2024 3* TE Ryan Ward commits to North Carolina

2023.04.18 22:43 ALStark69 2024 3* TE Ryan Ward commits to North Carolina

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2018.05.22 16:51 NoFunBJJ What's your favorite bizarre story about your team?

So I just ran into a bizarre and almost unbelievable story about the Saints. I found out that Adrian McPhearson, a QB we drafted with a 5th round pick in 2005, had the most bizarre injury I’ve ever heard about. He was sacked during warm up drills by a giant runaway raccoon in a golf cart.
You heard it right. Well, kind of…
During the halftime of preseason game against the Titans in 2006, McPhearson was hit by a golf cart recklessly driven by Tennessee's mascot, T-Rac (a giant raccoon). The QB suffered a deep bruise on his right knee, wasn’t able to play again during the preseason and ended up being cut by the team on September. He sued the Titans in USD 20M for the accident. He never played in the NFL again, and spent his career as a backup on AFL and CFL.
The Titans or T-Rac were not disciplined by the League for the incident. In fact, T-Rac has over 10 Pro Bowls appearances, inclulding 2008. However, I was not able to confirm if he made the Pro Bowl in the 2006 season, after the incident.
Bonus: Judging by this picture, it’s hard to believe McPhearson would be a HoF QB in the NFL…
Can your team top that story?
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2018.05.22 16:48 NoFunBJJ What's your favorite bizarre Saints Story?

So I just ran into a bizarre and almost unbelievable story about us. I found out that Adrian McPhearson, a QB we drafted with a 5th round pick in 2005, had the most bizarre injury I’ve ever heard about. Our QB was sacked during warm up drills by a giant runaway raccoon in a golf cart.
You heard it right. Well, kind of…
During the halftime of preseason game against the Titans in 2006, McPhearson was hit by a golf cart recklessly driven by Tennessee's mascot, T-Rac (a giant raccoon). The QB suffered a deep bruise on his right knee, wasn’t able to play again during the preseason and ended up being cut by the team on September. He sued the Titans in USD 20M for the accident. He never played in the NFL again, and spent his career as a backup on AFL and CFL.
The Titans or T-Rac were not disciplined by the League for the incident. In fact, T-Rac has over 10 Pro Bowls appearances, inclulding 2008. However, I was not able to confirm if he made the Pro Bowl in the 2006 season, after the incident.
Bonus: Judging by this picture, it’s hard to believe McPhearson would be a HoF QB in the NFL…
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2017.09.04 14:45 AlexB9598W The best ones to play while wearing #3 on their uniform (according to Pro Football Reference's Approximate Value measurement)

Top 10 Players in CarAV While Wearing #3

Player Team(s) Years Car. Weighted Approx. Value Notes
Russell Wilson SEA 2012-present 76
Daryle "Mad Bomber" Lamonica OAK 1967-1974 68 Wore #12 in 1963-1966 with BUF
Bobby Hebert NO/ATL 1985-1996 66
Carson Palmer OAK/ARI 2011-present 55 Wore #9 in 2004-2010 with CIN
Jan Stenerud KC/MIN 1967-1979, 1984-1985 48 HOF, wore #10 in 1980-1983 with GB
Eddie Murray DET/TB/DAL/PHI/MIN 1980-1994, 1997-1999 43 Wore #2 in 1995 season with WAS
Matt Stover CLE/BAL/IND 1991-2009 43
Mark Moseley WAS/CLE 1974-1986 42 Wore #11 in 1971-1972 with HOU, only kicker to ever win an MVP
John Carney SD/NO 1990-2006, 2009-2010 40 Wore #1 in 2007 with JAX, #5 in 2007-2008 with KC/NYG
Jon Kitna CIN/DAL 2001-2005, 2010-2011 36 Wore #7 in 1997-2000 with CIN, #8 in 2006-2008 with DET

Other Notable #3s

Player Team(s) Years Car. Weighted Approx. Value Notes
Josh Brown SEA/STL/CIN/NYG 2003-2016 34
Al Del Greco HOU/TEN 1991-2000 33 Wore #10 in 1984-1987 with GB, #17 in 1988-1990 with PHX
Matt Bryant TB/ATL 2005-present 32 Wore #8 in 2002-2003 with NYG, #5 in 2004 with MIA
Stephen Gostkowski NE 2006-present 32
Rick Mirer SEA/NYJ/SF/OAK 1993-1996, 1999-2003 31 Wore #13 in 1997 season with CHI
Rohn Stark IND/PIT/CAR 1982-1996 31
Pete Gogolak BUF/NYG 1964-1974 29
Joey Harrington DET/MIA 2002-2006 25 Wore #13 in 2007 season with ATL
Jameis Winston TB 2015-present 24
Derek "Bucfucker" Anderson CLE/ARI/CAR 2006-present 22
Rich Karlis DEN/MIN 1982-1989 22 Barefoot kicker
Jeff Reed PIT/SF 2002-2010 21
EJ Manuel BUF 2013-2016 13
Blair Walsh MIN 2012-2016 13
Brandon Weeden CLE/DAL 2012-2015 13 Wore #5 with HOU in 2015-2016
Jesse Palmer NYG 2003 1
Tony Canadeo GB 1941-1952 0 HOF, AV not recorded before 1960
Kliff Kingsbury NYJ 2005 0 Currently Texas Tech HC
Bronko Nagurski CHI 1930-1943 0 HOF, AV not recorded before 1960
Link to full list of no. 3s
Link to no. 4 edition
Link to no. 5 edition
Link to no. 6 edition
Link to no. 7 edition
Link to no. 8 edition
Link to no. 9 edition
Link to no. 10 edition and links to the other 10s collections
Link to no. 20 edition and links to the other 20s collections
Link to no. 30 edition and links to the other 30s collections
Link to no. 40 edition and links to the other 40s collections
Link to no. 50 edition and links to the other 50s collections
Link to no. 60 edition and links to the other 60s collections
Link to no. 70 edition and links to the other 70s collections
Link to no. 80 edition and links to the other 80s collections
Link to no. 90 edition and links to the other 90s collections
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2016.08.19 23:27 OutlawsHeels A semi complete history of the North Carolina Tar Heels - Some help needed

North Carolina
Atlantic Coast Conference , Southern Conference from 1921-1953
Basic Info
Official Name - North Carolina is the oldest public university in the United States, UNC-CH was founded in 1789 and graduated it's first class in 1798. North Carolina is the only public university to have issued degrees in the 18th century. We were also known as North Carolina University (1789–1963), hence why NCU is in our Alma Mater song.
School Motto - Lux libertas (Light, Liberty)
Year Founded - 1789
Location - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Chancellor - Carol L. Folt
Total Attendance - 29,084 (Fall 2015)
Team Info
Mascot - Tar Heels, Rameses
Stadium - Dean E. Smith Center
Stadium Location - Chapel Hill, NC
Conference Champions - (8 SoCon) 1922, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1935, 1936, 1940, 1945 (18 ACC) 1957, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1972, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1989, 1991, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2007, 2008, 2016
Number of NCAA Tournament Appearances - (47) 1941, 1946, 1957, 1959, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Number of Final Fours (19) 1946, 1957, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1972, 1977, 1981, 1982, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2016
Number of National Titles - (6) NCAA: 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005, 2009 Pre NCAA: 1924
Farthest Tournament Run - Championship
NCAA Tournament Record: 117-45


  • DOOK UNC leads 134-108 Last Matchup: March 5th 2016 / UNC 76 - Duke 72
You know the deal. We hate them, they hate us. One of the best rivalries in all of sports.
  • NC State UNC leads 153-77 Last Matchup: Februray 26th 2016 / UNC 80 - NCSU 68
Rivalry was more intense in the 1980s, with UNC taking 25 of the last 28 games, but we still don't like each other. Older fans may consider them a bigger rival than Duke, but most don't.
  • Wake Forest UNC leads 158-66 Last Matchup: January 20th 2016 / UNC 83 - WF 68
The final, and often forgotten part, of Tobacco Road, Wake Forest and UNC are mostly geographic rivals.
  • Kentucky UNC leads 23-14 Last Matchup: December 13th 2014 / UK 84 - UNC 70
Two of the oldest, greatest programs to play the game, of course there's a little animosity between us. While we both have bigger rivals, a UNC-UK game will always be fun to watch as the two teams are perennially some of the best in the country.
  • Kansas UNC leads 6-5 Last Matchup: March 24th 2013 KU 70 - UNC 58
Against, two of the oldest and most successful programs. Although sometimes I struggle to call it a rivalry given how intertwined our two histories are, many consider it one.

The Greats

Greatest Games
  • 1982 NCAA Title Game - North Carolina - Georgetown
Full video.
The first NCAA title for legendary UNC coach Dean Smith, this game featured many incredible players and two substantial plays. #1 seed North Carolina, with Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins, and James Worthy, defeated #1 seed Georgetown, with Patrick Ewing, 63-62. This game included notable moments like Michael Jordan's shot and James Worthy's steal, listed below.
  • 1993 NCAA Title Game - North Carolina - Michigan
Full video.
Dean Smiths second title came in 1993 against Michigan's Fab Five after a crucial mistake by Chris Webber. North Carolina won 77-71, with Eric Montross and George Lynch defeated Chris Webber and Jalen Rose. This loss was especially hard on Michigan, with their Fab Five losing in the finals for the second year in a row, last time to Duke.
  • 2009 NCAA Title Game - North Carolina -
Full video.
Domination from start to finish. With 6 future NBA draft picks and the NPOY returning for his senior season, Carolina wouldn't settle for anything less than a title, and they got it. One of the greatest college basketball teams of all time, they waltzed their way to the NCAA finals where they met and defeated #3 seeded Michigan State. The game was over by halftime, with UNC leading 55-34, and a final score of 89-72.
  • 1974 - vs Duke
Down 8 points with 17 seconds left and no three point line, it seemed as if the game was over for UNC. Nope. Dean Smith and his team found the heroics and came back to force overtime, where they ultimately won. Video
Greatest Plays
1982 - Michael Jordan's Shot
This shot put us ahead of Georgetown in the final game with less than 20 seconds left.
1982 - James Worthy's Steal
Included in the same video above, James Worthy famously mimicked the voice of Eric Floyd's teammate and caused him to pass him the ball, resulting in him taking the ball and wasting time until they fouled him. This stopped any chance Georgetown has of making a game winning shot of their own.
1993 - Chris Webber's Timeout
Eerily similar to how the game above ended, the 1993 title game ended in a massive mistake by the other team. Chris Webber had the ball and was down 2 with less than 15 seconds left, became trapped, and was forced to call a timeout. The only problem was the Michigan had no timeouts left, and thus was called for a technical foul, causing Carolina to win the game.
Carolina's All-Americans:
There are around 70 McDonald's All-Americans and 17 Consensus 1st team All-Americans in North Carolina's history, so I'll include a link our truly special players here instead.
Greatest Coaches
Frank McGuire (1952-1961)
McGuire was the first coach to win an NCAA title with North Carolina, and is personally responsible for pushing our Chancellor at the time to hire his top assistant, a man named Dean Smith.
Dean Smith (1962-1997)
Undeniably one of the greatest coaches to ever coach college basketball, Smith has too many accomplishments to list them all. Some of his most notable are 2 NCAA titles, 11 Final Fours, 13 ACC Championships, 4 National COY awards, and 1 Olympic Gold medal as the coach of the 1976 US basketball team. Dean Smith was also very notable for his activism, and helped promote desegregation in the ACC by recruiting the teams first African-American player, Charlie Scott, in 1967, and publicly pushing for equal treatment for all races.
Coach Smith also holds the record for the most 20+ win seasons, 27 consecutive/30 overall, and had the record for most all time wins (879) when he retired in 1997.
Roy Williams (2003-Current)
In his short time here, Ol' Roy has already won two national titles and taken the Tar Heels to four Final Fours. Roy is in second place for all time wins at Kansas and at North Carolina, and he's the only coach to have won 350+ games at two different D1 schools. Winner of multiple COY awards, Roy is our coach for now and the foreseeable future.


  • Jump Around - This is a newer tradition, but still a good one. At the start of every game, UNC blasts Jump Around by House of Pain. In 2008, Danny Green started dancing to the song and Leslie McDonald continued it after Green graduated.
  • The Slide - The Slide is a tradition where, following warm-ups but before the players head to the locker room, all the players do a slide as part of a defensive drill.
  • Carolina Blues - Carolina’s famous powder blue jerseys have become a staple among the college basketball world. Although they recently introduced some black alternate jerseys, Carolina used to only have white and powder blue jerseys.
  • Pregame Handshakes - Although it is unknown who started the tradition, Mike Copeland made it famous. Here, Copeland shares his famous handshakes, and now many teams have creative handshakes when the starting lineups are being introduced.
Campus and Surrounding Area
City Population - ~60,000
City Skyline - Wiki page
Iconic Campus Buildings -
The Old Well Picture
Morehead Planetarium
The Bell Tower Picture
Local Dining
Carolina Inn
Sutton's Drug Store They've now closed the Pharmacy, but the place makes some great burgers and has the best ice.
There's a lot of places to eat. Best to come on down and try some for yourself.
Famous Alumni
A President, a lot of Senators, the president of ESPN, and a whole lot more. Being the oldest public university and having hundreds of thousands of living alumni, we've had some pretty notable people come through. Find them all here.

Random Trivia

  • North Carolina is one of four schools (UCLA, Indiana, and San Francisco being the others) to have an undefeated team. The Tar Heels did it in the 1956-’57 season.
  • Current North Carolina coach Roy Williams is in the top ten of all-time coaching wins.
  • UNC is the oldest public university in the country.
  • Of teams we've played at least five times since 1950, we have at least a record of .500 against all but four teams (NYU, Texas, West Virginia, Indiana), and a record of only .500 against three teams (Arizona, Illinois, Vanderbilt). Source

What Is and What is to Come

Although the loss in the national championship to Villanova hurts, the Tar Heels show no sign of slowing down. They have been a dominant force in college basketball since its start, so they will be back. Although they lose key players Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson since their eligibility is up, they have a decent core. Joel Berry will need to step up and Justin Jackson will need to shoulder a larger load, but Carolina should be okay.
Roy Williams, in my opinion, does not get the credit he deserves. He is one of the best coaches in the game, and he will keep Carolina relevant as long as he continues to coach. Incoming recruits Seventh Woods and Tony Bradley may not have a big impact this year, but they are expected to become larger pieces of the team as their careers progress.
Although Duke looks like the best team in the ACC for the next season, the ACC is freakishly talented, and anything can happen. Expect UNC to be right up there with the best in the country.


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2016.08.18 01:04 Wicked_UMD The Complete History of the Maryland Terrapins

Maryland Big Ten Conference
Basic Info
Year Founded: 1856 Location: College Park, MD Total Attendance: 38,140
Nickname: Terrapins, Terps for short Mascot: Testudo the Diamondback Terrapin Fight Song: Technically Fight, Fight, Fight for Maryland, but really Maryland Victory Song Cheerleaders: Testudo and his posse
Stadium: Xfinity Center Capacity: 17,950 Stadium Location: College Park, MD (on campus)
Conference Regular Season Champions (6): 1931 (Southern Conference), 1975, 1980, 1995, 2002, 2010 (ACC) Conference Tournament Champions (3): 1958, 1984, 2004 Number of Tournament Appearances: 24 appearances, (38-23 W-L) National Titles (1): 2002
Rivals? We have those?
  • Duke (63-114)
While Lefty/Gary and K had been going at it for years, the rivalry hit its peak in 2000 when the teams faced off four times in one season. In the first matchup that season, Duke came back from 10 down in the final minute to force overtime and win what is known as the Miracle Minute. Maryland won the game at Cameron but slipped up in the ACC tournament. Duke and Maryland met one final time with the Blue Devils coming back from 22 down in the first half to win and eventually claim the national title.
The tides had changed in 2002 when the #2 Terps defeated the top ranked Blue Devils at Cole Field House, memorialized by Steve Blake’s “Oh, he steal!” moment. The Terps went on to win the national title that year.
The off the court shenanigans kept this rivalry hot in the world of college hoops. While Duke fans chanted “Not out rivals”, Maryland fans sabotaged Duke’s cheersheets planting a fake chant referencing a Duke pay-for-play scandal. Maryland fans also showed off their first flash mob in 2012 for the final home game against Duke when the Terps pulled off the big upset.
After the game, Maryland fans would flood Route 1 to celebrate which in some years led to police using tear gas and batons to dispel the crowd. Riots occurred in 2001 after a loss to Duke, 2002 after the national championship victory of Indiana, 2006 after winning a women’s basketball national championship over Duke, 2010 after Vasquez and the Terps beat Duke, and finally in 2012 with the Terps last home win over the Blue Devils.
Good times. Good times.
  • Virginia (107-75)
For most of Maryland’s time in the ACC, Virginia wasn’t recognized as much of a rival. Upon the program’s resurgence under Tony Bennett a new dynamic had been born. Justin Anderson, a one-time Maryland commit who departed after the retirement of Gary Williams, was one of the focal points of this animosity. After two years of Virginia dominance, Maryland won their final ACC regular season game in an overtime upset over Anderson and the Hoos.
The rivalry cemented itself through other sports as well. Virginia defeated the Terps in the NCAA Lacrosse Championship in 2011. Maryland’s final ACC football season included a game winning field goal in the closing seconds over the Cavaliers. After defeating Virginia in the 2014 ACC Baseball tournament, Virginia defeated the Terps in back-to-back Super Regionals in 2014 and 2015. Maryland defeated Virginia in the 2016 NCAA Soccer tournament.
These other sports add spice to the rivalry as they a very similar across the board, but the primary bragging rights revolve around basketball. Maryland and Virginia last faced off in the B1G/ACC Challenge in 2015 where Virginia won in College Park. The future of the series is up in the air but Maryland and Virginia fans can still frequently be found dumping on eachother across /CollegeBasketball.

A Comprehensive List of Maryland’s Lesser Rivalries

  • Georgetown (36-27)
The long dormant rivalry of the two biggest programs in the DC area. The recent Gavitt Tipoff games between the B1G and the Big East led to the reignition of this rivalry. The animosity has yet to fully return, but both fanbases hope to see this series continue.
  • Michigan State (4-4)
After unforgivingly ending Greivis Vasquez’s Maryland career in 2010, Maryland joined the Big Ten conference to seek its revenge. Led by Dez Wells and Melo Trimble, Maryland took both regular season games in the inaugural season before losing to Sparty in the B1G tournament. Last season Michigan State won at Breslin and once again in the B1G tourney.
  • Indiana (4-6)
Maryland defeated the Hoosiers in 2002 to win the national championship pushing Indiana’s storied history even further into the past. Somehow, the fanbases have become very close since, often bonding over being the villain. The games have been won by the home team since joining the Big Ten while the Terps won the B1G tournament matchup in 2015.
  • Wisconsin (3-5)
This was one of the more unexpected rivalries to come out of the move to the Big Ten. It started when Maryland upset #5 Wisconsin when they came into College Park in the first B1G season. It continued when Diamond Stone spurned the Badgers in favor of the Terps. strongscience62 cemented the animosity of Wisconsin’s /CollegeBasketball fans when he boldly predicted Bo Ryan wouldn't finish in the top 4 of the conference for the first time with the Badgers. He was half right. Melo stuck another dagger in the heart of Wisconsin with his 3-point buzzer beater at the Kohl Center. Wisconsin finally got revenge when they beat Maryland in the Xfinity Center later in the season.
  • NC State (77-74)
Maryland and NC State was never the top rival for either program as both directed their hatred elsewhere on Tobacco Road, but nonetheless there is great history between these two programs. Most significantly was the 1974 ACC Championship game consider one of the greatest college basketball games of all time which led to the creation of at-large bids in the NCAA tournament.
  • Penn State (11-7) and Rutgers (5-3)
Neither team constitutes much of a basketball rivalry cause they both suck, but as regional conference foes and football rivals, it’s always nice to have another sport that they’ll never beat you in.
2015-16 Season
Record: 27-9 (12-6) Coach: Mark Turgeon 2015-16 Roster Key Players:
On this team, it was tough to pick a top player. Melo Trimble, Rasheed Sulaimon, Jake Layman, Robert Carter Jr, and Diamond Stone each held a special place in Maryland fan’s hearts. Each starter was highly effective on offense and scored over 10 ppg. However as a team they lacked fluidity on offense to find efficient shots. Team defense and backcourt depth was another big weakness of the team which underperformed Maryland fan’s lofty expectations.
Season Recap:
The 2015-16 season was full of exciting moments for the Terrapins. A much anticipated early match-up with Georgetown in the Gavitt Tipoff Games more than lived up to its billing, and help rekindle a long-dormant local rivalry. Maryland traveled to Chapel Hill to face North Carolina in the ACC-Big Ten challenge, and lost in a valiant effort to the eventual NCAA tournament runner-up/almost NCAA tournament winner. That game in particular was talked about for a while as the best game of the young season. Maryland's other signature win was over Connecticut in the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
Maryland started the Big Ten conference slate with a breakout game from freshman phenom Diamond Stone, whose 39 points carried the Terrapins over Penn State. Maryland continued to excel in conference play until the middle of February when they struggled particularly in road games.
The most memorable moment of the season came from Melo Trimble at Wisconsin who drained the game winning 3 pointer to silence the Kohl Center and avoid overtime and destroyed Badger dreams of getting revenge on Diamond Stone who committed to the Terps after being long considered a heavy Wisconsin lean.
Maryland was selected as a 4 seed in the NCAA tournament and made a respectable run through the Sweet Sixteen, where they couldn't quite overcome the experience of the Kansas Jayhawks.
2016-17 Season
2016-17 Schedule : TBD 2016-17 Roster
The Greats

Greatest Games

  • ACC Championship vs. NC State (1974)
Undoubtedly, the greatest game involving the University of Maryland, has to be the 1974 ACC Tournament final in Greensboro NC against the North Carolina State Wolfpack, a 103-100 OT loss. With the vanquished having to sit out the NCAA tournament, this game proved to be the impetus behind the committee deciding to include at-large bids for tournament caliber teams who merely had the misfortune of losing a game to an equally ranked opponent in their conference tournament.
  • National Championship vs. Indiana (2002)
In 2002, Maryland finally reached the pinnacle of the sport. Gary Williams became the first coach to win a title without a single McDonald’s All American on the roster. This was also the final season that the Terps played in Cole Field House before moving into the Comcast Center, later renamed the Xfinity Center. The image of Juan Dixon launching the ball to the ceiling in Atlanta will always be one of the iconic moments in Maryland history.
  • ACC Championship vs. Duke (2004)
You want crying Duke kids? This is how you get crying Duke kids. Maryland fans hold the magical 2004 ACC tournament run much closer to their hearts. Here's a synopsis narrated by alum Scott Van Pelt.
  • Regular Season vs. North Carolina (1986)
Len Bias’ breakout party happened on a night in 1986 in Chapel Hill. The #1 Tar Heels were playing the mediocre Terrapins, but behind 35 points from Bias, the Terps would pull off an upset for the ages. This performance, epitomized by a Bias bucket, steal, and reverse dunk which turned the tides of the game, would launch the discussion if Bias might be a better player than Jordan himself.

Greatest Players

  • Len Bias (1982-1986)
Bias is one of the top college basketball players of all time. Despite not being a stat-stuffer, by his senior season he was one of the most dominant players in the game. He was selected 2nd overall by the Boston Celtics before dying of a drug overdose that hung over the university for years.
  • Juan Dixon (1998-2002)
Juan Dixon was able to lead the Terrapins to the place many greats before him were unable to do. After losing in the 2001 Final Four to Duke, he returned for his senior year a dominated, winning ACC PotY and becoming Maryland’s all-time leading scorer.
  • Greivis Vasquez (2006-2010)
After an extremely successful junior year, Vasquez returned for a senior year after forgoing the NBA. He won ACC PotY in 2010 as well as the Bob Cousy Award after defeating Duke on their senior night to secure a co-ACC regular season championship.
  • Len Elmore (1971-1974)
Elmore remains the Terps all-time leading rebounder while playing for some of the greatest Maryland teams. He was named an All American in 1974 and can still be seen broadcasting college games.
  • Tom McMillen (1971-1974)
McMillen was a prized recruit out of high school, considered the top player in his class and also being a Rhodes Scholar. It was considered a major coup by Lefty and set the trajectory of the program for years to follow. After an 11 year NBA career, McMillen served 6 years as a Maryland congressman.
Honorable Mentions: John Lucas (1972-76), Albert King (1977-81), Buck Williams (1978-81), Walt Williams (1988-92), Joe Smith (1993-95), Steve Blake (1999-2003), Steve Francis (1998-99)

Greatest Coaches

  • Charles "Lefty" Driesell (1969-86)
Lefty arrived in College Park proclaiming that he would turn Maryland into the UCLA of the East. While he wouldn't quite turn that into reality, Lefty proved himself to be a phenomenal innovator and a tireless promoter. He would deliver quick barbs in his thick southern drawl, in a prim and proper ACC that was just not quite ready for Jim Valvano. In his 17 seasons, Lefty went 348-159 overall, with a 122-100 ACC record.
  • Gary Williams (1989-2011)
Gary Williams came home to his alma mater to help right a ship that was listing precipitously. He arrived to discover that the NCAA dropped a 2-year television ban on Maryland in the wake of an investigation into Bob Wade, the coach who took over the program following Lefty's departure. While Williams was not the innovator or promoter that Lefty proved to be, Gary demonstrated a character trait that would be second to none, a fiery competitiveness that rubbed off on his players. Unflinchingly loyal, Gary Williams brought Maryland out of the dark days, by recruiting hard-nosed players who bought into a press defense and a flex-offense. This translated into a 11-year streak of tournament appearances. The highlight of that run was winning Maryland's first Final Four appearance in 2001, followed by its first NCAA title in 2002. In 22 seasons, Gary went 461-252, with a 194-157 ACC record.

Greatest Plays

“Oh, he steal!”
Len Bias steal vs. UNC
2003 NCAAT buzzer beater
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2016.04.10 16:44 SnoopRion69 Noticed Carolina schedules from the 1980s with doubleheader weekends in conference play and four OOC games after the ACC opener.

(1983-84 schedule) http://www.tarheeltimes.com/schedulebasketball-1983.aspx
This schedule is really bizarre by today's standards, so I'm wondering if anyone knows more about it or has stories to tell about this stuff.
It looks like they still played 2 games a week, but playing NC State and Maryland Saturday/Sunday would make my heart explode. The North-South Doubleheader sounds pretty strange, as well as playing Clemson in Greensboro for a neutral site conference game.
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2013.08.10 18:44 boourns75 Sidebar pic suggestions?

Bynum has been up there too long, but I don't have any real great ideas right now. I almost just put this up, but I figured you all could do better. Thoughts?
Edit - Jarrett Jack just edged out Boobie, but we'll probably do something to honor him and wish him luck if and when he signs with another team.
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