very unlikely it will last, unless she was "the one". And how could she be the one if he acted like that with me? I understand keeping your options open, and not burning any bridges, but he actively flirted with me, and he chose to be exclusive with her. And I feel like if he wanted to keep his options open, he wouldn't have rejected me so harshly by going up to her and letting her touch him, instead of giving me a warning first. I really don't understand, because he did keep his options open, but then he chose her very clearly even though it's unlikely they will last, which would mean he closed all his options, since he lost both her and me.
The problem is that I feel like we didn't know each other that well, and I gave him a lot of mixed signals, so it's not unreasonable for him to find someone else. I honestly feel that he was interested in me for real, since he made such an effort, and that if we got to know each other, he might choose me. Like I do know he chose someone else, but he lived in the same student dorm as her, saw her everyday and she made herself available to him, so obviously he might be more attached to her, and he had already told her he was exclusive.
Anyway, what should I do? Is it worth trying again?
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2023.06.07 00:49 kayenano The Villainess Is An SS+ Rank Adventurer: Chapter 91

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Juliette Contzen is a lazy, good-for-nothing princess. Overshadowed by her siblings, she's left with little to do but nap, read … and occasionally cut the falling raindrops with her sword. Spotted one day by an astonished adventurer, he insists on grading Juliette's swordsmanship, then promptly has a mental breakdown at the result.
Soon after, Juliette is given the news that her kingdom is on the brink of bankruptcy. At threat of being married off, the lazy princess vows to do whatever it takes to maintain her current lifestyle, and taking matters into her own hands, escapes in the middle of the night in order to restore her kingdom's finances.
Tags: Comedy, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Copious Ohohohohos.

Chapter 91: Matters Of Etiquette
The Duchy of Aquina's treasury was as scandalous as I imagined.
It was less a treasury room and more a dragon's cavern.
Ornate chests vomited gold and silver crowns, unlocked strongboxes proudly revealed glittering gemstones and breathtaking jewellery, and open armoires boasted suits of armour decorated with gilded crystals and weapons which shimmered with the opulence of the finest pearls.
Everywhere I looked, illegally undeclared taxable income spilled from every orifice as the accumulated wealth of Aquina filled my vision.
Piles of coins lay scattered with little attention to detail or proper bookkeeping, ensuring that no tax inspector would be seeing the light of day for many weeks once this veritable hoard was presented to the Royal Treasury for counting.
And yet it all paled in comparison to the wealth exhibited by the second most beautiful being in this room.
Sitting on her makeshift throne of snow and coins, a woman whose likeness was that of a young elven maiden wore a dress of purest snow as she basked in moonlight streaming from corners where no window to the sky existed. Her dress was unembellished and unadorned, and yet the overwhelming delicateness of its material put the richest velvet to shame.
She was the Winter Queen. And when she moved, her garment didn't simply move with her. It fluttered like a silken curtain. As did her wings.
Hers possessed no colour. It was a shimmering mirror, a waterfall of images and lights reflecting all the treasures around her. Within those butterfly-like wings, I saw all the crowns and treasures of Aquina glimmering back at me, waiting to be retrieved.
And I would.
But like all things, there was an order to things. And I was no Snow Dancer. Etiquette had to be entertained.
Thus, I walked up to the Winter Queen–and then began to sweep snow and coins onto the spot just opposite her.
“Coppelia, help me make a chair.”
“Got it!~”
Before the raised eyebrow of the Winter Queen, my future handmaiden and I wasted no time. Rolling up our sleeves, we piled snow and coins onto the point I designated with professional workmanship.
A few moments later, an extremely unfashionable chair was now raised before the Winter Queen.
It was something which couldn't even be exhibited in a contemporary art museum, the graveyard where all talentless hacks sent their works to die these days. But appearance was secondary.
Height was all that mattered.
I hopped before clutching the edge of the seat. My foot failed to find purchase in the chair's uneven slope as coins rained down. Coppelia skipped up and offered her hand. I accepted, allowing her to pull me atop the freshly made chair.
I carefully turned and sat, crossing one leg over the other as I officially bested my opponent in inches from the ground.
Then, I offered a frown to the fae whose appearance belied the years swirling in her arctic eyes.
“Winter Queen,” I said, now able to converse appropriately. “It's unseemly for me to present myself to a monarch sat on a throne within the lands of my own kingdom.”
She sipped at her teacup. A liquid so clear shimmied that for a moment, I'd believed it to be empty.
“Princess of Tirea. It's also unseemly to kidnap the monarchs of other kingdoms.”
I considered her argument. Then nodded. As did she.
“How is the chair?” she asked, placing her teacup atop her head.
“Extremely comfortable,” I replied, as my derrière burned from the cold. “My future handmaiden's skill in carpentry is as famed as her tact and discretion.”
Coppelia was stood right beside the Winter Queen, leaning in while taking in everything from the fae's tall figure to the mirror wings and the teapot atop her head.
She waved at her reflection in the Winter Queen's wings as her eyes brimmed with curiosity. Then, she breathed a puff of warm air at the mirror sheen, watching as the condensation slowly evaporated.
But not before drawing a smiley face first.
“That's … That's so cool!” she said, her own expression matching the one she'd just drawn. “You have mirrors on your back! That's … well, it's totally useless! Unless you want to accidentally blind someone when the sun catches you! You're literally a walking health hazard! Amazing!”
The Winter Queen glanced at Coppelia.
“My wings do not simply reflect light, clockwork doll. They amplify it. When I soar beneath the mortal sun, every eye to bear witness to my splendour winces in uncontrollable discomfort as colour spots plague their vision for months.”
Already, Coppelia's eyes were lit up with sparkles. She was already affected. The poor thing.
“That's soooooo pointless! I wish I had wings like that!”
“That wish cannot be made reality, even were you created in the land of the duskless dawn. I regret to say that the wings you see are mine alone. They are unique amongst the fae. Even my sisters who–”
“Also, why do you have a teacup on your head?”
The Winter Queen pursed her lips.
Clearly, she wasn't used to being interrupted while speaking. A terrible bout of impoliteness by Coppelia. And wonderfully, immaculately timed.
That's right! Do not allow this queen who wishes to appear stately any opportunity to control the flow of this conversation!
“I wear a teacup because I wish to,” she explained simply. “As Winter Queen, whether I choose to wear a teacup or a cat atop my head is my royal prerogative.”
Coppelia hummed as she peered this way and that as she took in the new headpiece.
“Want me to make you a hat? Because I can make you a hat.”
The Winter Queen paused.
“What kind of hat?”
“How about a beret?” Coppelia clapped her hands together, the force causing several coins to shimmy in movement. “They're always fashionable!”
“... Then that will do, thank you.”
“A tapestry of the 1172 Battle of Remansille, featuring the fall of King Reorick the Wolfenheart as he is betrayed by the lance of Sir Jorund the Gladiator, and his subsequent avengement by the first Reisenritter of Sophista.”
I nodded.
A fine choice. The Royal Villa had a copy of the very same 104 metre long tapestry. It'd spawned more narrative poems and epic ballads than any other cultural work of the 12th century. And uniquely, also didn't include any tasteless nudity.
Coppelia blinked.
In that moment, I could hear a thousand cogs and gears whirring away as she put every morsel of thinking power into dreaming the Winter Queen's request into reality.
Eventually, she nodded, raising her fists in a vow of commitment before she went to work. The sound of snow being padded together soon filled the air.
“An excellent handmaiden,” said the Winter Queen, balancing the teacup atop her head with practised precision. “Alas, my own handmaidens are more keen to frolic in the snow than rush to my aid.”
I smiled as the first compliment concerning my hiring processes reached me. Many more would come.
“Coppelia has much to learn, particularly concerning the ability to throw herself in harm's way for me. However, nothing concerning her spirit or loyalty can be faulted.”
“Then I'm free to offer my envy. It's been some days now since I was cruelly snatched away from my abode, and yet the only ones steadfast enough to reach me are my own snow ducks.”
She pointed at the fluffy white duck by the foot of her chair, its crystalline beak pecking at the only copper crown in the treasury.
A worthy pet. Should a copper crown fall before me, I'd also expect Coppelia to do away with it. Preferably by paying it towards the cost of an apple.
Even so, a protest needed to be lodged.
“Do your minions have the authority to trespass upon the Kingdom of Tirea, Winter Queen?”
She shrugged.
“No more than yours have the authority to kidnap the ruler of the Winter Court, befouling the Frozen Palace and slaying dozens of my subjects in the process.”
I considered her point. Again, I nodded. As did she.
“It's been, my, at least two centuries?” she mused, taking down her teacup to enjoy a sip of the clear liquid. “How nostalgic. I've almost missed being stolen for use in some predictably unimaginative scheme. I suppose I was long overdue.”
The Winter Queen looked around at the sight of a cavern filled with wealth. Not a single item impressed her by the size of her yawn. She sat back in her chair, her wings fluttering as her arctic eyes took in my poise. Just as I did hers.
“So you say. But perhaps you'd be harder to steal if you didn't take the guise of a crown. Quite the ruse. I take it that being placed on the head of fair maidens is related to your lack of blemishes?”
The Winter Queen made no denial. She lifted her hand to her lips, mouthing a silent giggle.
“A worthwhile exchange. I bequeath unimaginable power onto those of great will and a highly unattainable standard of youth and beauty, then allow them to build wrinkles in my place. Wonderful, no?”
I nodded my head.
If I were in her place, I'd do the same. Especially after seeing how her skin remained smoother than the snow despite the untold years she had lived.
“And how often do you permit yourself to be stolen, say, by an elven sword saint whose appearance is wasted on her rather bizarre personality?”
The Winter Queen smiled.
“Less than I'd like. It's been far too long since my last host found itself wanting against the Summer Queen's flames. And there's only so long one can remain a crown without the need to stretch their wings.”
I glanced tellingly at the dark ceiling.
“And yet I see that the sky remains closed to you.”
“Not all things go to plan.” The Winter Queen took another sip from her teacup before raising it atop her head. “The Snow Dancer's lack of ambition being one of them. The way she tossed me between her hands was particularly inglorious. But even that paled in comparison to the way she punted me away without a second thought. The humiliation will take another century to recover from.”
“I imagine it could be worse. What if someone puts you on whose wrinkled appearance you have no wish to take? An old hag in a hut? A peasant in a field? Or any man, for that matter?”
“Oh, then I just consume their soul.”
The Winter Queen adjusted her teacup, then crossed one leg over the other.
“Now, to the drudgery of business?”
I offered her my most stately frown. Her response would determine whether it became a scowl.
“To recompense, actually. You permitted yourself to be stolen. And now your Winter Court sits in the Wovencoille, sealing off our rightful ability to cut down the ancient trees you planted for use in our bed frames. This is unacceptable.”
“Whether I permitted it is irrelevant. Crime is a crime and to steal a sovereign is quite the mark of disrespect. But you needn't fear. It is simple theatrics. Or was. I expect that your kingdom will be razed in ice should I not return in good time. And yet here I am, neither used nor worn. And so I ask you, what is the shallow boon that is pleaded of me? The witless wish for which I was stolen? The bargain for which I will never acquiesce? Is it the gleam of treasures greater than a dragon's heart that is desired? A weapon to break all shields? A vial to twist love and hatred?”
I opted to maintain my frown. For now.
“I cannot answer that, Winter Queen. I was not the one who stole you.”
“I know. Which is why I'm asking him.”
The Winter Queen indicated with her chin behind me.
I leaned out from my chair, peering back towards the treasury entrance.
There, standing alone in the arched doorway, was the treasonous ruler of the Duchy of Aquina.
Greying, and yet boasting more colour on his clothing than all the banners in his castle combined, Duke Valence wore a flowing cloak upon a wide suit of armour fit to carry both the size of his waistline and his ambitions.
My, such regal attire.
Were anyone to witness him in such fine uniform, they would be mistaken in their belief that he was someone of importance. Someone of royalty.
A wish, I knew, which would never be realised. Not least by the hands of the fae.
No matter how he begged or threatened, the Winter Queen would not grant whatever request this bumbling oaf wished to see fulfilled. Just as this man held no power over the Kingdom of Tirea, he held no power over the Winter Court.
Because the Winter Queen, now here in her true form, saw no interest in him.
She did not even bother to assume the guise she used to invite those foolish enough to test her unbreakable willpower. And so she merely looked on as I did, bored and unconcerned as the errant Duke of Aquina strode forwards.
He stopped before the Winter Queen's throne, without once pausing to look at the princess he served. Of all his crimes, that was the greatest.
At the end of his tenure, pettiness was all this man could achieve … even as he drew a glimmering sword from the sheath by his side.
It was no practised manoeuvre. No unfurling of a weapon by a knight.
Even so, both I and the Winter Queen eyed it, waiting to see how this man would choose to meet his end.
Lifting it–he slammed the tip down into the treasury floor, bending a knee as a crack appeared in the ground.
“Winter Queen,” said the Duke, not yet daring to look up at the face of the bemused fae. “The shallow boon I ask is your rule. The witless wish your protection. And the bargain I offer is Aquina. I swear to the Winter Court the fealty, devotion and vassalage of all my subjects and myself, and ask for nothing but your grace in return.”
The Duke lifted his head.
And to this–
The Winter Queen smiled.

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2023.06.07 00:48 BuyWonderful MINNIE'S MYSTICS.

It was just another Saturday, I was hanging at the mall with Jenny, window shopping and dreaming about clothes I couldn't afford to buy.
The stall was one of those random pop up ones, I've always thought they were kinda dodgy, and this one was no exception! Purple curtains (blankets?!) were hung over a frame, creating a small 'room'.
At the entry, MINNIE'S MYSTICS was written by hand on a small sign. Pyschic readings $3 I was sure it was dodgy then, I Mean I don't know tonnes about physics but it seemed stupidly cheap?
Jenny though, was obsessed. She dragged me in, saying she'd pay for me as well. I rolled my eyes and bit my tongue. I didn't belive in this mumbo jumbo,but if Jenny was so insistent on wasting her money, than so be it. Jenny went first, and it was all the same stuff you'd expect - happiness will be coming your way soon blah blah blah.
When it was my turn, the old woman grasped my hands and turned them over, so she could see my palms. Her face lost color, and I could feel her hands go clammy. "I.. I don't see anything. I'm sorry. You need to leave." I was shocked but Jenny was outraged. The woman threw her change back at her and screamed for us to leave.
Jenny and I walked out, shaking our heads. Like, how weird? She was definitely a scammer. We decide to leave the mall, get some fresh air. Jenny never sees the truck. She never notices me reach behind her, give her a firm push as the truck speeds past.
I hear her body splatter against the ground, and I feel bad.. But just for a moment. Like, yeah I don't belive in physic's, not really... but when one tells you something so freaky.. Well I wasn't just going to wait around to die, you know?
Heard of a life for a life? Fingers crossed Jenny's death has just brought me some more time.
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2023.06.07 00:47 Umdeuter Strategy Thesis of the Week: This Is The Way To Play Infantry

Oh yes, guys and gals, we're back at this! And when I say "this" I mean: Strategy theses and infantry shananigans (if that happens to be how this word is spelled).
Before we jump in, two additional info sources here.
With the recent buffs to infantry and also a specific meta evolution, I think I figured out a strong way to apply infantry (rather: Longsword) plays.
Disclaimer: That stuff is rather supposed to be thought provoking than 100% true and I'll go for some clickbaitish headline now and then to get the discussion rolling. So, feel free to give your opinion and don't be too angry about me. Also I want to add that my view will, in some cases, not translate into top-level-meta because the time-windows and their use is tighter up there, but with a current Elo of 17xx, my experience should be somewhat applicable for 99% of the player base.)
So, here's the deal. First of all: This is mostly a strat for strong infantry-civs against strong cavalry-civs. (I got quite comfortable wins with Teutons against Poles and with Slavs against Persians, both players were as strong as me.)

Skirm-Opening into Supplies

The strat is to go up 19 pop, open Skirms, focus on eco and then transition into Infantry from there. With Skirms, you are safe against Archer plays while you can skip the Mining Camp. You have the economic advantages of a scout opening without similar risks and you "force" your opponent to skip ranges or at least don't produce many Archers.
Then you can pressure a bit with some [email protected] and Skirms in late Feudal - which can be actually terribly effective, because this is hard to fight and kills buildings decently fast.
And you get a fairly quick Castle Age behind that while already massing your Infantry, so that you hit Castle Age with a big numbers advantage over their Knights and hopefully already good momentum, pushing their base with some Skirms and [email protected].
From that point, they have to decide if they still do the Crossbow-switch, in which case you can just double down on Skirm-production. Or they try to beat you with Knights - people still think Knights win against Longswords, which is the opposite of true if you play it correctly.
I am sure this can be beaten, probably by playing defensively with good Siege micro or even tower defense, but it's far from trivial. (If you want, you can check my games here and here.) You can very easily be surprised by a bunch of 10-20 Longswords, opening your wall in a few seconds and raid under your TCs. If you don't full wall and don't happen to scout the [email protected], your Castle Age transition quickly becomes super messy - with the potential for some game-ending damage right away.

Momentum is Key

What I found before in Infantry vs Cavalry matchups is that you might struggle to get the switch done and actually leave your base and pick fights. When your opponent starts attacking first and you're massing your units at home, then it's hard to ever leave your base, because they can merge with re-inforcements so much quicker and tend to fight with better numbers. They can make a Crossbow-addition any time or annoy you with Siege and Raids. So you might lose the game even when you have on paper the winning army.
With this approach, you take momentum before they make units and keep it up. It's really simple to play, you basically just stream units forward and force them to defend. Even when you get cleared up, you usually get a decent trade and you can reproduce easier. When you can dive their eco just for once, you usually create enough chaos to be ahead in production and then it's comfortable to play.
Important here is that you make good walls before Castle Age hits, which can be held against Knights for a bit at least. Then add just 2-3 Monks at home and you are pretty safe against counter-attacks, so that the Knight's mobility advantage is minimized.
What I just realised: A key advantage is probably that you have map-control in late Feudal which means you have time to set up bigger walls and protect enough space to boom behind. If you don't have the control during the Castle Age transition, you quickly end up in your earlier small walls, don't find ways to expand and run out of farming space or can't access your stone for example. Or your additional TCs are raidable.

How to deal with different openings

A nice side-effect is that you are quite flexible with your Feudal development with this opening. If [email protected] come in, you can start with an Archer and maybe go to Gold quicker, so just play the current standard meta. In the same way you can handle Militias.
In the same way, you are flexible to deal with Archer-openings and follow-ups. If you get good momentum against an Archer opening, you may add a few ones yourself to get some damage in. More probable, they will just go into Skirms themselves or add Scouts and in both cases your [email protected] follow-up is a perfect answer.
Against Scouts, you just add 2 Spears in the beginning and you're fine. Maybe wall up early, as your build is not too tight anyway. I guess you might get into trouble against Scout-Archer-plays, it's micro dependend. But then again, you probably can just go into Skirm-Archer and have the more cost efficient comp. (By the way: In both games that I linked before, the opponents opened with Scouts and then went quickly Castle Age, which on paper seems like the best response, but it didn't work out for them.)
So, the logic is basically: If you start by producing Skirms, you can very easily make additions to that which gives you a competitive army. With defenders advantage, you should be able to hold at least and when the [email protected] kick in, then you can push back and take it from there.

The Macro advantage

What I enjoy the most about the build is how flexible and easy the macro behind it is. I explained in the earlier post a bit more, how to control the eco to get there. Tl;dr: You make many farms.
That means that the eco balance is quite easy as it's almost just a booming-eco. You don't need much on gold, which also means that you can easily buy a bit of gold if necessary. (And btw: For Slavs, Teutons and Vikings (also Poles) that is the best way to utilize their eco bonus.)
Longswords requiring similar resources as villagers basically makes it super easy to switch into a heavy boom or a military all-in if necessary. If you have the army advantage, you can easily add a 4th, 5th TC and super boom behind. If you lose the army advantage and get under pressure, add a 4th, 5th, 6th Barracks, stall out vil production for a few minutes and quickly get back to 30, 40 Longswords.

Diving TC's can be cost efficient

A nice thing is that running Longswords under TCs can actually be cost efficient. That was a privilege of Knights before but now with Gambesons it's the same for Longswords. They get the same pierce armor and per price even a little bit more HP than Knights.
I did the calculation before and forgot what was the exact finding, but against Knights it's just slightly cost efficient to garisson a TC and only when you have Bodkin Arrow. Iirc, with just Fletching it's roughly 50-50 and without Fletching it's not cost efficient. (-> You lose more res by idling your vils than they lose res by losing their Knights.) If someone can add the exact math in the comments, I'll add that here.
And that's only when you assume that all your shots land and that there is no overkill and when you ignore that garissoning often only idles your farms which unbalances your eco quite heavily.
So, basically, since Gambesons you can just run anywhere in an opponent base, raid under TC, don't worry, just reproduce. (Exception: Taking big fights under TCs that can snowball against you if losing.) That makes it easier to play again.

Is that good on top-level?

Obviously, idk. Would like to see it or hear pro thoughts about how that would be beaten consistently. At least we know how MbL tends to get good value from Skirm-openings, so that generally might be something which people underrate because it's not quite clear what you get from it.
I think there is more potential for that when it comes to non-top-Civs, because then up-times are not as tight, which gives you a bit more time window for the farms-spamming and to get the [email protected] going in Feudal and such. So, tournament games will have this naturally less often as the civs tend to be fast paced archer civs, not too many straight cav-plays, not too many infantry-approaches. (In KotD, you just don't have Slavs vs Persians or Teutons vs Sicilians, but you have Mayans vs Ethiopians or so.)
A hint is maybe that Viper recently speculated of Slavs potentially being A-Tier while Hera put them into D-Tier. In the same video, Viper mentioned that Longswords have a place in early Castle Age which is something that he showed in KotD with Malay against MbL.
Perhaps a typical way to deal with it is just play defensively with Archers, wall up, snipe [email protected] from behind the walls and go Castle Age quickly. The type of fast paced clean defensive play which is usually hard to execute for the majority of the player base.
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2023.06.07 00:45 grey_the_ripper Internal Struggles

Nobody ever really talks about the good times. Sometimes even I like to believe they never happened. I’ve been away from my abusive and narcissistic father for about 4 years now and sometimes those good days still haunt me. He’s the one that taught me how to hunt and how to fish. He took me all over the south to different states, fishing, hiking, seeing things. He’s the one that took me to Disney world and the one that brought me back all kinds of cool stuff from his trips to Thailand to visit my stepmoms family. He helped me build my retro video game arsenal. He had so many cool guns and always knew how to fix things.
The dark parts remain.
Every time we had those memories I dive deeper into them. Remembering how when I was lost at Disney world and when he found me, the only thing he was concerned with was how mad at me he was. No emotions, no affection, those things were for women not for men. Every time we’d go hunting or fishing it’s like I found a new way to disappoint him. When I couldn’t drag a deer or Turkey out of the woods I was a disappointment. When I didn’t understand how to drive stick at age 11 I was a disappointment.
The bruises, the slaps, the boot prints in my ribs, they all hailed in comparison to how awful he made me feel with his words and the look of shame in his eyes.
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2023.06.07 00:44 rock_kid Stopping?

I just got new skates for the first time a few weeks ago and they've been an amazing game changer. I went from pretty simple six-year-old Zetrablades with worn down wheels I didn't know I was supposed to change or maintain, to Rollerblade hard boot "Cruisers" and found that hard boot is key for me.
I've been skating for six years pretty regularly and never felt like I learned much, in balance, stability and especially stopping. I skate with a ski pole which helps me stop after I've gradually slowed, but basically just step onto the grass most times.
With my new skates, I've found I can actually balance! I can skate on one foot! I can wiggle, I can swerve, I can speed with confidence!
I am still terrified of that swoopy thing people do to stop by suddenly circling around into a different direction. I am also not confident that the T-stop wheel dragging is great for the skates every time?
What's the common practice for stopping in most circumstances and how would you recommend someone learn how to do it? I have been watching some of the tutorials posted here and plan to watch more YouTube as well, but I wanted to know what methods are most recommended, especially now that I know I can more easily even balance on one foot at a time. (Didn't realize how crucial that would be, and what I was missing out on!)
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2023.06.07 00:41 dlschindler [Murder Of Crows] S1E4 My Crow Speaks To The Cursed

Darkness covered the funeral as those black clouds rained onto black umbrellas. Most of the policemen were gathered to put Sergeant Ventura into the ground. Detective Winters turned from the man's family, Police, and with a scowling cigarette, he headed back towards his car.
"Did it go well?" I asked him from where I had waited in the back seat.
"You know I told them exactly what happened?" He asked me, after a moment of silent conversation. The rain was making a soothing noise on the roof and windshield, repetitive, insistent and natural. I listened to that, instead of the rest of his monologue: about filling out a report, and then talking about the report to his superiors, and now telling me the whole story. I looked out the window as he went on and on, and watched the various policemen and their wives filing away. I noticed only half of them had wives and only one had a male partner. I wasn't sure if he was to be referred to as a 'wife'. Can't be a 'spouse' in this state. "And for all that they just made me write that I had accidentally shot the corpse-shaped booby trap that killed Sergeant Ventura."
"You finished?" I asked while he stopped to catch his breath.
"Yes. Thank you. I feel better." He claimed. He started his car and we drove back to the hotel.
"You just gonna stay here with me?" I asked him as I headed past the beds for the bathroom. I intended to have a shower, thinking: "I admit I don't get them very often, living outdoors."
"I wouldn't dream of leaving you. You are the love of my life. I can't sleep when you aren't in that bed over there, in the same room as me. Meals just don't taste as good without you." Detective Winters had an odd tone of voice as he said all of that. I decided to just leave it alone.
While I was showering, I realized I was afraid of him. I was harmless compared to him, and I could kill someone to protect something I couldn't even explain. What would he do if I tried to escape? I decided it was best to accept this path. I wanted to make recompense for taking a life. It meant something to me, even if I avoided Earthly justice.
I shaved off my beard and tied my hair back with my bandanna. I looked like a human-being. I finally put on the clothes Detective Winters had bought for me at the thrift store. I looked like a decent person. Cory tilted his head at me.
"Looks like you could find a mate." Cory complimented me.
"Think so?" I asked, blushing.
"Amen." Cory squawked supreme affirmation. I presented myself to Detective Winters.
"Thank you." He muttered, with a cigarette towering ash atop a filter on his mouth, as he lay on his back with a towel over his eyes. He was thanking me for cleaning up.
I too got some rest. It seemed like all we did was sit at the policestation and fill out paperwork. I had started pacing and found I was not allowed out of his sight. Being confined was strangely exhausting.
I laid there and started to fall asleep. It was strange, sleeping indoors again. It had taken me so many nights in that bed to get used to it. My dreams were of distant times and places. Sometimes I saw Khurl and primitive humans in my dreams. Those were strange nights. The hotel window was open, and the sounds of people softly shuffling by, or arguing in the distance, or watching an infomercial all night on full volume, drifted in with the cool breeze. The world was outside and I had learned to sleep in a new place. A strange kind of sleep.
The phone rang and I awoke and sat up. Cory was watching me in the darkness. He asked:
"What is that?"
"It's Detective Winters's phone." I told him.
After it stopped ringing he woke up and got it and called back. He was laying there half asleep.
"You called?" He sounded quiet and spoke slowly. "I was asleep. I saw that you just called. I want to talk to you. Are you okay? I miss you. Hello?"
Someone might be talking to him. He was listening, there in the darkness. Then he looked at the phone, acknowledging that the call was ended. He gently set the phone down and rolled back over. I could only presume he was trying to fall back asleep.
Then his phone rang again and he answered it and asked in a voice I only heard him use there, at night:
"Please tell me what it is. I want to hear it." And there was a pause as he waited for a response. But it was his boss instead, and after chuckling: he told Detective Winters that he was needed at the scene of a murder. I could hear it.
"Let's go." He looked over and saw I was awake. We dressed and went to the car. The cool night air greeted us and Cory outstretched his wings, loving the breeze.
We got out of the car, at those last moments of night, at a hiking trail that led up Grandfather Hill, after crossing Sunberry Creek. I've tasted the legendary sunberries. They aren't meant for human consumption. I wouldn't recommend them.
Forensics had a van near the head of the trail. The body was about to get removed. They had waited for Detective Winters.
"There is the trail they made to get to her." Detective Winters had his last cigarette and lit it with his 'little red riding hood and wolf eyes' lighter. He took a death-sucking drag from it and pointed with it while he exhaled unhealthy air. "I want us to go the long way. I want to know the rest of her story."
I stood quietly and shivered. Cory clicked that there was a path if I turned around. It was a click that meant it was only the first step. There were three or four to find the path. He'd not tell me there were a series of steps, because crows don't think of numbers in the same pattern as humans. Numbers are magical, in their symbolism, to crows. Crows can count to a degree, but they will often stop counting if the number matches the same meaning they identify with the bushels they are counting. Thus the number three, to a crow, is also essentially female, as a symbol. Therefore when counting a group of females, there would necessarily be three. Every number had such a meaning.
I found a stone and when I stepped upon it I knew the path across the roots. It appeared when we got to the top of the hill. It led down to where the creek was. I stopped to get Detective Winters and heard him behind me:
"I'm following." His voice sounded like he had his eyes on me and couldn't really see the path. Cory kept urging my steps and then told me:
"This is where it first found her." Cory hopped down and pointed with his beak. "I think it is like a man. See its funny footstep?"
"What happened?" I asked.
"How should I know, my Lord? You always task me so." Cory flitted up to my shoulder and trembled and whispered into my ear: "It killed her, I am guessing. What do you think?"
I listened then. I had heard the forest once before. I knew this place, it could whisper, in that same tone. For just a moment it was almost a glimmer of a feeling, a childish emotion, a very crude and simple feeling, like just one note of a song. I glanced up and smiled.
"Cory." I said softly, smiling. He drilled a long series of clicks that was his most hilarious laugh.
"My Lord?" Cory wanted to hear what I was thinking.
"It is like Beauty and the Beast. This footprint, that is like a man. It is a man that is like a beast. He wanted her, loved her, followed her."
"Killed her." Cory added.
"That wasn't the plan. See how carefully it hid." I pointed where the shafts of sunlight lit each footprint perfectly. Such a thing could not step out of the bounds that were set for it by nature. Each of its movements in the forest was perfectly synchronized. Until something on its trail changed. Its movement pattern changed. It was following her, although still very careful as it went.
"What godless beast saw this woman and looked so intently?" Cory sounded interested. I could not guess, while I studied its saddest footsteps.
"This is where it retreated." I pointed to the path of its egress from the kill site. The sunlight danced through the trees as though the light were floating through the forest. In those strange shadows I could imagine the rest:
Hunched and breathing in the moonlight it had watched her approach. She had seen its eyes and perhaps she had screamed, fled, panicked. On instinct the beast had forgotten its fascination and attacked. Her fragile body stood no chance and it left her there and fled this direction. I was walking its path.
"I am going to get dogs out here. Wait!" Detective Winters called after me. He sensed the terrible danger and wasn't driven to it as I was.
"Must go now." Cory was insisting. My crow was also afraid.
"I want to see for myself." I also insisted. I was afraid too, but the quality of my fear was merely a sail to the fears lurking upon my path. I could not turn back and face those darker gazes. They could see into my soul and ignore me, cosigning me to the void.
The full moon still stood overhead and shone down in the lighting sky. In the eerie green light of the forest I found a clearing. I had followed the trail, losing the policemen and the detective. They would eventually find me.
The clearing was ringed by mustard colored toadstools all around its edge. A man lay in the bloodied pelt of a wolf as it peeled from his body. His claws held the earth and were caked in gore. Now I only felt the terror of my action. I had ignored my fear, for fear of being ignored by my own lucky stars. Now I was terrified of the thing before me, the deadly and unnatural visage of it.
The beast was breathing a painful mist onto my hand. He was a little more man, than creature, as his stillness grew; from moment to moment. He looked up at me.
"Know we see you." Cory spoke in his most sincere and clearest English.
"Why have you come to see this?" The man-wolf asked in a voice, broken by remorse, tired by rage, shamed by murder and driven to isolation. Besides the inhuman growl that its voice was composed of. Its yellow eyes stared, bleeding tears across a face not yet human and no longer an animal.
"Did you love her?" I asked. "Before she saw you, nothing happened to her."
"Melody! Oh god no! She followed me!" He exclaimed. When he said 'me' he began to howl dismally. This broke into an unearthly and almost inhuman cry of agony, straight from his soul. Hearing it, and knowing the fruit of his lamentation, is what turned a streak of my beard and hair white, and the white feather on Cory drained of color at that same time.
We stood in the morning light and waited. The cursed creature in front of us sobbed miserably. He said:
"I should be dead, not her."
"Death will always happen." Cory told him.
"Not for me." He wept bitterly.
"He understood you." I noticed.
"Indeed. I think it shows he is not so bad. You listen well enough to understand an animal." Cory spoke to me and then to him. He just stared at my crow. Then he confessed:
"It is the beast that is evil."
"She loved you too." I was sure. "Twas the beast that killed her, for that love."
"She did love me." He told the truth and the hot tears washed some of the blood off of his face.
Dogs and policemen arrived. The moon was gone and the sunlight was warming the forest. They trampled the toadstools and put the decomposing wolf's skin into evidence bags. They put the cursed one in handcuffs. An irony that the cuffs could only hold him while he was relatively harmless, not when he was the beast, of course. I was sure of that too, as I looked at a tree he had struck in his bestial fury, cutting into it like the wood of oak were soft.
"What will happen?" I asked Detective Winters.
"You know as well as I do." He replied. "Crazy guy like that will get the best care of modern medicine."
"That's probably for the best." I surmised.
"Yeah?" Detective Winters complimented me, as he lit a smoke he had bummed off of someone. "I believe you. You know I do."
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2023.06.07 00:39 dlschindler [Murder Of Crows] S1E3 My Crow Speaks To The Mad

I sat in the parking lot of McDonald's feeding french fries to my talking crow. We were in the back of Detective Winters's car. He was having the large coffee that cost only a dollar. He had told me he liked it better than Starbuck's, as he took it black.
"Sergeant Ventura was a good cop." Detective Winters was talking about the policeman that had gotten killed at the crimescene.
"Did he have family?" I asked.
"He was divorced." Detective Winters sounded like he could cry for the dead man. "We were his family."
I ate my cheeseburger in silence. Cory hopped onto the fries and scattered them to the floor. He looked up at me without an apology for his behavior before he went to go eat some of them.
We were taken to a hotel where we became roommates with Detective Winters. The maid knocked on the door as I was taking off my boots. He answered it with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth that he had lit with hotel matches.
"What is it?" He asked her. I listened, genuinely curious.
"No animals." She pushed past him slightly and spotted Cory. Presumably, she would go get the hotel manager.
"It's okay, he is with me. I am a detective. I am solving murders." He told her, and showed her his badge with a well-rehearsed gesture. She gave him a very admonishing look and left without saying more. I wondered if our sleep would be interrupted. I was very tired and went right to bed.
In the morning the same maid was back, prompting me to wonder if she had worked all night. She glared at us as we left and she went in to clean.
Detective Winters took me to the station and made me sit around with him all day while he did paperwork. He had interviews with people and more paperwork. His job suddenly seemed very boring to me. I already longed to go outside and discover the world out there. I was his hostage because he knew I knew that I was his suspect in a murder.
"I want you investigating this. Looks like it might be the hitchhiker killer. If you can get some cooperation from you-know-who, maybe we can call the FBI on this one." The boss of Detective Winters walked over to his desk and gave him a thin file on a crime scene secured earlier.
"Let's go." Detective Winters got up and I followed.
"Who was he talking about?" I asked.
"A possible serial killer. I know a guy who knows a lot more than he is telling us. First we need to go see the crime scene. Forensics is already there so you will have to wait outside." Detective Winters was talking fast. He was excited about this for some reason.
"You know this serial killer?"
"Yes. If it is the same one then we've had several killings already. I will need to go see our friend. Then we call the FBI." Detective Winters explained.
"Is that how it's done?" I asked.
"It is how we are gonna do this. You wouldn't understand." He started his car and we left.
"You like it when people say 'you wouldn't understand' to you?" I asked after awhile.
"Not really. Sorry. I just don't like feeling like I am explaining myself to someone." Detective Winters gave me some kind of crude apology for the way he had spoken to me.
"Well, I don't really like listening to you anyway." I offered. After that we just drove in silence. After we arrived at the crime scene, Cory went to the floor of the back seat to feed on the drying fries left there. Detective Winters asked someone he was passing for their cigarette, took it, and smoked it, as he walked away. We were left there alone in his car.
I was tempted to just get out and walk away. I felt that it would be dishonorable. Therefore I stayed, out of a sense that I was doing the right thing.
"What a mess." Detective Winters came back after awhile. He fished a half smoked butt out of his ashtray and lit it with the car's lighter. Then he rolled down the window to exhale smoke as we drove away.
We arrived at a small trailer where a column of smoke arose from out back. Detective Winters said: "Come with me."
The man was just throwing the last papers and files out of an empty banker's box and tossed it aside where several others sat empty.
"Daniel Barrow." Detective Winters spoke so he would turn around. The man gestured at the destructive act he had committed and shrugged and smiled.
"What can I say?" Daniel Barrow asked. "I don't work for you. I am a private eye. You know, an investigator-for-hire."
"I could arrest you for destruction of evidence." Detective Winters told the private eye.
"Then do so. I am merely destroying my own pictures and notes. Personal property." Daniel insisted.
Then we left him there, smoke trailing away with bits of white ash in his hair.
"What a dick..." Detective Winters used a bad pun.
I chuckled and replied: "He seemed crazy."
Something dawned and Detective Winters held his hand up at me for a second while he thought. Then he lowered it and brightly added:
"Dellfriar Asylum." Detective Winters decided.
"Where crazy people are?" I tried to follow his jump to a conclusion. I had no idea what he was talking about.
"Where Doctor Evans was killed. That is how I met our friend for the first time. He was caught snooping around that crime scene too." Detective Winters recalled.
I said nothing as we drove to Dellfriar and gained access to the ancient and fearsome looking seaside castle. It was still medieval compared to other mental hospitals. I had only seen it in pictures, but now the place creeped me out.
"What are we doing here?" I asked. "If Doctor Evans was killed by the same person Daniel Barrow would have told you about: then you already know who it is."
"You are right." He stared up at the terrifying structure. "Jesse Darling. She was a patient here. We have a copy of her file. You are right. There is something more I wanted to see again."
"I'd rather wait here." I told him. He nodded and left us in the parking lot.
When he came back he looked disappointed. We drove back to the hotel in silence. The next day he met with the FBI and told them what he knew, about a serial killer named Jesse Darling.
Then he found me and told me: "Her name is Scarlet. She was friends with Daniel Barrow. He visited her often."
"Now that you have completed that path, why not try another?" I asked him.
"Scarlet is who we should be looking for." Detective Winters agreed. "We will never find Jesse Darling."
"Then let's start at the beginning." I advised him. And so we drove back to the crime scene we were at before.
His decision was to drive along the highway from there, heading away from Dellfriar. Detective Winters said:
"I think she has killed six men and she tried to kill Daniel Barrow. He survived."
As it grew dark a light rain began to fall. The sound of the windshield wipers kept going. My hand began to ache. Up ahead stood someone in a red hoody, hitchhiking with their left thumb. We pulled over.
"Must go now." Cory cawed.
"Sounds anxious." Detective Winters noted.
"He is saying we must leave." I translated. "He gets jittery."
"He got a name?"
"Cory." I took my crow to my lap and gently held him while the back passenger door opened. I looked over at the dark shape in the red hoody. Lightning flashed behind her before she got in to sit with me in the back.
I could feel the damp cold air coming off of her hoody as she seated herself. She was young, although her face was kinda mean looking. As she spoke, she gestured with her left hand, her right never appearing. She said:
"I was walking and this rain started. I just need a lift into town." And she tried a fake little laugh and smile.
"We can give you a lift." Detective Winters offered. We started back onto the highway and she reached up with her left hand and got her seatbelt on.
"The hand is silver and it can cut like a knife. Maker of dead men, from living ones. She actually likes doing it, you could learn from her." Cory told me about our guest.
"Your bird talks." She smiled. This smile looked real, but still predatory.
"If you call that talking." Detective Winters chuckled with a masculine disregard.
"I don't know." I stammered. I was frozen in fear. This was surely our hook-hand hitchhiker. She was definitely Scarlet. I could imagine her weapon striking away half my neck in one instant swipe, out of nowhere. She'd kill the detective next. Only she was wearing a seatbelt: so our corpses would get ejected into the darkness. She'd stay belted to her seat.
"I can understand him." She smiled coyly.
"You can?" I was choking. Sweat beaded my forehead and terror gripped my heart.
"He says I am pretty and sweet and that you already like me." She sighed.
"He said that." I breathed mechanically.
We pulled into a gas station. Scarlet stayed seated, smiling endlessly at me, her eyes shiny like glass. I had to pee yet couldn't move. I was afraid that if I tried to get out: she would slaughter me.
Detective Winters took his time filling gas, making a long phone call, buying cigarettes and smoking about half the pack. I was in agony: it was either pee myself and probably trigger her killing me, or get out and die trying.
"I really have to pee. Is it okay if I go and go pee?" I squeaked.
"Sure. Come right back." She was still smiling like a golden devil at me. I crept away from her and shut the door. Cory was on my shoulder as we obtained the key, attached to a real goat's leg, hoof and all. I went into the bathroom and peed.
As we came out with the goat leg in one hand, zipping up with the other, the parking lot lit up. Police cars swarmed from all around, surrounding Detective Winters's car. I watched while armored SWAT had to drag Scarlet from the vehicle.
Scarlet managed to slash them anyway, drawing blood from three of them. Her hidden prosthetic arm was indeed like a sharp pair of hooks. She whipped out a knife and got one of them in the groin. Blood spurted from his wound and he staggered and fell over.
Finally, they had her restrained and arrested. I went into the gas station to return the goat's leg bathroom key. Detective Winters came into the gas station behind me and selected a lighter to buy. It was with a bunch of lighters with tattoo art on them. His had a little red riding hood, looking scared, and standing in front of a wolf's eyes.
"You're still alive." He told me and flicked his lighter's flame in front of me before he went back out to the car.
"Death will always happen." Cory agreed with him.
I just sighed and tossed the goat's leg onto the counter.
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2023.06.07 00:31 IrreliventPerogi Gardens of the Moon - A First-Time Reader's Experience, Final Thoughts, and Observations


A brief, beautiful series of vignettes. We close the loop on some emotional beats, as well as receive promises/foreshadowings of further adventures.


The opening verses of Rumor Born, and possibly my favorite piece of poetry in the whole novel. It took me until this epigraph to realize that the title itself is referring to the city of Darujhistan and it's history. That said, given the fact that the work describes the events of the novel itself, and is written by the same guy who wrote Anomandris, then either Fisher was a Seer of incredible power or else has an immensely long lifespan. Possibly both, although the fact that Fisher's birth date is unknown implies the latter. Even at the end, answers only invite further questions.
The only other point of note is the reference to the "Gates of Nowhere" but I'm unsure what that might mean. The SCDAT?

The Epilogue Itself

The remaining Bridgeburners land back where they'd initially launched from at the beginning of Book 3, preparing to await their Moranth escort. Quick Ben and Whiskeyjack watch Moon's Spawn drift south, possibly to find another contest, this time against the Pannion Seer. Whiskeyjack's headaches have been lessening, possibly in response to his loosening heart, less guarded than the one he bore into Darujhistan. His cool reference to the loss of three members not being "that bad, considering" and Mallet's pained response shows the change has yet to take in full, but the Seargent has begun a slow road back to humanity. We leave the Bridgeburners with an ominous note, that Quick Ben has hatched another scheme, a big feint, one which might run over poorly with Whiskeyjack.
Captain Paran watches his men below on the beach, contemplating everything it cost him to get here. His... unique nature has granted new senses, and a growing awareness of Silverfox. Whether or not the romance between Paran and Tattersail was Oppon compelled or not, the two resolve to reunite in time. Mysteriously, they communicate over vast distances, although it seems to be an unreliable process. He has buried Lorn, now finally a soldier, holding in the position once held by the very man who warned him against this path, walking a path of ruin himself. Ganoes Paran, the gods have noticed you, and their gaze is unlikely to fall from someone who survived their use — what will you make of yourself?
Kalam, Fiddler, Apsalar, and Crokus sail west for Dhavran. The former claw is amused by the two youths and their naive innocence. Crokus asks after Unta, and they speak of leaving others behind, and moving forward. Kalam holds nothing against Apsalar, she's just a girl, after all. Crokus objects to this and discards the Coin, no longer in need of luck. Circle Breaker, even here barely noticed, decides to inform the Eel one last time that the Coin Berrer has freed himself, then looks forward, anticipating a new life. Also, the monkey's a demon, which probably means something that it decided to stick around.
And so, with beautiful prose and bittersweet optimism, so ends the first tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Gardens of the Moon

An excellent start all around! We've yet to see how fitting it may be for the rest of the series, but for now, I'm hooked! So much of this rode on Erikson's ability to pull off this massively ambitious departure from the commonplace, and he managed to pull it off far better than could be expected. While I recognize his inspirations in histories and anthropology, being able to port one form of literature to another, not only across genres but the fiction/non-fiction divide, is seriously impressive. While doing so without sacrificing much of the strengths of either format; even leveraging them to complement one another, is a staggering feat. I'll be breaking things down, although these categories are listed in no particular order, into Plot, Characters, Setting, Cosmology (encompassing the more fantastical elements from magic to races), and Prose/Format.


Favorite plots include the whole Jaghut Tyrant arc (for obvious reasons), Paran's Excellent adventure, and the whole Coll/Lady Simttal arc.
The deep lore cuts of all the Jaghut and T'lan Imass storylines are incredible, worldbuilding on a scope that allows for geological/evolutionary implications. The powers at play boggle the imagination and feel realized despite their incomprehensibility. Not necessarily "cosmic horror" although that plays a part, but a cosmic spectacle nonetheless. Ending, of course, with an apocalyptic battle feeling like the climax of a series of epics we barely get to glimpse. Looking forward to seeing so much more of this side of the Malazverse. I will say, the T'lan Imass gathering never really occurred, but I expect that's still coming.
Paran's whole plotline, beginning with quickly snuffed youthful aspirations, to political maneuverings, to being a pawn in the interplay between many gods and ascendants, to shaking free of the powers chaining him, if not necessarily free of what has happened to him, was great to watch unfold. It was the most straightforward "quest fantasy" of the book, touching on many cool places and meeting a wide variety of characters. Paran's brute "I'm already dead anyway so I may as well attack things head on" strategy was refreshing to watch, his relationships to Topper, Tattersail, and Toc were all great and helped to show his evolving character. Connecting with the Bridgeburners and helping them sort everything going on out was cathartic. And of course, the elephant in the room, the Dragnripur episode was fascinating and haunting and I need more.
Then there was the whole Oppon-infused plan regarding Lady Simtal and particularly its climax, was fantastic. I'm a sucker for plotlines that were technically successful yet have the characters involved come away regretting it happening in the first place. The solidarity between the Phoenix Inn regulars was great, as well as untangling their connections to one another. No there's no objective reason this one stood above the other Darujhistan plotlines, but I jive with it.
Other plots, such as all the Tiste Andii background intrigue, Crokus's whole ordeal, as well as Tattersail's plotline are great as well.
Most of the Tiste Andii stuff needs to be unpacked more fully down the road, as is we have only a brief glimpse into this massive, alien world on Moon's Spawn. Caladan Brood, Kallor, the unseen Prince K'azz, and Crone all seem to have their own intrigue going on, keeping someone reigned in. As for that someone, Anomander Rake's whole deal is a whole deal, I'm enthralled to see more of this obsolete great desperately try to get his people to care about anything again. The dragons are all tangled in this as well. Yea, I did just spend a lot of words just implying things without divulging much of what it meant, but so did Erikson and I'm hooked.
So Oppon's big plan seems to just keep nudging this one unwitting kid around via hormones and coincidence to drag the genuinely important players around. This is fascinating because it seems all Oppon wanted to do was mess with the Empire. For reasons that aren't quite clear yet, the gods seem terrified of this growing coalition of power on the part of the mortals and are doing what they can to slow this down. Even more interesting, they'd likely be able to curb-stomp the mortals pretty easily if they all weren't in their own cold war with one another. Oppon did seem to be multitasking a bit with messing with Shadow, but I'm less certain why they'd have beef outside of each operating in the "screw with stuff we shouldn't" domain.
Tattersall's (or now Silverfox's) arc is of course left wide open by the end of this, but is great. The Deck of Dragons is a fantastic narrative device, as we get assurance of the god's machinations in the background without having to pull the curtain back all the way. Also, one of the lingering questions I have is who the Ascendant that messed with the reading she did with Tayscheren was. I guess Shadowthrone? The whole soul-shifting arc and rebirth sequence are haunting and more than a but disturbing, but that speaks to the alternatives she could have undergone from her stunt in body-hopping. Her relationship with romance was a bit, odd, but there's a non-trivial element of divine meddling so it's cool ig.
The plotting is currently the strongest element of M:BotF thus far. That we had like 14 different plot threads splitting off and overlapping and drawing together over the course of the narrative is insane. That many of these plot threads managed to enliven and enlighten one another, narratively, thematically, and lore-wise, only makes the whole multiplicatively stronger than the sum of its parts. Everything felt pretty natural, with the threads that did overlap often doing so secondarily, as natural consequences rather than merging together into one mega-climax. I mean, we did get one mega-climax-sequence, but that was far more due to their proximity rather than each even being doomed to become defined by one another. Events that started separately for separate reasons stayed separate, but the shared pool of locations and characters helped to cause each of these to be deeply interconnected in the lives of those characters. Speaking of which...


My relationship with the characters of this novel is a bit interesting. They serve their plots wonderfully, and nearly every one of them has several standout moments in both word and deed. Yet, on the whole, they're, fine. I guess they're... exactly the sum of their parts? Don't get me wrong, these are extremely good parts they're made of. New character archetypes, old ones played extremely well, old ones given genuinely inventive twists. These are very good characters, but possibly the weakest pillar of the novel. The dialogue is weighty and meaningful, betraying a depth to the world and the people in it. Actions are (usually) thought out, exceptions to this rule are all true to a character or under extenuating circumstances. I want to see more of all of them. It's just, there isn't much of that "x factor" a lot of great character writers bring out.
I've already praised Paran, his attitude, and his motives. He's way over his head at the best of times and just has to bluff and namedrop long enough to survive to a point where he can effect genuine change. That effort changes him pretty drastically, and while he is somewhat better off for it, it is a sad thing to see the naive kid in him die off so soon.
Tattersail is interesting to me, I like her, but as a character she's on the weaker end of the cast. We do see her strong emotions and compassion explored a bit, but she takes a pretty hard left turn plot wise before that goes much of anywhere. We'll have to wait and see how Silverfox pans out.
Whiskeyjack fascinates me, we don't get too much of who he is, just all that's left of him of being ground into the dust. I can't wait to see Whiskeyjack the Old Guard thaw off more, as well as Whiskeyjack the man.
Quick Ben and Kalam probably stand as my current favorite Bridgeburners, their bromance being a highlight of the novel all while standing as fascinating characters on their own. Quick Ben has, all kinds of backstory running around, as well as secrets on top of that, but what we know of him so far is great. Kalam's just world-weary, yet he can't help but keep moving forward until he can bow out legitimately. The two of them are so much fun on top of being fascinating.
Dujek and Tayscheren, while not super present in the novel, are pretty great characters in their own right. Dujek, last of the Old Guard with any real power, just trying to do what he can for his men. And Tayscheren, not necessarily evil, but just a guy swallowed up in his own job.
Hairlock, while not making too much of a splash in the grand scheme of things, was an incredibly fun inclusion and a great initial antagonist. Just a power-mad goofy little guy who doubles as our first major look into this world's magic and cosmology.
Adjunct Lorn was one of the standout characters of the novel, a woman enslaved to her own self-justification. Torn between the scared girl trapped in the mines and the unfeeling super claw, unable to reconcile the two before the end. Her constant contradictions and tensions within her character were fascinating to watch.
And Toc, poor Toc man. A great guy who I'd loved to have seen more of, just being such an interesting character on top of being fun. I feel he's introduced some interesting concepts, from the "inner sight" superstition of Seven Cities to whomever his dad is, but the credits have rolled and my guy is still down for the count, so I'll be interested to see how these elements are brought back.
Crokus Younghand stands out in this novel as the one, lone dumbass. Stop being literally me Crokus, you're embarrassing us. His interactions with everyone are great, quickly vacillating between idealism and stubbornness, romanticism and a parody grimdark woe-is-me view of reality. Every interaction he has with a woman is golden, but not particularly a glowing performance on his end.
Magnanimous Kruppe the First is the indesputable highpoint of this esteemed tale, and I will not hear otherwise. He is of course, bestowed of many virtues, chief among so his delight in the many pleasures of this world, second among so his capacity to indulge in any virtue or pleasure at will. Cleverest of anyone we see here, able to run conversations by himself with faux humility (for what does Kruppe have a need to be humble about?) and keep the magnificent city of Darujhistan in his pocket. There is a power vacuum of sorts our dear Eel needs to fulfill, and there is plenty of the rotund mage to explore each new crevice.
Rallick Nom and Murillio are great as well, in many ways they act as foils of one another. Rallick does what he does because he sees this as his only path through life, holding onto the concept of his actions benefiting others to preserve his mortality. Murillio, on the other hand, has a moral code of sorts but will transgress it if he feels there is a way to benefit a friend sufficiently. In the end, they both wind up morally bankrupt.
Lady Simtal and Turban Orr were fun villains. Not particularly unique but pulled off extremely well.
High Alchemist Baruk seems to have a whole bunch of layers to him. We keep getting allusions to a whole bunch of relevant stories with this man, such as his ascendancy or close friendship to Rallick Nom, but we don't get to see much of it, which I feel is a shame.
Raest is an awsome force of nature villain, believably evil for the sake of it. Namely, his evil is specific which is what makes for great villains of this sort. Raest wanted control over the longterm development of his world, to fundamentally remake things after his own nature.
Anomander freaking Rake. Nuf said.


While this is our first real look into Wu(?) as a whole, I'll mostly focus on modern-day Genebakis.
A great setting, with a bit of ecological and cultural diversity, although mostly hyperfocused on the city of Darujhistan. Perhaps a bit more could have been done in the set-dressing department. Genebaris received no real description, despite apparently existing in a different biome than the more southern cities. Similarly, he evidently passes through a forest, but of what kind? Touches like these could help further drive in the scope of the narrative physically in a similar manner to the temporal scope. It also is a bit disappointing because when Erikson did go the extra mile to do so, such as Kruppe's dreams or the like, two up-close descriptions of Darujhistan (besides just being big, blue, and copper from far off) were great. Actually, the lack of Darujhistan descriptions was possibly the biggest missed opportunity.
But what we do get in the City of Blue Fire is great and evocative. From the infrastructure to the politics to the culture and religion, it all stands out even among other great fantasy cities.
The Rhivi, Moranth, and Bhargast can all stand to be expanded on, but I get the sense that they'll be more than able to provide on that front once it becomes time. I'm curious to see how southern Genebakis contrasts to the northern reaches, but we'll get to that when we get to that.
Erikson's experience as an anthropologist really shines through, with the breadth, depth, and specificity of the world-building and cultures. I anticipate this element of the BotF rising to the top for me personally once we have more time to watch it unfold.

Cosmology and Magic

So my takes on these have been... rather well received, it seems. I love what tiny bit of the magic and cosmos of the world I've seen so far and look forward to understanding more!
In a lot of ways, it seems magic in this world is itself undergoing an evolutionary process, with all the Elder Warrens to Warrens ascendants and gods, and mortals evidently now being potent enough to overpower the gods themselves. If we expand on this analogy, then a lot of the confusion might be due to poor terminology. E.g. define a fish. Now define a Warren. There seem to be multiple related things all lumped under the same blanket term, despite their functional difference. The magic super highways and demi-planes and isolated pockets within objects (Dragnupir and the Finnest) are all roughly related (fish) while being intrinsically different and likely further classifiable as such (trout, squid, and sharks if you will).
But aside from that residual speculation and just generally saying its cool, I don't got much to say here.

Prose and Format

The prose of GotM was pretty good! Not the best, but serviceable, engaging, and evocative with a handful of really standout passages. I cannot wait to see this take a ten-year leap in Deadhouse Gates!
The formating was interesting. Many chapters were wonderfully interwoven PoV's all complimenting each other. Some could have conceivably been split into multiple quite comfortably, other blended. Makes me wonder why Erikson collected things as he did. Chapter 9 was basically 4 self-contained sequences each a chapter long, lol. ... It's because the Odessy has 24 chapters, isn't it? The book breakdown was terrifically effective, while Books 4, 5, and 6 largely blended together PoV-wise, they each still had their specific goals and arcs.
I'm a major fan of Epigraphs, and these were all great! (Despite my constant timeline and poetry scruples) A lot of my more out-there theorizing tended to be a bit more playful with the epigraphs than I think Erikson ever got, but that's more my own biases talking. I will say, if I ever get around to writing anything, I'd love to go ham on epigraph shenanigans.
All in all, this profoundly unique PoV structure (not so much unique in form as in just how broad and ambitious it is) works to elevate the whole experience. That Erikson so radically adheres to 3rd limited can get somewhat constraining at times, especially when we're not privy to info our PoV has, but overall, it works.

Final Thoughts

So, with all my nit-picking, critiques, and half-praise, did I even like this novel? No, I LOVE it. It is in many ways as advertised, a messy first step into a unique and wildly ambitious new direction, and I'm wholly invested in watching the rest of this unfold!
And now for one last pass through the ancillary goodies:
Dramatis Personae
Is actually quite funny in retrospect. But first:
Sorry is mentioned as a killer in the guise of a young girl. Obvious when you're in the know but it doesn't give the answer right away.
Dancer is mentioned as the advisor (right-hand, if you will) right out of the gate, D'oh.
Toc the Elder disappeared during Laseen's purges, interesting.
Kruppe: a man of false modesty, TRUE
Coll being merely listed as a drunk, technically true.
Chert: "an unlucky bully" lol
Mammot is listed as a High Preist of D'riss, D'oh.
The Eel is listed independently of Kruppe, good cover.
K'Rul is listed as the Maker of Paths, D'oh.
And that's more or less it. (I mean, I only skimmed it before, so its not like a missed anything)


Not too much to say here, but a few notes:
Poliel, Missteres of Pestilence, and Soliel, Missteres of Healing have rather similar names, which is interesting.
The Warrens here are all listed as what their actual domains are, which is a nice aid. There don't seem to be any more than the ones named somewhere within the text, which is fine, but a couple odd notes:
Meanas is listed as the Path of Shadow and Illusion, Tattersail mentioned the two domains are connected, whereas Quick Ben (once a High Preist of Shadow) had seemed to regard the two as separate. There's a story there.
Also, Thyr, Tattersaill's Warren, is the Warren of Light, given the apparently... interesting relationship between Light and Dark, particularly Lights evident "corruption" I'd love to see the implications of all this.
The K'chain Che'maille's Elder Warren is not listed, either because it doesn't exist (once again proving them the worst Elder Race, nerds got soloed by some snow, lol) or it was simply never mentioned. Given we have seen at least one magic relic from them, likely the latter.
Also, the Azath is nowhere mentioned, which is interesting in itself.
Well, that's that! See y'all in a week or so, once I've gotten a test out of the way, with the beginning of Deadhouse Gates!
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2023.06.07 00:25 breadgehog Yggdrasill and Egg Deck

Hey all, with the English release of Vs Royal Knights effectively around the corner I'm looking at different decks I might want to make and I'm curious, what do you think of the risk/reward of putting a 5th card in the egg deck alongside the 4 Yggdrasills? Since the opponent can't interact with your breeding zone you just get an extra -1 to the memory cost reduction effect, but with the tradeoff that if you hit that 20% on your first egg flip you then have to deal with a tempo hit as well as the consequences of having to remove that egg somehow. Is this worth a gamble on average, and if so, what would your best recommendations be for rookies to "save" your breeding area from a bad flip?
I was thinking ST09-02 Veemon to complement BT13-040 Magnamon, but also because that particular Veemon can evolve out of either blue or green level 2s, which would let you run BT7-004 Koromon and dig through your deck a little to set up. Is this too much couching for a worst-case scenario, or is this something that could actually be worth considering to an extent depending on how many copies of the Veemon and Magnamon you run?
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2023.06.07 00:24 Sufficient_Matter_66 I dont understand this game

I watched a video by sting ray the other day where he shows that getting to diamond is easy because players will just throw out random attacks and u can just punish them.
In fact everyone seems to say that all u need to do is punish ur opponents attacks, but no matter how hard i try i cant punish anything in this game. Been playing for like 6 months and im great at combos and movement but i just cant punish anything. It’s like my brain does not register that my opponent is performing a move until its already too late to punish and i just get hit by the next move they throw out.
Yet when i watch sting ray he can just immediately can punish any move his opponent throws. I dont get it i get hit by like 10 of my opponents random moves before im able to punish 1 of them.
My best playstyle has always just been to read my opponents movement patterns and throw out less punishable moves where i think they will be going. Trying to wait for my opponent to attack first and punish those attacks has always been a terrible strategy for me.
I guess my question is is there some secret that makes punishing moves easy or am i missing something else? It feels like i need my opponents to have literally 2 seconds of extra end lag on their moves to effectively punish them.
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2023.06.07 00:21 Glum-Interaction2099 How do you win?

I know how each piece moves, I know the aim of the game. Yet every fucking time I get fucking duped. Either nobody wins and we draw. Or I get off to a fantastic start going on the offensive, Taking out loads of their powerful pieces, But somehow with maybe two powerful pieces at most left on the table that I'm unable to take down, They take out my absolute fucking miriad of powerful pieces until they're able to use two pathetic pieces to checkmate me and win. Every fucking time I deserve to win these games and the opponent comes from the jaws of fucking defeat to be like "Haha fuck you, You lose"
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2023.06.07 00:18 Riceballtabby Beginning to see more "drop the T" sentiments from non-lgbt people

Title. I've seen an increasing number of people talk about how they still support lgb people, but view trans people as a bunch of monkeys in a circus that are making everyone else look bad. I've seen this sentiment pop up every now and then, even in transmeds spaces, but it seemed to be a very online kind of thought to have. As in it was mostly said by people who spent a lot of time in trans communities, instead of being an outsiders chiming in occasionally. Now I'm starting to see more hetcis people say it, both online and irl. Most damming has been the people offline for me, since I actually have to deal with them... It's scary to see because if non-lgbt people are willing to "cut off the bad limb" for LGBs, it means that LGBs who still support us might get dragged through the mud. I know a few LGB people who'd happily throw us under the bus too to save their own skin, which is what they might be pressured to do if this sentiment continues to grow. I'm just really worried.
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2023.06.07 00:18 thebasementofheaven My best friend's boyfriend is controlling

i (23f) have been best friends with A (22f) since we were 10. when A was 15, she got her first boyfriend who she is still with today (7 years later). A and i went to different high schools and colleges and we have always remained close, but her boyfriend has put a strain on our friendship. i've never really liked him, but i've respected that she loves him and sees something in him that other people don't. the fact of the matter is that nobody likes him. it's not just me. i'm very close with her family as well (theyre like my family) and they feel the exact same as me. just to give some context, her boyfriend is very rude and controlling. one time, A and i were driving on a roadtrip and he called her and asked her to put me on speaker and said, "if you kill her in a car accident, i'll kill your entire family and piss on your grave." additionally, these past few years, since our friendship is long distance, we havent seen each other as much, but the times we have, he's constantly calling and texting her and wanting her to come home right then and yells at her when she says she doesn't want to. he doesnt want her to be around me and he wants her all to himself. i've talked with her about his behavior and so has her family and she just says that's who he is. and her family feels similarly. in high school, they let him live at their house for free and paid for everything because he comes from a chaotic home (might explain part of his fear of abandonment behavior) and according to her family, he never did his part and would leave dirty dishes and messes everywhere, was never appreciative, and would often cuss out the family for catching him driving their family car while under the influence and burying his pot in the backyard. with all that being said, it's not only me who feels this way and other friends and family agree that they dont like him and he's not good for her. yet she constantly condones and excuses his behavior, even when it's malice towards her loved ones. because of this, i've had to distance myself from her this last year. in the past, i just would never see him and hang out with her, but even when he's not physically there, it's like he's always there because of her phone. i really miss her but for my own mental health, i feel as though i can't be friends with her if she is still with him because he's so controlling and disrespectful toward me and she can't establish healthy boundaries with him. i've recently been thinking about reaching out to her because she really was like a sister to me, but i worry about him dragging me down. she's texted me happy birthday and said i miss you a few times so i know she still thinks of our friendship, but i've made it an effort to not engage. i've thought about writing a letter to her about how much i appreciate her, but i'm worried he'll just throw it away before she sees it. i want to rekindle our friendship but am worried about it just being the same like it had been before. i wish i could just tell her to break up with him and that she would be so much better than him, but in the past, she's been so defensive and always acts like everything is fine. also, i dont want to put more strain on our friendship by saying that. anyways, does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom they can share? anything helps, thank you <3
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2023.06.07 00:17 malikona One Month In - A New Pilot's Retrospective

I'm not really looking for opinions on my progress (although I'm expecting to hear them lol!), but mainly for others who are just starting out or thinking about starting out on an EUC, I wanted to share a personal milestone and some things I've learned along the way.
After about a month of riding almost daily (a few off days here and there mainly due to schedule and weather), I finally got out on a regional bike path today and used up the whole battery on my V8 and hit the tiltback speed, around 21 mph I think, for the first time.
Could I have hit that speed sooner? Absolutely, but I have been what I think most people would consider "super cautious". I have two young kids, and I'm just not at a point in life to be a big risk taker right now (besides riding an EUC in the first place!).
My main takeaways after one month of riding are:
So, if you've made it this far, you're probably a real geek and super into the prospect or reality of learning how to ride an EUC. Do it! You're never too old or too scared to suck at something new! :-p And you will suck at it at first, most likely. But you won't suck forever, and in fact, if you are diligent about it (which again, if you've read all of this, you probably are), you will get better at it than you expect sooner than you thought.
And then you'll be able to literally glide through time and space on the most whimsical and remarkable vehicle that mankind has ever come up with. You'll make a spectacle of yourself wherever you go, so lean into it - literally. Imagine yourself leaving a trail of rainbow dust behind you that lifts the spirits of everyone you see.
In many ways, learning to ride an EUC is a metaphor for life. You start off completely overwhelmed and thinking that you don't have control over anything. Eventually, gradually, and with a fair share of mistakes and sudden breakthroughs, you learn that you're actually a superhero and you can do anything. But you also never stop learning and improving and finding more ways to have fun.
Welcome to the ride of your life!
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2023.06.07 00:15 TheWelshExperience I decided to experiment with making a Creepypasta into an OC. Thoughts are welcome.

Name: Kef K. "Rings" Moebius
Race: Hyena Faunus
Age: 19 as of volume 8
Reference: Sonic.exe, the infamous creepypasta.
Kef is named Kef K. Moebius because of Kefka, a character from Final Fantasy VI. Kefka's laugh is used frequently in MY5TCrimson's Sonic.exe game.
He is a Hyena faunus because of JC-The-Hyena, the original writer of the Sonic.exe creepypasta.
Physical details: Kef is light skinned, with a haircut similar to Jaune's Atlas haircut, but cobalt blue and brushed backwards, with a short red stripe brushing up from his fringe. He also, of course, has a pair of blue hyena ears that give him excellent hearing. Kef often wears a pair of silver aviator sunglasses with mirrored red lenses, only removing them for combat.
Kef's most notable article of clothing is a long blue scarf with winding sharp red patterning, outlined in white. Kef also wears a cobalt blue jacket which has Vale's symbol printed in white with red axes on the back. His jacket is unbuttoned, and reveals a grey bullet proof vest underneath. Kef's trousers are a darker shade of blue than his jacket, with a pair of short red stripes coming up diagonally from his ankles. Kef also wears a pair of white sneakers with a red stripe horizontally across them.
Kef's most striking physical feature are his eyes, which he rarely opens. His sclera are pitch black, and his irises are crimson, and his pupils appear to "spread" out in an X pattern. Keeping his eyes open for even a short duration causes them to bleed, mimicking Sonic.exe's...ahem "HYPER REALISTIC EYES BLEEDING HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD!"
Weapons: Clawblades Kef's Clawblades are essentially a pair of red full-arm metal gauntlets with sharp claws, and long blades up the sides of the arms. The fingers of the gauntlets fade into black starting at the hands.
The claw tips are actually replaceable, and similar to Raven's Omen, can be replaced with dust infused claws. Despite being a close range fighter, the claws can be detached mid-swing, giving Kef a ranged option.
Semblance/How Kef became blind: "Hide and Seek" When Kef was young, the small farm town he lived in was full of kids that little else to do all day than play hide and seek. And Kef was no different. Except for the fact that he was really good at it. If he was seeking, it did not matter where anyone hid, he'd find them quickly. If he was hiding, it'd take half an hour of the other kids yelling "WE GIVE UP!" for him to leave his perfect hiding spot. Then, one day, Kef awoke his semblance. A set of 5 red rings followed him constantly, and gave him a sixth sense of his surroundings. Suddenly, he just knew things. Thanks to the the rings, he knew when people were near him. He knew his surroundings. He knew if something was hot, and he knew if something was cold.
Good eyesight, excellent hearing, and a sixth sense of worldly conditions as a whole.
Kef became a village nightmare, and many of his friends at the time became incredibly jealous, as he was pretty much unbeatable in a good 'ol game of Hide and Seek.
Then one day, his small farm town was raided by bandits. Kef ran, and did what he did best: hid. As the bandits ransacked and burned his home, Kef hid in his favourite spot; the rafters of his family's barn. But then, the bandits set the barn aflame. As the flames drew closer, Kef only wished to hide away from the flames.
And his rings fulfilled his wish. Kef's rings all came together and formed into one larger red ring. A portal. With no other options, Kef crawled through, and found himself in a dimension that could not be described with typical words. He was safe, but lost. The incomprehensible dimension spanned out infinitely around him, looping, spinning, folding in upon itself but still somehow resembling the real world.
It didn't take Kef long to realise his biggest problem, however: He couldn't leave. His red rings were there with him, but he couldn't figure out how to form a portal with them so that he could leave.
Kef was found months later, malnourished, blood-stained and crying in a forest path. When his new adoptive parents pulled his hands away from his eyes, they found where the blood was coming from. His eyes. Which were now pitch black, with red irises and X-shaped pupils.
And Kef realised that he could no longer see. Only his rings allowed him to perceive the world through the shape of objects, geometry of areas, energy and heat.
BehaviouHabits: Despite his backstory, inspiration and general appearance, Kef is a rather pleasant person. Kef mostly keeps to himself, often listening to music and gently moving to the beat. Kef is always open to conversation, however, and is very vocal about his many passions, chief among then being music.
Kef is highly jovial, and always enjoys a good laugh. He'll laugh at anything, from faunus jokes, jokes about his eyes, typical huntsman gallows humour, and he will gladly make all these jokes himself.
He has a bit of an ego, though it only shows through during competition/combat. Kef is extremely competitive, and his obsession with winning can even be seen as sadism, especially in sparring with other students. Kef's signature howling laughter makes this image even worse, as, for whatever reason, Kef's rings sometimes echo what he says, and they always echo whenever he laughs, creating a rather intimidating image. Kef is never one to pass up a bet or a challenge, and he is not one to enjoy losing either.
Capabilities: Kef is positively brutal in close combat. His rings mean that as long as a target stands within 5 meters of him, he can read and process their every move with extreme speed and react accordingly. Kef makes full use of his Clawblades during combat making him a total menace to fight in close combat. He is nowhere near strong as Yang or Nora, but he is capable of giving either of them a run for their money. Kef's greatest skill is his Semblance's secondary ability to transport him to his pocket dimension or "Special Zone" which allows him to manoeuvre safely and launch a devastating surprise attack. The only issue is that he cannot perceive any living thing in his pocket dimension, he can only hear them.
Weaknesses: Kef's Red Rings' detection radius is not at all very large. He has no way of finding opponents at range, save for his hearing.
As well, given that Kef can detect everything around him, he can be overwhelmed by too many moving objects/people around him, forcing him to disengage.
Perhaps Kef's greatest flaw is his inability to perceive any reasoning or deeper meaning behind actions and words. He sees almost everything as a game, and as such his inability to take anything seriously is a detriment to himself and those around him.
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2023.06.07 00:10 AYYYDIOS How to cancel a signed contract in South Florida that has pass the 3 day right to cancel.....

A dear relative was misled in a general contract on the PACE program. She did sign the contract(signed on 06.28.23) but wasn't explained about the lien on her property nor the financing implementation that she was getting drag into which after paying 30 years of monthly installments will come out to $53640 when the original work was $1700 for updating her property. The below text is their 3day policy which they are holding to. They don't want to cancel, their last words was I'll see you went you want sell your house. Please help.
THREE-DAY RIGHT TO CANCEL You, the buyer, have the right to cancel this contract within three business days. You may cancel by e-mailing, mailing, faxing, or delivering a written notice to the contractor at the contractor’s place of business by midnight of the third business day after you received a signed and dated copy of the contract that includes this notice. Include your name, your address, and the date you received the signed copy of the contract and this notice. If you cancel, the contractor must return to you anything you paid within 10 days of receiving the notice of cancellation. For your part, you must make available to the contractor at your residence, in substantially as good condition as you received them, any goods delivered to you under this contract or sale. Or, you may, if you wish, comply with the contractor’s instructions on how to return the goods at the contractor’s expense and risk. If you do make the goods available to the contractor and the contractor does not pick them up within 20 days of the date of your notice if cancellation, you may keep them without any further obligation. If you fail to make the goods available to the contractor, or if you agree to return the goods to the contractor and fail to do so, then you remain liable for performance of all obligations under the contract.
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2023.06.07 00:09 MegaWaterboy11 How to fight against JP as Dee Jay?

Dee Jay seems to have no neutral options. His whole thing is relying on counters and forcing opponents to whiff through fake outs. But how do you beat a JP that is spamming long range projectiles and isn't whiff punishable? Even when I get close I still can't do much since Dee Jay's neutral game is seemingly nonexistant and the JP is just gonna wait for his opportunity to jab into combo which launches full screen starting the approach all over again. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.07 00:05 yeetasarousrex I miss my mum

I will warn this talks about abuse and addiction.
I lost my mum to her addiction, she is an alcoholic and a drug addict. She had been battling addiction my whole life, I don’t mean lost in the sense that she’s dead. I mean lost as in the mum that used to tell me I’m beautiful and the one who used to cook me dinner and tuck me into bed is gone. The mum who used to help me sow clothes for my teddy bears is gone.
I know she is gone for certain as it’s been so long, I had to walk away, I was removed by social services. I used to protect her thinking she would get better no matter how much she hit me, no matter how much she screamed, no matter how many times a day she told me I was worthless. I used to protect her, waiting for a few hours of the week where I saw a glimpse of my mum again.
I used to wait for her to come back, plead for her to come back, take her to AA meetings. Imagine that, your 13 year old daughter taking you to meetings, begging you to get better. You’ve got to be ill for that to not be a wake up, I think it just made her go further I to her addiction though, the embarrassment and shame of your children begging you to get better.
She lost me and my brother, she lost her house, her family, everything. I was the last to go, I clung on until it nearly killed me, waiting and trying to bring her back. But I had to let her go, I had to accept my mum was gone. There’d be no more hugs where her dressing gown smelt like cigarettes and whatever was cooking in the kitchen, no more watching ru Paul’s drag race in bed drinking tea and fighting about who our favourite is. No more mum.
It’s been 3 years since I cut her off, I had to accept she was gone, I’ve been doing fine, I resent the husk of the person she once was now, I don’t really think about it though. I miss my mum and having one, that never goes away and it can never be replaced.
For me my mum is dead, there’s no body to bury, no grave to visit, but my mum is gone.
I feel bad saying this though as some people have really lost their mums, and mine is still here, but that’s the thing she’s really not here. I know death and addiction are different as addiction can be treated, but I don’t believe in her case it is true. My mum is lost in hers and I think by the time it came to saving her, it was too late, the monster had taken over.
It’s been 13 years since her relapse. She hasn’t come back.
I miss my mum
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2023.06.07 00:01 -LocalGoon This card is OP literally took my monster for the rest of the match when it was my best defense

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2023.06.07 00:00 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Lost Ruins, Lone Fungus, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
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2023.06.06 23:56 williamsus The state of glaives- a guide and a lifestyle

The state of glaives- a guide and a lifestyle


Nine months ago I posted a simple guide to glaives in celebration of my 1,000th kill on my Enigma and as a way of shining a light on a weapon class with a lot of potential. I know DFP and likely various other content creators have cracked 10K kills on their glaives, I was still particularly proud of my achievement as a largely casual player and I'm sure I'm still among the few who still use them. Nine months later and glaives have received numerous nerfs in both the Crucible and PvE, we've been showered with new glaives every season and we've even had two new archetypes of glaives introduced. Since then glaives have seemingly become even less popular in both usage rates and popular sentiment. With a new Trials glaive hot on the market and another 1,000 glaive kills under my belt, I figured now would be a good time for an updated guide to glaives. And perhaps we can decipher why they're so despised, how effective they are in the current sandbox and if they're worth your time.


In case you missed out on my previous guide I will briefly go over the general overview of how to play a glaive. Fortunately we have also gotten more insight as to Bungie's design philosophy regarding their newest special weapons. Bungie has described the glaive as fulfilling a "riot shield" type of fantasy. Already we have a partial answer as to the derision that glaives can cause. People generally seem to hate riot shields in first person shooters because they slow down the gameplay and can feel frustrating to fight against. Nobody likes feeling like they are not doing the damage they should be.
All three special ammo archetypes of glaives kill in two projectile hits at 10 resilience as well as three melee swings. I will caution you to mainly stick to shooting, rather than poking. A shame, I know. It's also important to note that a glaive projectile is not hitscan and instead has travel time that is influenced by the range stat of the glaive. This means that the projectiles landing can feel inconsistent at times.
So the gameplay loop of a glaive involves building shield energy through landing projectile hits. This shield gives you 50% damage reduction at the cost of slower movement. Playing around your shield is the goal of a glaive, not stabbing with it. Carrying this damage reduction into the next fight can be a powerful tool and catch enemies off gaurd. This however means that landing the first shot of the engagement is crucial to success and highly punishing if you miss. I recommend aerial playstyles and sneaky movements to get the first shot off. The skill ceiling of a glaive comes in it's game of resource management. Positioning, shield energy, ammo, and health all command your attention in combat.


We now have available to us 7 different legendary glaives. 5 Adaptive Frames, and one for each of the other two families. While every glaive has different perk pools which can change their value, some have a more obvious PvE focus. I will discuss each archetype and rolls to look for. Let's start with the OG:
The king here is quite new. The new Trials glaive- Unexpected Resurgance. It has the best stat package, will be able to take adept mods, has a pretty stellar perk selection, and has a useful origin trait to boot. Second place here will be The Enigma- the first glaive. It can roll the most desirable PvP perks and has great stats as well. Any other Adaptive glaive is inferior to these two for the sake of the Crucible.
Perk selection on glaives is fairly homogenous unfortunately. There isn't that much that helps them find success, so the few feasible perks are essentials. With both of these glaives I have to recommend Impulse Amplifier. The increase to velocity is a must-have for consistency. Landing that first shot for the shield is so important, anything to help secure projectile hits is too good to pass up. In the other column things are more up in the air. I'd recommend Unstoppable Force. The perk gives a 20% damage bonus when blocking damage with your shield, which comes up quite often. This perk can ocassionally lead to hilarious multikills. However, there are other notable perks. Joltshot could be fun, Vorpal is likely undervalued as glaives are surprisingly already pretty decent at knocking out supers, Swashbuckler sounds great but you may not find success when going out of your way to melee. Same goes for the perk Close To Melee.
Speaking of, if you're trying to conserve ammo, the Adaptive family can use one projectile followed by one melee to automatically kill any guardian with resilience 9 or lower. Also worth noting that each archetype shares the same melee damage at 68 per swing. The projectile damage for this archetype sits at 132 damage per shot.
Currently there is one glaive in this family- the new dungeon glaive, Greasy Luck. As the name suggests, it shoots faster with lower damage output. Each projectile hits for only 106 damage. So it can secure a two projectile kill at any resilience, but just barely. Overshields and healing may hinder this glaive moreso than usual. However, getting those shots off faster is quite the boon. Honestly, I haven't played with Greasy Luck much. I plan to and if I learn anything unique about it besides the new archetype, I'll be sure to update this guide. As it sits, the best PvP roll is the same as the Adaptive family's top contenders- you're looking for Impulse Amplifier and Unstoppable Force. There's some good PvE play here too with other perk combinations. This glaive seems unable to kill higher resiliences in one projectile and a melee, so if you're lower on ammo, be prepared to swing two melees after your projectile lands.
Judgement of Kelgorath is the only available Aggressive Frame glaive currently available. And I have to admit I think I undervalued it at first. I was disappointed that the premier glaive perks both sat in the last column and I felt the extra damage wasn't enough to make up for the slower fire rate. I'll say now that I was wrong and this glaive offers some explosive play and consistency that some glaives don't. Each shot lands for 147 damage. The archetype as a whole can secure the one projectile/one melee combo on any resilience. And while I first turned Judgement of Kelgorath into a PvE glaive with Demolitionist and Incandescent, I now plan on pivoting not into either Impulse Amplifier or even Unstoppable Force in the last slot, but to one of the highest damage buffs in the game- Surrounded. This allows Judgement of Kelgorath to kill a full health guardian in one projectile. The only glaive to be able to accomplish this. I know being surrounded by that many gaurdians in PvP may not be very common, but if you've ever gone on a kill streak with a glaive, you know they can be explosive playmakers and turn fights around. On a close range weapon, it just makes sense. Use your first shot to instantly kill one of your opponents and you now have shield energy with a hard hitting glaive for the next couple of guys.
Now, I haven't much discussed barrel, magazine, and masterwork options, and I'll say it's largely dependent on the weapon I generally like to go for shield energy, especially since I normally have Impulse Amplifier. Since we won't for Judgement of Kelgorath, you may be looking for a combo of shield energy and range to increase that projectile velocity. The first main trait slot is users preference but Shot Swap is there for handling, then several perks to help with the slow reload, and a couple to help your shield's viability like Immovable Object or Tilting at Windmills. The Ambush origin trait is excellent as well.
Honestly I'd love to do more testing as to the efficacy of speccing into Airborne Effectiveness on a glaive, but currently I wouldn't recommend Icarus Grip. Faster handling can always be useful but I actually normally go with Radar Booster which I find surprisingly uncommon.


Generally speaking I notice that glaives do best when paired with highly mobile builds that add in elements of healing or overshields. This automatically makes solar and void my favorite subclasses to pair with a glaive. Healing grenades on solar are fantastic and throwing one right at your feet when you're low and coming back out with full health and a your glaive shield up is highly potent. Then with void you can get overshields or devour going quite nicely. I'm sure arc hunter with blink and arc titan with a thruster are good alternatives, but they lack safety from healing. I stray away from Stasis and Strand with a glaive but I'm sure there are specific builds and exotics you can pair with any subclass to give them some glaive viability. Before we move on to specific exotic armor that pairs well with each class, I'll also recommend the chest piece mod Lucent Blade on any build to help the glaive with shield energy.
With a glaive build I lean into recovery with some resilience, while I treat both mobility and strength as dump stats to lower as close to 1 as possible. Mobility matters a little less (unless you're a hunter) and I'm being slowed down by the shield anyways. Strength is less valued because you cannot use your powered melee with a glaive equipped. Discipline and intellect can be adjusted freely for different builds.
Titans don't have many exotics that directly tie into a glaive playstyle, and the ones that do mostly buff the melee. Pretty useless in PvP. So, instead we look to any number of useful neutral game exotics. One Eyed Mask since you're blocking damage anyways, Anteus Wards to help guarantee the first shot for shield energy, Crest of Alpha Lupi for quick healing, ACD0 Feedback Fence to help out with anybody who gets too close, etc. The options are limitless, I'd be interested to hear any other ideas for a Titan's glaive build!
Hunters have access to the only glaive specific exotic in the game- Triton Vice. Too bad it doesn't seem particularly great or useful. I'd actually rather go with Wormhusk or Bakris for conventional, everyday use. However, I will say that I could have fun pairing Triton Vice with the Hunter specific exotic glaive- Edge of Concurrence or an Incandescent or Volt Shot glaive for extra explosions, plus since you're encouraged to match the glaive and subclass element, you would be on arc with Edge of Concurrence so you could use blink as well. Unlikely to be overwhelmingly efficient though.
My main class. So I speak with the most experience here. Again, neutral game exotics are going to be most appealing, though it's hard at times to reject the allure of posion melees with Necrotic Grips... but no. I recommend going with Transversives with any subclass because the sprint speed to close the distance or run with a close range weapon is valuable, and the auto reload actually saves my skin constantly believe it or not. Alternatively, Wings of Sacred dawn for extra damage reduction and to throw off your enemies with aerial play is surprisingly good, hilarious fun. Lastly, Astrocyte Verse blink with a devour focused build is absolutely nuts at times and I need to use it more as I have a hard time leaving solar and icarus dash alone.
While glaives are fairly versatile and can reach out and touch mid range, I wouldn't highly recommend rocking anything too close range. SMGs and Sidearms are largely off the table (though you can make it work, a lot of SMGs also touch mid range anyways). Instead bows and scouts offer some appeal but the main draw here is hand cannons and pulse rules. If we're talking straight up usefulness, it'd be hard to ignore how good High-Impact pulses specifically are. No Time To Explain, The Messenger and numerous others will serve you well. Lately I've personally been trying out Randy's Throwing Knife and it's been a blast. Most good glaives also don't take up the exotic slot, so the world of exotic primaries is open to you. I personally also scored hundreds of kills with Lumina while using my glaive, and the damage bonus is substantial.


We now have access to 5 exotic glaives. Three class specific glaives, Vexcalibur and the heavy slot glaive- Winterbite. We will briefly review them.
The Titan exotic glaive. Functioning as a normal glaive, the unique function is exchanging a fully charged glaive shield into a mini-Ward of Dawn. While absolutely hilarious and amazing, it's pretty bad.
Though it has some PvE utility since it works with Helm of Saint 14 now, it isn't useful in PvP. And I'll just go ahead and say that all three of the exotic glaives are pretty bad and it's mostly because the trigger to the unique function of each is full glaive shield energy. Not only does this mean that you must land at least 4 shots to fully charge your shield, but it also means that you cannot even use your shield energy because you're so busy consuming it for the special function. I'm sorry, but I'd rather use my entire shield to fight than to pop a small and short lived Ward of Dawn.
This might be the best class exotic glaive for PvP (which isn't saying much at all). This one at least offers an interesting choice between your defensive natured shield energy and your offensive natured exotic ability to shoot a tracking bolt of lightning at someone. I could see this one making some fun clips with limited utility, but let's be honest, if you can make this glaive work then you could make most legendary glaives work better.
I want to love this glaive so bad. I use Lumina and Boots of the Assembler so much, so the idea of using a healing glaive is so appealing. But it's just not good. In fact, it's downright terrible. In exchange for full glaive shield energy you can deploy a healing turret that shoots allies. Even with it's buff, I've never seen it used. Not in PvE and especially not in the Crucible. This might be the worst glaive in the game.
What a fun, unique exotic. I have limited use with it in PvP and I must say I like normal glaives better just for the added range and longer glaive shield, but I could see some potential here. The Vexcalibur shoots 5 pellets like a shotgun with limited range. Each pellet does 29 damage for a total of 145 damage if they all land. The shield is then also quick to drain, but grants an overshield instead. Melee kills refresh and extend your void overshield. This could have potential with void specific builds. All in all this is more of a PvE weapon, but I will be keeping my eye on it and upgrade it further soon to see it's full potential. If all pellets land the Vexcalibur can indeed pull off the one shot/one melee combo against any resilience.
The first heavy glaive. So I actually had no idea as to how this thing worked in PvP until I started doing testing for this write-up. Turns out it seems pretty fun and surprisingly potent. So without any ammo the Winterbite actually still retains the standard 68 melee damage per swing. Not insanely useful but it's already doing more than any other heavy weapon without ammo. With ammo, the exotic perk gives it added melee damage which allows it to kill in two melees instead of three with each swing doing 101 damage. Each heavy brick give only one ammo (like a rocket launcher). This projectile is better than I thought it'd be. It's a little slow but seems to find it's target well enough and does a whopping 381 damage. I'm unironically going to rock this glaive more in PvP.


My last guide had an entire section dedicated to glaive counters. Glaives have been hit with repeated nerfs in PvE and PvP since then. So instead of only talking about specific counters, I figured I could wrap things up by talking about the history of glaives and their place in the meta as a whole. As far as counters go, I don't feel the need to point many out specifically because you don't need anything specific to counter a glaive. Even with 50% damage reduction, in all likelihood you will kill any glaive used with your special weapons or plinking away with a primary. When glaives dropped with Witch Queen, glaive shields carried a hefty 75% damage reduction. While still not topping usage charts, they were actually very potent in this state. They were kept at bay by the underwhelming ammo economy. You would only gain one ammo back per special brick. Given that it takes two shots to down a guardian, this annoyed players and steered them away. However, with the starting ammo reserves of around 4 shots, I actually found this to be the healthiest glaive meta. They were absolutely explosive playmakers that could wipe out entire teams, but you had to be very careful with your ammo. And this is a point I need to iterate that I believe many fail to consider: half the ammo means half glaive shield buildup. Not only does more ammo mean more potential kills, but it's also double the glaive shield buildup and it's far less punishing to miss a shot. This also made the one projectile/one melee combo to be "canon" and legitimately useful when low on ammo, truly leaning into the hybrid firearm/melee fantasy.
When they doubled the amount of ammo received per brick to 2 and the community was starting to really talk about damage reduction in PvP more, Bungie got scared and nerfed glaives several times before usage rates even got high. Now, I will admit, glaives were very powerful when they first changed the ammo economy. But the nerfs we received were numerous. Ignoring the many PvE nerfs, they still nerfed projectile damage, Unstoppable Force's damage bonus and of course reduced the 75% damage reduction from the shield to 50%. One or two of these changes were warranted. But all of them combined lowered the utility to nothing. Glaives are not good in the current meta. I find some success with them, but it's through building into them, practice, and doing everything I can to trick and outsmart my opponents. I play on console. I've done some PC lobbies and can also guarantee that it's even more difficult to make work against opponents on mouse and keyboard. I've seen reaction times that kill me in the time between my projectile landing and my glaive shield coming up. And special weapons just chew through the shields regardless.
My thoughts on buffing glaives in the Crucible would be either reverting many changes including the ammo economy changes. Higher damage reduction with special ammo bricks only giving one shot. Alternatively, if they're going to do less damage, with less damage reduction then other aspects of the glaives should be changed. Perhaps faster strafe speed at base to move easier from cover to cover. Perhaps a base velocity or range buff for all glaives or even converting them into hitscan weapons. Perhaps more melee damage. It's Bungie's world and we just live in it. Speaking of, where's my stasis glaive with chill clip, BUNGO?!


Glaives offer one of the most unique and involved playstyles in Destiny 2. While not the most effective in the Crucible, they have a high-skill ceiling that can be fun to climb. They draw the ire of many in the first person shooter genre and will guarantee twice as many hate messages and t-bags. Despite it all, they stay glued to my inventory and are my favorite weapon class. I hope that this write-up made you consider taking a glaive for a spin for one or two matches and maybe even changed some hearts and minds. If any information I provided is inaccurate or you have counterpoints, I welcome discourse. I don't often do stuff like this but I noticed a distinct lack of glaive information out there and wanted to bring some attention to the weapon type I most wanted to master. I'd love to hear or see your favorite glaive moments and plays. Build ideas, weapon pairings, and perk combos I didn't mention are all welcome. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to cross paths or cross glaives. - Lupus_Bellator
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