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Woman tells jury she expected to die during attack at Greensburg apartment

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2023.06.06 21:51 OzzieSlim Ginger Getting Eviscerated and as predicted, he hasn’t realized.

Reading through the court transcript completely, Mr. Green KC (so weird to write this after so many years QC!) picked Ginger gently apart without him even realizing it. I’ll go through and select the Q&A that effectively kills each of his claims dead on each article. If room runs out on main screen, see rest in comments.
Diana article: Mr Green brings up the fact that the Press Association had reported that Princess Diana was due to visit the Prince for his 12th birthday at Ludgrove school before any of the Mirror titles did. “I wasn’t aware of that,” the Duke says. Mr Green points out that Diana’s spokeswoman had confirmed her appearance to PA.”
Rock Climbing Trip: “Mr Green asks whether the Duke thinks that some of the information in this article is a result of phone hacking, asking who’s mobile is likely to have been hacked. “I believe it could have been anyone from myself to my brother to Paddy Haverson,” the Duke responds. Mr Harverson is the former communications secretary for the then Prince of Wales, but Mr Green points out that he wasn’t appointed until 2004 so would not be a possibility. The Duke tells the court that “there’s quite a lot of quotes and suspicious information” in the article, adding that “part of the reason we were going rock climbing 270 miles away was because of press intrusion”. “
Gastropub Birthday lunch: Mirror Group deny the claims and argue that photographers had been tipped off that Harry was in the pub and that he was photographed “after being spotted” and garnering “considerable attention” from people present at Sunday lunch. They say the story contains “limited and banal” information about his lunch, and that the paparazzi pictures were not published. “But Prince Harry, there was no need for the Daily Mirror journalists to use unlawful means because the information had already been published by the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday,” Mr Green said. “That could be correct… “ came the reply.”Mr Green then brings up that the chef at the gastropub is a famous celebrity chef, Ed Baines, who is quoted in news articles about Harry’s appearance at his pub, saying that he could have called the press himself. “If those are indeed his quotes,” the Duke interjects, adding that Baines, as the chef, was probably too busy to have done that.”
On broken thumb: Mr Green has asked Prince Harry whether he has also complained to a press agency about reporting about his broken thumb. “Have you expressed any concerns to the Press Association about divulging information about the injury to your thumb?” He asks the Duke. “I have not,” Harry responds, adding that he is only now aware it was reported by PA first.”
“Mr Green then asks whether he has complained about the reporting of the same injury in the Evening Mail, the Evening Standard and the Edinburgh Evening News. “No I haven’t because it’s not systemic within the Edinburgh Evening News, I believe…unlawful information gathering,” he responds. Reading some of the article in court that is attributed to a doctor, the Duke says: “Not only do I have no idea how they would know that, but that instils all sorts of paranoia for a boy in school who needs to go to the medical centre but who now can’t trust the doctors.””
Are we not in the realms of total speculation?” Mr Green has asked Prince Harry about claims that someone was phone hacked to get the broken thumb story. “Everybody would have known that I broke my thumb at that point but I don’t believe that any newspaper had the right to talk about it,” he adds.”
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2023.06.06 21:49 emiliabedelia [Landlord-PA, USA] Tenants left a lot of junk in the apartment

Our tenants left a lot of junk in our rental property including: bedding, shelves, enormous piles of boxes full of stuff, broken e-scooter, cleaning supplies. My husband and our close friend spent two days cleaning everything out, and since the house also hadn't been cleaned, we also hired professional cleaners to make it move-in ready. I'm wondering, can we deduct money from our previous tenants' deposit for the labotime my husband and our friend took to clean out and dispose of items left behind? We are planning to deduct for the professional cleaning, but that is itemized and we have a receipt for that work (and lots of photographic evidence). We don't have a "receipt" for the time it took us to clean out the house ourselves, unfortunately. Thanks for any input or advice!
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2023.06.06 20:54 ayeskatin need support and love tnx

Warning: messy rant ahead hahaha sasakit din ulo niyo pag binasa nyo.
This is just a rant pero I feel so lost and sad atm. I feel na ang dami ko pala dapat need iplano before graduation (kung ggraduate ako this sem). Nappressure ako sa lahat ng mga deliverables ko this sem. And sad kasi parang alanganin GWA ko for laude :( As in konting points nalang sana. Nappressure ako kung saan ako magttrabaho at kung mag aabroad pa ako. Feel ko after graduation parang nganga lang ako kasi wala naman ako connections at di ako confident enough para matanggap agad sa work.
Cinocomtemplate ko rin yung pagiging people pleaser ko (not to everyone, but to special ppl in my life). Nahihirapan ako magset ng boundaries between being selfish and selfless. I kept wanting and wanting more from my partner and friends. Demanding ba ako? Hindi ko ba deserve pag-effortan? Kaya ko naman ireciprocate eh. Feel ko all this time sobrang people pleaser ko pero underappreciated ganon :(
Hence, I’m sad with the lack of support from my friends and family. Some are busy (valid) but some grew up apart from me na talaga. Or hindi na talaga kaya i-push nang deeper connections. Hindi ko rin ugali mag open up sa family kasi panganay ako. Parang no room for excuses and mistakes. I’m just drained atm feel ko deserve ko ng soul searching trips before graduation. I just need to relax after everything happened since 2020. Pero tbh di ko rin afford kasi hindi kami mayaman hahahaha.
Ayun sana yung latter half of 2023 ay maging masaya. Masaya naman ako (I swear), hindi ko lang alam talaga parang gusto ko lang makatanggap ng blessings and support kasi palagi nalang ako nagsisipag mag-isa:( Parang all this time puro ako nalang gumagawa para sa sarili ko. Yes, I love myself and all. Kaso napapa “you’re on your own, kid” nalang ako every night.
Goodnight. Sana maganda ang gising ko bukas (like me) emz.
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2023.06.06 19:51 t0nyfranda Peavey Invective MH20 for gigging?

I've been on the Fractal train for several years now and while I absolutely loved my FM3, I recently sold it because I want to go back to tube amps. As a metal guitar player my signal chain is crazy simple and I don't really need the versatility of the FM3. I just need one amp that sounds the way I need it to: high gain and aggressive.
Now that I'm jumping back into the world of tube amps I'm trying to find an amp that fits the best of both worlds between bedroom/apartment use and playing live.
I've been reading rave reviews about the Invective MH20 for its tonality. It sounds just as mean as its 120W big brother but with variable wattage that's apartment friendly.
But the question is, has anyone ever used on in a band practice or live setting? Is 20W loud enough to keep up with a full band? I've jammed with a drummer with a 15w Tiny Terror before and it was fine, but I wasn't competing with another guitar player and a bassist. I know that I could use the cab sim out and go direct into the PA but has anyone ever relied solely off the 20W power stage? Is it loud enough or would I need to supplement the cab volume with going direct to the PA?
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2023.06.06 16:56 Right_Seesaw9471 Railbird Opinions

TLDR: did the TC show sound strange/dark, or elicit any negative vibes for anybody but us?
First off, I’ve been a big fan of TC for years now, and just got to see him with a group of friends. I never noticed this during any other shows over the weekend, so I don’t think it was the PA/audio equipment disturbances or interference (…or was it 🧐). We sat VIP but almost left halfway through the set because we felt the energy was dark… (that wild strawberry moon was the cherry on top). anyways, we ended up sticking out the show. I will also make it known that I’ve payed close attention to his recorded vs live footage, and am well aware of how his personal struggles, as well as record contracts have influenced his work over the years. I hate to say it, but after WHR and Old Country Church, I subconsciously re-interpreted everything the lyrics as if it were demonic in nature, which sucked, cause ya boy was trying to jam 😂 So, we the only ones that left the show with questions?
IMO: The music itself seemed more-often-than-not dissonant due to lots of eery-sounding tritones throughout the set. Some of the songs had oddly placed accelerations/decels or would almost have some type of ‘fast-forward’ effect straight into the next measure/bar or from verse-chorus, etc. Some had no resolution, or they’d have an unpleasant sounding transition to another jam. It seemed the bass and keys would often play a half-step off. (or more?) Not to sound like I’m picking them apart, just trying to make some since out of the show. I studied music theory in school many moons ago but I’m no genius, just hearin’ what I hear!
Also, for those that didn’t notice any of that at all, I’m glad you had a great time! Here’s an interesting clip about the “Tritone Paradox”
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2023.06.06 15:38 ScratchNo8635 The feeling of Relief

I started at Amazon in December of 2020 as a seasonal associate Coming from a different country, I didn't know much English, but I learned as I went along. It was a small warehouse, not like a big fulfillment center which helped me to learn things fast. Safety was a joke there lol.
I became a Problem Solver, and then a full-time blue badge associate. I was doing good, so they made me a Process Guide (PG), and then, in less than 8 months, I got promoted to Process Assistant (PA). My original plan was to go into Information Technology (IT), but when the PA opportunity came up, I took it.
I had a great Operations Manager who was also new to Amazon, he started when I did. We built an amazing team with another Area Manager. We worked hard and tried to make it fun. We knew that people were important, not just the numbers so we focus a lot on safety and improving things that were working. But then, my team fell apart and I didn't have the same energy to start over again. That's when a new Operations Manager came in and the fun with this amazing but shitty company started.
This new guy stepped on everything I did and wanted to do it his way. He only cared about the numbers. I tried to help him, but he was rude and racist. I'm Latino, and I could feel the racism. I decided to just keep going to work for my paycheck.
Meanwhile, I used Amazon's career choice to get free education in IT and also got some certificates. When I tried to move into IT within the same company, I failed the interview. They had the audacity to even say I didn't show up for the interview, even though I had proof I did. I decided to take a break for 3 weeks to look after my mental health.
When I came back, I found that the new manager had changed things. He brought in a new PA from his old site, took away my department, and moved me to Sortation. I was okay with it, because I knew the whole warehouse. I asked a transfer to another shift also to another warehouse near my area but got denied and from there on things got worse, I felt they put a target on my back and I got suspended over something dumb. That night when I got home, I started looking for other jobs.
I knew they were going to fire me, and 3 weeks later they did. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. I wish I had quit sooner.
Now, I have a new job in the IT field, which is what I wanted in the first place. I don't have to work long night shifts anymore and my life is much better.
I just want to say, if you're in a job where they don't value you, get out. Cash in and out. Take what you've learned and find something better.
If you're reading this and are struggling, keep pushing through. I hope you find a better job soon.
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2023.06.06 11:40 givemesomecheesecake Income Opportunity: Make Big Profits with Easy-to-Sell, Delicious Custard Tarts

Earn as much as 53.846% profit per sale.
Get a 129% return on investment in 3 months!
Make more money and be your own boss in the comfort of your home.
Terms and Conditions apply.

About the product:
The signature custard tarts have a crunchy crust and a creamy custard center which is not too sweet but still full of flavor (sweet, salty, and a hint of sourness/tanginess).
They can be enjoyed hot, warm, cold, during breakfast, lunch, dinner, after dinner, as a snack/merienda, while studying, watching anime, walking, mountain climbing, sky diving, literally anytime, anywhere, everything, everywhere, all at once.

The custarts (yes, I call them that) have similarities and distinct differences to the traditional Portuguese custard tarts being sold in the Philippines and to the ones more widely sold overseas.
Apart from having a unique flavor profile, what sets them apart is that these custarts have a lot fewer calories per gram than the traditional ones so there's less guilt about eating them.
Compared to the Portuguese custard tarts or to more widely known snacks/desserts like donuts, cakes, cookies, and brownies, you can enjoy these more, regardless of whether you're mindful of calories or not.
The best thing that sets these apart from the traditional ones is that they are a lot cheaper by the gram.

Isipin niyo... Mas masarap, Mas mura, at Mas mababa ang calorie content per gram.
San ka pa?
Kung ang sagot mo ay "Sa pandesal sa may kanto". Di kita pinipigilan o pipigilan na bumili dun pero pwede mo pa rin naman subukan itong custarts kahit minsan lang kasi for sure wala nito sa bakery sa may kanto niyo.

The usual disclaimer: I know taste is subjective so what better way to approve/disapprove of my statement above than to just try it, right? This became my favorite food ever since I made it. If you try it and think that there are a whole lot of products that are better than these, then that's totally fine.

About the business:
I will begin serving the custarts to people this July 2023. You can also follow this post because I will be giving away free samples too! More info below.
The initial phase of the business, which also encompasses the terms of this deal, spans from July to September 2023 only.
The second phase will start on October 2023 and there will be different sets of terms, ways on how to make money, and will be open to more people.
The only thing I can ensure you is that this is the biggest profit share relative to the initial investment that will be offered during the entirety of the business. Meaning that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so use it to your advantage.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. The total upfront investment is 80k pesos.
  2. You can choose between receiving your share of earnings at the end of every month for 3 months or just a lump sum at the end of the initial phase of the business.
  3. You need to have at least 9 square meters (LxW) of space and at least around 6 feet (1.8m) in height to hold around 300 kg+ of used items (electronics, furniture, appliance, clothing, etc.). The space can be enclosed or open but needs to have a roof where the said items will not be stolen, become wet, or become damaged in any way.
For context, during the initial phase of the business, the custarts will be made in the small apartment I am renting, thus I need to declutter the said items above to be able to have space to make the custarts.
Apart from the relatively big furniture, the other items are placed in brand-new balikbayan boxes and these will be transported to you on a trucking service.
The said apartment is located in Antipolo, Rizal so please take this into consideration.
  1. This deal is a one-time exclusive offer and is valid until June 15, 2023 only.
  2. This offer can be availed by a person or group of persons (partnership, cooperative, association, or company).
Failure to commit to any of the aforementioned terms and conditions, or any breach of the contract, may result in the forfeiture of the agreement and immediate termination of your earning share.

About the free taste:
I will be offering free samples of the custarts at the end of June.
The quantity/scale of the free taste will depend on the positive engagement of this post.
I am looking to give away 100 or more pieces of custard tarts.
As such, I will also be posting this on different subs, platforms, groups, etc. so ultimately, the post which has the most positive engagement would also receive the most free samples.

If you are able to refer this offer to a prospect and we settle for the deal, you are entitled to receive 2,000 pesos when I get the upfront payment.
You have the option to use the money to relieve your immediate needs, to use it for your wants, or to re-invest some or all of it in this custard tart business to ultimately get more money.

If you want to know more or have any questions, you can comment below, for the benefit of everyone, or you can message me and we can talk more about it.
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2023.06.06 09:19 Outside-Analysis-210 Recovery, self-pity of a single parent with special needs child who got cheated on

What triggered me to wite this post is the convo I just had with my older bro, gave him a pep talk over video call kasi upset and hurting sya after nya makita sa socmed na may bf na yung ex nyang sobrang minahal nya (nag break sila kasi di na kaya ng ego nya yung discrimination, being yung girl eh from a middle class fam, while kami eh working class at breadwinner pa sya sa household)
So sabi ko sa kanya, knowing him, mostly nanggagaling yung pain nya ngayon sa pagsisi sa sarili nya or sa decisions nya. I told him that its okay to cry, to grieve kasi sya lang ang pwede gumawa nun para sa sarili nya. Pero he should stop blaming himself, na wag nya sisihin yung naging decision nya bumitaw lalo nasaktan din talaga ego nya back then. (harsh kasi yung kuya nung girl, at yung girl pressured din sa mga expectations nila kay kuya) kaya nagend yung relationship nila abruptly sa misuderstanding.
After ko sabihin yun, kita ko yung gusto na talaga nyang mag bawl pero pigil pa rin na pigil pa rin. Nakita ko yung sarili ko sa kanya 2 years ago.
Eto yung story ko, Sorry Reddit peeps, mahaba to, pero now ko lang sa buong 7 years ko ishshare to sa iba:
(I am living apart from my kuya and family since nagkakids ako, I am an unmaried a single mom (30) of 2. yung panganay, 7 yo with special needs, autism, CVI, di naglalakad at nagsasalita, totally dependent sakin sa lahat, then yung bunso, 1 year old) I got cheated on by their dad (37) 2 years ago nung nag-Pandemic. serial cheater yung dad nila pero ayun, mahal ko eh, kaya nagstay ako for 5 years.
Madami nang naging relationships and flings yung dad nila even nung start pa lang kami. Ako nga fling nya lang rin. walang label ganun. Pero ending gusto nya maging involved bigla sa bata kahit sinabi ko lang nama yung abt sa bata because that is the right thing to do. Di naman ako nageexpect. In fact, napagdesisyunan nga namin mag co-parent. Sya yung nagsabi na di nya kami nakikitang magsasama sa isang bubong.
Nung nanganak ako, nagkasakit yung bata, mahina yung ipinanganak ko. I was working gy noon pa. Byahe from a nearby province sa Manila araw araw para pumasok sa work So palagay ko yun yung nakaaffect sa health ko. Dahil sa naging sakit ng kid, pinagstay kami ng mom nya dito sa city para mas malapit sa specialists (neuro,neurorehab etc) kasi multiple times a week kami pabalik balik sa ospital nun. So yung plan na mag co-parent, cancel na. Kasi nagkapagsama na kami for a while.
The first 2 years lagi ko sinasabi sa kanya na di nya kailagan mapilitan maging family kami. Ok na sakin yung help at kindness ng fam nya, tutal naman alam nila situation naming dalawa. (so oo sobrang bait ng fam nya sakin) pero unti unti siguro sya nasanay, hanggang sa isang araw ang introduction nya na sakin eh 'wife' na. sabi nya rin na may plan naman sya para samin ni son. Na hindi na gaya ng naging simula namin. Naculture shock ako at nahurl ako sa fam affairs nila since then.
Umuwi kami magiina nun sa side ng fam ko. Sya iwan lagi sa side nila. Mejo nabawasan na kasi yung visits sa dr at may center naman na pwed e mapa therapy si son.
Then nag Pandemic
OK naman kami apart kasi I am already aware na may kausap at kachat sya, worse eh aware din ako na may mga kiakatagpo sya pero dinedma ko lang yun kasi iniisip ko na mas mahalaga sakin na mahal nya yung nagiisang anak namin back then. Nahuli ko na rin sya multiple times in bed with diff chicks, with pics. di na mabilang sa kamay.
Breaking point yung Sept 2020. Kasi dun ko nakita kung ano yung di ya kaya gawin para sakin na kaya nya gawin para sa iba. (Letters, aplology, dedication) dun ako nagising sa ilang taon na pagddownplay ko sa mga ginagawa nya.
Nung Jan 2021 after trying my best to keep our family, Ako na nag end ng relationship, kasi palagay ko naman hinihintay nya lang ako na bumitaw kasi ayaw nya siguro masisi or something. I felt alone rin naman kasi buntis ako nun sa bunso (may hiwalay pang story to) pero di nya ako tinutulungan magbuhat man lang sa 4 year old namin back then. ako pa rin asikaso ng lahat while also working gy shift. actively cheating din sya nun (if that is even a term) 5 girls sabay sabay. Masyado nang degrading at disrespectful.
So yun nga naghiwalay na kami. I chose to carry on may pregnancy sa bunso all alone, while also taking care of my son and juggling a full time work at night. Kung all time low na yung self esteem ko nung dalaga pa ako, eh di mas lalo ngayon. I always think, na kahit siguro lumandi ako at maghanap ng bagong relationship, wala na rin naman magseseryoso sakin. Yung ibang single moms walang problema eh, kasi may happy ending pa rin para sa kanila. Sa akin, wala na (unless Santo siguro makikilala ko) Eh Sino ba naman gusto sumabak sa klase ng responsibility at commitment inolving someone with a special needs kid? lalo sa severity ng situation ng panganay ko? Edit: Dont get me wrong, mahal na mahal ko ang panganay namin, hindi ko rin sya ipapagpalit sa kahit sinong lalake pa yan. Pero TBH nakakapagod. Nakaw na tulog, paghabol ng drs therapy, appointments. Walang lalakeng gugusto magshare ng hirap ko na to.
I feel so ugly. Samahan pa ng body dysmorphia at eating disorder. Pero araw araw I get up kahit may chronic lower back pain ako after my last pregancy kasi pag sumuko ako kawawa mga bata.
FACTS pala Just in case may mag ask
-Upper mid class sila Guy, Kaya yung fam nila may malaking house kung san kami nagstay ng kids dito sa city -nag susupport naman generously yung dad nila financially at may ok din naman ako na work bilang freelancer. (wala eh, stay at home talaga ako kasi kailagan ako ng panganay ko) -which brings me to the fact na wala ako mapagtiwalaan magbantay sa mga bata (not my parents kasi iba ulit story yun) kaya I never leave the house. Sinasamahan kami mag grocery ng sister ko at twing pinapasyal mga bata. -Kahit gusto ko kumuha ng helper (believe me I tried multiple times) kung hindi kami compatible sa culture, iiwan kami bigla kasi hindi kaya alagaan si eldest. -I did mention na pabalik balik kami ng hosp appointments, checkups, therapies etc kaya oo halos wala kami time na sa aming dalawa lang nung daddy nila. Maybe kaya sya umayaw rin -si guy ay 2nd adult relationship ko. after ng first boyfriend ko for almost 2 years, sya naging rebound hence, the no-label. -hindi ko to mashare sa iba out of respect sa kabutihan ng family ni guy para sa akin.
So yun. I found myself reopening old wounds kasi yung advise that I gave my older bro should be the same advise I should also be living by. But I just cant help but blame myself na ang stupid ko umasa sa promise nya na gusto nya rin kami talaga maging family. Na sana di na nagkaganito yung eldest namin if I chose to just stay away from him the moment na nalaman kong buntis ako noon. Na sana di na nakaranas ng broken fam yung bunso namin just because I was too selfish to hold on. Birth control pa. Ok lang sabihan nyo ako ng tanga, I've already called myself names much worse.
Thanks for even reaching this part of this whatever-you-call-this. ito lang kasi yung one of the few things na nakaka help ma maintain ng sanity/emotional fortitude ko.
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2023.06.06 03:45 lwrncmtthwyyyy Your OP panganay is moving out next month. 🥳🥳🥳

Idk if appropriate sa subreddit na 'to yung post na 'to but dito lang talaga naisip ko magpost. Hehehe
So ayon, after years of being stressed out sa fam specifically my younger brother, I've decided to move out na. Tumaas yung urge sa akin mag move out dahil nung umuwi mother namin after 5 years, ako pa napapagalitan at pinag adjust sa mga pagalit ko sa brother kong puro sablay. (Ugh, nagkampihan pa nga).
So eto ako now tamang hanap ng tips and to dos sa paglipat and para makatipid from internet, to food, location and etcetc. Pati hanap hanap apartment na maayos haha.
Ayun lang, good morning!
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2023.06.06 03:19 DONT_PM_MEH_PLEES Superluminal

I posted this years ago and hated it so I deleted it.. I have since revised it several times and now I think it's ready. I finally have time to continue writing so please let me know what you think, especially if you don't like it and what you didn't like about it
Boab'shek sighed as he opened his eyes, taking a moment to wake before he swam lazily out of his resting tunnel. Not particularly excited for another grueling [day] slogging through anomaly reports, he slowly closed his eyes and steeled himself as he had done every morning for the last [13 years]. He had 35 mouths to feed, and the bills weren’t going to pay themselves. After a quick breakfast at the grub farm, and feeling much better for it, he began swimming towards the work module.
The station, of which he was the sole occupant, hung motionless in empty space. Positioned near the top of the Galactic disc, it had a direct line of sight to each of the many observation outposts which it serviced. Tight-beam receivers dotted the "bottom" of the gangly-looking station, pointed in seemingly random directions forming a tangled mess of structural supports and antennae, though they were all precisely oriented to receive the incoming data streams.
Some of the more densely populated sectors of the Galaxy had entangled communicators at each of the observation outposts, providing near real-time updates of the goings-on to the Trade Coalition, but so many communicators were obscenely expensive to operate. Out here, near the rim of the Galaxy, there was simply not enough revenue from hyperspace tolls to support real-time obstacle charting. On the other hand, there were not enough hyperspace travelers to necessitate it either. Infrastructure was upgraded as needed, and tolls were adjusted to cover the cost.
And so it was Boab'shek's job to monitor the findings of the outposts as they were beamed to his station, albeit after a substantial light-speed delay, and report to the Coalition anything worth reporting through his station's entangled communicator. A soul-crushingly boring job, as far as he was concerned, but well-paid and not too physically demanding; which he appreciated. He swam his way through the long corridor into the work module, nesting comfortably into the saddle and engaging his dexterous prehensile whiskers with the computer controls. The two screens lit up simultaneously, one for either eye, and he began scrolling through the anomaly reports that had come in while he was asleep.
An odd glint was reported from outpost HX-253. The optical feed showed an empty patch of space flash once, nothing spectacular but unexpected nonetheless. He instructed the computer to calculate and overlay the position of other observation outposts over the video. Unsurprisingly, it showed a different outpost located right where the flashing originated from. A reflection from the waste-heat radiator panels, he surmised. He added a rule to the filter to ignore anomalies originating from outpost locations. No need to waste time on one of these anomalies in the future, should it occur again.
Outpost HT-628 reported a celestial collision. A rare occurrence in his sector, he excitedly pulled up the video feed and observed as a neutron star orbited a dark swallower closer and closer, spiraling inwards as its energy was sapped out of the system by ever-increasing gravitational disturbance. It circled faster and faster as it approached and finally was pulled apart, becoming a bright streak and then a ring around the swallower, shining brightly as it was accreted. The sinusoidal readout from the interferometer of the outpost showed the gravitational waves increase exponentially in intensity and then drop off as if nothing had happened. More and more of the star was pulled in and suddenly the system went dark again, as the last of the star was unceremoniously slurped up by the swallower. Beautiful, he thought. Such a privilege it was to observe the natural cycle of the universe. He lived for these moments.
He approved the automatic suggested update to the star charts and scrolled onto the next report. HU-808 reported an unknown disturbance. An unusual gravimetric reading as well as unidentified fast-moving object. Boab’shek stared at the report listing. An odd designation, he couldn’t recall if he had ever seen this class of anomaly in all his [years] working for the Coalition. He pulled up the video feed and gravity readings, flaring his fins in surprise at the length of the video report; the reflexive motion causing him to lurch backwards. The duration of the video was just over [1.7 years]. Why had the outpost taken so long to report such a disturbance?
He started at the beginning and watched as the time-compressed video showed a light appearing from nowhere, approximately [8.3 light-minutes] from a single ordinary, stable star. With his other eye he looked at the star map of the area. The light was hundreds of light years from the nearest hyperspace waypoint. Nobody would be crazy enough to travel that far from a waypoint, he thought, being forced to travel at a ridiculously unsafe speed while in cold-sleep, quite possibly exceeding the safe duration for hibernation even then.
It must be natural in origin, then, though he had never heard of such an object. Puzzled, he watched as the light gradually increased in intensity and started moving, traveling in a straight line towards a nearby trinary star system at an ever-increasing rate of speed. The light, becoming ever-brighter, shone a brilliant white as its velocity continued to increase. His jaws hung open in disbelief as a bright cone appeared to the sides and around the light, resembling a bow shock wave like the ones that trailed behind the high speed transports that sailed above the oceans on his home planet. He checked the spectrometer, unbelieving as the range displayed full-spectrum emission with increasing UV, X-ray, even gamma emissions!
The conical bow-shock became more and more acute in angle as the light shone brighter and gained momentum. It closed the distance between the star systems impossibly quickly, and when it had almost reached the nearest red dwarf in the trinary system almost all at once it slowed as the luminosity peaked and it appeared to explode. A beam of plasma erupted from the source of the light, apparently traveling near light speed, and expanded as it left the source where it had stopped, a short distance from the red dwarf. The gravimetric reading reported an error. He managed to peel his eye away from the video feed and defecated in shock as he observed the chart. It was flat and steady as it should be, up until it immediately spiked straight up and off the chart.
Glad for the filtration intake below his saddle, Boab'shek observed as the reading abruptly ended reporting calibration error, and possible damage to the interferometer. The outpost had apparently not thought much of the disturbance up until the gravimetric reading was observed, at which point it had flagged the anomaly for reporting. Never had he heard of anything like this. He contemplated for a moment on what this object could possibly be, until he had a sudden idea. Frantically mashing the controls with his whiskers, he instructed the computer to calculate the distance the light had traveled. The computer overlaid the measured distance on the video feed. Approximately [4.25 light years]. Whiskers shaking, he looked again at the length of the recording. [1.7 years]. Whatever in the deep depths this thing was, it had traveled through real space at over twice the speed of light. Impossible, he thought.
Surely another outpost would refute these readings. He instructed the computer to show the live feed from HU-807, an outpost which was more distant to the anomaly. It would receive readings from the same anomaly, but with a calculated [8 month] delay compared to HU-808. On screen, there was the light shining proudly, already traveling faster than lightspeed. Boab'shek, still in denial, examined the spectrograph readings from this outpost more closely. It was then that he noticed the emission lines in the light signature. It showed prominent signatures for hydrogen, helium, beryllium, and oxygen. Undeniably the signature of an unshielded fusion reactor.
Frantically, he began writing an incident report. Under the subject field, he selected UNIDENTIFIABLE TECHNOSIGNATURE. This was going straight to the top.
Excitement hung in the air aboard the UNES Hermes. After many years of preparation, the time for departure had finally arrived. In a matter of minutes, the colossal ship would engage its prototype ICEFIRE engine and leave its comfortable rectilinear halo orbit of the moon, where it had circled since the keel was laid so many years ago. The ship consisted of a massive cylindrical habitation drum, over a kilometer in diameter and five kilometers long, with an equally large spherical water tank forward tipped with the powerful thermal laser shield, and the behemoth of a drive cone bringing up the rear. The drum spun slowly, providing comfortable spin gravity to the civilian colonists, most of whom were sporting massive hangovers from the completion celebration the night before. Many of the passengers had been involved in the engineering, assembly, and calibration of various parts and components of the ship. Some had celebrated a job completed, others out of excitement, and some feared that it would be their last night. No expense had been spared in building or testing during the ships’ construction, and all assurances had been made that everything would go well, but nobody could deny that this ship was experimental.
The crew of the Hermes had long since gotten all of the festivious urges out of their systems, opting to celebrate the completion of the preparations before the colonists had arrived. Every system had been checked, double checked, and triple checked. Mission Commander Huxton stood in the center of the bridge and observed the buzzing commotion of the crew surrounding him, eyes fixed on their station monitors while calling out checkpoints into their headsets and to the surrounding operators.
One by one the operators fell silent as they completed their checklists and lifted their eyes to Commander Huxton, awaiting further orders. As the last operator reported "All systems go" into his headset, silence fell upon the bridge. Rehearsals had been performed. Speeches had been given. Goodbye messages had been sent. Diagnostics and checklists had been run through. Living wills written. It was finally time. Huxton stood silently for a moment, slowly scanning his eyes around the room. His face beamed with pride at the exceptional performance of his crew, tinged only by the apprehension for the coming danger.
Huxton broke the silence. "Comms! Open a channel to STC, mirror to the PA" he barked. A soft chime indicated that the microphones were listening. "Space Traffic Control, this is UNES Hermes. Requesting clearance for departure." His voice boomed throughout the ship, where every colonist and crew member was listening intently. Seconds later, his voice was heard by the crew of the STC, where silence reigned as every soul was glued to their monitors. A few moments later, their response was heard throughout the Hermes. A tinny voice crackled through the PA system, "UNES Hermes, this is Space Traffic Control. You are cleared for departure. Go bravely. Godspeed."
Huxton closed his eyes for a brief moment, savoring what could be his last breath. He opened his eyes. "Engineering, light it up!”
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2023.06.06 03:11 No_Parfait7443 I (F24) want to end it with my boyfriend (F26) dahil wala na kong feelings sa kanya, pero naaawa ako and he cannot understand that.

We've been together for 3 years now pero my feelings started to fade few months ago when I start to notice na I always ask for everything that I deserve, pero wala namang nangyayari. I ask for assurance, for efforts, for small things, quality time etc, pero kapag nag ask ako, same day lang mangyayari lahat but no consistency, kinbukasan, ganun ulit. I made myself believe for a long time na baka ganito lang talaga kapag long term relationship na, pero parang wala kaming growth, nagg grow apart lang kami. He don't post me on his social media, I have to ask for it, ako pa mismo nagsasabi sa sarili ko na ang immature ko naman at napakababaw. Hanggang sa hinayaan ko na lang. Hindi siya marunong makipag communicate everytime I try to talk him out of it, susulpot na lang siya bigla sa place ko like nothing happened, and he'll expect na okay na kami. Don't get me wrong, he's a good guy, came from a good family, which I have been close to na rin, like close close. Isa rin yung family niya sa mga factors kung bakit hindi ako makaalis, they have been so good to me. Isang factor pa ay yun hindi niya pagch cheat, as someone na victim ng cheating 3 times, sobrang na hook ako sa idea na hindi siya magch cheat sa akin. But that was not enough. Masyado siyang nakampante, masyado siyang naging complacent na hindi ako aalis, na hindi ko siya kayang iwan. Another factor, ay yung fear ko na mag isa, yung fear ko na hindi na ako makakilala ng iba, dahil ayoko na rin naman (my thoughts for now), so ang hirap kasi kung kailan ko sinabi sa kanya lahat to, ngayon siya nagbabawi, ngayon niya gustong bumawi, which I have heard before. First girlfriend niya ako, kaya lahat ng workouts na need niya sa relationship, ako yung nagpursue sa kanya, kung anong dapat gawin at kung paano ba dapat gawin. Pero pagod na ko, and parang this time, gusto ko na lang muna magfocus sa sarili ko at sa trabaho. Pero yung awa ko sa kanya nangingibabaw, yet wala na talaga kong feelings.
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2023.06.06 02:51 ShimpaBaba Can tenants form a union?. Where do we start?

Hi yinzers, I live in an apartment and some of us are thinking of forming a union to have a better representation. I don't know if it's allowed in PA or if union is the right word. Maybe association??.
If anyone of you have leads on where to start looking for this then please point me to it.
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2023.06.06 01:49 Capable-Ninja Transferring my license plate from old car (that Im selling) to new car?

(Id prefer to keep it since my main hobby is working out and it says GYM, lol)
How does this process work? I cant wrap my head around it since once the plates removed from my old car I wont be able to drive it.
When I go to pick up my new car I assume Ill have the plate transferred over there and theyll take it off my old car and put it on my new car. BUT then i wont be able to drive my old car on the street. I need to meet the guy Im selling my car to at a notary. Or should I leave my old car at my apartment, bring my plate with me while getting a ride to the dealership. Then just drive my new car to the notary to transfer my title to the buyer? Idk
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2023.06.06 00:31 venus_flytraps A Call for Help

So I've been crying every night for the past week and sometimes I even cry myself to sleep. I am convinced that I will always be miserable, alone, and unloved in this life and as a person with Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder I feel like the only way that I can escape this life is by dying and going to Jannah.
The problem is, I'm sure that I will not as I never really pray. I hate looking for excuses that rationalize my behavior, but honestly all I really want to do during my day is watch TV and sleep. I don't want to eat, go to work, or even go to the washroom (I've been diagnosed with anxiety, OCD, and depression). I take medication but I have to pa them from out of pocket because I'm under my parents' insurance plans and they don't support mental health struggles (they are also emotionally and verbally abusive). I have no support system because my family doesn't support me, and my friends are always too busy to be as close to me as I need them to be.
I don't know what to do. I want to go to therapy but I don't have enough money, time, or motivation to go. I've been asking for support from Allah (SWT) but I think He just doesn't like me or He wants me to go through this anguish so that He can remove my infinite amount of sins. But I don't know if I can be patient anymore. I feel like I'm being ripped apart, and I'm a sister who will be completing her final year of Biomedical Engineering in a Western country after my internship is over this summer. My commute is usually 1.75 hours one way and my dad wants me to clean after him in all of my free time because he said "why else do I have a daughter?" and I can't move out because I don't have enough money. My parents also say that if I can't handle work or school, I should just stay home and clean. Work has also been difficult and I feel like HR is ganging up on me, but I don't have anyone to talk to.
Please help me brothers and sisters. Please give me some tips on what to do, I'm begging you.
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2023.06.06 00:12 bunny34422 Can you practice in 2 states?

I want to register for CNA training classes next month so I can start gaining patient care hours for PA school. I was going to stay at my off campus apartment in Massachusetts year-round for work, but I'm having a hard time finding programs nearby (closest one is 45m away and their next class overlaps with my college courses) and the facilities & hospitals I looked into won't hire until I'm licensed. I decided to check out the programs/schools back home in New York instead and there are a lot more options for me there, plus a little cheaper.
So I did some googling on reciprocity, technically I could get certified in NY and then transfer my license to MA right? What if I wanted to return home to NY for summer and winter breaks, but also still work in MA during school semesters? Would it be possible to work in both states like that or do I have to pick one?
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2023.06.05 20:37 darrenfuck I JUST WANT SOME CLOSURE PLEASE:(

i don't even know how to get this started:( sobrang gulo na ng isip ko ngayon. 'di ko alam kung ano ginawa ko, bigla nalang naging ganito..
we started talking August 26 last yr, right before my birthday i thought that she was the one already :') we had so much in common and i fell in love with her agad, introduced her to my family and they loved her. we became official October 7 last year, we had our ups and downs. i loved her so much, she made me feel so special and everything.
Around March, my ex decided to end our relationship. It was tough, and I fought hard to salvage what we had. Deep down, i knew it was an uphill battle, but my love for her kept me going. even though i had little chances, I held onto the hope that we could make it work .
weeks later, around april, we started talking ulit. both of us admitted to missing each other and decided to give it another try. we went on dates, shared happy moments, pero walang label, no "i love you"s or anything. it was more of a situationship, which i was okay with at the time kasi i'd rather this than mawala siya sa buhay ko completely and she's all i had (i lost most of my friends nung naging kami kasi ayaw niya din friends ko so i had to cut off, my mistake na pinagsisisihan ko hanggang ngayon).
we continued na ganito until recently, after ng semester namin, late May. out of the blue i noticed na she's being distant saakin, very cold na magreply and minsan hindi nagrereply saakin. i was confused and broken kaya i gathered myself and reached out to her, desperately, seeking answers. she told me that she wanted to be alone muna. it was so sudden and unexpected kasi we were okay naman before. It was rly hard for me and even though it tore me apart, I respected her wishes and gave her the time and space she needed. I spent nights crying while trying my best not to chat her or anything.
and yesterday lang, I discovered na may kausap na pala siyang iba. ang sakit sobra, nagsuka pa ako. Iniyak ko nalang nang sobra at nagbreakdown. Ang sakit talaga, I even reached the point na sinaktan ko sarili ko. until ngayon umiiyak parin ako, hindi parin ako nakakakain since kagabi. Ayun, I was really desperate for answers so i messaged her kanina, seeking for answers sana pero hindi na niya ako nireplyan.. sobrang nawawala na ako, hindi ko na alam gagawin ko:(
I dont even know what I did wrong. she said she wanted to be alone, yet may nakakausap na siyang iba. sobrang overwhelmed na ako hindi ko na talaga alam gagawi ko, sinasaktan ko nalang sarili ko. i know that's not the solution pero i really just don’t know na.
i know na siguro hindi ko na makukuha yung closure na hinihingi ng puso ko. yun nalang talaga hinihingi ko. please lang. ang hirap tanggapin.
thanks for listening to me and for letting me share my thoughts, if anyone out there understands what I'm going through, please reach out lang if you want. your support would be appreciated.
sorry magulo and sorry sa taglish, im writing this habang umiiyak and hindi ko maayos yung thoughts ko properly and im not even going to read what i wrote gusto ko maglabas ng loob:( thank you for taking the time to read this and i wish you all well sa mga nakakabasa nito
darren, 20M
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2023.06.05 17:52 CatsCoffeeCuddles Araw-araw akong naaawa sa sarili ko.

Naaawa lang ako sa sarili ko na may masters degree ako pero walang kwenta sa job market, at ung rate ko ay pang bachelors lang dahil sa surplus ng teachers at need ko dn na maging affordable sa freelancing. Di ko alam kung tama pa naging desisyon ko na umalis sa bulok na public school para mag freelance.
Tapos sa pag aapply, puro rejections inaabot ko dahil madalas fresh grad hanap tapos di kaya ng sahod ung asking salary ko. Pagdating naman sa tertiary level wala namang job opening. Helpless trap siya to be honest. Walang choice kundi magbaba ng price, pwedeng maging mas mababa sa sahod ko sa public which is humiliating in d first place. Nakakahiya ikwento kahit sa parents ng girlfriend ko.
Yung ibang mga teachers swabe lang sahod sa public kahit bumagyo pero ako kailangan nanjan everytime. Luging lugi ako on many aspects sa totoo lang.
Parang di naman ako nagkaroon ng "winning moment" sa pagtuturo, o sa buhay. Palagi akong nagstruggle, palaging mahirap, palaging talo.
Tapos ayun pa yung idea na nakatira pa rin ako sa magulang ko, at nagstruggle makapag ipon para makaafford ng apartment for myself, kahit na may masters na and all. Kumpara naman sa karamihan, sobrang unsuccessful ko bilang tao. what a fucking loser.
And im just dragging down my girlfriend, and im alone in this world with no support system, and a cocktail of mental health conditions that dont make things better.
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2023.06.05 13:56 Appropriate_Ad_9260 Needing some advice on my finances

Hi Everyone,
Apologies as this is a long read,
I'm looking for some advice on my finances and wondering if there's anywhere I could improve on / missing anything that could really help me.
Bit of Background:Me (26M) and my partner (25F) are DINK renting an apartment, which we are definitely here for the next 2 years (1st May 2025 is when our current lease ends).
Currently, I earn 36k PA and she is on 28k (Rising to 30k by year-end). Both wfh jobs. She has some expenses in which we're paying off the flat so her savings atm are being built from scratch.
We both have student loans to repay (Welsh gov helps a bunch with this however). I pay around £58 amonth back currently. My take home after NI, TAX etc is £2,276.36. I put £100 into my pension so far in which my employer covers any contribs up to 5%.
My accounts:I have 2 accounts: one for direct debits, where I get paid, everyday use etc. This one usually has 4-5k sitting in there, its a Halifax account I've had since I was 16. The other is a First Direct savings account where I've put a max of £3600 in (7% AER when it matures) and another account with £6400 - so my total savings at the moment is £10k
Expenses and debts:My partner is clear of any debts. She had £7K loan a few years ago which has been settled a couple of years back, and she has a small amount credit card to help her score. Myself, I've deliberately over years accrued some credit debt, paid majority off, balanced transferred to a bank which offers better etc to build my credit score. Sitting pretty strong at 822 on ClearScore currently.
With our flat expenses, us sharing a car, pet insurance, food etc - core outgoings are around £741.49 a month each. My personal expenses (subscriptions that are essential - not like netflix!!), haircut, Credit card DD's, phone insurance, groceries etc - comes to about £233.26 a month. Personally, leftover a month I have around £1300. I put £300 into that First Direct savings account as that's the max they allow me to get the 7% interest on. Even after that, I should have around £900 / month.
Current Credit Card is an MBNA account with a £4400 limit (0% for 20 months), in which I've utulised £1700 MTD (well below 50%) - we also have an Ikea loan for a sofa which has £650 remaining. When we moved in we deferred around half of the purchases to credit card / BNPL services. I also have paypal credit with a limit of £1200, in which there is £150 that's owed back, so barely anything in the grand scheme.
Overall, I'd like to think my/our financial situation is pretty good - and should improve with our earning potential growing in our respective jobs. We have discussed that in 2 years, we will start exploring the idea of getting a home together, as we'd love our dog to have a garden and start a family there. Given that our careers have not long started and the housing market isn't great right now, we're not in a rush to get on the ladder (I'm aware time in the market usually is better that timing the market). Reality is that we're happy with our situation and believe we can save pretty well and have what we need currently. We live in a lovely coastal spot and we had a really good deal that we locked in with our landlady for 2 years. Realistcally, I'd like to have around around 30k personally when we're looking for a home. There may be some inheritance both sides should the worst happen to grandparents which we don't consider and would rather them around, of course! We're not relying on it. Should we not meet these loose targets in 2 years than that's okay, as long as we've strengthened our financial position year on year.
Question is:
Me personally, what could I do with my money that can improve anything? Is there something I can be done about where my savings is going or how much I am saving where I could improve? I know, I could probably put £500 in savings, which is something I'm considering but would like to pay for some things first.
Any feedback or recommendations is welcome, and appreciate anyone's time reading this!
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2023.06.05 13:11 MavHawks What would you do in my situation to achieve FIRE?

Wondering what others would do if they were in my situation as it is kind of unique.
I’m 26, single, I earn 80k pa, have 30k in super and have 200k in a HISA. Currently live alone with my grandfather (81) in his house. I don’t pay rent and I pay half of all bills apart from internet and phone which I pay fully.
Trying to figure out the best way set myself up to retire early or if it’s even possible on my wage. (Don’t want to change careers, at least not anytime soon).
I have the option to purchase my grandfathers home for 500k in his will when he passes. (Worth 600k as of now).
Home ownership is a goal of mine so I would like to accept his gracious offer.
So bottomline, what would you do with the 200k in savings and should I look to max out my super now or try and save as much as possible to limit my mortgage one day.
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