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Live in Maid

2023.06.06 23:57 pattack122 Live in Maid

As the title suggests, the plot is about a live in maid. The plotline Is in first person but if you'd like the roleplay itself to be in third that's perfectly fine, just let me know.
Plotline: You finally got your acceptance letter right before the first semester started. What you thought would have been a grueling search for an apartment turned out to be over quickly once you saw my listing. It was palacial compared to most student housing and the price was good too. The only red flag was in the requirement I had written "Must not have a significant other, must abide by house rules and do their share of the chores of the house." It had dawned on you that I was some rich kid looking for a live in maid or booty call. Worse, maybe even a future wife.. but you were sure that you can handle me which you are sadly mistaken and were going to be proven wrong. You finally got your acceptance letter right before the first semester started. What you thought would have been a grueling search for an apartment turned out to be over quickly once you saw my listing. It was palacial compared to most student housing and the price was good too. The only red flag was in the requirement I had written "Must not have a significant other, must abide by house rules and do their share of the chores of the house." It had dawned on you that I was some rich kid looking for a live in maid or booty call. Worse, maybe even a future wife.. but you were sure that you can handle me which you are sadly mistaken and were going to be proven wrong.
(If this interests you please send me a chat, dms do not work for me and please be female who is 18+.)
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2023.06.06 23:54 Rayrex-009 Artemis' role in Ancient Greek Marriages Summarized

Adapted from my post on Artemision that explains on how Artemis was an important part of the marriage process for the Ancient Greeks.
While Artemis herself rejects any and all sexual advances and remain single, she was quite involved in the process of young men and women getting together, getting married, and helps them raise a family.
As Artemis watches and guides a person's life, marriage and entering into society were few of the biggest milestones in a person's life.
In general, girls were expected to be celibate until marriage. One of Artemis' main tasks is to help girls prepare for marriage by their late teens and taught them the skills needed to be a good wife and mother. Artemis also watched over boys as well, as her shrines and sacred spaces were close to where boys learned and trained, such as gyms.

Artemis as Matchmaker

One of the typical interactions of Artemis and young men is the assistance of the Goddess to ensure the young man gets a wife. The places and events of Artemis provided opportunity for young men to find a young woman to marry.
Artemisian festivals were widespread across Ancient Greece.
Choral dances were universal in the festivals of Artemis. The activity was part of the social process of learning to co-operate with others and work in a team. Girls frequently attend Artemisian festivals and participate in the choral dances as a group.
Girls who participated in choral dances publicly demonstrated that they were ready for marriage. One time Aphrodite deceived a young man named Anchises by lying to him that she was in the chorus of Artemis and thus she was mature enough for marriage.
Another activity during Artemisian festivals that was great for teenage boys and girls could meet were the processions that were universal in Artemis celebrations.
Plato highly recommended Artemisian festivals as the ideal controlled environment for young men and women to choose good marriage partners.
One man named Menander said in a letter:
“I visited Ephesos and fell in love. In honor of Artemis of Ephesos there was a procession of girls carrying offerings.” (Men. Kith. 94, translated by N. Miller)
Speaking of Ephesus, in the Ephesian Tales by Xenophon of Ephesus it featured a Artemisian marriage festival that occurred in the month of Artemis. During the festivities, young men and women from and around Ephesus can find their future spouse. After the young men and women found their partner, they all dress up in elaborate and colorful clothes. They then walked as a procession to the Temple of Artemis. They were accompanied with music and dancing and sang hymns to Artemis with her images surround the procession. At the Artemision the newlyweds confirmed their marriages with a sacrifice to Artemis.
Also, certain (desperate) boys even invoked Artemis with her Ephesian grammata as a love spell to try get the girl they like to fell in love with him. Whether or not they were successful is unknown.

Oaths of Marriage

Swearing oaths of marriage were kind of equivalent to being engaged. Promises of marriage were usually done under Artemis.
The commandment of “You shall not take Yahweh's (the LORD's) name in vain”, which essentially means do not break your promises, nor make false promises. This applies perfectly with Artemis. Promises, vows, and oaths under Artemis were taken quite serious with dire consequences for those who intentionally break the promise. Those who break their vows will have their way of life thrown off by Artemis as punishment, through death or failure.
Themes of a character who had near-death experiences when they (un)willing came close to breaking their oaths were widespread as recounted in many stories by Kallimachus, Nicander, Antoninus, and others.
A certain man named Diogenes promised to Artemis to do whatever task his love, Polycrite requested in order to have her hand in marriage.
In Leucippe and Clitophon, Artemis appeared to Leucippe in a dream and said to her: "Weep no more, for I'll always protect you. You must keep your virginity until I bedeck you as bride; and none other than Clitophon will wed you". Later they made their promise of marriage at the Temple of Artemis.

Pre-Marriage Rituals

Premarital sacrifices were dedicated to Artemis as thanks and ensured her continued protection. Offering hair were common and depending on the region, offerings were dedicated to legendary people close to Artemis, such as Hippolytus and others.
When a girl began menstruation, she's given a special girdle to mark the occasion. Later they would offer their girdle to Artemis.
However it's an extremely bad omen if the newlyweds forgets to honor Artemis. The failure to worship Artemis in ancient Greek culture was seen as sacrilegious, as we see in a number myths that have Artemis punishing those who neglect to worship her.
In Ephesus there's a fun ceremony before the newlyweds got married. The bride ritually runs to the Temple of Artemis and clings to the columns and the groom tries to get her to let go! This reflects the wife-to-be as temporary leaving to domain of Artemis.

The Wedding

While generally Artemis have little to do in the actual wedding ceremony. After the marriage Artemis hands the newlyweds to Hera and Aphrodite. Once the wife conceives Artemis returns to help the new mother and act as a midwife. Her husband in the meantime can appealed to Artemis on his wife's behalf in rituals. If the pregnancy is successful, then Artemis would help reared the next generation of people and continue the cycle.
However, in Ephesus, Artemis Ephesia was much more involved in the wedding process as she was called upon during the wedding to protect the newlyweds and to ensure a secure marriage. The priest walks around the couple and recite the Ephesian grammata to grant them Artemis' protection from any evil spirits that were believed to caused infertility and other evils.
Later, during the official wedding night, the bride will wear a new girdle. Before her husband removes her girdle, he would asked Artemis for her final permission to untie his wife's girdle to embrace her.
From the number of occasions that Artemis untied a girl's girdle and was given girdles, Artemis has the epithet " Lysizo′na", meaning “releaser of the girdle” (Rietveld's Artemis of the Ephesians @ 1::11:00).
Further reading:
BIOΣ ~ APTEMIΣ (BIOS ARTEMIS) by Mary Galvin, notably p. 286-288
James Rietveld's "Artemis of the Ephesians" youtube lecture
Thank you for reading. I hope I was able to clearly conveyed Artemis' importance in the marriage process, as she's the goddess that oversees milestones and life transitions in a person's life and the society.
Original post with some nice images of Artemis in anime style: https://new.reddit.com/Artemision/comments/142fd5o/artemis_notes_artemis_and_marriage/
In Artemis.
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2023.06.06 23:53 AdministrativeKey890 Termination during notice period.

Hey guys! I have worked in a firm in India for almost 1 year and have resigned few days ago but when I requested my manager to shorten my notice period (which is of 2 months) for genuine reasons, manager said he can leave me early but as per my offer letter, if I opt for the choice of not serving the full notice period, I need to pay the company that many days of salary which I will not be serving. When I showed my offer letter to my HR and manager stating that there is no mention of notice period buyout, HR said then there is only 1 option, I have to serve for 60 days.
Also, my manager who is also my TL assigned me a new story the day I resigned and pressurising me to give my 100%. He is complaining the HR almost everyday and the HR is threatening me that she will terminate my employment and not give me experience/relieving letter. Kindly tell me is it possible for an employer to terminate an employee while being on notice period? Wouldn't it be an illegal termination as per the labour laws of India?
I have requested my manager and HR numerous times that I am leaving for higher studies, so please release me early since as a fresher I barely have any dependency in the team and it is difficult for me to work right now. Initially my manager had agreed to release me early in lieu of me paying them but as I showed them tht it is not a part of my employment contract, they completely changed their decision and don't want to release me before 60 days. What suggestion would you give me to come out of such a situation? Thanks in advance. Any legal advice from a lawyer is highly solicited and appreciated.🙏
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2023.06.06 23:51 RoamerB Order of Move Unlocks in World Tour

If there's anyone else who posted such a resource here, feel free to post it. Anyway, this is the order in which moves are unlocked in World Tour, based on the following milestones:
E. Honda:
Dee Jay:
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2023.06.06 23:47 liquidity_is_fake Found this in an old family bible…

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2023.06.06 23:47 AdministrativeKey890 Termination during notice period.

Hey guys! I have worked in a firm in India for almost 1 year and have resigned few days ago but when I requested my manager to shorten my notice period (which is of 2 months) for genuine reasons, manager said he can leave me early but as per my offer letter, if I opt for the choice of not serving the full notice period, I need to pay the company that many days of salary which I will not be serving. When I showed my offer letter to my HR and manager stating that there is no mention of notice period buyout, HR said then there is only 1 option, I have to serve for 60 days.
Also, my manager who is also my TL assigned me a new story the day I resigned and pressurising me to give my 100%. He is complaining the HR almost everyday and the HR is threatening me that she will terminate my employment and not give me experience/relieving letter. Kindly tell me is it possible for an employer to terminate an employee while being on notice period? Wouldn't it be an illegal termination as per the labour laws of India?
I have requested my manager and HR numerous times that I am leaving for higher studies, so please release me early since as a fresher I barely have any dependency in the team and it is difficult for me to work right now. Initially my manager had agreed to release me early in lieu of me paying them but as I showed them tht it is not a part of my employment contract, they completely changed their decision and don't want to release me before 60 days. What suggestion would you give me to come out of such a situation? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.06 23:47 Zestyclose-Exam-450 Aidvantage Borrower Defense Update w/ Refund Amount Showing Before Check

Aidvantage Borrower Defense Update w/ Refund Amount Showing Before Check
I received my letter 2/17 and have been logging in to Aidvantage to see an update. Checked today and all of my UoP loans are indeed gone for a total of $27k. For those wondering about a refund, I checked in Account History and was able to see what I believe will be my refund. The $15k is within $5 of what I calculated it would be for what I've paid thus far.
Check this section after your loans are discharged. My expectation and guess is this is the amount that gets sent to the government and they then issue the refund checks many have reported receiving already. I hadnt seen this info out there before so wanted to share. If anyone else has seen this, it would be great to know.
Also, I did not get any notifications or emails other than the one on the 17th. I've just been checking it like once a week. I'll update when I get the check for a full timeline.

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2023.06.06 23:46 Anxious_Order_3570 How long from pay-in application to when pay in info is sent?

I'm on spend down and mailed in completed pay-in application over a month ago. How long does it take on average before you receive a pay in letter in mail?
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2023.06.06 23:44 Substantial_Ad_6401 She Broke My Heart Five Months Ago, It Still Hurts. Please Help.

Back in November, there was a girl in my last class. I didn't pay attention to her until I noticed she was looking at me. I did everything to tell myself she wasn't looking at me. I caught her looking at me 3 more times that class. My self confidence was pretty low so I still didn't believe it.
As time went on, I started to realize that there was a possibility that she had a crush on me. That idea was very new to me and the more I thought about it, and her in general, the more I started to pay attention to her.
It wasn't long until I started doodling her during my other classes. We still hadn't talked but it was clear that I now had a crush on her as well.
I talked to my best friend about it and he said I should so something to get her attention. I was to afraid to start a conversation but I would gladly continue it if one were to start. I began a plan to simply smile at her. I didn't think it would be hard since we caught eyes quite a bit.
I remember I was at the back of the class getting my calculator and when I looked right, I saw her looking at me. Nervous, I immediately looked away. When I realized I messed up I turned back around to smile only to find she wasn't looking any more. I thought I could do it again that afternoon but the chance didn't come.
The next day I came to school with a new found determination. I practiced the event hundreds of times in my head. That afternoon, we met eyes and I smiled, but before she could see it she looked away. I didn't give up though, she looked back and I smiled, only for it to be too late as she was already looking away again. That happened ten times before I decided to stop and keep the rest of my dignity.
I went to text my friend and tell him that the mission was a bust when all of a sudden, I heard someone call my name. I turned around only to see her looking at me. She said lots of nice things. She said "I don't know why I've never talked to you before because you seem like a nice guy." And it really warmed my heart because I've never been told that.
We talked about what we do and our schedules, the whole time I was probably as red as a tomato. She ended up telling me that her parents do a breakfast thing on Saturdays and she asked if I could come.
My mind was already on auto pilot due to the fact that she was talking to me and when she asked me that I must have lost it inside my mind. She then asked if she could give me her number so that she could give me the info. Trying to keep my cool, I pulled my phone out, when she switched up on me and gave me her phone to type my number in. I took the phone and very shakily put my number in her phone.
That was the happiest I've probably ever been, I remember riding on the bus with the happiest smile ever. All of my friends were so proud of me.
The next day was pretty great, I couldn't believe I was at a girls house who I'd just met the previous day, luckily there were other people from our school so it wasn't very awkward.
My feelings began to grow as it seemed more and more that she truly liked me back. We talked a lot at school and even when we couldn't we would smile at each other. That smile was the reason I woke up every day.
I began a plan to ask her out on the last day of the school semester. I had learned some of her interests and got her a Christmas gift. On the last day, I gave it to her and asked her out to the local arcade. She said yes.
I was ecstatic. Later she texted me and asked if it could be a group thing, she then texted again and explained that her parents were hesitant about it so that was the agreement that was arranged. At first my heart sank but after the explanation I felt better.
The night at the arcade was probably the most magical night I've lived. After that we started talking more and I really began to see how many things we seemed to have in common. I was really excited at the thought that I might have my first girlfriend. I thought about her so much. And the more we talked, the more I realized I was in love with her.
I found out that we had the same lunch for the following semester and she said we should sit together. School finally came around and I sat with her and her friends. It was awkward, she spent most of the time talking with them but I was ok with it as I'm not a very social person anyways.
Throughout the whole time, I had thoughts in the back of my mind that asked myself if I was too much or if she even actually liked me. As mentioned before, my self confidence wasn't at its highest. But it came to the point where I asked if I was too much.
I remember I was so nervous that after I sent it I threw my phone on the bed and went to the living room to watch a movie. After the movie I came back to my room to see that there was a response.
I still remember exactly what it said. She answered and said no that I wasn't too much. But she followed that by saying it was starting to seem like I was more interested in her than she was in me.
I remember the absolute absence that filled my heart as I confirmed her suspicions. After I answered, I put my phone down, and for the first time in five years, I cried. That was the hardest I have ever cried.
When I went back to school, I couldn't look at her without feeling like I was about to throw up. Luckily I had another friend I shared lunch with so he took me in to his table. As time went on, it still continued to hurt, but I didn't want to let go. I was convinced that there had to be something that would come out of it.
We still talked, but no where near as much. One day, I was taking a test that I had missed after school. There was another guy in there, we didn't really talk to each other, but judging by the fact he was cleaning my teacher's room, I assumed that he had gotten in trouble and was making up for it. After that, he talked to the teacher, she asked if he was okay and he said he was good and that he started talking to a girl.
I wasn't trying to snoop into the conversation but I couldn't help but overhear it. He started talking about the girl he was talking to and I started to realize that she shared some similarities to the girl I was in love with.
The teacher asked for her name and he said it. My heart sank. I couldn't think right, and I couldn't breath. I finished the test as quick as I could and got out of there. I couldn't shake the feeling that he didn't like her for her, when he talked about her it felt like he was just interested her for his own use. Which could very easily been NOT the case, but I couldn't help but wonder if my worries had truth.
After a very long thought process, I decided to write her a letter that told her what I saw. I really wanted to show that I wasn't trying to influence her or say anything that wasn't true. I also wanted her to know that I wasn't doing it because I had feelings for her. I told her that I trust her better judgement as she probably knew the guy better than I did.
I gave her that letter under the impression that I was burying our friendship. I did not think she would appreciate it at all. But I felt like I had to do it because I would feel guilty if something were to happen.
She sent me a text thanking me for my kindness. I was mind blown, she told me that it meant a lot to her and she asked if I could tell her who it was. I told her everything I could but I didn't know the guy's name.
The next day I talked to her in person about it and she told me something that I took as "I'm not looking to date anyone because you both are guys are in high school." It wasn't exactly what she said but it's how I took it.
That's the last thing she ever said to me. After about a month, I started to allow myself to let go. I was beginning to have more fun with my friends and I was finally happy with how my life was.
Then one day, me and my friends were hanging out at the stairwell before our next class. Suddenly I saw the guy from earlier. I didn't really think anything of it until she passed by. She began to walk with him, and they started to hold hands while smiling at each other.
Words can't express how I felt. I know I don't really have a right to feel like that, but I do. I loved her so much, and I thought she might have loved me too. But she didn't and she chose the other guy. Which I'm happy for her. I'm glad she found someone who she liked. I just wish she didn't hurt me so badly in the process.
Sometimes I wonder if she ever thinks about me. I don't think I'll ever know if she had any feelings toward me, and although it hurts, I've accepted that. I'll never meet another woman like her. Words cannot expressed just how much love I felt toward her, and it makes me sad that she will never know.
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2023.06.06 23:43 Upper-Transition7002 Half-brother that I never knew.

10 years before i was born my father had a son that he left as an infant because of an ultimatum, in which I won't waste time explaining. I tried to contact him when I was 16 through a letter, he signed for it but I never heard back. Now, at the age of 31, I sent another letter and received a text from him asking what time he could call. Well it's day 2 after I responded to his text and I haven't heard anything from him. I honestly have no idea what to expect, I've always wanted to talk to him but I know there's a ton of emotions that come with a situation like having a biological father leave you after birth. I'm glad he actually texted me, but I'm nervous that maybe that anger from my father leaving will be directed towards me. I'm not even sure why I'm writing this to be honest, I guess I just needed to write it out. Thank you for listening.
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2023.06.06 23:42 bigwhitechewy Newbie needs advice

Total novice here, 38 years old, trying to get into the carpentry trade.
I contacted my local union office about becoming an apprentice. They told me to contact or visit local contractors to ask for a sponsorship letter before I can be accepted as an appy. As I am a novice I would like to do this right and save myself from at least some embarrassment. Could some of you more experienced folks shed some light on how you would go about getting such a letter? Is there anything I specifically should or should not do?
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2023.06.06 23:35 PashanPaladin Properia hidden prison torch puzzle

Got any ideas? Found a clue paper that says you have to use the latter in the alphabet after the letter, except for the third letter where we use the letter before it.
I still havent fpund the passcode though for the guy near the prosperia river
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2023.06.06 23:30 MegaChamp6 18M/Ireland - Looking for a penpal to write letters to!

Hey there!
I'm Ryan and I'm an English guy who lives in the west of Ireland.
I just graduated high school and hope to do a one year course in computer science before going to university.
Some of my hobbies include playing video games, watching movies, reading books and going for walks.
I've also been to quite a few countries and I hope to one day visit every country in Europe.
I'm looking for a pen pal to write physical letters to, I think that email just can't replace the feeling you get writing and receiving physical letters in the post.
If you're interested, please send me a chat and we can talk! Please be of a similar age to me, I don't care about gender or country. You could be in Ireland or somewhere further afield.
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2023.06.06 23:20 my_name_is_trash Valedictorian bites the dust nearly everywhere, but is ultimately satisfied

Hey all, I apologize for this being long, but I really wanted to be descriptive and thorough about my thoughts and reflections.
Intended Major(s): Computer science
Standardized Testing (weak spot lol)
Extracurriculars/Activities (also weak spot lol)
  1. “Varsity” (lol) robotics all four years – participated in FRC as a programmer and builder; senior year I was also a co-captain
  2. Programming/game design – I simply enjoy programming in many languages and designing basic video games using C# in Unity
  3. Violin – tbh I have no clue why I put this, I began learning at the end of my junior year as a hobby because I liked orchestral music
  4. Service hours – I’ve completed over 130 service hours throughout my time in high school, including religious service, service to the poor, and service to the community
  5. School house leader – attended a school leadership camp in the summer of 2021 (going into my junior year) and then served as a leader and the communications coordinator for my house during my junior year (for houses, think Harry Potter but there’s 10 of them)
  6. National Math Honor Society/Mu Alpha Theta – participated in Catholic Math League and AMC math test competitions, but nothing serious (we just kinda did no practice and took the tests when the days came lol)
  7. Danger of A.I. research paper – wrote a 37-page research paper discussing A.I. and its potential and interviewed a tech professional for my Honors Focus Research course
  8. National Honor Society – pretty self-explanatory (only allowed to join junior or senior year, so I did this for two years); requires 5 tutoring hours each semester
  9. Tutoring – basically tutored kids in math and computer science a lot, especially this one kid in cs basically every week during my junior year
  10. Senior GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth of America) community member – basically a member of my Greek Orthodox Church’s youth group and met for activities (liturgical/worship services and discussions/fun activities) a few times each month
  1. Mathematics department award (sophomore year) – given to one student per grade
  2. Principal’s list every semester (4.0 weighed or above) – a quarter of my grade was on this last year so doesn’t mean much imo lol
  3. School scholars program – about 10% of my grade is in this, requires certain courses to be taken and a certain GPA to be maintained for a scholarship
  4. Graduated summa cum laude – obtained by maintaining a 4.0 weighted and taking extra courses (such as Honors Focus Research)
  5. National STEM Honor Society – member since sophomore year and also school president
Letters of Recommendation
Counselor letter (8/10) – I don’t know much of about the letter to be honest, especially since my counselor and I didn’t really meet much, but I do know she liked me and thought of me as a very bright student, so imma guess above average
AP Lang teacher (9/10 or 10/10) – I first had her for Honors Argumentation & Rhetoric sophomore year; she and I clicked well and I did very well in her AP class junior year, despite only getting a 3 on the exam (not my greatest exam day, and I also rushed a lot on the final essay); she used my essay as a sample across all her AP classes once and called me one of the best writers she has ever taught, along with recommending several students from her 22-23 classes to me for writing help
AP Calc teacher (7/10) – calc was hands down my best subject, and I’ve had this teacher for AB junior year and for BC senior year; in BC, I got the highest score on her midterm (I’m pretty sure) and definitely on her final exam in the history of her teaching (which has been going on for about 10 years); I’ve heard though that this teacher typically writes similar letters for good students with just some extra info that pertains to each student specifically, so it might not have stood out compared to the letters written by her for other students
AP CSA teacher (7/10) – similar story to the calc letter; I did really well in the class as the only sophomore, and my teacher has been my robotics coach for all four years of high school, but I know he does a similar thing to calc, where he writes similar letters for each good student but some extra specific information to the student; this might’ve blended in with my friend’s letter, as he applied to similar schools and also requested a letter from this teacher
Overall, I think my essays were pretty strong, and I think my Common App essay in particular must’ve been strong. It was a graded assignment for my AP Lit class, and I got an A on it after months of working on it (my AP Lit teacher was a strict grader). I wrote a story about a student I tutored in cs a lot and sprinkled coding metaphors throughout. As for supplementals, some of them I spent some more time on (a few weeks or even months), some of them I spent a few days on, and for like a few of them I wrote the day before they were due, but I don’t think they were that bad; I really tried to make them specific to me and engaging, although none of my supplements were reviewed by a teacher or advisor.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information (my thoughts and insights):
I’ll share some of my insights really quick. I definitely believe my test scores were a problem, along with my ECs: I didn’t do any summer programs, publish any papers, participate in any real competitions, etc. As for the test scores, I took the ACT three times and the second time was my best; in middle school, I developed a bad habit of spending hours on tests (a strange perfectionistic, double checking tendency) and although it thankfully mostly went away in high school (I do every school test now with no extra time), I still struggle not to get anxious during the ACT and SAT and seem to never finish on time for the reading comprehension portions. After my ACT tries, I had the chance to take the SAT once, which I did, and due to its more lenient timing, I did better than any ACT attempt, but worse on the math. Ultimately, I didn't do early action for any school except for my safety school's honors college (which is test blind) in the hopes of significantly raising my test score before regular decision, which didn't really happen.
Another issue was that my school doesn’t publish rank, so I couldn’t say where I was ranked in my application; additionally, it wasn’t until after applications were sent that I was confirmed to be ranked 1st/valedictorian.
Overall, life hasn’t been a breeze since covid hit in freshman year. I’ve went through much overthinking, a lack of motivation, and even major surgery last summer; in the end, however, I am not as distraught as you may think. I am actually quite happy to go to my state school’s honors college, especially since a lot of my friends are going to the same college. I mentally prepared myself to receive all rejections, so I wasn’t very demotivated upon getting the results, especially because I knew what a lottery these admissions could be.
Anyway, thanks to all of those who took the time to read this, and I hope y’all continue to share your insights and advice with others.
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2023.06.06 23:12 kabobkilla What would I need to do to get back into the PhD route?

My major during undergrad was psychology & neuroscience (it was a single major covering both topics, not double major) and my goal was to eventually graduate and continue on to get my PhD in psychology and become a psychologist.
However, before finishing undergrad, I fell in love with computer science, started learning it on my own and gradually lost interest in my PhD aspirations. I basically did no research projects, made no connections with professors, even my gpa tanked a bit (went from a 3.9 to a 3.5).
I graduated in 2021 and went straight into a CS job, and though I've enjoyed it, after 2 years I've been wondering what life would be like if I went back towards my original plan. But with no real streamlined avenue towards a Phd I am wondering what will I need to do to get accepted in a program from my current position? From what I remember, letters of rec are important, research experience is important and a very high gpa is very helpful, none of which I have. Is there anything I could do?
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2023.06.06 23:07 OneWheelMan [H] Games / Paypal / €45 [W] Diablo IV (can activate)

All games are obtained by ME. If the game has a region lock, it will be locked to EU region.

Paypal F&F or G&S - fees on you. PRICES IN EURO

Lower rep goes first.

Googledocs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x939dac0XlG3tRhyYX_9Lf93usR0uqyVHPCYmB7RRys
Discount at purchase
5% @ €15-29
7% @ €30-59
10% @ €60+
12% @ €100+
15% @ €150+
Game F&F (€EU)
112 Operator 0.30
112 Operator 0.30
2064: Read Only Memories 0.60
7 Billion Humans 4.50
911 Operator 0.30
911 Operator 0.30
A Little Golf Journey 2.50
A Long Way Down 1.00
Aeterna Noctis 4.00
After The Fall 15.00
Agent in Depth 0.20
Aground 4.00
Alchemist's Castle 0.20
APICO 7.00
Arcade Paradise - Arcade Paradise EP 0.20
Arcade Spirits 0.20
Arise: A Simple Story 2.50
Arizona Sunshine 6.00
Armello 1.20
Aviary Attorney 0.20
AWAKE - Definitive Edition 0.20
Baba Is You 5.00
Back 4 Blood 9.00
Backbone 0.20
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition 2.00
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition 2.00
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition 1.00
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition 2.00
Baldur's Gate: Faces of Good and Evil 1.00
Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear 2.00
Batora: Lost Haven 2.00
BattleGroupVR 1.00
Bean Stalker 2.00
Beasts of Maravilla Island 2.00
Beat Hazard 3 6.00
Ben 10: Power Trip 1.50
Bionic Commando 0.20
Blade of Darkness 3.00
Blaston 1.00
Breathedge 2.50
Broken Age 0.20
Calico 0.20
Calico 0.20
Call of the Sea 1.00
Car Mechanic Simulator VR 1.50
Cats and the Other Lives 0.50
Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder 2.00
CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience 1.50
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 1.50
Click and Slay 0.20
Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues 0.50
Combat Tested 1.00
Control Ultimate Edition 6.00
Cook-Out 1.00
Corridor Z 0.10
Crash Drive 2 1.00
Creaks 1.00
Cris Tales 0.50
Crying Suns 0.50
Cube Escape Collection 2.50
Dagon - The Eldritch Box DLC 0.10
Dark Deity 1.50
DARQ 1.00
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition -
Death and Taxes 2.50
Death Squared 0.20
Desolate 0.50
Detached: Non-VR Edition 0.50
Devil May Cry 5 + Vergil 6.00
Devil May Cry HD Collection 6.00
Disaster Band 3.00
DmC Devil May Cry 3.00
DOOM 64 1.00
Doughlings: Arcade 0.50
Doughlings: Invasion 0.20
Draw Slasher 0.10
Drawful 2 0.10
Dread Delusion 4.00
Dreamscaper 1.50
Driftland: The Magic Revival 0.10
Epistory - Typing Chronicles 0.80
Eternal Threads 3.50
Euro Truck Simulator 2 5.00
Evan's Remains 0.10
Expeditions: Viking 1.50
Explosionade 0.20
Farming Simulator 17 2.00
Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R 1.50
Field of Glory II 1.00
Flynn: Son of Crimson 1.50
Forgive me Father 1.00
Forgotton Anne 7.00
Frick, Inc. 3.00
From Space 4.00
fsongs 0.20
Fury Unleashed 0.50
GameGuru Classic -
Gauntlet - Necromancer -
Gauntlet Slayer Edition + DLC Necromancer 1.50
Ghostrunner 5.00
Gift of Parthax 0.20
Gigantosaurus The Game 1.20
Go Home Dinosaurs! 0.20
Golf Gang 0.50
Gotham Knights 15.00
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload 0.40
Guns & Fishes 0.20
Hack 'n' Slash + Soundtrack (& Spacebase GIFT) 0.20
Hacknet 0.50
Hamilton's Great Adventure 0.10
Harmony's Odyssey 0.50
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 4.00
Homeworld Remastered Collection 1.00
Human Resource Machine 5.00
Hyper Gunsport 0.50
Hypnospace Outlaw 3.00
ibb & obb - Best Friends Forever Double Pack 2.00
Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure 4.50
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition 1.00
Impaler 1.50
Indivisible 2.00
Influent 2.50
Into the Pit 1.00
Into the Radius VR 7.00
Izmir: An Independence Simulator 0.20
Jumanji: The Video Game 1.50
Just Die Already 1.00
Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition 4.00
King and Assassins 0.20
Kingdom Two Crowns 2.50
Labyrinthine 4.00
Lair of the Clockwork God 1.00
Lake 2.00
Last Resort Island 0.50
Learn Japanese To Survive - Hiragana Battle 0.40
Learn Japanese To Survive! Kanji Combat 0.40
Learn Japanese To Survive! Katakana War 0.40
Learning Factory 3.50
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 1.80
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 2.20
LEGO Jurassic World 1.50
LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes 1.50
LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes 2 1.50
LEGO MARVEL's Avengers 1.50
LEGO The Hobbit + 3 DLCs 2.50
LEGO The Hobbit DLC 1 - The Big Little Character Pack -
LEGO The Hobbit DLC 2 - Side Quest Character Pack -
LEGO The Hobbit DLC 3 - The Battle Pack -
LEGO The Lord of the Rings 2.50
Lighthouse Keeper 0.20
Little League World Series Baseball 2022 0.50
Little Orpheus 2.00
Loot River 3.00
Love Letter 0.20
Lust from Beyond: M Edition 0.50
Magicka 0.50
Maize 1.25
Marooners 0.20
Melody's Escape 2 0.70
Meow Express 0.40
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition 3.00
MirrorMoon EP 0.10
Monaco 0.50
Monument Valley 1.50
Monument Valley 2 1.50
Moon Hunters 0.20
Mordhau 5.00
Mortal Kombat 11 6.00
Mortal Shell 4.00
Mount & Blade: Warband 2.00
Murder by Numbers 0.50
MY LITTLE PONY: A Maretime Bay Adventure 10.00
Nanotale - Typing Chronicles 3.00
NecroWorm 0.20
Neverout 0.20
Neverwinter Nights: Dark Dreams of Furiae 2.50
Neverwinter Nights: Infinite Dungeons 1.00
Neverwinter Nights: Pirates of the Sword Coast 1.00
Neverwinter Nights: Tyrants of the Moonsea 1.50
Neverwinter Nights: Wyvern Crown of Cormyr 1.00
Neverwinter Nights: Darkness Over Daggerford 3.50
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition 3.50
Newt One 0.30
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 1.00
Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix 0.50
Nightmare Reaper 6.00
No Straight Roads: Encore Edition 4.00
Non-Stop Raiders 0.50
Orbital Racer 0.10
Orbital Racer 0.10
Out of Reach: Treasure Royale 0.10
Pandemic: The Board Game + Mutation + Roles & Events 4.00
Pathfinder: Kingmaker 4.00
Patron 2.50
PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls 2.50
PAYDAY 2 1.00
PAYDAY 2: F*ck Cancer - Big Mike Mask -
Perfect 0.50
Pikuniku 0.50
Pilgrims 0.30
Pill Baby 0.20
Pixplode 0.10
Pixross 0.20
Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition 1.50
Planet TD 0.20
PlateUp! 7.00
Police Stories 1.00
Praey for the Gods 3.00
Princess Farmer 2.00
Project Arrhythmia 1.00
Project Chemistry 1.00
Propnight 2.00
Quadrata 1.50
Radio Commander 0.20
Railway Empire 1.00
Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King 1.00
Red Faction: Armageddon 0.50
Remnants of Naezith 0.30
Renowned Explorers: International Society 0.50
Rescue Party: Live! 1.50
Rise of the Slime 2.00
River City Girls 4.50
Roarr! Jurassic Edition 0.10
RPG Maker VX 0.20
Rym 9000 0.10
Sable 1.50
Salt and Sanctuary 3.50
Sands of Aura 3.00
Say No! More 0.20
SCP: 5K 5.00
Shing! -
Shooty Fruity 1.00
Slinger VR 0.10
Small World 2 + Be not Afraid + Cursed + Grand Dames 2.00
Songbringer 0.30
Songs of Iron 3.00
Soul Axiom Rebooted 2.00
Soul Searching 0.20
Soulblight 0.10
Soulflow 0.20
Soundfall 4.00
Space Crew: Legendary Edition 0.50
Splendor 1.50
Stacking 0.10
StarCrossed 0.30
State of Decay 2 9.00
Staxel 2.00
Steel Rats 0.20
Stick Fight: The Game 2.00
STONE 1.50
Strange Brigade 1.50
Strange Brigade 1.50
Street Fighter V 2.50
Strider 0.50
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones 0.30
Sunlight 0.20
Superfly 0.20
Supraland Six Inches Under 5.00
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon 0.20
Syberia - The World Before 4.50
System Shock 2 0.40
System Shock: Enhanced Edition 0.40
Takelings House Party 0.50
Tales of the Neon Sea 1.00
Tannenberg 1.25
Teacup 0.50
Teacup 0.50
Telefrag VR 0.10
Terra Alia 2.50
The Almost Gone 1.00
The Amazing American Circus 0.10
The Amazing American Circus 0.10
The Anacrusis 0.50
The Blackout Club 2.00
The Citadel 2.50
The Hong Kong Massacre 2.00
The Inner World 0.30
The LEGO Movie - Videogame 1.00
The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game 2.00
The Mortuary Assistant 7.00
The Smurfs - Mission Vileaf 6.00
The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia 0.50
The USB Stick Found in the Grass 0.10
The Wizards - Dark Times 2.00
Them and Us 2.00
Ticket to Ride 0.50
TIS-100 2.00
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition 3.00
ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove 0.10
Trombone Champ 8.00
Turbo Golf Racing 3.50
Ultra Street Fighter IV 1.50
Until You Fall 3.00
Vagante 1.20
Vault of the Void 5.00
Verdun 1.50
Vertigo Remastered 1.50
Visage 8.00
Wanderer 1.50
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War 2.00
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus 1.00
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 2.00
We are alright (Wszystko z nami w porządku) 0.10
West of Dead 0.30
while True: learn() 2.50
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School 1.75
Winkeltje The Little Shop 4.00
Worms Rumble 1.00
WRATH: Aeon of Ruin 1.00
Wytchwood 4.00
X-Morph: Defense Complete Pack 0.20
X-Morph: Defense Complete Pack 0.20
XEL 0.40
Yoku's Island Express 0.50
Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles 3.00
You Can Kana 3.50
Zenith MMO 6.00
Zombie Army Trilogy 2.00
Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition 0.10
SGS flair
IGS flair
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2023.06.06 23:01 AndreasPlugPower Ready for take-off?

As you probably already know, Plug Power does not want strict rules on the tax credits. Plug has, together with nearly four dozen companies, signed a letter (April 12) to Granholm, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and White House climate adviser John Podesta, asking for a less strict interpretation of the IRA. This is partly because Plug wants the tax credits to come in 24/7, even during those hours when they use electricity from the dirty grid. I don't blame them, do you?
It is my strong belief that the Treasury Department won't choose strict guidance and that Plug will embark on a bumpy journey towards the moon this August.
The shift in lingo from green to "clean", (U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap) just serves to prove my thesis statement. They have realized the necessity of softer regulations. Hard-core, strict guidance would kill a nascent industry in its cradle before it even took off. Wouldn't that be a shame?
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2023.06.06 22:59 flamingoesk8r Chase denies my fraud claim - Please help

In March, I noticed a charge on credit card from BEST BUY MHT 00001214. It took over $3000+ from me, and I wasn't in town for the purchase
I called chase and they claimed it was done on my card I had "probably saved" on my laptop and someone hijacked it and they removed it the fraud. So, I decided to get a new credit card just in case.
Weird thing is it was charged on an old card I had before it was expired, but it still showed up under my new credit cards number.
Flashforward to end of May, I received a letter that during their investigation, it was made clear that it was me. I told them I wasn't in town, and they said that the card was used online. I still kept asking how was that card even charged when I have not been in possession of it since it was expired and it's not even on my Chase bank of cards I own so I'm confused. Then the guy kept going back and forth with me claiming it was charged on my new credit card not the one they claimed, so I am VERY confused.
So far, I have emailed them pcitures of transcation proofs I was not in town.
Now for further proof, what should I do? Should I contact best buy for the charge? I looked up on my account made years ago and there was no charde under, so obviousy can't they track my card name and who ever's address? I need help please.
submitted by flamingoesk8r to personalfinance [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 22:59 si-mon-ki Help! Trip in 5 days and just received a request to return to the acceptance facility

Hello Reddit. My daughter has a trip scheduled to Spain in 5 days and we just received a letter yesterday stating that she needs to return to the passport acceptance facility because she did not sign the application when she appeared before the acceptance agent on April 12th.
This is so frustrating because the agent accepted all the documents when we were in her presence. If there was a problem why didn't the agent point it out at the time? Isn't this the fault of the agent and shouldn't they offer us some way to address the problem?
As is there are no appointments available and I can't foresee any way to resolve this. We have called and after waiting hours, have been told there are no appointments available before her flight. We are out thousands of dollars and feeling very frustrated.
Should we just give up?
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2023.06.06 22:57 Balitkaa So I missed my appointment at the doctor…

Hello Swiss people
TL;DR : Doctor sent me an appointment letter I didn’t ask for.Recieved the letter on Friday, opened it today Tuesday evening, turns out the appointment was for today Tuesday 10am. Am I expected to open my letters everyday ? What can i do about it
I went to the doctor 3-4 months ago to do a vaccine (for papilloma virus or smth like this). Following this vaccine I had problems with my arm where they put this vaccine, couldn’t move it anymore without it being so painful, so i called them and they checked, they didn’t really know what it was so they just gave me pain killer and some cream to put on my arm. The pain lasted like a month or so.., i could barely lift my arm. I couldn’t do any sport and could barely work (physical work).
Since the vaccine is in 3 doses, i got the first one and they directly appointed me for the 2nd dose. But i had this pain in my arm so i moved it once. I still had pain when the new appointment arrived so I just cancelled it definitely and said I will tell them when I don’t have pain anymore and when I wanna do it.
Now i don’t have pain anymore for like a month, but it really made me reconsider getting this second dose of the vaccine. I suffered asf and i can’t afford not being able to move my arm like this again. I’m in no mean antivax, but fr this pain was so intense and it took sooooooo much time to recover that I’m afraid of it now and rn i don’t wanna do it.
So, here come my problem, since i didn’t call them back to get a new appointment, they just decided by themselves to send me a letter with a new appointment (no prior call nor did i have any contact with them since last time i told them I would tell them when i am ready to do it). So, they sent the letter on May 30th, I received it Friday, June 2nd (retrieved it from letterbox in the evening after work) and I opened it only today, Tuesday, June 6th in the evening. And well the appointment was for June 6th 10am…
Do they expect people to open their mail everyday or am i just weird for not opening it everyday ? Like usually all i get are some bills to pay under a month, so i just open it whenever i think about it idk… am i weird? Never had any problem doing this
Of course it written on the letter that i have to call 24h before if i wanna cancel (so even if i saw the letter during the week end, it just lets me 2 hours in the morning on Monday to call ??!!) otherwise they will charge me for it…
So my question is, is it legal for them to send an appointment without asking me just a few days before said appointment ? Can i do anything about it ?
I’ll try to call tomorrow but it stresses me asf..
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2023.06.06 22:56 Ask_me_4_a_story Trip Report: Using my Go Wild Pass to Get to Costa Rica (Spoiler Alert I found Wild Sloths!)

Hi Go Wild Friends! In case anyone wants to know about beautiful Costa Rica I went there using my Go Wild pass so I thought I would do a story about what happened in Costa Rica. There aren’t really a lot of travel tips in here, its just the wild shit I got into in Costa Rica. I did another write up with actual tips about South Beach in Miami on a budget here if you want to read that one.
Okay, Costa Rica, so fuckin amazing! I want to fly to all the international places Frontier goes so I decided to do Costa Rica second (Cancun is an easy trip for me in Kansas City, they go nonstop there every weekend). The hardest part about Costa Rica is just getting there, I took a bit of a circuitous route.
I always take a big vacation each year after tax season, its fun for me to turn my phone off and go somewhere off the grid and not even think about work. Last year I went to Argentina and Uruguay and it was wild but honestly, this year was even better! I first wanted to stay with my brother and see my nieces and nephews in Orlando so I booked a one way flight from St. Louis to Orlando for only $19 with my Go Wild pass. I got to take a train from Kansas City to St. Louis, it was only $37 and I loved it actually, something about trains is so fun for me, probably because I took one to Chicago in college and stayed in a homeless shelter, my first real experience solo traveling, I loved it!
I spent the afternoon in St. Louis riding around downtown on those fun scooters and eating chicken wings and walking around the baseball experience place they had, it was a good afternoon. I had a late flight to Orlando but I fucked up the terminal (don't google which terminal is Frontier, its wrong). I went through security and bag check only to find out I was in the wrong terminal so that stunk but I had plenty of time for two security checks so no big deal. The flight was delayed so I didn’t get into Orlando until almost 2am and there was a long line for the rental car. I regret not doing the one you can pick up without talking to an agent so much, it was only like $5 more, do the self check car rental if possible. Orlando was fun, got to see my nieces and nephews and my brother and his wife put a little guest bedroom in the shed, easy to get into at 2am without waking anyone up.
After two days in Orlando it was time for my big flight to Costa Rica! So excited! This flight was only $51 with my Go Wild pass, an absolute steal. It stopped in Atlanta and then I was in Costa Rica in no time. On the plane a bunch of us were excitedly talking about our Go Wild passes, its kind of fun to do the spiderman meme thing and be like, you have a Go Wild pass? Me Too! The ringleader told me there were wild sloths if I went to a place called Manuel Antonio. I said what the fuck did you just say, wild sloths? Oh yes! I literally had no plans for a whole week so I mentally added sloths to the list of things I wanted to see. I have a travel buddy I met in Mexico to visit in San Jose and I wanted to see the volcano and the beaches of course but that was it.
At the airport you will want to get some cash, they have an ATM right there when you walk out. Don’t do the currency exchange, those people were giving really shitty rates. After you get cash walk around outside the airport to the backside, it’s a short walk and that’s where all the city buses come. There are buses to San Jose every 15 minutes, just jump on one of those its only like $1.50 and it goes 25 minutes to downtown. I have a huge aversion to taxis in Latin America, I’ve been ripped off a lot and airports are especially bad.
Once in San Jose you can walk most places, it’s a fun city to walk around. I stayed at the Costa Rica Backpackers hostel which I do not recommend for one big reason. Its so fuckin hot. I didn’t even think about checking for air conditioning, most places have it now. Also, I like hostels and the common areas and the hammocks and I always set up my chess board and play at night with beers. But I really like to have my own room at a hostel. This private room was I think $35 a night which is pretty good but it did not have air conditioning, just a fan recirculating hot air and it was right off the street so yeah, no recommendation for that one, I only stayed one night. That’s the fun thing about how I travel though, no reservations and no plans, if its not great I just go to a different place. I hung out with my travel buddy that night and we smoked a lot of um… cigarettes and went to this place where locals hang out. It was like some fuckin fast and furious movie but with Ticos, guys were just flying around on motorcycles on wheelies. I bought a huge meal for my friend and me, empanadas, a bunch of other Costa Rican food, it was so fuckin good and the whole meal was only $7, ha!
The next morning I set my chess board out at the hostel and I put $10 out on the money clip like I normally do when I travel. It’s a fun way to get people to play, if you beat me you get $10 if I win, nothing. My chess is kind of like a parlor trick too because I play in less than 5 seconds every move so everyone is thinking through it and Im having beers and going quick, usually at a hostel there gets to be a crowd and Im playing four dutch people on warm night in Mexico, so fuckin fun. On this morning a kid came up to play and I was teaching him chess for awhile nervously, I didn’t see his mom anywhere and secondly who brings a kid to a hostel? I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen one. He starts just taking my pieces off the board and then he takes the $10 and says welp I guess I won. I laughed and I said alright then, good job buddy. Just then his mom hobbled over, a Danish hippy with a broken foot. She thanked me for hanging out with him and told me the doctor said not to walk too much but it was hard with a six year old. I said sit down, sit down and I got her breakfast and helped her out. We talked for a bit and I told a funny Mexico story and helped them get their stuff together and she said oh you have to come to our hippy community in Puerto Viejo, you can stay in our shack by the ocean. I said oh that sounds fun today Im going to see a volcano but maybe later. She said they are the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, one is entirely black sand. I said Im listening. She said they were poor in a little shack by the rainforest and they have monkeys and sloths in their backyard. I said um what the fuck did you just say? Wild sloths? She said yeah, tons of them. I booked a ticket right away for the 6am bus the next day. I went with my friend to the active volcano and then he dropped me off at my hotel. I booked the Radisson the second night because I really wanted Air Conditioning. Im soft like that, sorry. And it had a hot tub. I’ve never seen that many people in one hot tub, ha. At night I did a Tinder date, I found out all the cabs are pretty much $6 in San Jose so it was easy to get there and back and I went out with a fun lady who told me in Costa Rica they eat chicken wings with gloves, did you guys know that?
I got up at 4:30am and packed up for my 6am bus. At the front desk I asked them if they could call me a cab and they said its an additional $30 US. I was like nah, fuck that, $30? What a ripoff, I’ll just walk, its only 2 miles. So I walk pretty far into downtown San Jose and whoooooooosh, a bottle explodes near me! I go what the fuck and look up, theres a drunk Costa Rican man in a soccer jersey like two blocks away screaming at me in Spanish! I had so many questions, the first of course was who is balling out of control at 5am in the morning? The second was, who the fuck is that Latino Roger Clemens? I could barely see the guy from two streets away and he was (presumably) drunk getting that close to me with a full bottle of beer? The last question of course was who is drunk and throwing FULL bottles of beer? I walked away from his direction and then saw that there was a whole bar full of drunk soccer fans like him and I noped the fuck out and ran to the taxi stand and got a taxi. I said you know what, a taxi isn’t such a bad idea!
I regretted not Googling anything because my phone didn’t work at all in Costa Rica. They said I could buy a sim card but I didn’t want to, I kind of liked being off the grid. But I really wanted to find wild sloths. Maybe the person beside me will help I thought as I stood in line for the 6am bus. Damn, I hope its not someone rapid firing Spanish at me though, my Spanish is not great. Most of my Spanish I’ve learned from the music of Bad Bunny. I was relieved to see my seat in 44 was next to a Japanese man in 45. Oh that’s awesome I thought, he will struggle with Spanish too and we can find wild sloths together. Nope, turns out Im a racist asshole, he was a Japanese Argentinian who spoke perfect Spanish and no English, none. His phone worked too and he was putting all these upside down house letters in Japanese and beautiful beaches were popping up, I really needed his help. I tried to befriend him but they speak a different kind of Spanish in Argentina, cajes instead of calles and so fast, so fuckin fast! His had like a little stall in it before it winded up too, like a UUUUUU mi esposa no esta aqui! His wife was either sleeping back in San Jose or dead, I couldn’t really understand. I noticed he had a bear avatar on his phone so I knew he liked animals so half way through the ride I decided to try to tell him they had sloths there. Hay peresozos en Puerto Viejo I said but he didn’t understand what I was saying. I said peresozos again and put up three fingers mimicking a sloth and then I panicked, I was like shit, what do sloths do? Its an animal famous for not doing anything. I pretended to hang up side down and he is (loudly) guessing animals in Spanish and Im like no, peresozos! Maybe I was saying it wrong but I had no Google so I said es posible tu telefono? And I typed in sloths and all these upside down houses came up and the words Oso Peresozo. And he goes UUUUUU OSO PERESOZO! I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a bus traveling through rural Costa Rica and seen a Japanese Argentinian get excited in Spanish about wild sloths but it is… ADORABLE!
Si SI! Oso Peresozo! I yelled. People are turning around now, they are like why the fuck are the American and Japanese guys back there in 44 and 45 playing charades two hours into a 6am bus ride? I said juntos? (Together) and he said si si! He told me where we could get bikes to rent and what to eat, he was the perfect travel partner! He said Yelp dices Jerk Chicken is the best to eat here. I said thanks Juan, you are my favorite travel partner! We had an amazing day in Puerto Viejo, beautiful beaches, monkeys, wild sloths, God damn that was an amazing day. He even showed me where my hostel was and I dropped off my bag. This hostel was called 456 hostel which I also do not recommend because no AC and there are weird animals running on the roof but I didn’t care, I just wanted to throw down my bag and get back to looking for wild sloths. The lady said we can’t just take your bag you need to check in first, I said listen lady you see that God damn excited Japanese man out there? We got wild sloths to find! I had no desire to spend one second in that hostel but Juan goes “Esta bien, cerveza” and then he had a beer by the ocean while I checked in. I joined him for a beer and it turns out that is a beautiful setting for a hostel. Still don’t recommend though, so fuckin hot.
Juan and I had an amazing day in Puerto Viejo, God damn that place is beautiful. We saw wild sloths, monkeys, and had an amazing time on the beach. I was sad to see him go, what a great travel partner! He pointed to where my hostel was but I said I would ride back into town with him. To be honest, I forgot to write down the name of the bike rental and there was like a hundred in Puerto. I turned my bike in with his to his surprise because we had rented for a full day but I told him I wanted a motorcycle. He used his expert Googling skills to get me to the cheapest motorcycle place. It was only $30 a day for a motorcycle which I thought was very reasonable. And I didn’t have enough cash on me and they didn’t take cards so the rental guy just said no worries man, take de bike to the ATM. That was pretty trusting! I came back with the money and got the bike and I can’t tell you guys the drugs part because the mods said no talking about drugs.
That was such a fast motorcycle. I turned my Bluetooth speaker up all the way and floored it and zoomed down the coast in time for the sunset, so God damn beautiful! Something about that warm Costa Rican sun on your shoulders and the sound of Khalid and the smell of salt in the air riding along the beautiful ocean, it will change your life. After the sunset I went to Cat’s house and her beautiful German friend Alina was there. There were three kids too and as soon as I got there they went riffling through my bag looking for candy. I had two caramels but was one short so I gave the little kid my chips. This was her sad face for not getting candy!
Cat was hobbling around on crutches so Alina and I said sit down we will take care of dinner. I went to the store down the street and got so much stuff for that poor family- toilet paper, rice, peppers and Barbies for the kids and a soccer ball for Marcello. Gringo santa claus when I came back, both the ladies cried, Alina said her girls had never had a Barbie doll. Alina and I cranked up the music in that little hippy house by the ocean and made dinner and drank wine and laughed while the kids played with their new toys and Cat relaxed and finished her remote work. We ate the food and drank the wine and smoked…cigarettes and had an amazing night. Alina asked if I wanted to share the Tuk Tuk and I said yes. She said it in kind of a mischievous way so I thought maybe she wanted to make out. And she was very beautiful so I said yes. We got in the Tuk Tuk and rode back towards town passing my hostel, she winked and said your hostel was back there you know and then put her hand on my arm.
I thought Cat was poor but Alina was super poor. She told the tuk tuk driver to turn left by the trash dump and we pulled up to an even tinier house right next to the rainforest. She said wait out here and I’ll put the kids to bed. So I waited on the porch. The kitchen was actually outside, a little refrigerator and a little stove and a sink. I sat in the chairs and she came out and we smoke a um cigarette together and then she said wait here. I was like fuck, wait her for what? Is she going to rob me or something but she didn’t seem scary, she seemed sweet. She came back out with a big giant mattress and threw it on the porch floor. Then she took off her shirt and said in her German accent, “Un now we share our bodies.” I thought that was a pretty sexy thing to say so I took off my shirt too and joined her except I didn’t want to have unprotected sex with a hippy so we just made out.
Sometime after she slipped back inside so I was alone on the mattress on the backporch by the rainforest. I thought that was a pretty good place to spend my first night in Puerto Viejo and I looked up and saw a hundred million stars lighting up the sky and fell asleep. But not too many hours later, God damn I awoke to a caucophony of jungle sounds! So many monkeys, just fuckin howling. And there were these weird rat things running around, they weren’t small at all, if you’ve ever seen the Princess Bride fucking ROS. (Rodents of Unusual Size). I honestly thought the monkeys were coming on the porch, that’s how loud they were.
I jumped up and leaned the mattress against the house and started walking, past the trash dump and out to the ocean. The first beach I came across was the black beach, it was amazing and I sat there until the sun came up. I had no watch or anything and my phone was dead so I walked for a long ways until I found a Tuk Tuk driver who took me to Cats. I got my motorcycle and went back to the hostel but when I charged my phone I found it was only 6am so I went back to sleep. But the hostel had no AC and there were some fuckin animals on the roof right over my head so I couldn’t sleep much. I went to the beach and found more wild monkeys and then sent Cat a WhatsApp message to see if she needed my help since she had the broken foot and Marcello was home, it was some kind of Costa Rican holiday.
She said sure come over and so I drove my motorcycle back down the coast and went back to the store and got more supplies and cooked them a big lunch. I had asked before if they eat meat because some hippies don’t and she said sure but its expensive here I don’t know if you want to buy it. It was $4 ha, I got some ham and rice and peppers and made a huge lunch and drank some beers and cooked while Cat did her remote work. She took a picture and I asked if she mind taking a short video of me cooking. IT wasn’t for social media or friends or anything, that video was for me so I could remember when I could be happy. A trip to Costa Rica for only $51 with my Go Wild pass and I got to be by the ocean and I met new friends and I was actually helping someone, I realized that day that’s what made me the most happy, that’s why I wanted the video.
After lunch I cleaned up and then Marcello and I played some chess. She asked if I minded watching Marcello while she ran to town with a client and I said sure, no problem. I was wrong, it was a huge fuckin problem! She said she would be back in an hour and then we could go to the hippy get-together on the beach. She was NOT back in an hour and I fuckin panicked. I didn’t know this lady’s last name, I didn’t know Marcello really, I called Cat and she didn’t answer and I tried texting her, nothing. I thought fuck, she must have abandoned me with this kid. And I don’t know how to get ahold of the authorities and it was a holiday, this shit was basically the plot to the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy. I started pounding beers because I was so nervous. I asked Marcello if he knew Alina’s number and this little dude said, and I quote, “Who’s Alina?” What the fuck? I said buddy, the lady that was here last night with the kids? He said he didn’t know them very much. Oh my God I thought, I’ve definitely been saddled with a kid. But then I was thinking, you know what, I could raise this kid, wouldn’t be that bad, live in this $400 a month house by the ocean, sounds good. But I have my own kids back home in Kansas City and that made me panic even more, now Im fuckin slammin beers so worried. Every car that goes down this little side road Im like oh please be Cat. Now this kid is starting to yell at me to come back out in Norwegian, I don’t know Norwegian and he wants me to read him books, which are also in Norwegian, Im full panicky at this time.
Finally Cat came back I said Cat, I wasn’t comfortable with that, I don’t even know your last name or anything. She goes, why, whats wrong? And goes running in to see Marcello, I said oh no, he’s fine, nothing happened its just that I thought you left and weren’t coming back. She said why would I leave my kid I love him more than anything in the world. I said I know, okay, its just that I was panicking. She said calm down, all good, lets go to the hippy fire circle. I was not going to go, I was going to get the fuck out but I really wanted to go to the fire circle, I was hoping they would let me spin the fire. So we went to the fire circle, Marcello and Cat with the client and me following behind on the motorcycle. We relaxed on the blanket and then up came beautiful Alina looking like a million bucks in the sun tucking her brown hair behind her ears. She got on the blanket with us close to me and I retold the story about how I thought Cat abandoned her kid with me and we all laughed and smoked again and had beers and then watched the sun go down. I didn’t know Marcello didn’t know how to swim so I showed him how to swim a bit, a little lesson in front of the beautiful sunset. After the sun went down it was time for the fire circle and the main guy said brother, thank you for helping Cat, you are in our circle now, whats ours is yours. I said oh man thank you so much can I do the fire spinning? And he said that you can not do. Damn.
So I watched the others spin it jealously and then I got us some appetizer snacks from the restaurant. After the fire circle and the singing and everything we decided to have a picnic at the black beach. They went to the store to get the food and I went to go get my motorcycle. When I got back I guess Alina had stolen something from the store because the workers were all around her and the police were coming. It was equally sad and scary. They took everything she bought away and Cat said its okay she had enough so we all walked to the black sand beach and I gave Alina a hard time for being a thief until we all were laughing. We had a great night by the ocean and then they both got Tuk Tuks and I got on my motorcycle and drove back to the hot hostel and fell asleep and I never saw those hippies again. The end.
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2023.06.06 22:51 Negative-Poetry-5549 My (18M) girlfriend (18F) has went to boot camp for af and I can’t stop thinking she gonna wanna cheat or break up with me

Me and my gf have been together for 2 years she left a week ago, we just got out of high school and this is my first relationship and she got cheated on before and it was only for 2 months with her ex. This week has been the worst without her my happiness is just gone, I have people telling me “oh you think she ain’t gonna cheat just wait until she sees and meets them air force guys” I know it’s a big deal with trust but I have always had trust issues and people telling me stuff ain’t helping. I keep getting worried if she still thinks about me and loves me, Ive sent her a letter everyday, she’s always told me she would never leave me because i’m not like any other guy and I treat her the best. I plan on marrying her when she goes to School after basics if everything goes well. We are both 18 too so it makes me worry what if she ends up thinking i’m not the one she wants to be with? Is there anyone with experience of the situation i’m in boy or girl?
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