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Looking for 3 people to help me out with the polymer trophy on dying light 1, all the co op games I get into every one leaves or is AFK, I’m on ps5 so any PlayStation players will do, in 2 trophy’s away from the Plat and this particular trophy Is making it hard for me
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2023.06.06 23:24 Dovakhiin- Need For Speed and Call of Duty recommendation for PS4 or PS5

I haven't played games since PS2 days, except for DOTA and Skyrim.
I was recently gifted a PS5 and we want to have an NFS and CoD game.
For NFS, preferably one with an open world where my wife can just drive around the map, turning left and right as she pleases instead of being forced in just one path, without the pressure of a race. Of course we want the ocassional race too :) but customization and advanced features aren't needed.
For CoD, something where the setting is a little modern.. Not WW1 or WW2 stuff.. and one with local split screen and me and my wife can fight each other!
Please share your recommendation and let me know if it's for PS4 or PS5 or both.. We prefer PS4 games so that we can install it externally.
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We had high hopes during those first few tentative hours, as we started downloading the initial batch of data gathered by the probes we’d sent to scout the planet before our hours-long conversation with the interloper on the moon.
It was clear however, that we had overestimated just how much relevant data that first round of reconnaissance missions would’ve been able to procure.
We should’ve expected as much though, as the first round of recon operations were conducted in order to gain an overview of the planet, rather than anything specific.
It was only after our interrogation of the interloper that we actually had something solid to work with, and a target that we had to work towards.
But whilst the first batch of data wasn’t entirely relevant to our newfound mission, it was still vital in ascertaining where exactly we would focus our limited resources on next. As the overall state of the planet had been more or less mapped to within a detailed enough degree for Vir to begin parsing and analyzing for the next phase of our mission.

10 Hours After the First Round of Interloper Interrogations. Bridge of the UNAFS Perseverance.
“Right, what do we have to work with here, Vir?” I spoke with a renewed state of invigoration, having just arrived back on the bridge with a belly full of food and a brain buzzing with stimulants. The latter was only made possible courtesy of Vir’s glorious abilities in reconstituting what he called coffee beans into the desiccated berries all Vanarans were used to eating.
“Well, preliminary data more or less proves my initial hypothesis of the planet being a recently-collapsed technologically advanced civilization to be true. If we’re going by human categorization systems, at least as far as what I was aware of, we’d be looking at a J-4-actual class, by the close-in orbital-studies metric. Translated into layman's terms, we’re looking at a civilization that has well exceeded industrialization, has probably entered a period of planet-wide mass telecommunication, with early pre-intrasolar orbital capabilities exclusively reliant on surface-based homeworld-derived heavy industries.” Vir began jumping over to the planet’s orbital analyses, displaying what looked to be bits and pieces of metal that littered the planet’s orbit. “Not highlighting Kessler Syndrome here, but, just showing you that despite it being possibly centuries since their collapse, there’s still evidence of space junk in orbit. A clear indicator of orbital capabilities.” He then switched over to the moon, and the image of the moon base we’d just explored. “The reason why I classified this civilization as a J-4 actual, is because we preemptively discovered evidence of permanent settlements and extensive infrastructure projects beyond the species’ homeworld of origin. Thus, we have fulfilled the Erricson’s criterion before we even started on planet-based observations. Anyways, moving on…”
The image on the screen soon shifted towards what were clearly large swaths of built-up areas. Most of them were clearly the remains of urban settlements, cities, all of which were clearly in some degree of disrepair as what should be clearly demarcated edges of concrete and steel were instead haphazardly overgrown with greenery. “I’d hazard a guess of about half a millennium having elapsed following a singular instance of rapid-onset decline.” I spoke suddenly and without warning.
Vir looked at me with a look of surprise. “That’s actually really close to my own calculations. Give or take a century using the Peterson-Wang equation. How’d you come up with your number?”
“Well, back in Vanaran archeology, we studied certain patterns and features associated with the decay of ruins, and artifacts left over by a fallen civilization. This includes the features associated with the decay of urban environments, and using that the estimate the pattern, type, and time since collapse. There are always certain particularities to look for. Such as here.” I paused, using my finger to highlight certain aspects of the orbital picture of the ruined city on the screen. “We see poorly demarcated urban margins, and patterns indicative of artificial zoning, having lost their signature geometric features.” I shifted my attention to what was clearly an industrial area at one point, shaped into grids, that have since been taken over by the same overgrowth. “In addition, we also see a consistent pattern of overgrowth with no disruption, thus indicating that there was no attempt at reclaiming large urban areas or heavily built-up infrastructure. If this were a Class 1, 2, 3, or even a class 4 collapse, we’d see some governmental body, or post-collapse organization attempt to reclaim what is in effect an area that would be vital in jumpstarting civilization. If that were the case, we’d see interruptions to this overgrowth and decay. Some sort of sign that there was an attempt to reverse the overgrowth or some haphazard modification on the original zoning. Or something that would indicate tampering after the first collapse. However, none exist, and all we see here is indicative of an uncontrolled descent into decay without any intervention. When I combine all of these factors, the Civvings Principle would indicate that this civilization suffered a major rapid-onset catastrophic collapse, followed sharply by a rapid-onset decline. Five hundred years was a guestimate based on my experience with surveying these sorts of worlds”
Vir continued to stare at me with that same look of surprise, however, this time there was a certain element of fascination in his face that I couldn’t quite pin down. “You really do know your stuff, Lysara.” He spoke with a clear tone of admiration. “Human xenoarcheology has also postulated ideas similar to yours. We didn’t have much of a sample size to work with though, but this more or less matches up with what humanity was thinking when they started mapping out their approach to xenoarcheology.”
I could feel a small sense of pride welling within me now. A rare, almost alien sensation that I hadn’t experienced in what felt like years.
It was more powerful than what my time prior to this exodus into the deep-end as well, and it was something I was once more attributing to the removal of that Vuark.
“Thanks Vir.” I spoke with a sheepish smile as the AI more or less took the opportunity to get back on track.
“Almost every city looks to be in a similar state, at least, with the cities that weren’t bombed or targeted by high-yield weapons, because if you see here…” Vir switched the image on the screen to what was effectively a desolate wasteland. A series of large craters, filled in with water, to the extent that some could tentatively be called lakes in their own right. There was no life here, no trees, no plants, nothing. All that there was, were swaths of barren lifeless dirt, concrete, and irradiated water. A quick radiation scan superimposed across the image more or less confirmed my suspicions. “... this is the state of most of what were urban centers on the planet’s surface.” Vir soon switched to other images, and sure enough, it was more of the same. With the only difference being the local geography surrounding these bombed out cities, or the state at which nature was managing to restake its claim, as some actually looked reasonably overgrown compared to the first batch of images. “Out of the 743 urban areas I’ve been able to log, about 595 are in similar states of destruction. The rest are on a sliding scale of partial destruction and somewhat intact. However, one thing remains constant throughout all of them.”
Vir paused for effect, superimposing another image above the planet, this time showing the whole globe as a 3D hologram on the tactical table in front of us.
“This is a rough scan of all of the active signals coming from the planet.” Vir spoke, as the scan revealed… nothing, except for one lone signal deep within a forest twenty or so kilometers away from a ruined city. “None exist, save for this one signal originating deep from within this dense forest.” Vir paused once more, taking the time to superimpose the signal that had brought us here in the first place, and the signal originating from deep within this forest. “This is the same signal that we detected from afar. Which means-”
“We found the source of our mystery signal.” I interrupted, completing Vir’s sentence for him.
“Bingo.” Vir responded with an excitable nod.
“The signal’s location more or less matches the Interloper’s riddle as well. A. It’s a signal, probably belonging to a signal station, i.e. a place which symbolizes a desire to reach out. B. The signal’s been going on for centuries now, so this place must be fortified, fitting its fortress criteria. C. It’s hidden deep within a forest, fitting with the interloper’s mention of a verdant garden.” I paused, turning to Vir with a look of confident determination set across my face. “So how about it? Do you think this might just be the place where our mystery person of interest is currently sequestered?”
“There is a potential that the interloper’s riddle was more symbolic than it is literal. However… I cannot deny that there exists a possibility that your current hypothesis might be correct. Regardless, it’s in our best interests to delve into the source behind this signal anyways. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, am I right?” Vir spoke with cautious optimism.
“Yes, and besides, it’s only through experimentation and evidence-gathering that we can confirm or reject our hypotheses. So it's about time we head down to determine what all of this is about.” I responded promptly, as Vir began shuffling between continually scanning the data we had on hand, and prepping the available drones for its first planetary insertion. “I just have one more question before we commit to this.” I quickly added.
“Go on?”
“We’re talking as if we’re confirming that this is indeed a collapsed civilization. Now, I’m one for abiding by self-evident truths, as superficial observation more or less confirms this to be the case. However, I’m also a scientist, so evidence-based decision making is vital to me. Especially when considering the possibility that there may exist some organized alien presence on the planet. And considering their history with an outwardly manipulative and hostile alien force, i.e. the interloper, there is a risk that they may just intercept our drones the moment we breach their atmosphere.” I paused, letting out a small sigh. “I just want to confirm that we are indeed dealing with a fallen civilization.”
Vir quickly pulled up several more planetary scans the moment I’d finished my piece, as he overlapped every possible scan from the first batch of surveys. From the local frequency broadcasts, to light pollution, to evidence of atmospheric pollutants and a vast number of other datasets, not a single dataset pointed to the presence of an advanced civilization. At least not on a scale detectable by current scans. “I’m not saying that there may not be survivors other than our person of interest. But as I currently see it, I don’t see a chance of any other survivors interfering with our operations, if that’s what you’re worried about Lysara.”
I nodded tentatively in response. “That’s part of it, but I digress. This whole operation is just moving incredibly quickly compared to how things usually went back in my line of work. So I just wanted to be sure before we committed.”
With a single affirmative nod from Vir, and a batch of at least a hundred different survey drones highlighted on screen, with their corresponding cameras filling in several more around us, the mission was set.
“I’ve divided the survey teams into two groups. One to survey the area around the signal, and another to survey several points of interest which include the ruins of cities and other settlements. It’s about a fifty fifty split, but I wanted a large sample size for us to work with here.”
“That’s a good idea, make sure to have them set priority to locating any form of long-term information storage. Books, digital media, analog media, anything that might help us translate the local language. That would be vital in unlocking whatever was written on the moonbase.” I quickly added, as the issue of the mysterious carvings and writings on the base still lurked in the back of my mind.
“That’s a good idea, I’ve made that one of their priority targets.” Vir acknowledged as he placed a single hand above the enter key above his side of the tactical table’s console.
“Shall we begin?” He spoke with a grin.

2 Kilometers from Truval City, The Former Farming Co-Operative of the Truval Municipality, Greenhouse 2a.
The greenhouse’s electrical equipment was starting to waver.
I say waver because the word fail just didn’t sit right with me, especially since I was sure I’d already raided every single spot in town for every scrap of electrical equipment I could possibly modify for the maintenance of this greenhouse.
The rest of the gear I’d managed to scrounge up was put to storage within the bunker, for equipment way more vital than the sprinklers, lighting, heating, and security of this small little place that wasn’t explicitly important to our survival, but really, just nice to have.
Whilst I didn’t exactly mind losing it, it was Eslan who I was more worried about. As ever since I introduced him to wild berries and oranges not native to this part of the planet, he’d been hooked. He’d prepared over a hundred pre-collapse recipes now, most of which were jams and other non-perishables that were actually pretty good, and were close enough to pre-collapse flavors that it even triggered some deep-seeded nostalgia from my first instance.
Ever since then, the greenhouse had become a bit of a personal passion project that I’d forced myself to commit to.
I never was good at botany or plant stuff, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t put my all into finding small little ways of improving both of our lives here.
So here I was, picking out the last few fruits before winter hit, and I’d have to shudder the place until the thaw of spring.
Running the greenhouse over winter just wasn’t viable, not with the load it put on our limited equipment.
But as I continued the calming motions of plucking oranges and berries from their stems, I noticed Lera, my felinor watchcat, stare off blankly into the distance in a way I hadn’t seen her do in a long time.
She was staring into the sky, at literally nothing.
I didn’t think too much of it though.
If there were threats, she would meow and bark in short order.
So for now, I continued on my afternoon chores.
I’d check up on the broadcast equipment sometime later.
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(Author’s Note: I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, we're finally expanding the perspectives and character roster for the first time in a long while! I hope you guys enjoy! :D The next chapter is already out on Patreon as well if you want to check it out!)
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2023.06.06 23:13 AbhiN1289 Origin of Skanda

Below I shall briefly prove that Skanda/Murugan came from non-Vedic, i.e. Dravidian practices:


The origin of Skanda or Murugan, as he is known in the south, is similar to that of Ganesha. In this section, the Northern version of Skanda and his Southern counterpart Murugan will be dealt with separately. For simplicity, Skanda will refer to the Sanskritic god of the North and Murugan will be used to refer to the Dravidian version of the south.
As briefly touched upon before, Skanda originated amongst the class of spirits called Grahas.
These Grahas are not to be confused with the nine planets. Graha comes from the Sanskrit root “grh” meaning to “seize”. These beings cause sickness by possessing or “seizing” a person.
The Rig Veda 1.161.1 refers to a female Graha called a Grahi.
“muñcāmi tvā haviṣā jīvanāya kam ajñātayakṣmād uta rājayakṣmāt grāhir jagrāha yadi vaitad enaṃ tasyā indrāgnī pra mumuktam enam ”
“By means of the oblation I set you free to live safe from undeveloped consumption and from royal sumption; and if the seizer has already seized him, then to you, Indra , and Agni , set him free”
However as much as the Graha is found early as the Rig Veda, they are not of Indo European origin.
One of the earliest nuanced mentions of the Grahas, including Skanda, are found in the Sushruta Samhita.
“Attentively hear me describe, Sushruta, the origin, cause and medical treatment of the diseases of infancy which are due to the influences of malignant stars (Graha) or demons as well as the characteristic symptoms by which each can be accurately diagonosed. The diseases number nine in all and are called Skanda-Graha, Skandapasmara, Shakuni, Revati, Putana, Andha-Putana, Shita-Putana, Mukha-mandika and Naigamesha or Pitri-Graha. 2–3” (S.S Uttara Tantra 2.25.2-3).// Translate this by kyself later.
These Grahas are said to cause grave sickness amongst infants. The Skanda Graha for example is described as follows in the same chapter:
“Swelling of the eyes and distorted features of the face and an aversion to the breast-milk are the indications of an attack by the Skanda-graha. The body of the child emits a bloody smell and one of the eyelids becomes fixed or motionless. The child looks frightened, closes his fists (as in a fit of convulsion) and moans a little. The eyes become highly rolling and the stool becomes hard and constipated. Alternate fits of fainting and consciousness, convulsive jerks of legs and hands like those in dancing, foaming (at the mouth), yawning and the passing of stool and urine with the passage of wind are the characteristic features of an attack by the Skanda-pasmara-graha. 5–6.”
Such beliefs of malignant spirits attacking children are prevalent even today amongst the rural folk of south India. However, disease demons are universal, so the non Vedic-ness of the Grahas, must be sought out. The origin of the belief in the Grahas is inferred from the rituals prescribed to appease them. Amongst the rituals there is this interesting paragraph:
“The physician (or any other person acting on his behalf) should bathe in the night and worship the god Skanda for three successive nights in the inner quadrangle of the house of the child or at the crossing of roads with various offerings, viz., garlands of red flowers, red flags, red perfumes such as Kumkuma, edibles of various kinds and newly harvested barley grains, Shali rice. A cock should be sacrificed on the occasion (to appease his wrath) and bells should be rung (for his propitiation). The water to be used for bath (in course of worship), should be consecrated by reciting the Gayatri Mantra and the sacrificial fire should be duly lit with (three, seven or ten) libations (of clarified butter). 6.”(S.S. Uttara Tantra 2.28.6).
The first motif is the use of red coloured items. We find parallels to this in early Tamil traditions of Murugan. Indeed Murugan in modern Hindu iconography is associated with the red color. We shall get into this later.
The other aspect of the ritual is the sacrifice of the cock. This is also accompanied later by the offering of meat and blood:
“The physician (or the votary officiating for him) should worship the presiding deity of the disease in a ditch (dug out for the purpose) with the offerings of both cooked and uncooked meat, fresh blood (of a goat), milk, and edibles prepared with the Masha pulse for the ghosts, and the possessed child should be bathed at the crossing of roads by physician observing the necessary fast, etc. with the recital of the following Mantra….”(S.S. Uttara Tantra 2.29).
Returning the the offering of the cock, it is curious that this animal is mentioned. The cock is featured in the Vedic ritual of Ashvamedha, but as an animal to be released alive. Moreover, the Manusmriti prohibits the consumption of the fowl.
“The mushroom, the village-pig, garlic, the village-cock, onions and leeks,—the twice-born man eating these intentionally would become an ou tcast.—(19)”(MS 5.19).
On the positive, we have the sacrifice of the chicken in Dravidian and tribal rituals.
In the Nellore District, the goddess of diseases Kateri is popritiated for safe child delivery. At the same time, she has a great thirst for blood. As Elmore recorded, the woman“, offers a fowl to Kateri , cooks the fowl and eats it . She then puts on the koka which has been offered to Kateri, and makes various offerings, especially the blood of more fowls” (Elmore pg 50).
Similarly, Kanaka Durgamma is popritiated when there is cattle disease, and each step of her worship involves the slaughter of a fowl. It is recorded by Elmore that in the ritual a woman is possessed by the goddess and starts asking for the blood of chickens, goats, sheep, or buffalo. When a person dies, the Gulgulias, a group of people in Eastern India, pour liquor down the copse. They then kill a chicken, burn it, and through the ashes into an irrigation tank to ensure the spirit is satisfied. Most of the offerings to these goddesses and spirits, however, tend to beof goats or sheep.
The Gonds appease wrathful spirits by offering usually a goat, pig, or a chicken depending on the god they are woshiping. For Bara Deo, a spotted he-goat; for Takkur Deva, 5 chicken and a pig. When a person dies, the third day after the funeral is called Tisra. On Tisra the chief mourner kills a chicken near a stream and cooks it with rice.
The Irulas also offer a cock to appease evil spirits.
Thus the use of chicken meat in the ritual to appease the Grahas are not of Vedic origin, and likey stem from Dravidian or Austro Asiatic sources. Interestingly, modern iconography of Skanda features him with the rooster as an emblematic animal. Puranic legend states that when Skanda killed Surapadma who hid himself as a tree, the two fragments of the tree became a peacock and a rooster. Perhaps the offering of the cock to Skanda led to him having the bird as one of his emblematic animals.

The Distancing

As some scholars point out, as the cult of Skanda grew and the as spirit started becoming a full fledged deity, people weren’t happy with the relationship with the Grahas. Coming back to the Sushruta Samhita, the 32nd chapter of the 2nd Canto of the Uttara Tantra has this to say on the subject:
“It is impossible that the god springing from Rudra and Agni, with his exalted parentage would find pleasure in such a dangerous disease even out of childish frolic-someness and it has also been asserted by eminent authorities on the physical science that some unintelligent persons have been misled into holding, through a mistake due to the identity of the names, that the author of the disease under discussion (Skanda) is no other than the invincible Skanda”.
However, while trying to deny Skanda’s nature as a Graha, it fails to dissolve any trace of his malignant origin. Previously in the chapter, it is recorded that
“ Skandapasmara, the presiding deity of the disease named after him, was created by Agni, the fire-god (Vulcan). He is as bright as fire itself and is a constant companion of the god Skanda and is also known by the name of Vishakha”
The name of Graha having Skanda in it, as well as his association with Skanda, ironically end up echoing the deities' past. Ironically, in later texts, Vishakha is an epithet of Skanda. The chapter continues saying
“On the effulgent god Skanda’s being elevated to the leadership of the armies of Heaven, the presiding deities of those diseases waited upon him and with folded palms asked him about the means of their subsistence. The god Skanda in his turn, referred them to His Holiness the god Shiva for the answer, whereupon they went to the latter in a body and made the same query”
This narrative is found in the Mahabharata Aranyaka Parva Chapter 219. After Indra struck Skanda with the vajra, a part of his body split off and became Vishakha. Also from Skanda’s fiery body, came the Grahas which are made to torment women and children. The likely explanation for this distancing is that the cultured people didn’t like how their god could be malevolent, thus they tried to make him benevolent while not completely disregarding his origins. Narratives like those in the Mahabharata were an excellent way for the brahmanas of the Mauryan and Guptan era to accomplish that goal.

Origin of Murugan

Murugan is the Tamil name for Skanda. The name literally means “Youthful”, the same way “Kumara” does. Murugan has an similar origin as his northern version, as a wrathful spirit.
According to Iravatam Mahadevan, a scholar in Indus Valley and Dravidian studies, Muruku (i.e. Murugan) in early Tamil times was a departed soul or spirit that would possess a priest (Velan) or a maiden who then would dance frantically. Murugan was thus a wrathful formless spirit. However, he is said to be red and carry a spear. Evidently, the Velan wore red clothes and carried a spear. Bloody sacrifices also were offered for Skanda. The dance that the Velan would do to appease the spirit Murugan is called Veriyattal. The Velan was summoned to solve problems or even tell how wars would unfold. In the Veddah people of Sri Lanka believe in a spirit called Kande Yakkha. And in one recollection of their myth on Valli’s origin, Kande Yakkha was the substitute for Murugan. This may be from early contact between Tamilians and the Veddahas and thus establishes the spirit origin of Murugan.
According to Mahadevan, “Muru” is a PDr root meaning “to break” but is homiphonous with “mur” meaning “Young”. Confusion may have made Murugan youth. This may have influenced the iconography of Skanda in the North. But more likely is that Skanda got his youth from Agni and this tradition influenced his southern counter part.
I depart from the traditional view that Velan derives from Tamil “Vel” meaning spear. If we are to assert a Proto Dravidian, or even Proto South Dravidian origin, for Muruguab, it must be noted that Tamil “Vel” meaning spear has only a cognate in Malayalam. That is also because Malayalam is descended from Tamil. Thus Tamil “Vel” is not an original Proto Dravidian world. However the Tamil root “vel” meaning “sacrifice” is of Proto Dravidian origin, with cognates being in Telugu as well (Tel “Velpu” = “god”; “Velvi” = “Sacrifice”). Thus the Velan could mean “sacrificer”. Then from homophones, Velan got reinterpreted to mean “Spear man”, thus prompting Murugan to carry a spear. This spear then may have made him a war god. Of course this is speculation , and further Dravidian research is needed.

The Influences

Most scholars agree that it is the Northern Skanda that influenced the Southern Murugan. The priority for the North is evident from the fact that Tamil traditions say that Skanda is said to have been born in the North but decided to settle in the South.
The reason Skanda and Murugan would be conflated is plain obvious. The deities are both wrathful spirits needing appeasement. In fact, both Skanda and Murugan may derive their similar attributes because they originated from the same tradition, making both traditions of Skanda and Murugan figuratively siblings. Iravatam Mahadevan taxes the origin of Skanda worship to the Indus Valley. One of the Harappan script signs he identifies is a curled up skeleton. The Proto Dravidian root he assigned the sign to was “Mur” meaning “twisted” or “shriveled up”. This is homophonous to the roots meaning “break” and “youth”, and the connection to the dead makes this sign a great candidate for evidence of Murugan or general spirit appeasement during the Indus Valley period. What may have then happened was the Dravidians bought the Murugan worship to the South while the people who stayed in the North introduced their beliefs to the Vedic people. Indeed the Tamil literature attributes Skanda to the Kurunji landscape, which is the mountainous regions of Ancient Tamilikam. Indeed amongst the Niligiri tribes, like the Irula, is spirit worship the norm.
The Sangam literature knew of the Vedic practices, suggesting that Northern traditions have been established in the south. This is is possible that the developments of Skanda in the North have been introduced during the Sangam period and influenced the conception of Murugan, at least in part.

https://www.jstor.org/stable/40450839?read-now=1&seq=3#page_scan_tab_contents - gonds offer to spirits several animals, but mostly goats and chickens.
https://www.jstor.org/stable/40453635?read-now=1#page_scan_tab_contents - shaministic stuff about Austroasiatic tribes. Includes chicken use. //
https://www.jstor.org/stable/44141129?read-now=1&seq=3#page_scan_tab_contents Skanda and Vishaka alluded as Mahabharata reference.
“Worship of Ancient Tamils Gleaned from the Tamil Literature” by Dr.P.Ganesan https://starlingdb.org/cgi-bin/respon...
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The Rise of Mahāsena: The Transformation of Skanda-Karttikeya in North India from the Kuṣāṇa to Gupta Empires Book by Richard Dewey Mann https://www.academia.edu/33546233/Ori...
Early Cult of SKanda in North India: From Demon to Divine Son http://www.shanlaxjournals.in/pdf/ASH...
https://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m03/m03228.htm Mahabharata, Skanda as Agni who is Rudra
https://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m09/m09044.htm Shalya Parva origin of Skanda
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The ultimate handbook pro! 8 cores of Zen 2 goodness and Vega 7 graphics (currently on Monterey, Ventura via debug NootedRed currently installing)
2 year project since May 2021 finally realized May 2023!
Working: keyboard, trackpad (full multi touch), touchscreen, USB, WiFi (incl continuity and handoff), Bluetooth, graphics acceleration, sleep, CPU power management (partially-switches pstates but at idle still warmer than Linux), built in speakers, airplay (incl mirroring)
Untested: SD card reader (likely doesn’t work as it is a Realtek pci-express card reader, provides /dev/mmcblk device on Linux ≠ not generic driver)
Not working: built-in Microphone
ACPI Patches: SSDT-CPUR (this laptop does not like the normal SSDT-PLUG from SSDTTime! It will not boot even to kernel init, due to a specific way of ACPI processor objects declaration even in latest F23 bios)
Kexts of note: VoodooI2C (touchpad-NootInc fork for AMD I2C controller support) VoodooPS2 (keyboard) AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement NootedRed (Vega IGPU full QE/CI + MTL) AirportItlwm AppleALC (ALC245, use layout-id=12)
Boot-Args of note:
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2023.06.06 23:11 Takeacourse Fable is a bad game and an even worse action RPG

Wow this game is bad. Small tiny regions with five minute loading screens in between, cringy British humor with poorly written dialogue, no consequences to your actions and the combat is one button spamming without any thought required since no enemy can defend themselves. This leads to boring and dull gameplay.
Speaking of which, there is no effort required in combat. The game is laughably easy and it's impossible to die. Most spells are useless beyond the ones you just spam to win fights and alternatively you can just spam your melee attack to win. Enemies don't bother to evade and stop blocking after a few hits.
Exploration is through terribly small linear regions. Call of goddamn Duty games feature more exploration and bigger maps. In fact I'm certain The Silent Cartographer mission in Halo is bigger than all maps from Fable combined!
The main character is awful too, standing there with his mouth open in every cutscene literally. No character creation in an RPG either? Really? Not all RPGs need a character creator but if you're making a set character then like The Witcher, at least give them a personality.
The animations in the game are laughable even for the time it released. Evil or good mean nothing in the world since none of your choices lead to any consequences beyond some guards attacking you and you being forgiven after five minutes. NPC reactions are dull and repetitive.
I hear the sequels are just as bad if not worse with Fable 3 being considered one of the worst games ever and the one that made Lionhead Studios go bankrupt and Peter Molyneux quit game development forever.
Apparently 90% of what he promised for these games never made it in and was just an attempt to hype up poor excuses for RPGs which each last 8 hours each.
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2023.06.06 23:04 FableisaBadGame Fable is a bad game and an even worse action RPG

Wow this game is bad. Small tiny regions with five minute loading screens in between, cringy British humor with poorly written dialogue, no consequences to your actions and the combat is one button spamming without any thought required since no enemy can defend themselves. This leads to boring and dull gameplay.
Speaking of which, there is no effort required in combat. The game is laughably easy and it's impossible to die. Most spells are useless beyond the ones you just spam to win fights and alternatively you can just spam your melee attack to win. Enemies don't bother to evade and stop blocking after a few hits.
Exploration is through terribly small linear regions. Call of goddamn Duty games feature more exploration and bigger maps. In fact I'm certain The Silent Cartographer mission in Halo is bigger than all maps from Fable combined!
The main character is awful too, standing there with his mouth open in every cutscene literally. No character creation in an RPG either? Really? Not all RPGs need a character creator but if you're making a set character then like The Witcher, at least give them a personality.
The animations in the game are laughable even for the time it released. Evil or good mean nothing in the world since none of your choices lead to any consequences beyond some guards attacking you and you being forgiven after five minutes. NPC reactions are dull and repetitive.
I hear the sequels are just as bad if not worse with Fable 3 being considered one of the worst games ever and the one that made Lionhead Studios go bankrupt and Peter Molyneux quit game development forever.
Apparently 90% of what he promised for these games never made it in and was just an attempt to hype up poor excuses for RPGs which each last 8 hours each.
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2023.06.06 23:03 the_saddest_kitten f20 [F4M] [relationship] hear me now, hear me right.

hello, my permanently unknown soulmate. i got lazy once again so i'm copypasting my the day before yesterday's speech. double cheers to everyone who's unfortunate enough to be willing to read this.
i don't even like Reddit, dear soulmate. you can't really see the person behind the screen and his intentions never intertwine with my own.
i dunno where all the likeable people are hiding at the moment but i really hope to get introduced to one of them today.
my days are dull. i listen to Rory Gallagher's old live performances, i think of ordering weird shit online (mostly aggressive black t shirts with prints that could go as vintage), think of going to the States if i get rich.
i hate that people don't really pay attention to my words when they message me. so please keep in mind all that basic shit -
  1. i'm not a gamean otaku/a fan of sports so if you are one or all of these things we are not really compatible. also don't message me if you are bearded/married/socially acceptable a guy. sorry.
  2. my name is Aline.
  3. my favourite artist is Rory Gallagher n nope i'm not Irish.
  4. my favourite colour is green.
  5. my favourite memes are kitten memes.
  6. my favourite cartoon is Futurama.
  7. i'm going to ignore you if you haven't read my first ever Reddit post.
that's it.
i won't say that i'm looking for a guy that is 100% my type (English-speaking dark-haired light-eyed crazy musician in his middle twenties who bears some resemblance to Sherlock) because no-one really cares about what i want but please do use punctuation marks.
https://ibb.co/Czgrncm https://ibb.co/2SSZHLT
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2023.06.06 22:33 jmpz11 Things we should agree IOI needs to fix (and things that would be nice...)

I've owned Hitman 3 / WOA for 2 months, racked up almost 700 hours of playtime. I'm at level 488. Order of magnitude more playtime than any other game I own. I love the game, but as I approach 100% in story mode, I'm extremely frustrated by some of IOI's decisions - decisions that I see regularly defended here and elsewhere in the name of avoiding OP (overpowered-ness), "making the game too easy" or "corrupting the leaderboards".

  1. Abolish online requirement Ultimately it is little more than the worst sort of user-abusive DRM. Like so many people in abusive relationships, many users defend IOI and rationalize it... allowing IOI to continue kicking us down the stairs if our internet glitches. It needs to stop.
    1. Hitman is an exclusively single-player game (Please read this a few times) and the connectivity requirement is worse than the universally loathed Denuvo DRM.
    2. The server communication provides no benefit to the users - quite the opposite in fact. The game is frequently abruptly stopped if the internet isn't rock solid. The server check-ins make saving and loading slow - painfully so at times, and images regularly fail to load. This makes finding elusive targets particularly difficult when their picture doesn't load.
    3. It does not, nor should it prevent cheats/mods. This is a matter of accessibility - dexterity or cognitive deficits make many games impossibly difficult without modification.
    4. It does NOT prevent cheating on the leaderboards, and IOI doesn't seem to cleanup obviously fake scores. In other words the leaderboards are not even remotely pristine. Just look at SPRUT.
    5. The community has developed a workaround server emulator, but it does not provide the game experience you paid for - progression, unlocking, etc. Hitman 3 is around 2 years old, but the game costs as much as a new game -- considering the quality I'm ok with the price but I'm not ok with being dependent on IOI's servers to play a game I own. Nobody should be ok with this.
  2. Allow the option to save in ALL game modes
    1. A simple solution would be to add multiple difficulties to escalations, freelancer, sniper assassin and arcade mode. Then anti-savers can have their exclusive leaderboards, which will still be dominated by SPRUT.
    2. The arguments against this claim it would make the game too easy (and mess up the leaderboards). Remember, the leaderboards are already messed up and difficulty/fun are both extremely subjective. Don't assume your definitions of "too easy", or "fun" are universal.
  3. Allow carrying more loadout items
    1. Agent 47 can conceal an unlimited number of violins and wine bottles under his shirt. In casual mode, why not let a briefcase hold two, or even four items depending on size? Or how about letting us bring two pistols like in the movies and the friggin' game logo? Or maybe Agent 47 could put the lockpick, coins and fiberwire in the same pocket. Maybe upgraded poisons could have more than a single dose? Or how about a swiss-army knife??
    2. The arguments against this claim it would make the game too easy (and mess up the leaderboards). Remember, the leaderboards are already messed up and difficulty/fun are both extremely subjective. Don't assume your definitions of "too easy", or "fun" are universal.
  4. Fix longstanding bugs
    1. Inventory and planning screen images - such as the image of the coins - regularly fail to load, requiring restarting the game.
    2. Some levels are notoriously glitchy when saving and loading. Miami crashes a LOT. If an NPC has been hidden and would never be spotted, sometimes loading causes them to be spotted. Seems to be especially bad when hiding a body in foliage, but in Mendoza loading causes guards to spawn in the wrong place. Game loads should be deterministic (i.e. always load the same, ideally the same as the game was when saved) for things that matter. In other games it may be fine for dead / sleeping bodies to be dropped in a approximate location, but not Hitman.
    3. The few guards that use an appropriate accent occasionally shout obscenities at you in that obnoxious UK voice when spotted (I noticed this in Mendoza) -- come on. Talk about ruined immersion.
  5. Fix NPC personal space (aka not everyone is a rude asshole)
    1. Almost all NPCs react in a rude, script-interrupting manner if you or they get too close. This becomes very annoying when you are supposed to talk to someone and/or hand them something. The NPC will be halfway through a 2-minute diatribe before you can hand them something, and another NPC bumps into you moving you too close... "GET OUT OF MY FACE YOUR BREATH STINKS OMG DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM GO AWAY!!" then the monologue restarts 🤬.Many people - myself included - will apologize when someone else bumps into them. People are generally much more courteous and understanding about invasions of personal space; even more so in public places.I find it particularly immersion-breaking when that one NPC says "there goes my future ex-husband 😍..." then walks into you and immediately turns cruel and verbally abusive.
  6. Make PC VR usable
    1. Chest orb assumes player is not overweight and cannot be adjusted. I would imagine boobs could also cause problems. Terrible mechanic for something you need to do constantly - should just be a button.
    2. Controls are unbearably clunky. Too many buttons to remember, requires precision from imprecise controllers, requires use of both hands with zero customization... All-in-all very inaccessible to people with dexterity, mobility or cognitive issues and completely non-intuitive.

I'm not saying anything that hasn't been said -- I'm saying it because it needs to be said more.
The Battered Consumer Stockholm Syndrome / delusional leaderboard purist rhetoric is creating the appearance of complacency, giving IOI no reason to change. The first two items in particular are crucial - the entire 7-deadly-sins DLC is escalations in which you cannot save... and people are ok with this.
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2023.06.06 22:27 Either-Owl-5959 [WTS/WTT] Glock 19.3 Slide and Barrel, P226 .40 slide and upper, Surefire XC1-B w/ Holster, Beretta Mags

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/P8CPEuI
Glock 19.3 Slide and Barrel: FDE Brownells RMR cut window slide, RMR cover plate(missing one screw), Faxon barrel, OEM Glock UPK, Ameriglo GL429 Suppressor height sights. Less than 200 rounds thru the assembly, functions well. $310
Sig p226 Slide and barrel: 40 cal slide and barrel, under 500 rounds from what I’ve been told. Small amounts of wear around the edges. $250
Surefire XC1-B, Legacy Firearms Co. Hyperion AIWB holster: Great great holster for Glock 19 with an XC1. Holster goes for 165 and they usually have a 4-6 week wait time. I won’t be splitting these up unless there’s a buyer for both because the holsters kinda useless without the XC1. Both items for $210.
Beretta 92 mags: beretta 20 round mag and pro mag extended. Not really sure how much the pro mag holds, I think I can get 40+ in there though. $40 takes them both.
Looking for a x300u-B, will trade the p226 or the light and holster for it outright depending on condition. Otherwise, I’ll knock 160-230 off of the price depending on condition.
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2023.06.06 22:25 MoonlessNightss Where can I find a good mini split AC, and a company to install it?

I'm searching for a mini split AC for the summer. What's weird is that it's not that easy to find. Here in canada, window and portable ACs are far more common than a mini split, whereas in any other country, mini ac are the norm (I didn't even know about window and portable AC before coming here).
So what do you suggest? I'm looking for good quality. I checked costco, home depot and canadian tire, but their selection is extremely limited. I still haven't found one that would show the in door temperature (all the air handler unit don't even have a screen, so let alone showing the temperature). So am I searching in the wrong place, or is that all I can find here.
Also what's a good company to install the unit when I get it. And I will be needing 3 air handler to put in my 3 rooms. I saw some multi air handler units that are all wired to a single compressor. Do you think that would be an option, instead of having 3 compressor?
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2023.06.06 22:23 Other_Initial_8247 Inkompetente Zahnärzte haben mir das Leben ruiniert

Ich bin extrem wütend, traurig, und enttäuscht.
Ich gehe nun mittlerweile seit 8 Jahren wieder regelmäßig zum Zahnarzt, nachdem ich in den 4 Jahren davor nicht gegangen war. Bei meinem ersten Besuch nach dieser Zahnarzt-Pause brauchte ich 3 Karies Behandlungen. Gut, das ist nicht toll, aber auch nicht super wild. Natürlich wurde damals auch ein neues Röntgen Bild gemacht, und mir wurde versichert, dass ansonsten alles in Ordnung sei. Danach also jedes Jahr schön zur Kontroll-Untersuchung gegangen, damit auch alles gesund bleibt. In diesen 8 Jahren gab es seitens der Zahnärztin keine Auffälligkeiten. Selbst das (minimale) Bluten des Zahnfleischs bei den jährlichen Untersuchungen hielt sie scheinbar nicht für sonderlich alarmierend. (Heute weiß ich, dass es sich dabei sehr wohl um ein alarmierendes Symptom handelt.)
Jahre später - es ist der Oktober 2022, und ich wachte eines Morgens auf, und fühlte, dass sich irgendetwas in meinem Biss verändert hatte. Mir war, als hätte sich einer meiner oberen Schneidezähne verschoben. Erst im Monat davor (also September) hatte ich meine letzte jährliche Kontrolluntersuchung. Leider war dies auch der letzte Monat, in dem meine Zahnärztin noch zur Verfügung stand, denn im Oktober ging sie in den Ruhestand. So musste ich mir angesichts dieses Problems einen neuen Zahnarzt suchen, was ich auch tat. Ich hatte dann einen Termin für Ende Oktober bekommen. Bei jenem Termin schilderte ich mein Problem, und der Zahnarzt zuckte sprichtwörtlich nur mit den Schultern, und sagte sowas in der Art wie: "Zähne können sich mal verschieben. Das muss nicht unbedingt etwas schlimmes sein. Man könnte das abschleifen, aber das würde ich ungern machen, da das ja im Grunde Zahnverlust wäre. Aber Sie haben an dem einen Zahn dort Karies, das müssen wir behandeln." Mein Röntgenbild von 2016 brachte ich zu diesem Ersttermin beim neuen Zahnarzt natürlich mit, und er schien es auch nicht für nötig zu halten, ein neues anfertigen zu lassen. In jenem Moment hatte ich noch Vertrauen in meine Zahnärzte, also dachte ich mir, dass er schon wissen wird, was er tut. Der Termin für die Karies Behandlung war für Ende November geplant. In der Zeit, die bis dahin verstrich fing der verschobene Zahn mehr und mehr an zu stören, weshalb ich mich entschließ beim Kariestermin aus Eigeninitiative zu fragen, ob man denn nicht mal ein neues Röntgenbild anfertigen könne. Der Tag des Termins kam, ich machte den Vorschlag, und der Zahnarzt willigte ein. Nach der Erstellung guckte er es sich an, und offenbarte mir dann, dass sich über dem Schneidezahn eine Knochentasche gebildet hatte. "Das muss mal entzündet gewesen sein.", sagte er. "Oh, aber jetzt ist es nicht mehr entzündet?", antwortete ich. Zahnarzt: "Nein, ist nicht mehr entzündet... Aber das sollte man nicht so lassen, ich überweise sie mal an einen Parodontologen." Was genau das alles bedeutete, war mir in dem Moment noch nicht klar. Ich ging also schleunigst zum Parodontologen, und lies mir dort einen Termin geben. Der erste freie Termin? Februar 2023. Widerwillig gab ich das OK.
Dezember 2022 - Ich wurde immer unsicherer, ob dieses Problem wirklich bis Februar nächsten Jahres auf sich warten lassen kann, also entschied ich mich spontan dafür, einen Termin bei einer anderen Zahnärztin zu machen, um mir eine weitere Meinung einzuholen. Bei diesem Termin, tat diese Zahnärztin nach der Schilderung meiner Symptome etwas, was noch kein anderer Zahnarzt vor ihr getan hatte. Sie sondierte mein Zahnfleisch mit Instrumenten, um zu prüfen wie tief meine Taschen waren. Das Ergebnis? Scheinbar leide ich schon seit JAHREN an extremer Parodontitis. Blut, Eiter, alles war dabei. Fast alle Regionen meines Zahnhalte-Apparats bekam beim PSI (Parodontitis Screening Index) die schlechteste Note: 4. Diese Zahnärztin prüfte auch den Kontakt meiner Zähne, und stellte fest, dass mein gesamter Kiefer durch diese Verschiebung nur noch den verschobenen Zahn belastet. Über Weihnachten hinweg musste ich dann Antibiotika nehmen, um die akute Entzündung zu bekämpfen. Scheinbar war mein Zahnfleisch JAHRELANG geschwollen, weswegen ich nie dessen Rückgang bemerkt hatte. Bis zu dieser Antibiotika Behandlung. Es war wirklich schockierend, das zum ersten mal zu sehen. Anfang Januar hatte ich dann einen Folgetermin, bei dem die Zahnärztin erneut mein Zahnfleisch sondierte. Glücklicherweise war die akute Entzündung zurückgegangen. Anschließend lies sie einen Abdruck von meinen Zähnen machen, der dazu genutzt wurde, eine Zahnschiene zu fertigen, die den Frühkontakt mit dem Zahn beim zubeißen verhindern sollte. Das war dann auch erstmal das Ende der Behandlung ihrerseits. Sie schlug vor, den restliche Behandlung im Februar von dem Parodontitis Facharzt machen zu lassen. In der Zeit zwischen Januar und Februar verschob sich mein Zahn erneut.
Der Februar Termin kam, und Pläne für die zukünftige Behandlung wurden gemacht. Eine PZF im Juli, und dann die Parodontitis Behandlung im August. Und das, obwohl ich mittlerweile schon Monatelang auf die Behandlung gewartet hatte. Bei dem Termin selbst schliff der Zahnarzt mir nach Beratung die Rückseite des Zahns ein bisschen ab, um weiteres Trauma vom aufbeißen zu verringern. Leider verschob sich der Zahn zwischen Februar und April 2023 erneut, weswegen ich den Zahnarzt nochmal aufsuchte. Selbst die Zahnschiene konnte den Frühkontakt jetzt nicht mehr verhindern. Der Zahnarzt schliff also erneut ein wenig an meinem Zahn ab, und auch an der Schiene. Er versicherte mir jedoch absolut, dass die eigentliche Parodontitis Behandlung noch bis August warten kann.
Heute - Juni 2023, und ich warte noch auf meinen Termin für die Parodontitis Behandlung. Der Schneidezahn hat sich erneut verschoben, und die Schiene bringt mittlerweile auch nichts mehr. Ich habe mittlerweile das Vertrauen in alle Zahnärzte verloren. Wie kann es sein, dass trotz JAHRELANGER jährlicher Kontrolluntersuchungen nie bemerkt wurde, dass ich Gingivitis und später Parodontitis hatte? Wie kann es sein, dass der neue Zahnarzt bei Schilderung meiner Symptome nicht direkt ein neues Röntgenbild gemacht hat? Wie kann es sein, dass mir trotz ständiger Verschiebung des Zahns gesagt wird, dass die Behandlung warten kann, wenn doch Zahnverlust die exakte Konsequenz von unbehandelter Parodontitis ist? Übrigens, scheinbar kann jeder Zahnarzt halbjährig oder so Zahnfleisch sondieren, um zu prüfen wie es um dessen Gesundheit steht. Macht nur scheinbar keine Sau.
Parodontitis hat man übrigens EIN LEBEN LANG. Das geht nicht irgendwann weg. Hat man es 1 mal, dann hat man es für immer. Das ist auch etwas, was mir mein Zahnarzt erst im April offenbart hat. Das war ein ziemlicher Schock für mich. Ich verstehe natürlich, wenn viele von euch sagen: "OP, warum hast du dies und das und jenes nicht schon eher angesprochen?", und rückblickend wünschte ich auch, dass ich das getan hätte. Aber ich habe meinen Zahnärzten einfach vertraut, und daher nie auch nur angenommen, dass etwas nicht in Ordnung sein könnte, was die nicht sehen. Meinem Gefühl nach habe ich alles richtig gemacht; nämlich dass ich regelmäßig zu Untersuchungen gegangen bin - und wurde trotzdem gefickt.
tl;dr: Zahnarzte haben jahrelang nicht gemerkt, dass mein scheiß Kiefer am vergammeln war, und jetzt muss ich für den Rest meines Lebens in Parodontitis Behandlung sein.
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2023.06.06 22:17 oddlittleduck71 Android 3.9.8 - Expanded Release Notes!

Hello Android users!
We just pushed update 3.9.8 out to 100% of beta users this afternoon. This is a big one, so strap in for the expanded release notes!
We'll continue to monitor and roll out to production over the next few days. If you're interested in joining the beta and providing feedback to new updates, you can sign up in the Google Play Store on our app page here.
Legacy Code Deletions:
Dedicated Networking Layer
If you made it through all of that, bravo! Next up we're going to be fixing the Report Bug button and getting that autoplay setting to remember what you set it as before leaving the Settings page. If you have any questions, I'll try to answer what I can here, or you can reach out to our wonderful Support team at support.roosterteeth.com.
Thanks everyone!
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2023.06.06 22:02 AscendPerfect Why is Cubism 6 so expensive?

Why is Cubism 6 so expensive? submitted by AscendPerfect to HypixelSkyblock [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 21:58 Im-lost-at-sea27 [ID] Can a partition of sale be challenged?

I co signed on my parents house with my grandmother. My parents live in the house however they are riding my credit. I’m finding it hard to get my own house with this house on my credit. I really don’t make that much money. My parents don’t care about this. They told me to move back with my 3 year old which I wont do after their dog bit her in the face, requiring her to get surgery.
I’m thinking of filing a forced partition of sale. It is a house not land so it can’t be split in half. If I file this, how long do these matters take? And can they challenge it? We co own 50/50.
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2023.06.06 21:52 Simply-Rabbit That time I had taken a trip to the underworld with a control freak DM

So, this is the story of how this group and I started a coup on our DM and regained our freedom. TW: Mentions of Racism
Important people! Pluto: The DM, ruler of our personal hell Jericho: My friend and the local Paladin Bird: The Bladesinger Wizard with wings Soap: The Tricky Drow Cleric/Ranger Hornet: Barbarian Satyr and the newest addition Boy: The Eldritch knight… yeah that’s it Toad: Local Plant boy with a pet dragon And I am… Well, me. (Names changed for obvious reasons) So this story starts at the beginning. I found a listing in the CritCrab server for a new game that sounded interesting. A group that is in a fantasy school for adventurers. Sounds interesting enough. I sent the DM (Pluto) a character idea for a Water Genasi swarm keeper whose swarm is a school of tropical fish. He said that I can’t use fish because it's not one of the official options for a swarmkeeper… Okay? Change it to birds and then he asks if I wanted to be siblings with someone else who wanted to be a Genasi ranger. I hesitantly agree and then I meet Jericho. I began becoming closer with Jericho and tried getting closer with Pluto. I brought up taking a level into a homebrew monster tamer class and he approved it but every time I did something that irritated him he half jokingly threatened to kill my character’s wolf to the point where it made me not want to play the class knowing that if I didn’t do what he wanted he would take it out on my character. Eventually that game didn't go anywhere so he started up a new game. Pluto decided he would run the same game as before with a new group and we started at level 3! Jericho and I were the only ones who came back for the reboot. During the down time between campaigns I began being closer friends with Jericho and began playing some of the same games as him. Pluto, not liking these games, told us that people who played those games were “bad people and people who say otherwise are objectively wrong.” Anyways, character creation. Jericho and I wanted a connected backstory but didn't want to be siblings again since we just did that. He decided he would play a paladin and so I thought “if he is the knight, i could be the dragon” and brought up the tamer class to Pluto again, he accepted it but didn’t stop talking about how Drakewarden Ranger is just better. Even after I told him I didn’t like it as much. Now, I wouldn't have this issue if he hadn’t already said the tamer class was fine. He already accepted the homebrew but was still pushing me toward something I said I didn't want. On top of all this, he told Jericho that since he was a Knight he would also have the Noble background and since he was a Noble I should also be a Noble and his sister! We sorta just went along with it since it sorta just worked. I ended up swapping from a Tamer (because he clearly didn't want me playing it) to a Wizard with a high charisma in hopes of going into bard or warlock. We were all excited to be some noble kids in the school just hanging out and stuff only to learn that by Noble, he meant the most Noble. Jericho was the Crown Prince and I the Princess of THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. This was not at all what we signed up for but we thought, Hey, this will at least make things interesting? The other players were Boy, who made an eldritch knight who sorta just hit things? He didn't role play too much and mostly just split off to talk to random teachers and stuff instead of participating in what there was of a plot.The other was a druid for a couple of sessions but left due to frustrations with Pluto. So it starts with us going to a school and doing a test to see what class we are in, sorta Yugioh GX style if you are familiar with that. We all got sent to Obelisk Blue and were assigned to the team. Woo! We set off for our first mission, go find “something of interest.” We weren’t told what exactly to look for or anything just to find it. Okay? We search and find a cave with spooky noises and glowing. My player senses are tingling! We go inside and find a woman who is all like “Make a deal with me, i will give you some shiny stuff and you are not allowed to talk about me ever to anyone outside of here. If anyone asks you where you found this stuff say it's from the river” Jericho: Can we say walk away? Pluto: Nope, you are stuck here. Druid: Well, can we fight her? Pluto: You can but she can tpk you Me: So we just take the items then i guess
We go on to the next bit and we return our interesting items and the druid tries to sorta not say explicitly what we found but every time we try we get told we can't get around the binding contract. Cool, so we can’t talk about what happened or try to get any information. We take some classes, have some fun conversations amongst the party, teach the druid what a snake is, all fun. We then go to find our next quest. Hunt some mini cockatrices. Okay, interesting, let's do that. We do it without incident. We come back and roleplay some more before going onto the next quest. A strange feline creature is doing some petrification in a nearby town, go solve it. Me: More petrification monsters? I wonder who is letting em all out Pluto: Oh, no. i just chose them because petrification is easy to run Yeah, not plot reasoning just easy to run… okay We continue onward and find ourselves in an area and we decide to go to the library. Turns out there is a fire downstairs in the library that leads to a secret laboratory with a bunch of notes and stuff and something that mentions the monster we were sent to find. I had never heard of the monster so I looked up what it looked like (mind you not trying to meta-game was just curious because i had never heard of it. It is like a lion medusa, I forgot what it was called. Anyways, Pluto got upset with me for looking it up and yeah, maybe I shouldn't have. So Druid was having issues with Pluto during all of this and ended up leaving the campaign. In the meantime Pluto decided to invite someone from a group he was kicked from for being rude to the other players. Turns out in that game his character had a baby dragon that he was taking care of because of a homebrew race he was playing. This is when Bird joined. Turns out there was a secret fight club in the town and Bird is doing great. Bird is a homebrew race that is like an elf with wings. Bird was the most forward with their complaints. Anytime Pluto did something frustrating they would bring it up. He was not afraid to say blatantly that something Pluto was doing was annoying. This led to several arguments and I won’t lie, it was quite annoying. Their character was similar and would call my character out for what she was doing which was really fun to roleplay out. We ended up going and fighting the boss and instead of attacking the tank it felt like he targeted my wizard. Weird but okay, i was pretty pushed up and i almost went down because funny d6 hit dice. Also, I was hiding in a tree. We also saw the petrified body of the character who left. We went back to the school and role played a bit between missions.
We were then given an option between going to the capital for purposes of going and meeting the king and queen or going on a quest to find some flowers. We think about it and going to the capital seemed like the best way to push the story forward and then Pluto tells us that going to the plot is actually at the flowers which made no sense at all and still doesn’t. Especially since the only plot stuff was uh not region specific Next mission was trying to find a medicine for petrification. We go and talk to a king but a different type of king from our character’s father? Pluto swears up and down there is a good reason for this but it's confusing. We went to talk to him. King: So, you are looking for this really rare plant? Well, I will tell you where to find it so long as you make a deal with me Everyone: really? Another deal? Bird: “Yeah, my character is super paranoid and traumatized and wouldn't make deals with random people Pluto: Can you quit derailing things? Bird continued to try to get around the contract but no matter what he tried, Pluto didn’t allow anything. During all of this Pluto invited two new people to join us. Toad and Soap. They hadn't joined the game yet because he kept refusing to introduce them for like 3 sessions in a row. So they were both just quietly waiting in the vc for hours on end, much to the annoyance of Soap in particular. Eventually we got to the point where we were looking for the plants and Jericho had to go to work so we hand waved it as he went to go look somewhere else for the plants. We find the plants and they seem eerily out in the open. We get to problem solving. We decided the best course of action is if there are traps, send the flying person to go get them so we don't trigger them. Bird goes and flies towards them and then the tree shoots some roots or something at them? Idk, it makes no sense. And then they tried to Misty Step away. Anyways we roll initiative and fight a bunch of plants and then Toad and Soap see us fighting the plants and decide to help us. We beat the fight and then head back to the castle. We get told that Pluto would have a side session with Jericho. Jericho then tells me later that week that his character is dead or close to death. Turns out when he went off alone he fell into a random hole and had to go through a bunch of fights. And also he found someone who recognised him as the crown prince because of his fancy armor that he has stated many times wasnt fancy because he was very humble. He ended up getting so close to death that he had to make ANOTHER DEAL in order to get out alive. When the next session started we were told we went back without him and waited several days for him to come back and he just didn't. Excuse me? My character just sat around when her brother was missing for more than 12 hours??? Anyways we tried several things to find him and then i decided to make ANOTHER DEAL in order to ensure his safety. (I had a way to summon a fey-like entity). After all of this and more, Bird was causing a new argument or 2 every session and Soap was also upset by the same things and backed him up. The biggest argument was because we were defending Jericho from being killed off screen for committing the unforgivable sin of going to work. Eventually Pluto decided he would kick Bird. He also decided to gaslight Soap into apologizing for agreeing with Bird and BEGGING FOR HIS FORGIVENESS. Now mind you, after all of this Bird’s character had already been a massive part of the character development of both Soap’s character and my own so seeing them leave was rough narratively. Then it was implied they were killed, as was their pet pig, Chris P Bacon (Rest in Peace, sweet prince) Anyways, we go back home, role play, and then we go into a multi session dungeon crawl. Half way through the dungeon crawl he decided to add another player to the group and had Hornet send several different backstories and then admitted to not reading any of them. Now something I hadn’t mentioned was that he would often be late or cancel sessions day-of because he wanted to go to a party. It got to the point where he was the least consistent player. During the Dungeon crawl is when it became super problematic. People had had some schedule shifts and we asked to have the sessions an hour earlier and he agreed. Except, we didn't expect that that meant he would then opt to ask if we could postpone the sessions by 30 minutes or sometimes an hour and 30 minutes. When I complained about him being late all the time he said it was “Latino culture” to always show up late. Yeah, I was also confused. Anyways, this meant that 2 players were rarely able to show up and when they could they had to leave and hour in. We learned a bit more lore and then left the dungeon after like 5 sessions. We then went to a different town that had a rival school in it. Neat. We looked around, read some books, role played a bit, y’know, the usual. Then we decided to head home to the school to be there for a tournament! And now Hornet joined! After like 2-3 months of being invited to the server. Eventually, we all talked out of character about our experiences and decided that Toad would be the new DM and run a similar game and we would keep our characters. Thank you, Jericho for finally taking the time to talk to everyone. This situation ended a month ago. I would like to just say that these people tend to not have any self awareness so they can even watch these videos and not see the parallels between these bad DMs and themselves. Be careful out there, friends.
Some other notes that i didn't know where to put Pluto made almost all of us change something about our characters. -He made me and Jericho siblings and tried to force me into Drakewarden ranger. -Soap was supposed to be a Ranger Rogue, but he said “rogues cause too much trouble” and that “we needed a healer.” We did not need a healer. I had bard levels and was the support of the group. Then when they chose to be a cleric and decided to go to a church he was super surprised that the cleric wanted to do cleric things. -Toad wanted to be a Firbolg but then the Pluto pushed them towards his new homebrew race that has a pet dragon that he swears wasn't based on the same race he played in the game Bird was in -Hornet was going to be a shifter Echo knight but was then told no for some reason? -Told Bird no goblins, and argued about other races and stuff. Also forced them to be the cousin of mine and Jericho’s characters He was an incredibly toxic friend. He eventually ended up playing the game “only bad people like” but it was okay because he “didn't take it seriously.” Anytime I took a kill he would yell at me for stealing it and then say he wasn't actually mad because he doesn't take the game seriously and then go back to yelling at me. He did this with knowledge that people yelling at me was a trigger for me. I ended up buying a skin for him in the game as a gift and then he kept trying me to get him another one. I offered to get him a cheaper one as it was on sale and then he kept saying “No i want this one” If you liked something it was immediately a bad thing to like because of reasons. Like it was made by a corrupt company or stuff like that. You just weren’t allowed to enjoy things around him. In the game, he kept giving Soap, the archer, knives for loot? It was weird. Just because Soap had their character buy a dagger so they would have some concealed melee just in case. He also made it so whenever Soap looked for information they found a book about potatoes which was funny the first time bc nat 1 but the second time just felt like haha reusing the same joke but for an 11. And most of the time Soap was the only one actively looking for information about the lore due to the god they followed not being a part of the main pantheon. He also liked giving us very little money and then showing off all the cool magic items we could buy if we had money. Or make us go to a special shop and then make us spend most of our money there and then say “should've saved your money” THERE WERE SO MANY NPCS. I couldn't keep up with them all. Also all of them were very holier than thou. Pretty annoying He also said because I was taller than Bird IRL I could beat him up in a fight which was weird especially with how insistent he was about it
Bird got yelled at for “power gaming” which is a fancy way to say thinking before acting If you disagreed with Pluto it was a direct attack. His opinions weren't opinions; they were facts. If you liked something he didn't, you were a bad person
He also told the Soap that because they were a Drow they would experience Racism and then proceeded to not give any because he expected my character to be racist for him. Also he didnt think Drow were elves. We believe that when he said there would be Racism it was towards Soap and not their character. He seemed to have something against everyone who was American in the group… which was everyone but Toad. But more often than not, Soap was the butt of the joke Toad also kicked him from his game before the events of this game which was based on an Anime he liked. He then got Bird to DM another game based on that anime and then didn't join it because it was Pathfinder and not 5e Ignored Soap’s backstory and just focused on the fact that they were poor because every other character was “too spoiled” even though he forced them to be that way. He called a young boy a Shota and didn’t fully comprehend the… implications which was funny and we had a laugh but he said then had to argue that it was perfectly innocent and has no implications Jericho had special rules as the crown prince he had to follow so when he was taking a more calm and stoic route he was punished for not taking a stand. To the point where when someone else was consoling someone Jericho was told that a group of people that saw him minding his own business hated him. It basically made him afraid to give his character a personality We had to take classes but we had to take 3 of the same class to get anything out of the classes There was a point where we found a fire Genasi that was very attractive and everyone was like trying to rizz her up but when Soap said they were just kinda staring at her they were called a creep. Mind you, Soap’s character was a 13 year old boy who looked about as “creepy” as a soft cuddly bunny.
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2023.06.06 21:49 wolfski87 Help, unidentified issue causing PC to freeze (specifically during gameplay)

Specs: Intel Core i9 11900KF AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT 32 GB RAM 750W 80+ Gold PSU 240MM Liquid Cooling 4 Case Fans
I bought this in Nov. 2021.
I play a good amount of Call of Duty and Forza Horizon 5 at the moment with other various games here and there. I never had an issue with WZ1 but when WZ2 came out these issues started to arise, making me think that maybe it was a problem with Activision. Their customer service is a joke and recommended many troubleshooting methods I have already completed. But the PC doesn’t only freeze with WZ, it’s freezes during Forza as well. Not nearly as frequent, but it almost always happens when loading the game for the first and occasionally during gameplay (not so much during actual gameplay but usually would occur while in some loading screen).
The Issue.
For starters whenever CoD is Optimizing Shaders it’s almost guaranteed to freeze 1-3 times during the process. But usually will freeze a few times during a session. What I mean by freeze is during gameplay (sometimes even at the main menu) the game will completely freeze the PC. Cannot force close or anything. Only thing to do is a manual shut off. Occasionally, (this used to be more frequent but not so much recently) I would get a BSOD with an error code “CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT”.
Different Troubleshooting Methods Applied
Scan and repair thru battle, uninstall/reinstall numerous times, updated MB bios, reseated RAM, factory reset with Windows reinstall, check/update drivers regularly, delete GPU cache regularly, removed the case front panel (my original thought was overheating/ventilation issue but the panel I removed last weekend and have still have several freezes). I have run an “Intel Burn Test” at maximum levels (along with lower levels) of stress to monitor temps (used hwinfo to monitor temps but this is a bit more advanced for me) and the averages seemed fine. A few spikes here and there but nothing sustained. Did see some thermal throttling at max but the PC never froze during those stress tests.
My PC knowledge is limited which is why I opted for a pre build. And is why I am here because I’m having trouble pinpointing the problem, is it a hardware issue or a software issue?
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2023.06.06 21:41 chelsea-tada Question about the Infotainment System

Hello All,
I own a 2017 Subaru Legacy Premium 2.5i. I bought this baby new in Oct 2016 and I loved it. However I have to admit the infotainment system kinda sucks. Recently I am thinking to upgrade to a 2023 Ascent, well since my family headcount increased.
I know a lot of competitors are using horizontal screens like the new Grand Highlander has a 12 inch display, the Honda Pilot has a 9 inch display which is also horizontal. I would like to ask if anyone could answer a few questions about the new verticle screen infotainment system...
1) Does the App Carplay or Android Auto come into a full screen when turning on apps like Waze or Goole Map as navigation? How is the integration? Does it lag a lot?
2) Is there going to be like a split screen if I want to change climate or just want to change car settings using Subaru's own infotainment system?
3) Just in general, how yall like the system? How is it comparing to the competitors? I also own a BMW X5 and their system is great. I just want to know generic performance like smoothness, user friendly level, etc.
4) What do you like about the system? Anything! Just let me know if there is anything that really makes you into it.
Thank you all for the comments in advance!!
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2023.06.06 21:39 Scott_Jenkins-Martin [US] [Selling] New and used 4K/Blu-ray/DVD/VHS

PayPal accepted, add $4.50 shipping for any quantity of discs.
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2023.06.06 21:32 Ilumin159 Friend and gamer from Europe

Hello fellow redditors and players.
I am looking for some new gamer friends. I have a PS5 with the best PS plus plan. I would love to get into some multiplayer games that I did not try before or play the ones I never got to try in co-op. I am open to trying new things and even buying new games if we click. Three important things that I want to share. 1. I am NOT into main stream games like Fortnite, GTA, Dead by Daylight... and few others. Mostly cause of the hype and cause there seems to be a lot of toxicity and competiveness. 2. I am a trophy hunter and I do like to finish the games I start. 3. It is more about the people I play with rather than the games or the win. I will be happy as long as we can talk about something and let the game be kinda in the background or around 50/50 Talking / Playing to succed. I would love to start with something easy and just talk and we can move to other things after that. Games I would like to get to in the future would be Diablo IV, Remnant 2. Games we can play now are up to what we both have right now.
I am free most of the time as I am taking a break from work. If you want some more info or anything I am here to answer it. For those who need to know it first I am 27 years old.
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